May 31, 2007

Water Wiggler Water Agitator for birdbaths

If you don't have a birdbath in your yard and you love birds, consider getting one. Water attracts birds. Having a water source truly adds to the amount of birds at your feeder and on the ground and they are so enjoyable to watch. Educational for the children too.

For those who do have a birdbath, this Water Wiggler is an interesting accessory.


Apparently, not only do birds like water, but they like moving water. The down-side to a birdbath is that mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. This accessory can prevent that. You can use it year-round to stop mosquitoes and mold in summer and keep water from freezing in winter. Pair it with a birdbath heater in winter.

Needs two size D batteries which should go for about 2 months. Just place the Water Wiggler in your birdbath--no wiring, easy! Dimension: 5" H


At Amazon and Drs. Foster & Smith.

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May 31, 2007

Pet Cell Phone--GPS Locater Device


Now with the new PetCell™ you can call up your pet no matter where you or they are. This waterproof GPS collar set will auto-answer only the numbers you pre-program. The three pre-programmed "call owner" buttons enable anyone who finds your pet to call you. (Priceless feature--I would have mortgaged my life for that a year ago). The assisted GPS, or A-GPS, as we know allows pet owners to map their pet's location.


The PetCell™ also has a feature called GeoFence that will notify you if your pet wanders outside your pre-set parameters. And now you can breathe easier about their comfort--the cellphone has built-in temperature sensors to indicate whether your pet is too hot or cold.

How about one of these for children?

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May 30, 2007

Breath & Dental Care Treats


Does your cat's breath smell like tuna? Noticing some unsightly tartar build-up? Perhaps these Delicious Breath & Dental-Care Treats are a remedy for your cat's oral hygiene. These treats have a gentle-yet-abrasive cereal shell which helps scrape off debris while the eucalyptus/parsley/cinnamon center freshens breath. Then a creamy center breaks down the plaque that can lead to tartar and gum disease. Each treat is approximately 7/8" long with about 140 treats total per 2 pack.

Delicious Breath & Dental-Care Treats for cats and kittens. Dosage: For kittens (under 12 months), 1-2 treats daily; for cats (over 12 months), 2-4 treats daily.

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May 30, 2007

Attracting Hummingbirds with a Hand-Blown Red Glass Feeder

Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red. We currently live in a sub-tropical climate where hummingbirds spend the winter. We have Firespikes (a bush with red stalk flowers) and Confederate Jasmine (heavenly smelling climbing vine with small white blooms) which they love. When we lived up north, we did not have any vegetation that appealed to them, but a hummingbird feeder did. This would be a fun and pretty feeder to have in the back yard this time of year.


The Hand-Blown Red Glass Feeder is both decorative and functional. It is made of hand-blown glass with a copper feeder tube extending to a unique decorative flower tip in red to attract hungry hummingbirds.

It is not necessary to purchase Hummingbird Nectar unless you so desire--you can make your own easily. Mix 1/4 c. sugar and 1 c. water in a cup or jar and add to the clean feeder as needed. It is unadviseable to dye the nectar red.

Measures 5 x 7.25 inches.

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May 29, 2007

Pamper Your Pet--Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist


Make your dog sparkle! Our pets deserve to be pampered at the parlor or spa in order to look their best, just like we do. Shimmering Mist contains mica chips to add glitter to your pet's coat, combined with natural silk proteins to moisturize and condition the fur, leaving it silky smooth. Easy to apply-- just mist your dog, being careful to avoid the eyes, of course. Not suitable for young puppies and you may not survive a session with your cat. The mist purportedly prolongs the effect for days by repelling dust and dirt.


The mist can be used after a bath with Sparkle & Shine Shampoo which also contains brighteners to add luster to your pet's coat, plus yogurt and honey conditioners to soothe your pooch's sensitive skin. To make rinse time easier, this gentle shampoo does not lather up heavily. Your dog will look beautiful and smell wonderful!

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Trek'r Bicycle Trailer -- Converts to a Jogger and Back Again


This is the time of year to head outdoors, hop on your bicycle and get some exercise. However, before you make it out the door, as usual your beloved dog is at your heels: "Can I go too?" If you are uncomfortable leashing your dog to your bike, here is another solution, the Trek'r Bicycle Trailer

The front door on the trailer includes a zippered, mesh screen layer, and a zippered, vinyl layer to block wind and weather. Use them in different configurations depending on riding conditions. A removable, washable cushion keeps pets comfortable on long rides. Includes two storage pockets on the sides plus a roomy mesh pocket on the roof. Assembles quickly and easily with no tools, and folds down for easy storage.

The Trek'r Bicycle Trailer can be converted into a Jogger with the easy-to-install Jogging Kit which is sold separately. If you are out for a long walk or jog and your pup gets tired (we have turned around on our walk to find our Golden Retriever Jessie languished under a shade tree) you can convert from Jogger to Trailer (or back) in a flash.


Medium for pets up to 45 lbs or Large for pets up to 115 lbs at Trek'r Bicycle Trailer.

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May 28, 2007

Cooling Bandana


These hot summer days will be a breeze for your pup, whether on the road or close to home, if he or she is wearing a Cooling Bandana. Simply soak this bandana in water--the safe, nontoxic beads inside absorb water, which gradually evaporates and cools your pet.

