March 31, 2007

Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up--March 2007

St. Patrick's Dog Cookies and Bandana
Critter Hats
Baseball Shirt or Hoodie for the Game
All-Weather Nylon Booties
Doggles from Neopaws


Tea Cup Bed
Thermo Pet Mat
Heated Kitty Sill
Sofa Beds
Crafty Daisy's Easy Dog Bed

Books & Media

Cesar Millan CD's & Books
Songs to Make Dogs Happy

Collars and Leashes
SmartCat™ Adjustable Harness & Leash
Illusion Dog Training Collar
Lindsay Designs Cat Collars
WalkyDog Universal Bike Attachment

Food and Feeders
St. Patrick's Dog Cookies and Bandana
Bahama Bowls for Cats
Water Dog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain
Happy Birthday!
Fabulously Feline Double Dish

Gates, Crates and Carriers
Portable Exercise Travel Pen
Custom Design Your Own Bird Cage
K-9 Transporter Bag
KatKabin Outdoor Cat House
London Plaid Pet Carriers
Stowable Pet Gate

Gifts and Home Decor
Decorate with Critter Walls
Designer Cat Chest
Doorbell Surround
New Puppy (or Kitten) Gift Box
Toy Box
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Sofa Beds
Fish Bubble
Cat Theme Birdhouse
Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub
Professional All-Steel Pet Dryer

Revolution Dog / Cat Parasite Medication

Litter and Clean-up
Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Outdoor and Garden
Water Dog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain
Doorbell Surround
Dog Breed Umbrella
Cat Theme Birdhouse
KatKabin Outdoor Cat House

Pet Hair Solutions
iRobot Pet Hair Vac

Tough Chew Toy

Toy Box
Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post with Mouse

Become the Pack Leader
Illusion Dog Training Collar
Pet Fencing System

Portable Exercise Travel Pen
K-9 Transporter Bag
Seat Belt

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March 30, 2007

Stowable Pet Gate Makes Visiting Easy with Your Pet


Sometimes pet gates can be an eyesore in the home, if not an inconvenience. We found this Stowable Pet Gate. To us, "stowable" is the magic word. This gate is made of handsome solid mahogany stained pine, and attaches directly to the wall. Stows neatly in its own case when not in use.

Includes four 2' panels which will cover any opening up to 6'. Antique brass hardware. Two additional expansion panels to cover another 3' are sold separately.

At Stowable Pet Gate

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March 30, 2007

Crafty Daisy's Easy Dog Bed


If you enjoy crafts, this hand-made pillow-bed might suit your dog. Crafty Daisy says she is new to sewing, so this can't be too difficult and the price is right. She bought a comfy pillow from Wal-Mart and some washable fabric from JoAnn's.

Instructions are available from Crafty Daisy.

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March 29, 2007

London Plaid Pet Carriers by Casual Canine


Update: This item is no longer available. Shop Plaid Pet Carriers.

With spring and summer on the way, it is fun to bring our pets along. If you have a pet small enough, consider this attractive London Plaid Pet Carrier by Casual Canine. Dimensions: 14" Long x 7.5" Wide x 11" High


*Side mesh panels to provide ventilation with roll-up Velcro flaps.
*Velcro side panel opens at top to offer pets a better view
*Top opening has a snap-close flap to safely contain pet.
*Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps
*Inside lined in soft fleece for comfort
*Interior clip to attach to pet's collar for added security
*Zippered pocket on the outside for owner's essentials.
*Sturdy bottom support

Will carry pets up to 20 lbs., but be sure go to Pacific Pet Shop for instructions how to measure your pet.

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March 29, 2007

Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post


Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post is a unique scratching toy for your cat. It is custom-made from aromatic red cedar, sanded and polished smooth. Eastern red cedar is a perfect scratching medium for cats. The creamy wood is hard enough for satisfying scratching yet not so hard as to splinter and stick in the cats paws. There are two man made "woodpecker" holes to hide a kitty treat, or some catnip, or small toy.

