March 31, 2009

Make Scooping Easier -- SmartScoop No-Stick Litter Box Spray


We love anything that makes scooping out the litterbox easier. SmartScoop No-Stick Litter Box Spray helps prevent litter clumps from sticking to the sides and bottom of your litter pan and scooping utensils. It leaves a lubricating film on the surface.

SmartScoop No-Stick Litter Box Spray contains natural enzymes to break down and remove the source of odors. It even adds a catnip scent to encourage the cat to use the litter box!

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March 31, 2009

Breakfast with Tiffany -- Cesar Sunrise Canine Cuisine Entrees and The West Highland Herald


Wake up to breakfast with your dog! Your small dog now has his/her very own line of gourmet canine cuisine breakfast food Cesar Sunrise Canine Cuisine. Choose from Grilled Steak & Eggs, Smoked Bacon & Eggs and Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Soufflé.

And catch up on all the news of the day together while you munch. Cesar® Brand has developed The West Highland Herald pet newspaper geared to the interests of your small dog. The first edition of The West Highland Herald is filled with entertaining articles and information that dogs will drool over.

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March 30, 2009

Dog Tableware -- Not Just for Humans Anymore


We pet lovers are all about our pets being members of the family these days. So thinking about it, why should our pets still be eating off the floor? Now our dogs can join us at the dinner table.


And dress for the occasion. Good way to spice up your next dinner party!

Alice Wang via Nerd Approved

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March 30, 2009

PetScoop -- Cancer-Fighting Drug Effective in Dogs


Intriguing health development reported at WebMD:

Researchers with the Cleveland Clinic have successfully treated cancer in dogs without toxic side effects or discomfort. The feat could soon lead to a powerful new strategy for treating the disease in people.

Joseph A. Bauer, PhD, with the Center for Hematology & Oncology Molecular Therapeutics at the Cleveland Clinic, detailed the extraordinary achievement at the 237th national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Salt Lake City.

Bauer's team's success story begins with a "miracle dog" named Oscar, a 10-year-old male Bichon Frise stricken with an extremely aggressive form of cancer called anal sac adenocarcinoma. Chemotherapy and radiation failed to treat the dog's disease, which left him unable to walk. Oscar had about 3 months left to live.

That's when Bauer and colleagues gave him an innovative cancer-killing drug called nitrosylcobalamin (NO-Cbl). Within two weeks, Oscar's cancer significantly improved and he was back on his feet.

And Oscar isn't the only dog on the road to recovery. Read report.

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March 30, 2009

Dog-Themed Rain Boots


Make life easier during those rainy dog walks and treat yourself to these adorable dog-themed rubber Boots and Clogs.

The Boot has a gusset and strap to easily adjust the fit at the calf. Both Boots and Clogs have a comfy soft cotton jersey lining with a flexible traction sole to reduce the chances of slips and slides.

via PuppyTrends

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Eco-friendly Revenge of the Kitty! Cat Scratcher


Let your cat dig his/her claws into this Revenge of the Kitty! Cat Scratcher.icon This cat scratcher comes with a bag of catnip to sprinkle in the the cardboard cells. Eco-friendly, chemical-free, recycled and recyclable cardboard.

via Nerd Approved

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March 29, 2009

For Pet Lovers -- New Book Release: One Nation Under Dog


Author Michael Schaffer releases his new book One Nation Under Dog this week. Focused mainly on dogs but for all pet lovers, he provides a fascinating look at America's obsession with its beloved pets as well as our changing attitudes towards our pets over the past decades.

The author contends that the evolution in pet ownership can teach us much about ourselves, "how contemporary pets explain contemporary America". Just a few of the many areas he covers are pampered pets ("our fur babies"), leash laws, dog parks, pet insurance, pet service businesses, veterinary standards, pet law, designer pet food and products, ultimately dealing with the death of a pet and pet bereavement.

Read an excerpt from the book online at The Boston Globe Why we treat our pets like royalty:

Today's pet owners "view their pets as full-fledged members of the family, with regard to which they would no more take lightly any serious cutbacks on spending than they would for their kids," concluded a March market report from the consumer-research group Packaged Facts. A 2001 survey for the American Animal Hospital Association revealed that 83 percent of pet owners call themselves their animal's "mommy" or "daddy."