Cooling Bandana in one size, red or blue.

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Pet Memorials

Today is Memorial Day. Traditionally this US holiday commemorates men and women who sacrificed their lives in military service. We honor them here as well.

Many of us also remember our loved ones on this day--the ones who are no longer with us, including our pets. I first experienced the terrible feeling of pet loss when I was 8. One of our dogs was a hit and run victim. I have no photos, just memories from long ago.


That's why SuperCoolPets likes this Pet Memorial.. It is tasteful and is a personalized photo pet memorial. Your original photo is "faithfully reproduced on a weather- and sun-resistant glazed porcelain tile" that can be attached to monuments, headstones, or urns, either indoors or outdoors. Orvis will return your original photos.

Of course nowadays photos are much cheaper to develop and easily stored on our computers, so you may prefer a personalized Cast Aluminum Memorial:


Or a personalized one custom-made in slate or marble:


At Orvis.

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May 26, 2007

Leaving Your Pet at Home

Memorial Day weekend is a big travel weekend in this country as many people start throwing back yard barbecues, opening up summer homes, or heading out to the beach. Good times. Do you take your pet with you when you travel, or leave him/her (or them) at home? Perhaps you want a vacation from your domestic duties. Maybe there are no pet accommodations where you plan to visit, or your pet is not particularly cooperative or healthy enough to travel.


Whatever the reason, you may choose to leave your pet at home. If you have helpful neighbors or family members who will take care of your pet (often the easiest solution for cats) count yourselves among the fortunate. In our extended family, we have customarily left the dogs at our good vet's kennel. That is a great solution if it is 1-affordable 2-a well-maintained, kindly facility 3-your pet needs medical care and 4--your dog has the appropriate temperment. Our current doggies would not emerge from a kennel sane, no matter how high the quality. AKC offers tips on boarding your pet.

Another option is a good pet sitter, so your animal can stay in a familiar environment with their routine, very important, not as disrupted. As with all services, recommendation from a trusted source is optimal. Failing that, your vet may recommend a service. Pet Sitters can be found on-line: National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International. Don't forget to check for reliable references before letting anyone into your home.

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May 25, 2007

Pet Hair Vac


In today's hi-tech world, appliances have become so "smart" they even talk to us. That is great, but sometimes, truthfully, all we really want out of our gadgets is that they have an on-off switch and do the job they are supposed to do. Simplicity.

This Pet Hair Vac may fill the bill. It is a bag-free vacuum with a 7 amp motor and an easy-to-empty bin. Includes a 6-piece tool set and a 16 foot self-winding cord. Good choice for a second vac, summer home, or apartment.

Available at (appropriately) WhateverWorks.

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Sporting Dog First Aid Kit


Memorial Day Weekend traditionally heralds the start of the summer season. Are you having a cookout? Along with summer comes vacations and travel. A lot of us bring along our pets because of course we can't leave them behind. Even at home, this Sporting Dog First Aid Kit is a good thing to have around.

The First Aid Kit comes stored in a rugged, water-resistant wide-mouth canvas bag. Kit Contains:

Carrying case, first aid book, hydrogen peroxide (4 oz), thermometer, 3-ply towels (2), iodine prep pads, saline solution, surgical scrub brush with iodophor solution, tourniquet, 15cc syringe, 6 x 9 cold pack, 2\ Co-Flex (1), eye wash (7 ml), scissors (1), forceps (1), iodine solution (4 oz), skin stapler gun, 4\" x 4\" gauze (2), alcohol prep pads (2), styptic pencil, hydrocortisone cream (2), triple antibiotic ointment (2), 3\" cotton swabs (4), cotton balls (4), pill gun, vinyl gloves (4) and a pet passport.

Sporting Dog First Aid Kit

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May 24, 2007

Cat Vomit Warning Signs


If you are a cat lover, you probably have had the experience of stumbling barefoot into the kitchen early in the morning for your wake-up beverage of choice--only to step in cat vomit/hairballs. I know of one household where cleanup was often up to the "man of the house" (due to morning sickness woes) and this Warning Sign would have come in very handy!

The sign is laminated orange, featuring a black gagging cat and the words "Caution: Cat Vomit". You can perch it over cat vomit or hairballs so no one steps in it while you await cleanup. Dimensions: 11.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide

Your purchase benefits PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA, with more than 1.6 million members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world. PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry.

PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.

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Standing/Hanging birdbath

Here at SuperCoolPets we love our birds. Not only the sweet cockatiels who live with us, but also the wild(er) ones who live nearby and visit our feeders. I was taught to "feed the birds" by my grandmother as a toddler and have loved them ever since. In those days, we just threw the seed on the ground and the birds pecked around. We will have more on bird feeders in later posts.


birdbaths fit any budget--they range from $13 or so to more pricey. We have found this exquisite and affordable Opus Standing/Hanging birdbath . The bath is fluted metal 14.5" in diameter and can be hung from a hook or tree branch. Or if you prefer mount the bath on the beautiful detailed-leaf stand.

Rust resistant finish.Includes hanging hardware and ground spike. Looks delicate so treat with TLC! Opus Standing/Hanging birdbath sold by Picnic World Plus.