Dimensions: 34" tall, with a trunk approximately 5" in diameter and a base approximately 28" wide by 3 1/2" thick. Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post

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March 28, 2007

Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System


We grew up in an era when dogs and cats pretty much ran free. Now, a roaming pet risks police arrest, kidnapping, injury, accidents, sickness and so on. The invisible containment fence is a great solution. We keep the dogs in a chainlink pen in the back yard while we are away, but use the electrical fence when we are home to give them the run of the entire yard. Even though the dogs are generally restrained from leaving, animals and other dogs can enter the yard freely, which can mean trouble if the owner is away from home.

The Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System is easy to use. When your dog is wearing a containment collar and approaches the boundary area, he hears a warning tone. If he continues toward the boundary, he receives a harmless but effective electrical stimulus. We installed the fence ourselves--it is relatively easy. We feared the shocks would be inhumane, but one low-level zap was all it took for our dogs to learn.


* Gives your dog freedom with boundaries--for yards up to 5 acres
* Water-resistant collar operates on an easily replaceable 6-volt battery
* Features DVD that shows how to install system and train your dog
* Includes wall transmitter, collar receiver, training flags, wire

Note: Be sure to check the batteries on their collars from time to time--a dead battery is a ticket out for your dog. Innotek Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System

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Fabulously Feline Double Dish


We found this elegant collection of pet bowls. Sounds like a contradiciton in terms? But think about it--pet bowls are "on display" in your home a good part of the time. Why shouldn't they be attractive and tasteful? If you would like your cat to feast in style, the Fabulously Feline Double Dish would look beautiful in your home. These pet bowls are blue seeded glass. Dimensions are 7” wide, 3 1/4” high, and 16 1/4” long. Each dish holds 1-1/4 cups.

Available from Jo Sherwood Design

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March 27, 2007

KatKabin Outdoor Cat House


Perfect for all those wanderlust cats out there, who return home at all hours and can't always get inside the house. The KatKabin provides refuge from thunderstorms, snow, the scary dog down the street. Better than under a car or in a strange shed or building where they may get trapped without water or food. It is a lightweight outdoors shelter with a front doorflap than can go easily on a patio, balcony, garden etc.

KatKabin comes in basic blue, red, green and brown. Or you may prefer "funky finishes"--metallic colors that change as they catch the light - available in green/yellow autumn shades and blue/red. It is guaranteed for five years and is finished with a special, non-chemical material that will not fade in sunlight.

An optional Winter Warmer is also available which can be inserted into all KatKabins. This is a washable interior body covering for cold days and nights. You may also purchase an option Kat Duvet.


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Seat Belt--Safety Car Harness for Dogs

Seat Belt.jpg

Road trips are major good times for our dogs. It is so easy for dogs to be jostled around in the car and they always seem to want to climb into the front seat.

We can keep them safe and sound by clicking on their Safety Car Harness. The straps are made of durable nylon mesh-webbing with nylon & foam casing covering the chest straps, to protect the animal's torso/chest if suddenly jerked forward. Sizes Small/Medium and Large.

Safety Car Harness

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March 26, 2007

Doggles™ Sunglasses for Dogs


With summer on its way, most of us will be wearing our sunglasses constantly. When you bring your pooch along on an outing in the strong sun, maybe your dog would like eye protection as well. Besides, sunglasses look cool.

Doggles™ have polycarbonate, shatterproof, anti-fog (good thing, since doggies pant so much) oval lenses to block UV rays, and foam padding around each lens for secure fit. They have a flexible wrap-around frame with side air vents. Doggles™ come with elastic, adjustable head and chin straps to help keep them on, a nice feature, since they will be worn by dogs.


* 100% UV protection for dogs
* Wide nose bridge & deep lens cup keeps glasses away from the eye.
* Shatterproof
* Replacement lenses available
* Anti-fogging lenses

Sizes run XS to L and come in black, blue, chrome and pink.