A book for pet lovers, One Nation Under Dog will educate you, entertain you and touch your heart.

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March 28, 2009

Pets Making a Mess? How to Keep Your Home "Pretty Pet-Friendly"


One thing we know about our pets is that they leave the world a little grubbier than they found it! Need some tips for keeping your place neat, chic and still pet-friendly?

The newly-released Pretty Pet-Friendly: Easy Ways to Keep Spot's Digs Stylish & Spotless by Julia Szabo will help you create a happy home you can be proud of--a home where you and your pets live together in harmony.

All lifestyles and budgets are considered, as well as issues such as practicality, style, comfort and safety. The book covers all areas of the pet household, from the kitchen to the backyard to the bedroom, floor to ceiling.

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March 27, 2009

Baby Sounds For Pets CD -- Help Prepare Your Pets for the New Baby


Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Pets don't like change, and you may be wondering how your newborn will affect your pet.

Help your pet adjust to the big change and play Baby Sounds for Pets ahead of time. Getting your pet used to baby sounds can help relieve pet anxiety, encourage his/her acceptance of the child, and curtail any potential jealous behavior.

via SwankyPup

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Attract, Identify, and Enjoy Hummingbirds

Attracting hummingbirds to your yard is a fun and rewarding hobby. Here are a few ideas to get you started this spring.


This gorgeous Brushed Copper Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feedericon is sure to catch the eye of passing hummingbirds. It has a ruby red glass nectar container with a brushed copper finish that shines in the sunlight. A wrap-around perch encourages the hummers to rest. Keep your binoculars handy to take a peek at them when they are sitting quietly.


This beautiful hand blown glass Dew Drop Hummingbird Feedericon is an eco-friendly work of art. The feeder is decorated with swirls of red and blue recycled glass with a drip-free gondola-style stopper to deter sticky nectar messes and ants.

ArrowContinue reading: "Attract, Identify, and Enjoy Hummingbirds "

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March 26, 2009

Contempo Set Elevated Dog Feeders

We love the look of the Wetnoz Ultra Collection Pet Bowls. These sharp looking feeders are made from highly polished surgical grade stainless steel with non-skid rubber feet and handles.

The Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design gave this Contempo Set a Good Design Award. These bowls have a built-in handle that makes scooping food a breeze and keeps your hands clean.

At the new pet gear and information site of film star Glenn Close -- FetchDog.com.

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20% Sale at Drs Foster & Smith -- Dogs, Cats, Fish

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc. Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

Save up to 20% at Drs Foster & Smith on the following:

Sale ends at midnight April 6th, 2009.

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ProDen PlaqueOff Animal -- Healthier Teeth and Gums for Cats and Dogs


Does your pet have bad breath? Like many of us, you may not be in the habit of brushing your pet's teeth. PlaqueOff Animal effectively fights bad breath, tartar and plaque. It is a food additive in granulated form, a completely natural product which is suitable for both cats and dogs.

It is formulated from a special type of seaweed (D1070 ) which has been found to have specific beneficial effects for oral care. It is also rich in natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals and is free from artificial colors, preservatives, gluten and sugar.

As you have heard from your dentist, plaque bacteria constantly forms in the mouth and can accumulate on teeth, gums and the tongue resulting in bad breath, gum disease (bleeding gums), tartar and tooth decay. If it is left untreated this can lead to pain and unnecessary or premature tooth loss.

Same for our pets. Bad breath is often the first sign of a problem. Nip it in the bud with PlaqueOff Animal.

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March 25, 2009

FURminator Launches Two New Shredders for Cats and Dogs

As you know, the popular FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats and Dogs reduces shedding by 90 percent, promotes healthier skin, and helps eliminate hairballs in cats. Two new deshedders are out from FURminator:


The FURminator deShedding Tool with Double Edge has, as its name implies, twin stainless steel 2.65-inch blades to remove hair "twice as fast".


The FURminator deShedding Tool with FURejector has a convenient button to empty the collected fur from the shedding blade. Just push the button, and the fur is easily released.

