July 31, 2007

Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- July 2007


Accessories and Supplies
Pet Master--PDA for Pets
Dog Bone Paper Clips
Dog e-Tag

Protective Bodysuits for Dogs
Illuminated Dog Safety Coat
Chilly Dog Cooling Vest

Maine-Theme Dog and Cat Beds
Paw Print Cushion

Speech Training for Birds
Clean Bird Cages
Nova Backyard Bird Camera with Motion Sensor

Books & Media
Wine Dogs

Collars and Leashes
Matching Collars and Leashes by 2 Hounds Design
All-In-One Retractable Leash, Light & Radio
Stars & Stripes Breakaway Cat Collar

Crates, Gates & Carriers
Kittywalk Closet Sleeper for Cats
Road Hound™ Motorcycle Pet Carrier
Double Decker Pet Stroller

Food & Feeders
Buster Cube
Photo Dog and Cat Biscuits

Gifts & Home Decor
Pampered Pet Wardrobe
My Pet Fish Soap
Singing Alarm Clock

Collapsible Outdoor Pet Bath

Health and Safety

Ear Relief Wash Swabs


Litter and Clean-Up

PoochPants Diapers
Does Your Cat Think Outside the Box?
Home Marketing for Pet Owners
Our Pets Skoop-N-Pak

Outdoors and Garden
Hanging Bath & Bird Feeder Set - "Copper Spirals"

Pet Hair Solutions
Beam Central Vacuum--Review
Sebo Canister Vacuums--Allergy Control

Bubble Mouse Cat Toy
3D Cat Cards
Corner Scratcher

Problems Solvers
Bitter Barrier--Review
Dog Computer Wrist Cushion

Ramps & Steps
Pet Steps with Brown Paws
Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder

Pet Doorbell

Eliminate Car Odors
Pet Travel Cooler

Thanks for reading!

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July 31, 2007

Ear Relief Wash Swabs

Our long-eared Retrievers have a chronic problem with itchy, mucky inflamed ears. It seems to get a little worse when they spend a lot of time in the pool or the ocean. Our vet diagnosed their problem years ago and has prescribed Animax Ointment, which treats the condition in cats as well.

Animax Ointment

But we need something to clean out their ears before we apply the ointment. Here's what we have been looking for--Ear Relief Wash Swabs to relieve itching and odor in the ears of our pets. Each package contains 24 liquid-filled 1.5 oz swabs.

Pet Swabs - Ear Relief Wash Swabs

Ear Relief Wash Swabs at Amazon and EntirelyPets.

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July 31, 2007



Fun sporting dog boxers for yourself or your honey. Cotton, 4 1/2" inseams in S, M, L.

At J. Crew and in various breeds from Amazon.

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July 30, 2007

PoochPants Diapers


Diapers are for dogs, too! If your dog is having some "difficulties" these days PoochPants Diapers may be the answer. Super-absorbent, these dipes are reusable and washable, so will be easy on your wallet. Easily secured with velcro and contain Microban to control odors. Good for incontinent senior dogs, females in heat or housetraining a pup.

Available X-Small to Large. PoochPants Diapers ships from and sold by Revival Animal Health.

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July 30, 2007

Pet Steps with Brown Paws

We love these! Cute Pet Steps with Brown Paws are for dogs or cats, or us to use around the house to get where we want to go. Available in bone print also and in 2, 3 or 4-steps.

Plywood construction. Steps are sturdy and support at least 200 lbs.

Pet Steps with Brown Paws ships from and sold by CatsPlay.

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July 28, 2007

Does Your Cat Think Outside the (Litter) Box?

One of our grandkitties is definitely thinking outside of the litter box these days. Actually she is getting on in years and has some medical issues. In their worth-while read, Don't let your cat think outside the box , MSNBC.com explores the most common reasons cats stop using their litter box.

  • You changed litters because the new one was on sale.
  • You're using a scented litter.
  • You're not cleaning the box.
  • You're not scooping the box often enough.
  • Your cat doesn't like the location of the box.
  • You don't have enough boxes.
  • The box is too small or has a lid.
  • Cats can't tell us when they don't feel good, so they have to show us.