Add a Water Wiggler to circulate water in your birdbath--no wiring, easy!

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May 23, 2007

Win $50 Bucks at Tool Snob

Toolsnobwebsite 052107 250 -1

Thanks for being an avid reader of our blog which is published by Blogpire Productions. We'd like to share with you a new title just launched this week - ToolSnob.com. Blogpire Productions started ToolSnob.com to help homeowners, contractors, and hobbyists find, not only the tools that fit their needs, but to point out the ones that don't. The wrong tool can end up costing you time, money and hours of frustration. Tool Snob aims to be the most reliable and entertaining source for the latest power tool news and reviews.

Want a really good reason to visit? If you sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter by using the form below or on the Tool Snob web site, you'll be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com. That's right, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and be on the list when we pick the winner at the end of June.

Sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter and win $50 bucks.

Enter your Email

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Calming Signals


Our dogs speak to us, but do we listen? Humans often expect them to understand English (substitute any language), and I know our dogs do. Or do they understand the body language that goes along with the words? Since this is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, SuperCoolPets suggests On Talking Terms with Dogs--Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas. This book, as recommended in a prior post, can help educate us in canine body language.

From a review by "gunillam":

I attended a weekend seminar with Turid Rugaas last year which opened my eyes and I know that this works. Since then, and also since looking at video recordings from dog meetings, I now understand that dogs "talk" all the time. When meeting us or another dog, every single move or glance can carry a meaning. The other dog understands, if he has been allowed to "practice" dog language in lots of meetings with other dogs, but we, the humans, the supposed alphas, don't understand. Instead we try to teach the dog OUR verbal language. How frustrating for the dog! Shouldn't we first learn the dog's language?

On Talking Terms with Dogs--Calming Signals also available in DVD from Amazon.

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BiOrb Aquarium


This is beautiful.

A great beginners aquarium. The biOrb is easy to setup and has a very stylish, globe-shaped design to embellish any decor. The globe is manufactured form Plexiglas acrylic, stronger than glass. Because of its large water capacity, biOrb provides fish with approximately 10 times more space than a traditional fish bowl.

All you have to do is add water and fish. Everything you need is in one box: biOrb tank, halogen light, bio-media (gravel), filter, air pump, water chemicals, instruction booklet and fish food. Low voltage, so aquarium is safe for children.

Comes with a patented 5-stage filtration system with easy to change filter cartridges. The filter design utilizes a unique systemized five-stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

Available in Black and Silver. Suitable for goldfish, the Mega biOrb can also be converted to a tropical aquarium. The aquarium has a 16 gallon capacity and utilizes the same filtration system and service kit as the Baby biOrb, 8 gallon biOrb, and biUbe.

Available from Amazon.

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May 22, 2007

Golden Coins Cat Safety Collar


Update: This item is no longer available. Shop Cat Collars.

Set off your cat's beauty and grace with a beautiful collar. This Golden Coins Cat Safety Collar is made with rich blue Fossilstone beads separated by shiny brass beads. Five shiny solid brass coins hang at the throat of collar. Collar should fit loosely. Available standard sizes are: 9", 10", and 11". Custom sizing also available.

Made to order from Felerina.. Exclusive 10% discount code for SuperCoolPets readers! Enter "supercool" at checkout. Good until the end of 2007.

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Humorous Door Mat

Our Golden Retriever Molly usually likes to go outside and hunt, while her twin Jessie is a "hearth dog". No matter who is out, one or both, a nanosecond later they are panting at the door waiting to come in. In our house, sometimes the "tail wags the dog" and we find ourselves letting doggies in, then out--a lot!

That means dirty paws. The Humorous Door Mat seems appropriate and functional. Perfect for the mudroom, porch, or entryway. Door mats available in two phrases; choose from "Never mind the dog, beware of the owner", or "This house is operated solely for the care and comfort of the dog".


Available in yellow or black.


Humorous Door Mat is environmentally friendly, absorbent, and durable.1/2" thick coir mat, 29"L x 17"W.

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May 21, 2007



Removing pet waste is a fact of life for all of us pet owners. Homeowners in our town are getting a tad irate over other people's pet waste left on their lawns. Poop-Freeze may make the pick-up easier and quicker on those daily walks or in the back yard. Poop-Freeze is an "instant-freeze" spray. The liquefied gas chills the waste to - 62 degrees, which of course hardens it for easy pick-up and disposal. It is non-flammable and supposedly "earth-friendly" with no CFC's. Safe to use around people indoors (when your pup is sick or housebreaking) and will not harm vegetation outdoors.

Available from EntirelyPets

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Pawpoose™--Keep Your Pet Close By


If you and your dog or cat are inseparable, consider the Pawpoose™, a convenient travel accessory. At SuperCoolPets we like this product because it is so attractive and comfortable looking. It features a wide shoulder strap to distribute weight across your back and shoulder. The carrier adjusts easily for a customized fit, and is very easy to take on and off. It contains an integrated safety clip to keep your pet safe and secure.

Choose from different patterns and materials--blue print stretch twill, red linen, navy stripe linen/rayon blend, cotton canvas in a yarn-dyed stripe, houndstooth stretch tweed, denim, corduroy, and more.