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Revolution Dog / Cat Parasite Medication


We live in a sub-tropical climate and therefore must protect our pets from parasites year-round. Even if you only need to treat your pets on a part-time basis during the year, tick and flea season is now upon us. Our vet recommends Revolution..

We order this product in 6 month batches--since we have 2 dogs it covers 3 months. The medication comes with stickers for your calendar as reminders. We pick the first of the month--simple and easy.

Revolution prevents heartworm and fleas and ear mites. It is recommended for use on puppies and kittens over six weeks of age. After two hours it is waterproof and should be effective through swims, shampoos, rain and so on. We apply it before bedtime and let it work overnight.

Revolution features:

* Prevents heartworm disease
* Kills adult fleas and prevents their eggs from hatching
* Treats and controls ear mites
* Treats and controls sarcoptic mange (in dogs only)
* Controls roundworms and hookworms (in cats only)
* One tube applied monthly
* Each tube contains Selemectin


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March 23, 2007

Cat Theme Birdhouse


Update: We are sorry--this item is no longer available. However, there are more! Shop Birdhouses

Spring is finally here! Even if you can't tell by the temperature outside, the sun is getting warmer. The birds know it and are out and about, ready to start their new families. Now is the time to put out a bird house for them to nest in and to give you hours of fun watching them. This adorable hand-painted wood birdhouse for the cat-lover features 2 kitties carefully watching the peg perch on the front. Dimensions are approximately 10" x 7".

Available from Colorful Critters.

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Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box


One of the less fun aspects of having kitties for many of us is cleaning the litter box. Those days could be over with the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. It is recommended that pregnant women forgo this task to be on the safe side. This would be a welcome addition to the cat-lovers household!


Constantly Clean Litter Box: Unit automatically rakes waste into sealable container minutes after use.
Sensor-Activated Ionic Air Cleaner: Detects when cat exits the unit, activating the ionic air cleaner until the rake cycle has ended.
Sleep Timer for Nighttime Use: Rake is at rest for 9 hours, then ionic air cleaner cycles on for 10 minutes every hour to freshen the air.
Removable Steel Rake: Durable rake detaches easily for cleaning.
Extra Large Capacity: Ideal for large and/or multiple cat households.
Safety bar: Automatically stops and reverses the cleaning rake at the slightest touch.
Detachable Litter Tray: Makes cleaning of litter tray easier.
Low Voltage: Operates with household current or standard "D" cell batteries.
Kitty Kabana™: A tent to help keep litter contained and provides privacy for your cat. Easy to clean.
Paw Cleaning Ramp: Traps litter when your cat exits the box. The sturdy removable ramp supports even the largest and heaviest of cats.
4 Waste Receptacles: Disposable, sealable Waste Receptacles provide a healthier, virtually odor-free environment.

At Amazon.

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March 22, 2007

Fish Bubble--Aquatic Gardens Hanging Betta Bowl

fish bubble.jpg
Fish tanks require a moderate upfront investment and a maintenance schedule. If you are thinking of fish, but aren't sure, maybe this cute Fish Bubble is a good way to "test the waters". It can be hung anywhere. Requires no pump or filtration (although a water change daily is required to maintain water quality for the health of your fish). You can decorate it with any aquarium accessories and watch bettas (low oxygen requirement) swimming on your wall! Great for home or office.

Fish Bubble includes a predrilled aquarium ready to hang, 1 pound of glass gems, colorful realistic plant and a pre-cut marine-life background. Available in 3.6 and 6.7 liter sizes. There are accessories available for purchase as well.

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Sofa Beds to Comfort Your Pet

Sofa Bed.jpg

Our girls got a good 12 hours last night, woke up for breakfast, barked on the front lawn on and off for an hour, and now are so exhausted they are back asleep (in the shower).

Instead of the shower, perhaps this Suede Pet Chair would be more suitable for our doggies. Pamper your pooch with sofa-style comfort. Bolstered sides cradle them in softness and security. Orthopedic foam base is topped with a removable, overstuffed MiracleLoft® polyfil pillow.Made with upholstery grade polyester velour.