Experts recommend using an odor neutralizer every time you scoop, such as Simple Solutions 10627 Cat Stain & Odor Remover

If nothing works, we have come full circle in this post. Perhaps your kitty has a medical problem that needs to be addressed by your vet.

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July 27, 2007

Buster Cube


If your dog likes this kind of thing, the Buster Cube could be a fun new toy. You fill the cube with bite-size dry food, which is then released at an adjustable rate as the dog rolls the cube with his nose or paw. Might keep 'em busy!

Buster Cube available at Amazon and Only Natural Pet Store.

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Protective Bodysuits for Dogs

When we walk our dogs in a park near us, they snuffle in the brush and come up with all kinds of stuff clinging to their coats. They love it, but it can be a grooming headache. Maybe we should slip on a K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit.


Sounds intriguing:
The K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit is a one-of-a-kind lightweight, breathable full coverage suit. It is ideal for snow protection, controlling shedding, dander, dirt, stickers, coat damage, ticks and biting insects. This highly versatile suit also helps protect injuries, rashes, and surgical sites - as well as, provides outstanding relief for dogs suffering from skin related allergies and cancer. Its high quality 4-way stretch material moves with your dog and is easy to put on and take off. The unique design stays in place even on very active dogs.

But how would the dog react? According to K9 Top Coat "99.9% tolerate the garment wonderfully", but if not, they have a 100% refund policy, minus shipping & handling.

Choose from Royal Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Turquoise, Silver. The K9 Top Coat can even silkscreen names and logos on the suit. Group rates available.

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July 26, 2007

Eliminate Pet Car Odors--Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer


If your PetMobile is a little too odiferous these days, just plug an Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer into your dashboard power socket to freshen up the air. The electronic propulsion circulates air silently and traps offending "airborne particulates" on an electrostatically charged ring.

Car odors can be stubborn but it's worth a try--has to be better than the gross cover-up sprays or hanging fragrances. A good idea if you use your vehicle for business as well as pet outings.

Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer

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Pampered Pet Wardrobe


This Pampered Pet Wardrobe is on our wish list. An adorable pet armoire to store toys, clothes grooming tools, etc. Love the bone-shaped handles.

This little wooden wardrobe features 2 roomy shelves, 4 metal hangers and a hanging rod for keeping all your pet's things organized.

Dimensions: 17 1/2"H x 13 3/4"W. At Collections etc.

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July 25, 2007

Beam Central Vacuum--Review

At Super Cool Pets we love our central vacuum. It is lightweight, a breeze to use and keeps a house clean which would otherwise be filled with pet hair, dirt, grass, crumbs, dander, feathers, dust, and numerous crawly things. A central vac system consists of:
  • a canister located in central area of the structure (garage)
  • wall outlets strategically placed in building (we have 2 on far ends of house)
  • tubing running from outlets to central canister (up walls into attic and down)
  • 25 ft hose (with attachments) that plugs into wall outlets

A central vac has 1 or 2 motors, depending, which provide stronger suction than uprights, since they would be too heavy to cart around. Also unlike other systems, there is no dirt being recirculated throughout the room since it is all going into the canister. It is often quieter since the motors and fan are not running inside the house.

Speaking of central vac motors, ours just went kaput. Burning smell in garage. We had a 2-year warranty on the system which is 3 1/2 years old. Well-known brand-name company which Super Cool Pets won't name (don't want to deprive anyone of the ability to make a living), but we will recommend highly the Beam 3500 sq ft system we bought online at Mid America Vacuum Centers.


  • Fabulous customer service. The system we ordered was back-ordered (what else is new). Instead of making us wait, they sent us the next model up--an $80 upgrade--for the same price. Plus they honored a promotional coupon for $50. That may not sound so fantastic, but we couldn't read the online coupon code, had to call and the CSR honored it verbally. So we received a $536.95 central vac system for a $402.95 on our credit card. Plus, a ten- year warranty--did I mention the first system only had a 2-year warranty?
  • Fabulous performance. We can't stand too close to the hose, or we may find ourselves outside in the canister. And quiet.