Each Pawpoose™ ships in a handy carry bag. Product information and instructions are also included.


Available in two sizes: Petite Pawpoose for pets 5 pounds and under and Standard Pawpoose for pets up to 20 pounds. Machine wash, line dry.

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May 19, 2007

Dog Bite Prevention


The third week in May is designated as National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Good idea--every week should be that way. Our family dog Kelly, an English Setter, supposedly a kind and gentle breed, bit our then 3 year old son on the jaw. Frantic call from sitter, rush home, rush to ER, kick mother out. He had a few stitches and his black and blue face swelled up--closed eye--the whole bit. Traumatic for us all, and our sweet doggie went to live with relatives.

How to prevent? Listen to warning signals from the animal (and hire a competent babysitter). We were out, but reports from my now adult children, not the sitter, are that our little guy cornered our pup. Did our dog give warning signals? I will never know. But I have started to find the topic of canine communication fascinating. People tend to anthropomorphize dogs, which is an error. Fascinating suggestions from Cissy Sumner, Be aware of canine communication behavior in yourhub.com

I do find it hard to believe the dogs bit without warning. I find it much more likely the dogs gave warning, but the humans did not recognize it. It is the simple fact that dogs and humans communicate differently. Since humans are supposed to be the more intelligent species, we should learn to recognize canine warning signals.

Dogs often use subtle "calming signals" to let us know they are uncomfortable in a situation. They may yawn, blink, sniff or turn their head away to avoid our gaze. Few people notice these small signs. (I highly recommend Turid Rugaas' book or video "on Talking Terms with Dogs-Calming Signals" for anyone interested in learning more about canine communication.) Perhaps the dogs in question gave some of these signals, but no one noticed.

If a dog has been telling you subtly to back off and you did not get the message, the dog must escalate his warning. This can be a growl or it may be simply freezing and becoming still. A growling dog is giving a lot of vocal warning. This is good because if you have any common sense you now know there is a problem and can give the dog more space. You can deal with the problem later. The first thing is to diffuse the situation and keep everyone safe. Remember, growling is the early warning system. Do not punish a growling dog. He may bite you for correcting him or he may simply stop growling and go directly to using his teeth.

Dogs that do not growl, but just freeze before biting are more problematic. Most people do not notice the dog is suddenly still. This is the most dangerous situation. With this type of behavior, you can find yourself in in trouble before you realize it. I suspect these are the dogs that we think bite without warning.

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May 18, 2007

Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath?

Since we have a home office, some days I spend more time with my pets than with humans, not always such a bad thing. Nowadays, most co-workers are conscious of their personal hygiene, but I can't say the same about our doggies. Our wild woman, Golden Retriever Molly would never ever let me brush her teeth--don't even think about it. But frankly, she has some "unsightly" plaque and could use a mouthwash. Does your cat's breath smell like cat food? Here is a product that may help: Triple-Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath


You add a capful to a 24-oz bowl of drinking water. Product claims results within 48 hours. Using a special blend of "human food grade" ingredients (purified water, anthium dioxide, yuccarome, mint oils, sodium benzoate), Triple-Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath helps eliminate plaque and tartar build-up and odor causing compounds in your dog or cat's digestive system.

Available from Amazon. Ships from and sold by PetFoodDirect. We have not personally tested this product. Check with your vet before giving anything your pet will ingest.

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Waterless Bath Pet Brush


Our dogs definitely have different standards of hygiene than we do. It doesn't seem to matter how often they go swimming at the beach or in their kiddie pool, they sometimes just smell after a few hours. Occasionally on walks we will look around and find Molly trying to roll in something on someone's yard--surprisingly, often there is nothing there!

Frequent doggie baths are a lot of work and are not supposed to be particularly good for dogs' coats, so this Lentek Koolatron Ionic Waterless Pet Bath Ultra Brush may come in handy. It silently circulates air to remove odors on your pet. "Silently" is the salient word here, because many dogs (once again, our Molly) are easily spooked by noise. Fresh-smelling ozone flows through this ionic pet brush to neutralize your pet's odor in about 5 minutes. The sturdy bristles of Ionic Pet Brush help you comb out most stubborn tangles while gently "refreshing" your pet with up to 100 trillion super oxygenated molecules every second.

This Waterless Pet Bath Brush shuts off automatically after 5 minutes. It has an easy-to-clean, removable brush plate. Comes with a hanging slot for easy storage in your mudroom, laundry room, shed, etc. and operates on one 9-Volt battery (not included). It has a flashing green "On" indicator LED, which conveniently turns red when the battery is low. One-year warranty.

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May 17, 2007

Cat Fence Enclosure

A family I know recently moved to a new home, and immediately had cat issues. Their litter box was placed in the laundry room, but the kitties were not using it. That problem has since been resolved, but it created a huge dilemma. One option considered was to keep them outside. This enclosure might be a good solution for this family.


Purr…fect Cat Fence is a free-standing backyard fence enclosure for cats. Your cat can safely enjoy being outdoors without the hazards. The best of both worlds. No pre-existing fence is required. A lot of times people have issues with fencing from a visual standpoint, but the impact here is minimal. It can be installed by the homeowner in any configuration you choose, even in front of an existing fence.