Colors: Chocolate, Loden, or Red. Suede Pet Chair

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March 21, 2007

Dachshund Dogs Set of Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

dachshund salt and pepper.jpg
Now here is an everyday item that shows some personality! No matter what your favorite breed, you must admit dachsunds are cute. These Dachshund Dogs Set of Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers are unique and fun!

Should break the ice next time you have company.

Dachshund Dogs Set of Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Fire Hydrant Pet Item Storage Box


Do your dogs leave their stuff all over the house? Our family room floor is covered with racoons, bunnies, porcupines, red and yellow balls, candy canes--all squeaky toys. We store them in a wicker basket.

If you need some storage for pet items, this Fire Hydrant from DogToys.com is perfect for dry food, toys, kitty litter or sand.

Suitable for a mud room, playroom, kitchen or outside on the porch. 24" tall with removable lid for storage.

Also comes in Dog Bone at DogToys.com

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March 20, 2007

WalkyDog Universal Bike Attachment -- Exercise Your Dog While Biking


Biking is great exercise. If you like to bike, this is a way to exercise your dog as well. The Walkydog Bike Leash is a two-part system that converts from bicycle attachment to hand-held leash in seconds. It can be easily installed on your bike in just a couple of minutes. It is very light, yet sturdy with an internal shock-absorbing system. The Walkydog can be removed in seconds via a quick release and transformed into a leash when you both are through biking.

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All-Weather Nylon Booties Protect Your Pets Paws


Adorable or what? Check out these All-Weather Nylon Booties for your dog to wear year-round. In winter, there is ice, snow and salt everywhere....and summer, the asphalt gets so hot, well, we all know about the egg on the sidewalk.

One time our pup got a huge fright from a hot-air balloon that appeared directly over our house early one morning. She heard the roar of the fire and took off, right through the electric fence. When we finally found her (that is another story--tough day!) the pads of her paws were ripped and torn off from running on the very rough asphalt road. I wish we had bought these for her to wear on walks until her paws healed over.

The All-Weather Nylon Booties have self-adhering Velcro Straps so they stay on, there is fleece insulation to keep the paws toasty and and anti-skid material to prevent slipping. Sizes X-Small to Large.

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March 19, 2007

Avoid Expensive Veterinary Bills--Insure Your Pet

Pet Health Insurance For Cats & Dogs

When our pup, Jessie, was 1-1/3 years old, she lost the ability to open her jaw. Lockjaw, one would automatically think. To make a long story short--no, she has masticular myosits. She could still eat, so was surviving.Golden Retrievers love to carry things in their mouth--not a good situation for any pooch. Our vet was stumped and referred us to the vet specialists in our area. They charge at least $1,000 to say hello. But they did diagnose Jessie and put her on prednisone which saved her life.

The point of this story is that we did NOT have health insurance. We spent lots of money on Jessie, and perhaps could have saved some with an insurance plan. A family we know spent thousands on their black poodle suffering from repeated bouts with bloat (twisted stomach), a life-threatening condition that eventually did cost the poodle his life at 6 years old.

If you are considering pet insurance, it is available from QuickCare Pet Insurance.

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Dog and Cat Breed Umbrellas


Make rainy days fun when you open up your Dog Breed Umbrella . Every time you do you will see your favorite dog breed picture printed on four panels along the top. Each dog breed umbrella is designed to be wind-resistant and... it is large enough for two people to share during rain showers. Also available are Cat Umbrellas for the cat lover.

Measures approximately 50" wide on the top canopy with a handle length of 36". This would make a nice gift item for the pet lover. Animal Den has gift items on specific animals, pets, dog breeds, cats, wildlife, etc. Over 9000 products--Save 10% off any $50 purchase at Animal Den! Animal Den coupon code: ad203

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March 17, 2007

Pet Food Recall


According to media reports, 60 million containers of pet food have been recalled:

A major manufacturer of dog and cat food sold under Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger and other store brands recalled 60 million containers of wet pet food Friday after reports of kidney failure and deaths.

An unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure and about 10 died after eating the affected pet food, Menu Foods said in announcing the North American recall. Product testing has not revealed a link explaining the reported cases of illness and death, the company said.

For product information go to Menu Foods

Read more at msnbc.com

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March 16, 2007

Thermal (Heated) Kitty Sill


For your cool Cat! who loves to sit on the sill and watch the world (birds?). We all know how cold it can be by the window in the chillier months. This Thermal (Heated) Kitty Sill will keep him or her comfortable and toasty. Your kitty has plenty of room to curl up for a cozy cat nap.

This window seat is oval-shaped with a heating element (UL listed). It has a thick orthopedic foam cushion with a removable, washable faux lambskin cover. The design is sturdy for safety and that it will mount to any window sill. Supports up to 40 pounds. Dimensions: 14" x 24".

Thermal (Heated) Kitty Sill

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Baseball Shirt or Hoodie for the Game


Baseball is in the air. It's March--spring training time in sunny Florida! If you are lucky enough to attend a grapefruit league game (we have Red Sox and Cards tickets), or plan to go during season, be sure to wear your Cat Baseball Jersey. It is 100% cotton for casual-wear, standard t-shirt fit with red, blue or black 3/4 - length contrasting raglan sleeves.

Choices seem virtually infinite--any breed of cat or dog, animals, insects, innumerable motifs and styles--sweatshirts, hoodies, t'shirts, and so on. If you are a dog person, you may like this Paw Print Hoodie

Available from cafepress.

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March 15, 2007

New Puppy or Kitten Gift Box


Next time you know someone getting a new puppy or kitten, these gift boxes from Only Natural Pet Store are a healthy and fun way to welcome them to their new home. They contain all natural treats and toys.

Only Natural Pet Store has pet gift boxes for any occasion.

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Critter Hats


Winter is waning, we hope, although snow is forecasted for New York City tomorrow! Just had to squeeze in these adorable Critter Hats, for the person who is not afraid of being a bit eccentric. The hats are handmade and measure approximately 22 inches around at the brim, which fits an average sized adult head. Spunky Kitty Style hats are made from stretchy fleece, and should accomodate heads from 22 inches to about 25 inches around.

Hats also are available in Bear, Panda, Bunny, Fox, Monkey, and more.

Available from SpunkyKitty

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March 14, 2007

The K-9 Transporter Bag


For the very chic and sophisticated pooch under 8 lbs.The brand new K-9 Transporter Bag is a simple, beautiful and lightweight bag suitable for your sweet-ums to be seen around town. This canvas carrier features a sunroof, several pockets for storage and two private screens. Comes in a variety of colors and styles such as Hampton, Jelly Bean, London, New York Hot Dog, Orbit, Pluto, Palm Beach, Sorbet, Striped.

From Risotto Collection at ChicBlvd

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iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vac


Feeling a bit overwhelmed by pet shedding? If you feel like I do sometimes (didn't I just vacuum?) the iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vac is made for you! I say, "Delegate!" Let this specially designed Robot loose to clean up the hair, fur, litter all over your home. iRobot comes with a self-charging Home Base, so it will always be charged and ready to clean.

Features and Accessories include:

Self-Charging Home Base
Returns to its base and recharges itself when the battery runs low or when it is finished cleaning-leaving you one less thing to remember.

Triple cleaning mode
Features three powerful cleaning modes: Clean, Spot and Max. Use Max Mode to clean multiple rooms in a single cleaning cycle-or for heavy duty cleaning after the kids birthday party.

Advance Power Supply (APS) Battery
Roomba has a powerful battery and charging system that allows the robot to clean effectively 2-3 rooms per charge.

APS Fast Charger

Fully charges Roomba in less than 3 hours.

2 Virtual Wall Units

Uses an infrared beam to create a barrier so Roomba cleans where you want it to.

Easy Clean Brush
Specifically designed to pick up pet hair, fur, litter and dirt. Rapid cleaning with the Easy Clean brush tool.