At Mid America Vacuum Centers. If you are handy, this system is easy to install yourself. Otherwise factor in an installation charge. Central vacuum is well worth it.

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Hanging Bath & Bird Feeder Set - "Copper Spirals"


We just love the Hanging Bath & Bird Feeder Set - "Copper Spirals" a beautiful, functional work of garden art.


* Interlocked "swirls" of solid copper unite to create functional modern garden art!
* Larger swirl on the birdbath creates a watertight bathing tray for the birds
* Swirls on the birdfeeder create a tray for seed as well as an overhead baffle to shelter birds
* Elegant design will last a lifetime while developing a unique green patina
* Each is 12" x 10"; Handcrafted in the USA

Hanging birdbath and Hanging Bird Feeder also sold separately. Add a Water Wiggler to circulate water in your birdbath--no wiring, easy!

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July 24, 2007

People Training for Dogs--The Dog Whisperer DVD

A Super Cool Pets relative recently picked up a new poodle puppy. He already has an older cream poodle, but lost her chocolate brother after a long battle with stomach bloat. If you have a new puppy in the house, or know someone who does, training tips can be really beneficial. Cesar Millan's DVD, People Training for Dogs: The Dog Whisperer, will provide an excellent and loving guide to understanding the basics of dog behavior.


Super Cool Pets is not alone in regarding Cesar Millan to be one of the finest dog trainers to come along in a long while. Super Cool Pets has featured his media material before, as well as products. And for those of you who have travel plans, here are helpful tips from Cesar.

Available at Cesar's website or Amazon.

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Matching Collars and Leashes by 2 Hounds Design


Handsome collar for the masculine dog--Petite Argyle. Lined with dark green cuddle satin. Sizes XS 7-11" up to L 18" plus.

Matching velvet leash also available, 4" or 6" one-sided or two-sided. Adjustable. Mix and match multiple colors. Leashes are machine-washable, air dry.


For the girly girl, the Petite Floral might be nice. Collar is 5/8" wide floral ribbon on a pale green background lined in hot pink.


And perhaps a matching leash:


Collars and leashes sold separately.Choose from brass or silver hardware. At 2 Hounds Design.

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July 23, 2007

My Pet Fish Soap-- Goldfish in a Bag


Love this! Goldfish in a Bag Soap looks like a goldfish swimming in water. Actually this is a plastic fish embedded in clear, vegetable based glycerin soap shaped like "water in a bag". Fun for parties, guest room, and kids of all ages (except those under 3). After enough washings, a toy pet fish is the reward.

Goldfish in a Bag Soap

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Maine-Theme Dog and Cat Beds


Being from New England, Super Cool Pets loves this site we have found with a "taste of Maine-- Companion One Comfort. The themed pet beds are hand-crafted with 100% polyester fiberfill cushions, making them hypoallergenic and environmentally conscious. Sides are soft foam sponge-framed covered in soft fleece for warmth. Both cat and dog beds are the same size.

ArrowContinue reading: "Maine-Theme Dog and Cat Beds"

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Happy Birthday!

We're 4!

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July 21, 2007

Home Marketing for Pet Owners

Little Pink House of Cats

As much as we all love our pets, we know they take a toll on the condition of our home. Their presence unfortunately can actually lower the sales price or even quash a deal. When your home is for sale on the market, you want to set the stage to create buyer interest within a reasonable time period and generate a good offer. How our pets affect the showings is a factor that must be taken into account. Here a some possible issues to confront ahead of time:

Allergies--A home rife with animal hair and dander can spell misery for an allergic buyer or their real estate agent. An affected person will have no choice but to turn on their heel and leave. Don't expect an offer.

Odors and Stains--Pet urine, especially cat, and stains on walls, carpeting, furniture, under floorboards can put off a potential buyer. There are numerous products to deal with these smells and stains. Even if you aren't selling your home now, best to deal immediately with any accidents. In the event of an offer, which could easily be lowball, it most likely will be a seller expense to remedy the pet odor problem prior to closing.