Why it works, according to the site...

Our cat fence enclosure material is flexible, so most cats don't like to climb it. For those acrobatic cats that somehow get near the top, the "Houdini-Proof" arch along the top of the enclosure safely turns them back toward the ground.
Buy at Purr...fectFence.
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Pet Loader’s™ Dog Stair

We share our home with two fabulous Golden Retrievers, Molly and Jessie. Molly gets all the press at Super Cool Pets, since she is the more "eccentric" of the two. Jess is an angelic, beautiful, sweet Golden. She has her quirks (no one ever feeds her!), but they are not as exaggerated as Molly's. Molly is "one of those dogs", who is just different.

We use a pet ramp to take our girls on their favorite road trip--the beach. Lately Molly just stands at the end of the ramp, or goes around the side of our SUV. Something about the ramp, which we have been using for years, just doesn't meet with Molly approval anymore. So looking around for alternatives, perhaps these folding steps will do. She seems to love the steps on the boardwalk at the beach.


These folding steps, Pet Loader™, are purportedly wider and more stable than a dog ramp, and do not sag, which may be Molly's issue. They have a more graduated angle and washable carpeting for greater traction. Can hold up to 560 lbs. Pet Loader™ is light-weight and folds down. Easy to carry and store. Fits SUV's, boats, trucks, trailers. Optional wheels available.

Dimensions: 22”wide, 18” long, and 7-1/4” high. Available in 3-, 4- and 5-step models with 16" platforms. Buy at PAWShop

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May 16, 2007

Fluffy Designer Plush Pet Chair -- Bucchi Pet Style


Doesn't this look comfortable? Attractive Fluffy Designer Plush Pet Chair--Bucchi Pet Style for your dog or cat. Frame is height-adjustable aluminum and folds for easy, convenient storage. Nylon cover is zip-off and machine washable with poly fill inside. Diameter 30".

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Feeding Assistance--Dinner-Up


We are blogging a lot about food this month! Everyone's favorite subject, including our pets! Thanks to our fellow Blogpire editor over at Networking Audio Video, we have discovered the Dinner-Up. This product was developed by Ray Dinham, a 57 year-old former engineer with cerebral palsy. His invention consists of "a tray attached to a column which, itself, is fixed to a wall or kitchen cabinet.The tray is then wound up and down the column by turning a handle which includes a clutch device."

This product has the potential to be very very helpful to anyone with a disability that prevents them from bending down to pick up pet food bowls, whether permanent or temporary from, for instance, a hip operation. This could mean the difference between someone sharing their home with a pet, or not.

Via engadget.

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May 15, 2007

Sirius Puppy Training DVD


Know anyone with a new puppy? Unless we are breeders, most of us don't get a new puppy all that often. The Sirius Puppy Training Video could be a good way for the average pet owner to brush up on their training skills and learn new techniques. Product description:

SIRIUS Puppy Training redefined and revolutionized dog training. Before SIRIUS there were no puppy classes, and virtually no food lures and rewards in training. The SIRIUS methods have been adopted and adapted by most caring dog trainers worldwide. This DVD is written and hosted by veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar - the creator of off-leash puppy classes, which sparked the revolution for positive, reward-based dog-friendly dog training. Dr. Dunbar is the founder of several dog training organizations, including th Center for Applied Animal Behavior; the Association of Pet Dog Trainers - the largest and most influential worldwide association of professional pet dog trainers; and SIRIUS Puppy Training - the Original Puppy Training School.

Voted "Best Video" (2000, 2001 & 2002) by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Available at Amazon.

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Relief from Pet Urine Odor

You may have a new kitten or puppy, just moved to a new house or your pet may be sick. For a variety of reasons, sometimes our pets have "accidents". Especially in the case of cats, pet urine smell can be a household problem. Sometimes the accident is obvious, sometimes you can smell it but can't really locate the source. If it is not cleaned up quickly, it will seep into the flooring or furniture, so the the urine smell lingers for a long time. The pet urine odor can be offensive to guests and even interfere with a home sale.


With this Ultra Violet Lamp, you can easily detect your cat's urine anywhere. Once the accident location has been detected, you then apply Urine-Off to remove the stains and odors your cat left behind. Urine-Off eliminates all types of urine and odor stains and can remove old urine stains. Effective on hardwood, carpet, concrete, tile, fabric and More! Urine Off is safe and easy to use - just spray generously and let it dry. Urine Off must come into contact with ALL of the urine, so if you are working with absorbant surfaces like carpet, furniture and mattresses you must be diligent. This product works by breaking down the chemicals in urine, to eliminate the odor and stain completely.

Requires 4 AA batteries--not included. Available from Amazon

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May 14, 2007

Outdoor Pet Gazebo Tent


Update: This enclosure has been discontinued. Here is a link to one at Comfort House with similar dimensions or shop Pet Tents.

Good way for your pets (or baby?) to enjoy the outdoors safely! Can protect dogs and cats from summer sun, heat, pesky insects and maybe even the rain with this gazebo tent, constructed of lightweight aluminum and polyester fabric shell. The gazebo can be zipped shut to keep your pets confined. Carrying case included, assembly is required.

Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 60". Available from Pawshop.