Easy Clean Brush Tool
Specifically designed to remove pet hair, fur, litter and dirt from the Easy Clean Brush.

Standard Remote Control

Lets you control standard Roomba functions from across the room.

At iRobot.com and Amazon.

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March 13, 2007

Doorbell Surround


Life should be fun, right? If you are a dog-lover, let the whole world know (including your UPS delivery man) when they ring your doorbell . It is hand-cast bronze 3.5" H x 1.75"L. Black button has an illuminated ring around it so you can see it in the dark. It is easy to install, but you must have an existing doorbell wired in. Instructions included. Comes gift boxed--nice housewarming or Christmas gift for a dog-lover you know! It is definitely on my "to do" list.

Available from DoggoneGood!

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Lindsay Designs Cat Collars


Polka dots are in this season and your kitty knows it! Bright Dots Cat Collar is made from 3/8" polka dot grosgrain ribbon on durable black nylon webbing. Collar comes with breakaway side release buckle, nylon slip lock adjuster, tag ring, and removable jingle bell. This particular collar is available in blossom, pumpkin, and mystic blue.

Lindsay Designs offers many adorable ribbon cat collars for spring with lots of colorful patterns to choose from! All of the collars are 3/8" wide, advertised as safe with breakaway buckles, and are available in three adjustable sizes for kittens, cats, and, well you know, cats who really love to eat.

Also available for dogs.

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March 12, 2007

Custom Design Your Own Bird Cage


Pet birds are so sweet and have endearing personalities. Don't we want them to live in style? We have discovered the Taj Mahal of bird cages, with a wide view waterfall background. Dimensions: 72"T x 96"L x 48"D with a 96"L x 48"D pullout tray system which adds 3" to overall height of the cage.

Many other options are sold separately, so you can custom-design your cage. There is plenty of room for multiple birds or small animals. As mentioned, even a large cage like this can be equipped with a pullout tray system for easy cleanup, plus a hood for lighting, or base for storage. Optional casters make moving it easy.

ArrowContinue reading: "Custom Design Your Own Bird Cage"

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Happy Birthday!


My son's birthday is today. Our dogs love birthdays because (of course) they get some cake and ice cream. We only give them a little, and we know chocolate really is unsafe for dogs to eat. But they are family too.

Our pups will be 4 in July. I think doggies deserve celebrations, especially since they don't have as many birthdays as people do. Dog and Cat Birthday Kits and Cakes provide all the healthy treats and supplies for a smashing good time for you and your dog on their next big day:

* Decorated birthday cakes
* Party favors and treats
* Hats and toys
* Invitations
* Candles
* Balloons
* Stuffed birthday cake that plays, "Happy Birthday"
(don't laugh--our dogs know this song!)

Available from The Dog House of L.G.

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March 9, 2007

Portable Exercise/Travel Pen--It's A Breeze

Portable Ex Pen.jpg
This Portable Pen is hard to resist. Perfect for a rambunctious puppy or to keep an older dog out of trouble outside, while travelling or visiting. It would be fabulous for road trips.

Easy-to-use, it sets up and folds down in seconds. Sometimes seconds are all you have to get your dog under control! Features:

* The lightweight panels are constructed of a nylon woven mesh
* Allows air to flow, visibility from all sides,framed with strong, water-resistent nylon.
* Can be set-up as an octagon-shaped pen, rectangle or in a two-panel square.
* Includes 8 panels
* Each panel measures 24 x 42 inches.

Also available in 24 x 30 inch panels.

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Air Force Quick Draw - Portable Pet Dryer


We did a prior post on washing your dog. Now when bathtime is over--what to do with a wet doggie flopping around the house? Even if you towel them dry, their first move will be to shake all over, which means water all over furniture, walls and floor. It may be too cold to let him/her outside to dry and even if it is warm, they are likely to roll in dirt and need a bath right away again. Here is the Air Force Quick Draw - Portable Pet Dryer to the rescue! Now you can dry and groom your pet like a pro at home and on the road.