We have featured some helpful products in prior posts (here and here). A tool such as the Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector by Simple Solution will help you to detect the source of pet odors.



* Battery-operated urine detector helps identify the source of pet odors
* Works on carpeting, wood flooring, concrete, tile, upholstery, and other surfaces
* Black light bulb lasts up to 5,000 hours on average
* Runs on 8 AA batteries or a 12v DC adapter (not included)
* Measures approximately 3 by 1 by 12 inches

Showings--If at all possible, be prepeared to leave the home with your pet during all showings. If you cannot remove the pet, try to constrain them in the cage or perhaps in an enclosed area such as a screened porch. Some people shut their pet in a bedroom or study during a showing, but then of course the buyer is prevented from seeing part of the home and may wonder what's up. Chance of offer reduced.

"The way you live in your home, and the way you market and sell your house are two different things." For more information, visit Home Stagers.

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July 20, 2007

Bubble Mouse Cat Toy


Bubble Mouse is two toys in one. Your cat can stalk and chase the catnip-scented motorized mouse as it scampers across the floor. Or place the mouse inside the 4 1/2" bubble to keep the ball rolling all around. Bubble just deflects off walls and furniture and keeps on moving. Definitely something to pique your cat's curiosity. Adorable!

Bubble Mouse ships from and sold by Little River Pet Shop.

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Wordy Birdy Speech Training for Birds


If you have no one to talk to, our Super Cool Pets suggestion is to talk to your bird. We talk to our doggies all the time but they just stare back. Wouldn't it be fun to have a bird that talks? Our cockatiels wolf-whistle, but how long can you fall for that?

With the Wordy Birdy Speech Trainer you can teach your bird to talk. Then if family members are ignoring you, or you live alone, you can have meaningful conversations anyway.

Record in your own voice the words you want your bird to learn to say. Then press the button and the speech trainer will play back your words over and over. You can adjust the time intervals from 30 seconds to 30 minutes until you want some peace and quiet and turn it off. Uses a microchip, no tape or parts to break.

For Canaries, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrots and Macaws. Requires four "AA" batteries, not included. Wordy Birdy Speech Trainer

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July 19, 2007

Lentek Pet Chime Portable Wireless Pet Doorbell

Here is a wireless doorbell for your dog to summon you when it's time to go out and chase squirrels. And when it's time to come in. The paw either chimes or barks. The Portable Wireless Electronic Pet Doorbell consists of a transmitter shaped like a paw and a receiver that is wall-mountable or perches tabletop. No more yelping, howling, door scatching or whining. Easy directions included to train your pet. Works up to 100 ft. Transmitter (Paw) operates on one 9-Volt battery (not included). Receiver (Chime) operates on 3 AA batteries (not included). At Amazon and SmartHome.
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Kittywalk Closet Sleeper for Cats


If your kitty loves to explore your closet, then curls up on your shoes and clothes, the Kittywalk Closet Sleeper is perfect. It hangs from the clothes rod and doesn't take up any usable space. Lightweight, with a washable faux fur lining, for cats up to 15 lbs. Kind of cute!

Dimensions: 18" wide, 18" long, 12" high (sleeper part). Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

At CatsPlay

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July 18, 2007

Paw Print Cushion


Here something for your kitty or teacup to curl up on! Paw Print Cushion will add a whimsical touch to your decor. Made of cozy polyester plush fabric. Machine wash, tumble dry.

Dimensions: 25 3/4"L x 20 1/4"W. Paw Print Cushion at Collections Etc.

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Illuminated Dog Safety Coat

Sad to say, sunlight is beginning to wane now in many areas of the world. As the days get shorter, often it can be dark when we walk our dogs in the morning or evening. This Illuminated Dog Safety Coat will provide nighttime, fog and storm visibility for your pet. The coat is constructed of water-resistant rip-stop nylon with a breathable mesh liner to keep your dog comfortable and to cut back on slippage. Coat has an ergonomic fit to avoid any motion constriction.