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Dancing Cat Earrings and Pendant

A treat for yourself or the cat lady in your life. This sterling silver cat has been adapted from the Edward Gorey's 1982 illustration of his edition of T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Pendant and earrings available from Edward Gorey House Store.

Pendant: 1" tall x 15/16" wide.


Earrings: 1 3/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide.


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May 12, 2007

Pet Stress Patch


Is your pet stressed? Our Golden Retriever, Molly, is a bold huntress (of geckos) and generally a happy girl, but is easily spooked. Pretty easy to tell--her curved-under tail is a sure giveaway of a thunderstorm or a pending grooming session. But some dogs don't have much of a tail. Here is a potential way to be certain how your pet is really feeling.

According to a write-up in WTOPnews.com of a Nikkei Weekly Sunday report Japanese Patch Measures Stress, a patch has been developed by a Japanese company, Medical Life Care Giken, to measure the stress level of dogs and cats by detecting the amount sweat secretion. A round, pin-sized patch is applied to the center pad of the animal's paw and changes color depending on how sweaty the pet is.

Remember mood rings?

To read article. Via Endgadget

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May 11, 2007

Welcome Sign

Let the world know you are a dog or cat lover! This personalized slate plaque is etched and paint filled. Available in many breeds.


Also available for the cat lover:


Measures 8" x 12" from Roland's Housewarming Gifts.

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Smiling Kitty Cat Activity Tunnel


Here's something fun for our Mr. Tony! This 46" long Kitty Cat Activity Tunnel features a tail, four paws, ears, and an embroidered kitty cat face. Tony will love the crinkle-lined inside walls, and when he gets tired, he can curl up against the soft plush fabric. The flexible tunnel has four openings and folds down to 14" for easy storage.

Measures 9 3/4" in diameter and 52" in total length including tail.
At PAWShop.

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Sign Up for the Super Cool Pets Newsletter and Win $50

Our pets are cherished members of our family and we want the very best for them, as we know you readers do. Our mission at Super Cool Pets is to keep you up to date on everything you need to care for your dogs, cats and other well-loved pets. SuperCoolPets.com features a unique combo of news and reviews of quality pet products for the pet owner - cat and dog pet products, pet gadgets, pet food, and pet news.

The SuperCoolPets Newsletter shows up in your mailbox before you wake up each Monday morning. That way, you can keep up with everything you might have missed during your busy week. We promise not to bombard you with email or sell your name to the blackmarket. We just want another way to communicate with you - our reader.


Super Cool Pets will be giving away $50 to the luckiest person who signs up for the Super Cool Pets Newsletter. We’ll pick the winner at the end of May – and announce a winner June 1st.

Enter your Email

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May 10, 2007

Personalized Feeder Rug


Here's a great gift for your pet or one you know--their very own Personalized Feeder Rug. I don't know about your pups, but ours slobber. Prevent messes and water damage to your floors (and molding) with this skidproof and waterproof feeder rug. Its durable waterproof backing won't allow spilled water or wet pet food to soak through to the floor. This way each dog can have their very own feeding area, so personalize a couple and remember your friends!

In tan. Dimensions: 20" x 30". Personalized Feeder Rug

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Ceramic Dog Bowl


Update: This item is no longer available. Shop Pet Ceramic Bowls.

Super Cool Pets loves this adorable bone-shaped Ceramic Dog Bowl for your dog. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Choose from white with a raised pattern of jumping dogs and dog bones, white with black paws and bones, or blue with a white floral motif. Also available in classic round for the more conservative dog.

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May 9, 2007

Paw Plunger


This is an intriguing idea. Whose dog doesn't track dirt into the house? Plus mud, leaves, grass, sticks etc. Then leaves dirty paw prints on the rug, fresh-mopped kitchen floor or new slipcover? Paw Plunger to the rescue! Just fill the Pawplunger with warm water and dip dirty paws. the water will loosen the dirt between the paw pads and soft bristles will scrub the paws. Then towel-dry. Made of durable plastic with nonslip rubber ring on the bottom.

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Sticky Sheets for Pet Hair Removal


Our floors need to be vacuumed constantly. Shedded fur is usually floating around, plus the birds spray seed everywhere (nature's way of seeding the ceramic tile). These StickySheets Pet Hair Removal Aid are a great addition to your pet hair removal routine, since the vac doesn't work so well on furniture, car seats, dashboard etc. Think a huge piece of scotch tape 2 ft X 3 ft.

About StickySheets Pet Hair Removal Aid:

StickySheets are specially formulated to pull apart easily if they should stick to themselves.

StickySheets have an easy to use backing which takes the hassle out of cleaning pet hair and lint off of upholstry.

Simply peel off the top strip, stick the sheet to the item you wish to clean, and then pull the rest of the backing off.

A StickySheet can be used on an average of 2-3 surfaces before discarding (up to 10 surfaces in some situations). This number may increase or decrease depending on the amount of hair or lint on the surface you wish to clean. Remember: firm, even pressure increases the adhesive bond to the hair (you can even sit on it!).

StickySheets are a versatile product with many uses. Check out our Many Uses page to see just how many have been discovered so far.