ArrowContinue reading: "Air Force Quick Draw - Portable Pet Dryer"

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March 8, 2007

Designer Cat Chest


Here's a great idea for a shower or housewarming gift! Go in with a group or as an individual. Any cat lover would be tickled to dress up their home with this beautiful Designer Wooden Cat Chest. Different cat images decorate each side of this functional chest which provides always needed storage space for personal and household possessions Hand painted in a neutral white wash that blends fits any taste or decor style. Dimensions are 23"W x 19"H x 18"D.

Available at YourCatShop

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CONTECH WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain


This Contech Water Dog Automatic Pet Fountain is a great way to ensure your dog has enough water to drink when left outside. Most of us are not home all day and this is a small investment for our pets' comfort and the peace of mind.


* Your dog will always have fresh water, eliminating the risk of disease from contaminated bowls.
* It senses when your dog is within 3 feet and automatically provides fresh drinking water.
* It shuts off when your dog walks away.
*Dogs learn quickly they can always get a drink from WaterDog.
*Attaches easily to any outdoor faucet without tools, and the height is fully adjustable.
* Works day and night for up to one year on 4 C batteries (not included).

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March 7, 2007

Catnip Goodies


If your cats have been good kitties recently and seem a bit bored, maybe they deserve a treat. Play keeps our pets mentally and physically healthy. Why not stash a few Catnip Caterpillars around the house to entertain them? I personally would go for Cookie Monster, but your cat may prefer Grover, Miss Piggy, Animal, Kermit or Snufflupagous. Each toy is handmade from eyelash yarn and filled with catnip and batting. If you need something a bit tougher, perhaps for your dog to play with, Slugs are made of very thick yarn. Both Caterpillars & Slugs are 5" x 3".

Available from Karma's Kreations.

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Bahama Paw Bowls for Cats


We are suckers for anything tropical, including these adorable Bahama Paw Bowls. They are hand-painted stoneware measuring 4" x 6" and are 1" deep. Sold in set of 2--one for food and one for water or can feed two kitties at once. Dishwasher safe. Cute!

Available from Cat Claws.

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March 6, 2007

Songs to Make Dogs Happy


We love this CD, Songs to Make Dogs Happy by Laurel Canyon Animal Company. We play this music often when we are winding down from work. Do our dogs like it? Well, we think so, but Golden Retrievers pretty much like everything, as long as it is upbeat and friendly. Definitely happy music for dog lovers.

My favorites are You're A Good Dog, I'm Your Doggie, Cookie! (I believe that is the dog's favorite) and of course, Squeaky Deaky for anyone whose house is filled with squeaky toys. I'll Be Back is sweet and the dogs find it reassuring.

Treat your dog and yourself to a little light-hearted music. Good for gift-giving, too!

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Illusion Dog Training Collar

The Illusion Dog Training Collar was developed by fabulous trainer and TV personality Cesar Millan, a/k/a the "Dog Whisperer" whose videos and cd's were recommended in a previous post. This collar was developed by Cesar and his wife Ilusion to help dog owners achieve maximum control their pets. It is designed to ride higher on the neck than the typical collar. It is available in 3 sizes measured at base of neck: Small--13 - 15" Medium--16 - 19" and Large--20 - 23". Not suitable for your dog if the base of neck circumference is less than 13 ".

For more information, ideas, tips and products--visit Cesar Millan.

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March 5, 2007

St. Patrick's Dog Cookies and Bandana

On St Paddy's Day, coming up soon on Saturday March 17, we are all Irish, including our dogs! Noone celebrates St. Patrick's Day better than Bostonians, including our Boston Terrier or our Boston neighbors and ex-patriates. Why not let your favorite pooch celebrate too with some yummy cookies? Our pups have a sweet tooth so they would gobble these St Patrick's Dog Cookies right up! The cookies are peanut butter (a favorite in our household) and dipped in white frosting and green sprinkles! Package contains two dozen 2" biscuits and one-size-fits-all bandana in gift box with ribbon.

Available at Paragon.