Through illuminated wires, a two-toned contrasting color scheme and reflective trim, this coat will provide the pet owner peace of mind. Powered by a water-resistant AAA battery pack, coat provides illumination for more than 20 hours on the standard non-flashing setting and more than 50 hours in flashing mode.

Illuminated Dog Safety Coat is available in Small, Medium and Large.

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July 17, 2007

All-In-One Retractable Leash, Light & Radio


Here's an alternative to wearing an Ipod on your walks. The all-in-one Retractable Leash, Light & Radio is a sturdy 12-foot retractable leash plus built-in AM/FM radio, plus a wide-beam flashlight. Leash features the usual lock-in positioning for pet control, reflectors so distracted motorists see you in time and an ergonomic (designed for comfort or to minimize fatigue) handle.

For dogs up to 100 lbs. Works off 2 AA batteries. Retractable Leash, Light & Radio ships from and sold by Target

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Pet Master--PDA for Pets


Little gizmo to store all pet related info, rather than leafing through your files or phone book. Pet Master stores phone numbers--vet, pet sitters, groomers, supply stores. You can record medications schedule and pet vet or groomer appointments. Also includes an alarm and built-in shopping list. A PDA for your pet!

Pet Master

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July 16, 2007

Our Pets Skoop-N-Pak


We like this idea--never clean the pooper scooper again. Here's how it works. Load the bags inside the Skoop-N-Pak. Fold the bag around scoop and open the bag inside. Then squeeze the handles open, scoop up the mess, tie a knot and dispose. Your hands never come in contact with the waste. Clips to belt or backpack. Replacement bags sold separately.

Find Skoop-N-Pak at Amazon.

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Pet Travel Cooler


With the Store-N-Feed To Go you won't have to go home before you are ready when out and about with your pet. You can bring their dinner along with this insulated carry bag, storage and feeder all in one. It comes with two removable 1.5 quart stainless steel bowls with room to store up to 20 lbs. of dry food. The storage area could be used for toys or supplies, as well. Removable feeding/storage tub is made of easy-to-clean plastic.


Carry the bag with the adjustable shoulder straps or side carrying handles. Additional storage compartment in front. Feeding height 10"

Dimensions: 18.5"L x 10.5"H x 10.5"D. .

Find Store-N-Feed To Go at Amazon.

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July 14, 2007

Bird Cage Cleaners--Quick Clean & Poop Off Bird Wipes

When visiting pet stores, we are often dismayed by the filthy environment the birds live in. More often than not, their drinking water is murky and polluted--unnecessary since changing water bowls takes seconds. Keeping the birds' living area clean is essential to their good health. As the owner of birds, we know first-hand the continual mess they make. It takes a fair amount of work keeping their cages clean. That's life with birds!


Quick Clean dissolves fresh or dried on bird droppings, and deodorizes leaving a clean, orange aroma. It also softens fruit or seed droppings, nectar, bugs, and vegetable matter. It is purportedly safe on most color-fast fabrics and carpets, but manufacturer recommends testing a small area first for discoloration to be on the safe side.

If you use a spray to clean the cage and other areas of your home, smart to use a non-scratch cleaning pad. The finish on some bird cages is easily marred. It may be quicker and easier to whip out Poop-Off Bird Poop Anywhere Wipes (2-Pack). These wipes, 6" X 7.9", are pre-moistened with Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover, which are non-toxic and biodegradable.


Also available are spray bottles Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover (32 oz. 2-Pack)
and jug Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover (1 Gallon).

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July 13, 2007

Dog Bone Paper Clips


We love these--paper clips in the shape of bones! Dog Bone Paper Clips make work a little more fun. Painted Metal Clips come in red, black and white.

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Pet Allergy Control with Sebo Canister Vacuums


If you love pets, but have allergies,one way to keep cat allergy under control is to vacuum carpets, drapes and furniture regularly (constantly?). The Sebo Canister Vacuums - airbelt C2.1 have anti-allergy and hospital grade S-class filtration.