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May 8, 2007

Ra-Cat-A-Sac Crinkle Toy for Your Cat


Your kitty will love the Ra-Cat-A-Sac. This is a "glittery large-mouth crunch sack" with a wire-loop that keeps the mouth open. It has a shiny mylar fur exterior with eyes, scales, fins, plus hanging toys on a string for your kitty to bat. Best of all there is a dangling, catnip-filled fish inside!

Measures 18" x 28" long. Spot clean only. Clearance sale Ra-Cat-A-Sac.

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Golf Cart Lookout--Pet Booster Seat


Golf Cart Lookout is a pet booster seat that enables you to bring your pet along with you on the golf course or just cruising around the neighborhood. Made of comfortable foam form with lambs wool interior and Naugahyde exterior. Sizes S (up to 10 lbs) and M (up to 20 lbs).

Golf Cart Lookout

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May 7, 2007

Dog Breed Organizer Tote


We have loved L L Bean products our entire life, since they sell functional, attractive and durable goods. This Dog Breed Tote, made of sturdy 24 oz. cotton canvas with a strong reinforced bottom, is no exception. It has a handsome design of contrast colors and regular-length handles. Features include: hidden clip to keep keys secure, six exterior pockets to help organize your dog leashes, grooming supplies, travel essentials, or whatever you and your pup need. These Bean canvas totes hold up to years of use. Good idea for Mother's Day, embroidered with the dog breed of her choice. Or treat yourself! 14"H x 20"W x 6"D. Made in Maine.

Available from LL Bean in Burlap, Indigo, and Loden and most common dog breeds.

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Pet Murphy Bed


If you are tired of your bed being a bit overcrowded, or need more space in your home or R/V, a Pet Murphy Bed might be the solution. It features a contemporary raised panel front and is constructed of tree farmed rubber wood (instead of scarce teak or rosewood). Available in two colors, black and mahogany. The bed holds up to 200 lbs, which should be sufficient unless your pet dines at fast food 3 times a day. Includes mounting provision to a wall for added safety.

Bed dimensions are 24" W x 36"H x 10"D. Mattress is 22" x 28" x 4" thick covered foam with back rest. Comes with a fitted and removable washable cover.

Pet Murphy Bed

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May 4, 2007

Chihuahua Dog Topiary


In honor of the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo (May 5), we are celebrating the Chihuahua which takes its name from the Mexican state abutting west Texas and New Mexico. Maybe it would be fun to start a Chihuahua Dog Topiary this spring in the yard. We pass by a dog topiary every day, and it never fails to catch my eye.

The topiary frame is made of steel with a durable epoxy coat finish. The topiary frame is fabricated to scale for an authentic natural appearance. Each form is a 2-part construction which provides easy open and close access to fill the form easily. You can order the topiary form without moss or with moss already filled in the frame. Bagged moss is also available if you want to purchase the moss and apply it yourself. Complete assembly and planting instructions are included with each frame ordered.

Dimensions: Height 16" x Length 16" x Width 5" Available at FinePetProducts in many different breeds.

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Horseshoe Toggle Collar & Lead


Saturday is the 133rd "Run for the Roses"--the Kentucky Derby. A true rite of spring! To celebrate those beautiful, gifted purebred racing horses and to give our pets a little good luck (no I am not proposing a mint julep toast), consider these handsome braided collars and leads from MyMascot.

The Vintage Horseshoe Toggle collar and lead are braided from top quality leather. The "lucky horseshoe" toggle closure is cast from solid brass and finished in an authentic antique patina. The closure was inspired by the hand-forged horseshoes used at the turn of the 20th Century.

Toggle collars are sized every inch from 10" to 16" and should fit snug around the dog's neck. The handmade Vintage Braided Lead also sports the horseshoe toggle and complements the Vintage Horseshoe Collar. Leads are 5ft in length.

Both items available in Chocolate only. Definitely for the classy pet!

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Insight into Pet Food Recall--China's Use of Melamine


Must read in today's New York Times: China Makes Arrest in Pet Food Case. More accurately, from the tone of the article, it's a "reluctant" China. Apparently it is common practice in China to "sell melamine scrap to animal feed companies and even to food companies that make bakery items."

Granted the media often spreads fear and sensationalism, but China's denial and lack of oversight is chilling.

“Our chemical products are mostly used for additives, not for animal feed,” said Li Xiuping, manager at the Henan Xinxiang Huaxing Chemical Company in central Henan Province. “Melamine is mainly used in the chemical industry, but it can also be used in making cakes.”

Read China Makes Arrest in Pet Food Case

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May 3, 2007

Pet Peek ™ Wooden Fence Window Lets Your Pet See Out


Great solution for those of us with a wood fence enclosure for our dogs. Wood has the benefit of no one being able to see in, but also the drawback that the pup can't look out. It must get pretty boring without any view, and dogs are naturally nosy, pun intended. You can add this clever "window to the world".

The Pet Peek™ window is a durable, clear, hard acrylic dome 9.5 inches in diameter, with a black trim-ring and all necessary hardware for easy do-it-yourself installation into your wooden fence.

Pet Peek™.

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Our fellow Blogpire site Super Cool Baby has featured a home decor accessory for the dog lover--Puppy. Constructed of hard polyethylene, it can be used as a seat as well. Fun for children and adults alike!