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Adjustable Harness & Leash Keeps Your Cat Safe


Cats used to be indoor/outdoor pets. As our population exploded, bringing crowds, cars & zero lot lines, many pet owners prefer to keep their kitties safe and sound inside. But we all need fresh air and a change of scenery, so here's where the Adjustable Cat Harness comes in, keeping your cat safe, yet comfortable, while outdoors with you.


* Quick and easy to put on - No stress for kitty
* Sturdy and adjustable
* Light-weight and durable
* Buckles snap together easily - No fuss
* 4-foot leash
* one size fits all

Adjustable Cat Harness

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March 3, 2007

Thermo Pet Mat


Everyone loves to be warm and comfy. We know your pet is no exception. That means they want to sleep on your bed! Some people prefer their pets sleep elsewhere. In our house we have "winter" beds and "summer" beds for our pets. Our floors are ceramic tile which are so cool in warm weather, but can be a quite chilly on cold nights. Cold nights can go on for 9 months in some areas. Wouldn't your cat or dog love this cozy Thermo Mat to curl up on?

It has a 4-watt single thermostat heater buried beneath soft foam so that the surface of the bed will remain 12-15 degrees above surrounding air temperature and will warm to 102 degrees when in use by your pet. The cover is made of plush, washable faux lambskin. In summer, or per your preference, the heater is removable for use as an unheated bed. This bed is recommended for year-round indoor use. Small, Medium and Large.

Thermo Mat

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Tough Chew Toys

You would think our Golden Retriever twin girls were childen with the amount of toys they have. Their next one will be the Tough Chew Toys. Often our girls play tug of war so their toys need to be rugged. This toy is washable--a necessity, since many of their toys end up outside in the rain and dirt. The toy also floats, so we will take these toys to the beach for retrieval in the ocean, which is the funnest thing in the world for our doggies.

00GXFD_star.jpg 00GXFD_tug.jpg 00GXFD_turtle.jpg

We are partial to the octopus which comes in Small and Large, but your dogs may prefer Starfish, Alligator, Lobster, T-Rex, Whirly or Tug Toy.

Available at Orvis.

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March 2, 2007

Decorate with Critter Walls


Animal art from Critterwalls. If you have always wanted to have a giraffe or dolphin or any wild pet, here's the next best thing. Cover your walls with them! Decorate your office, your children's room, family room, the nursery--the only limits are your imagination!

ArrowContinue reading: "Decorate with Critter Walls"

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Become the Pack Leader


One day while scrolling through our TV channels, we discovered Cesar Millan on National Georgraphic Channel. Cesar, better known as the "Dog Whisperer", is a dog trainer and dog lover whose strategy is to work with nature rather than fight against it.

Dogs are pack animals, as we all know, and Cesar's philosophy is that the owner must behave at all times as the pack leader and maintain a gentle, assertive manner when working with the dog. Cesar Millan offers videos, CD's and books at his website, entertaining to watch and delivered in a clear and easy to understand format. He successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of his dog training philosophy: a happy, well-behaved dog needs exercise, discipline and affection--in that order.

If you need your pet to mind a little bit better--and who doesn't--or know someone who could use some dog-training help, these videos and books should be on your shopping list.

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March 1, 2007

Tea Cup Bed


Nothing is too good for our doggies, right? They are entitled to a spot of luxury! Pamper your pup in this plush rose Tea Cup Bed. The beautiful pink cover is removable for washing.The approximate circumference of the saucer base is 36" in diameter and the bed area for your doggie is about 14" x 14". So cute!

Available at Le Petit Garage

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Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub


If you are tired of having to get wet and/or struggle whenever you need to wash your dog, this Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub is for you. The tub is portable and has a leash clip to comfortably restrain the dog. The 25 foot hose has an on-off nozzle and special adapters that can be hooked up to a faucet anywhere--driveway, basement, garage, kitchen,whatever works. Bath water collects in the bottom of the tub, or you can drain it out and direct the dirty water wherever you prefer.

Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub

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