The SEBO S-Class Filtration System guarantees that dirt is picked up and filtered through a 3-layer filter bag, electrostatic microfilter, and exhaust filter inside the vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum cleaners meeting the S-Class standards are equivalent to meeting HEPA requirements to filter out 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers in size. For particles 1 micrometer and larger, the filtration rate is 100%. The C2.1 is a mid-size plus vacuum a air-driven turbo head that copes well with a variety of thin to medium pile carpets, and the bare floor brush softly and effectively cleans even the most highly polished hardwood floors or tiling. Fat, pliant bumpers for dragging around corners protect your paintwork.

Further information on the 3-step filtraton system and attachments at Sebo.

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July 12, 2007

Dog e-Tag


Good way to communicate necessary information if your pet gets waylaid--Dog e-Tag, a digital dog tag. With so much more space for information than the metal tags, it can hold all your phone numbers, email addresses, vet info, medical info, neighborhood contacts, the works.


* It is 1 3/8 inches (36mm) around and weighs 3/4 ounce (21g)
* Five world languages
* Low battery indicator
* Water resistant to 165 feet / 50 meters
* 40 lines of information / 400 characters

Dog e-Tag ships from and sold by EntirelyPets. Also available in a rainbow of colors at Dog-e-Tag.

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Road Hound™ Motorcycle Pet Carrier


Road trip! At Super Cool Pets we have covered lots of products for transporting your pets in cars, but how about bringing your pet along on your motorcycle? You can with the Road Hound™ Motorcycle Pet Carrier.

This dog carrier is also designed for ATV's, scooters and bicycles.

At Road Hound.

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July 11, 2007

Pet Wrap Cooling Vest


To keep our pets safe in unseasonably warm weather, a Pet Wrap Vest can make the environment more comfortable for him or her. The vest brings cooling relief to your dog's belly area, where most of the heat collects.

In all sizes: Toy to X Large. Pet Wrap Vest

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3-D Cat Cards


Surprise your friends at your next card game. Whip out a deck of 3-D Cat Cards. As you move the cards, see 3-D depth and motion by lenticular imaging.

Cards are plastic and poker-sized. 2 dog jokers! 3-D Cat Cards

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July 10, 2007

Singing Alarm Clock


Now that the birds have calmed down a bit in the morning, we all need something else to wake us up at 5 a.m. Even the dogs are sleeping later. We will have to get ourselves an Identiflyer -Singing Alarm Clock. The "alarm" is a serenade of bird songs.

Over 100 digitally recorded birdsongs are organized on 12 interchangeable songcards (additional cards sold separately). The clock is equipped with its own special card: "Beautiful BirdSongs", a selection of the 9 most beautiful birdsongs from the collection. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button too often, just insert a different songcard to change bird classification, such as Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Birds of the Forest Edge or Identiflyer Additional SongCard-Eastern Yardbirds


Singing Alarm Clock ships from and sold by NaturesRoom.

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Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder


For you boaters who bring your dog along. This Doggy Boat Ladder attaches to the boat's ladder to give your pooch easy access in and out of the water. Great choice if your dog is arthritic or elderly, or perhaps has a condition such as hip dysplasia. May save some backstrain for you boaters, too!

The ramp detaches from the boat ladder when people need to use it and floats next to the boat. Slip-resistant ribbed surface for safety. Easy to carry, install and store. The Doggy Boat Ladder is rust and corrosion-proof, as well as UV resistant.


* Portable, lightweight and durable
* Easy to attach and remove from any boat ladder
* Reduces pain and strain for pets and owners
* Measures 16 by 64 inches, and it folds in half for easy storage

Doggy Boat Ladder from Paws Aboard.

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July 9, 2007

Magnetic Chalkboard

Magnetic chalkboard for the dog and/or cat lover. Love the cute chalk-holder!


With school coming up, handy note-board for your teenager's locker or your college student's fridge. Attach to the fridge at eye level for your youngsters to scribble or a memo board for the whole family.


Dimensions:9 1/2" tall by 7 1/2" wide. From Sun Dog.