Small Puppy
26.3 cm W, 35.5 cm H, 43.2 cm L, 24.1 cm back height;
10-3/8" W, 14" H, 17" L, 9-1/2" back height.

Medium Puppy
33.6 cm W, 44.5 cm H, 56 cm L, 31 cm back height;
13-1/4" W, 17.5" H, 22" L, 12-1/4" back height.

Large Puppy

42 cm W, 56 cm H, 70 cm L, 38 cm back height;
16-1/2" W, 22" H, 27" L, 15" back height.

Extra-Large Puppy
61.5 cm W, 80.6 CM H, 102.6 cm L, 54.8 cm back height;
24-1/4" W, 31-3/4" H, 40-3/8" L, 21-1/2" back height.

Via SuperCool Baby.

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May 2, 2007

Pet Watches


Updated: This item is no longer available. If you are looking for pet theme products, Animal Den has gift items such as shirts, mousepads, address labels, mugs, calendars, jewelry, windchimes and much more.

Cute pet watches! Can be personalized with your dog or cat's name up to 10 letters. The watches are water/shock-resistant, feature Japanese quartz movements with stainless steel backs. Choose between interchangeable red, pink or black bands! 9" long.

Something different! Purchase at Watch stick figure dog or Watch stick figure cat

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Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit


Throughout history dogs have been faithful companions, but they also were "employed" as hunters & fishers, sled-dogs, guide dogs or rescue workers. In other words, they kept busy and got a lot more exercise than most of our modern doggies ever do. (At this writing, one of our dogs is snoring in the shower.) A lot of trainers and dog-owners are convinced that many dog "behavior" problems are the unhappy result of too much pent-up energy.

The Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit will give your dog something to do. Easily set up in your back yard, this is a fun beginner's activity you and your dog can do together. Set includes: Weave Poles, High Jump, Open Tunnel, Pause Box, Start/Finish Line, Stop Watch, Award Ribbons, Set-up & Usage Instructions, Game Rules, Training Tips Booklet and more!

Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit

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May 1, 2007

Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier


Pets are a lot like babies in that (among other things) they communicate by body language and loud, largely incomprehensible, vocalizing. Sometimes you just don't know whether they are too hot or too cold.

Regulate the temperature of your small pet's environment with the Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier, a climate-controlled carrier.

This customizable Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier can be taken and used almost anywhere--homes, garage, SUV, R/V, boat, plane for your dog, cat, rabbit. It is powered by utilizing a 110-volt electrical outlet with a 12-volt DC converter or by the 12-volt power outlet in a car, SUV, RV, private plane or boat. All cords and adapters are included with every Komfort Pets Carrier.

* Carrier senses the ambient temperature and activates either the combination cooling or heating mode * The thermo-regulation system is built right into the floor of the carrier which heats or cools the floor plate as needed

Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier for pets up to 15 lbs. Also available in Red.

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Pull Along Animal Backpacks


Adorable pull-a-long backpack for children ages 3-6. The backpack is available in duckie, froggie, doggie, elephant, ladybug, and penguin designs. Your children can wear this either as a backpack or use the handle to pull it along. The unique design will help your child find the pack easily whether at home or out. It's a great backpack to use for overnighters, daycare, school, trip to the grandparents. Features include little zipper compartments to hold school suppies, toys, etc. Can be worn as a backpack or pulled when the handle is extended.

Measures 9.5" x 5.5" x 13"(handle down) or 20" (handle up).
Offered by Calliope

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Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- April 2007

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Old Navy Polos for Pets
Burberry Dog Trench Coat

Coolaroo (TM) Dog Beds
Coney Island-Outdoor Bedding

Dog Body Language

Books and Media
New Pet Announcements
Decode Animal Behavior--Animals In Translation

Collars and Leashes
Walking Gear Organizer
PupLight Safety Flashlight

Crates, Gates and Carriers
Outdoor Cat Playpen
Kool Kennel TM
Cat Playpen

Food and Feeders
Precise Portion Control Pet Feeder
Canine Confections Gourmet Dog Treats
Treat Jar
You Bake 'Em, Dog Biscuits
Pet Food Recipes

Gifts and Home Decor
Pet Weathervane
Wall Aquarium
Mother's Day Gift Set
Cat Club Welcome Mat
Paws Coordinates
Sandstone Breed Coaster
Dog (or Cat) -opoly Anyone?
Cat Shower Curtain

Microfiber Towel

More Pet Food Recalled
Pet Food Recall Keeps Stretching
Pet Food Recall Expands to Third Company
Pet Food Recall Widens
Pet Food Recall Update

Litter and Clean Up
Hidden Litter Box
Litter Box Bench

Outdoors and Garden
Glamour Cat Planter
Copper Fountain birdbath

Pet Hair Solutions
Pet Hair Magnet

Pet Sitting and Services
Fetch! Pet Care

Radio Rodent
Cat Cocoon

Problem Solvers
Never Guess Again!
Anxiety Wraps

Ramps & Steps
Pet Pool Ramp
Wood 3 Step Pet Stool

Dog Dazer
Furniture and Countertop Pet Trainer

Bowchie Bags
Fido Friendly--Dog Travel Magazine
Pet Friendly Lodging
Backseat Barrier™

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