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If your cat turns into a tiger when you need to provide cat care--meds, nail clips or even the dreaded bath--just whip out The CAT SACK™!

Zippers galore allow access to the required areas while hopefully sparing its loving owners bites and scratches.


a quick-close collar, two-way main zipper for front or rear access, an additional underside zipper for easier rear leg access, and zippered front paw openings. Also featuring a quick close zipper flap and pull-tab provide for quick, fur-free application

The CAT SACK™ is available in two sizes; Medium is for 5-10 lbs. and Large is for 10-15 lbs. Ships from and sold by KV Vet Supply.

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July 7, 2007

Pupsicles -- Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs


Living in a sub-tropical climate, naturally it is usually pretty muggy in our neck of the woods. After the day heats up, and we have worked up a thirst barking at neighbors and hunting geckos, a cool-down treat is in order.

The answer--Pupsicles. Our dogs love peanut butter. They could happily live on it completely. Yes, peanut butter is fattening, but it also contains protein and oils, which are good for dog coats and skin.

Our hurdle is usually the container. Both our girls consider paper a delicacy, so muffin wrappers are downed along with the Pupsicle. We tried the small plastic containers sold in the plastic-ware section of the market, but it is so fun to crack the plastic in our jaws, it wasn't very cost effective.

Pupsicles are a bit like meat loaf, whatever works. But before you add a new ingredient, remember to check that is is not toxic to your dog. Here is a general idea.

1.5 cups water
5 - 6 heaping teaspoons natural peanut butter
sugar -- tablespoon is plenty
a few glops of low-fat, plain( NO chocolate) yogurt (optional)
a banana (optional)

Take a tiny bit of PB from the jar and put on spoons on floor to distract dogs away from drooling on your feet. Mix in blender. Pat dogs. Ignore. Consider putting more PB on spoons to distract. Pour Pupsicle liquid into plastic dixie cups, about half-way. Freeze. Serve one daily for snack. Your dog will be your BFF, if not already.

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July 6, 2007

Wine Dogs


What a combination--wine and dogs! Two things a lot of us love best. If you or someone you know likes wine and dogs, this is a nice coffee table book, Wine Dogs USA Edition. At first, you might wonder why the topic, but the book gets raves about the photography and stories about the dogs and the wineries where they reside.

The USA Edition of Wine Dogs features over 300 wineries across the United States and over 450 stunning photos of their loyal hounds. Along the way, the mutts and purebreds are interspersed with short essays by Robert Parker Jr, Dan Berger, Bruce Cass, Ralph Steadman, Cole Danehower, ML Hilton, Harvey Posert, Adam Lechmere, Darryl Roberts, Jack Burton, Joshua Greene, Sally Ashton, Zar Brooks and Craig McGill.

Find out which dog ate a couch, who chewed Bill Clinton’s leg and discover the identity of the dog who stole Robert Mondavi’s heart.

Wine Dogs USA Edition available from Amazon. Via Cheap Fun Wines.

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Photo Dog and Cat Biscuits


Yummy treat for your pet, or cute gift for pet parties, birthdays, customers, friends--custom handmade all natural Photo Dog and Cat Biscuits. Each biscuit comes individually wrapped as shown. Choose from: Beef and Potato, Wild Alaskan Salmon or Peanut Butter, all made from healthy ingredients. Custom-shapes available--bone, fish, mouse, heart.

At Moxies on a Mission where a portion of the net proceeds go to rescue organizations. Via Scoutie Girl

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July 5, 2007

OdoBan Pet Bitter Barrier, No Chew Spray


If you have a new puppy or even an older one with chewing issues, OdoBan Pet Bitter Barrier, No Chew Spray may save the day. It creates a bitter-tasting invisible barrier to discourage chewing and gnawing. Use it to keep pups away from your stuff and also to keep them from fur biting and hotspots. Product contains tea tree oil to sooth skin.


Our dogs have outgrown their chewing (finally!) by age 4, but they still carry around our socks and play with toys. When applied to these items, our Goldens did find this product distasteful and repellant.

At $4.97 for a 24-oz spray bottle, it is definitely worth a try. Certainly cheaper than buying new sneakers or a new coffee table. According to Odoban, the No-Chew-Spray is safe for pets and children. Available at Wal*mart.

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Nova Backyard Bird Camera with Motion Sensor

Update: This item has been upgraded. See Birdhouse Spy Cam

Have you ever wondered how people manage to snap those sensational shots of birds? Must need lots of expensive equipment, time and patience! Nope--just set up the Backyard Bird Camera. It is an automatic digital camera (that looks like a birdhouse) with a motion sensor to catch those great shots of birds being birds. Stores on standard memory card to save those photos and email around. Impress friends and family. Great gift for a bird lover!

Backyard Bird Camera ships from and sold by Picnic World Plus.

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July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July!


Enjoy the celebrations, but please leave your dogs and cats at home. The noise can be terrifying to animals. Never leave your pets outside and unattended, or alone to fret (and overheat) in the car. Best place is indoors, preferably with windows shut and A/C on if you have it with soothing music playing.

Good thoughts from North Shore Animal League America. This is aimed dogs, but caveats apply to cats as well.

The safest and kindest way to approach this stressful time for your canine friend, is to leave your dog safely stashed inside the house with a television or radio playing to drown out the noise. Crating your pet during this night is even better. With vigilance, plenty of distraction and a caring guardian, your dog will make it through this harrowing day. Here are some helpful hints to help your dog get through the day (and night) with as little stress as possible.

For tips on 4th of July Survival for Cats.

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Patriotic Stars & Stripes Breakaway Cat Collar

For the patriotic cat. Great 4th of July attire. Stars & Stripes Breakaway Cat Collars have a clasp which releases if your cat becomes snagged or caught. Includes a matching, removable bell. Adjustable from 8"-12".

Stars & Stripes Breakaway Cat Collars by Whisker City

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July 3, 2007

Corner Scratcher


Here is a non-themed cat scratcher for those who prefer something low-key that is relatively attractive and does not take up a big chunk of valuable living space. Corner Scratcher is made of rough woven sisal with soft carpet border to give your kittycat two textures to try to rip to shreds. Saves your furniture and woodwork!

Attaches to any corner with two small nails (not included). Dimensions: 19.8 x 5.5 x 4.9 inches

Corner Scratcher

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Collapsible Outdoor Pet Bath


We have a miniature version of this, a collapsible pet drinking bowl. What a great warm weather idea, a Collapsible Outdoor Pet Bath. Portable, storable--this durable nylon pet tub keeps the dirt and splashing outside, while your pooch stays put (theoretically)!


* Measures about 31" diameter and stands about 14" tall
* Holds 14-16 gallons of water
* Easy to set up in just minutes; collapses for easy storage
* Watertight and puncture proof with a strong spring steel frame and a drainage nozzle
* Also features carrying handles, side pocket to store shampoo, and a hook to clip a leash to
* Towel included

At The Vermont Country Store.

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July 2, 2007

Dog Computer Wrist Cushion


Cute idea to give your wrists a boost at the computer. This hand-stitched sleepy felt dog wrist cushion will provide fun keyboard wrist support.


Dimensions: 11”x4”

Via Rare Bird Finds, at fredflare

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Double Decker Pet Stroller

If you have more than one pet, the Double Decker Pet Stroller will make outdoor excursions so much easier. Strollers are never cheap, but usually the convenience and stress-reduction is worth it. Give your indoor pets a walk, for trips to the vet, pet shows, visiting.
The stroller has dual removable carrier sections with dual opening doors. Carriers can be used independently, removed off stroller base. There are thick washable foam pads in each compartment to keep your pets comfy. Large, heavy-duty wheels to ensure easy maneuverability and locking rear safety brakes.

Folds down for easy storage. Does double duty as a portable grooming table. Kittywalk® signature fabric is water-resistant and cleans easily with soap a spray hose & sponge.

Dimensions: Portable pet carrier 30" L, 16" W, 16.5" H. Holds pets up to 50 lbs.
Ships from and sold by Reigning Cats & Dogs.

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