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Catit Senses Activity Center -- Stimulation for Your Prey-Seeking Cat


This stimulating activity center provides a multi-sensory experience for prey-seeking cats of all ages.

catitsenses1.jpgStart with the Catit Senses Play Circuit Ball / Tunnel, a peek-a-boo enclosure that lets cats see, chase and swat a specially-designed ball. It consists of a 6 segment tunnel which you can form into different shapes or a circle. Add more circuits as you like, to fit add-ons:

The Catit Design Senses Massage Center delivers pampering body groomers, a ripple massager and a gum stimulator. Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad provides a scratching surface that lets cats mark their territory. Massage Center and Scratch Pad include catnip and an accu-pressure mat.

At Amazon and Drs Foster & Smith.

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March 24, 2009

DermCaps Pet Dietary Supplement -- Enhances Health and Coat Appearance


Does your cat or dog have skin issues? Many veterinarians recommend DermCaps to provide supplemental fatty acids that enhance health and coat appearance. This supplement addresses conditions that affect so many of our pets:

  • Promotes healthy skin and soft shiny hair
  • Controls dry, itchy skin
  • Can help reduce scratching
  • Proven anti-inflammatory activity and proven therapeutic ability
  • Can decrease the need for steroids to treat skin conditions

The capsule can be punctured and squeezed over your pet's food or fed as a pill. DermCaps for Small/Medium Breeds and Derm Caps for Medium/Large breeds.

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PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp -- Lightweight for Indoors and Outdoors


Ramps can be crucial if we want to take our pets anywhere, especially with an older dog, one injured or unable to jump up or down. But ramps can be heavy for many of us to lift and store.

This lightweight, handy PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp can be used indoors for access to beds and couches, as well as outdoors for convenient vehicle access.


The PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp is easy to carry, weighing only 6 lbs. It opens in seconds with no hardware or setup required. Just fold it up and store almost anywhere. Holds up to 100 lbs and unfolds to 5 ft in length.

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March 23, 2009

In Case of Car Accident -- Pets At Home Vehicle Window Cling


This is such a great idea. The relatively unlikely, yet worrisome scenario has crossed many pet owners' minds at some point--what happens if we are incapacitated in an accident? Who will think to look after our pets?

Place this Pets At Home Vehicle Window Cling on the window of your vehicle to alert emergency personnel that you have pets at home in need of care. The static cling material will adhere to any clean glass surface and can be easily removed. And hope the EMS notices it!

At Pet Sitters International via puppytrends

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Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs

If you've got spring fever, your dogs probably do too. On those not-so-nice days when your pup is restless, pull out one of Nina Ottosson's challenging interactive puzzle toys. These toys will provide a positive outlet for your dog's energy and intellect.
Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs - The Brick
has recesses located under the interlocking sliding blocks which can't be removed. Hide your dog's favorite treats in the these recesses. Your dog must locate the treats by sliding the blocks with either a paw or a nose in order to retrieve the tasty reward.

Nina Ottosson's Puzzle Toys for Dogs - The Tornado consists of four layers with rotating discs. Three of these layers have recesses for concealing treats. Your dog must determine how to rotate the discs with a paw or a nose in order to reveal the tasty reward.

Should keep them busy for awhile!

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March 21, 2009

Amazon Bestseller -- A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond between Two Friends and a Lion

You probably remember this striking two-minute film clip gaining international popularity in 2008 on YouTube. It shows the deeply touching reunion of two young men and their pet lion Christian, after they had left him in Africa with Born Free's George Adamson to introduce him into his rightful home in the wild.

Autstralians Anthony "Ace" Bourke and John Rendall tell the amazing true story of lifelong human-lion bonding in their Amazon bestselling book A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond between Two Friends and a Lion. The two visited London from Australia in 1969 and bought a lion cub in the pet department of Harrods.


For several months, the three of them shared a flat above a furniture shop on London's King's Road, where the charismatic and intelligent Christian quickly became a local celebrity, cruising the streets in the back of a Bentley, popping in for lunch at a local restaurant, even posing for a fashion advertisement.

But the lion cub was growing up--fast--and soon even the walled church garden where he went for exercise wasn't large enough for him. How could Ace and John avoid having to send Christian to a zoo for the rest of his life? A coincidental meeting with English actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, stars of the hit film Born Free, led to Christian being flown to Kenya and placed under the expert care of "the father of lions" George Adamson.

Incredibly, when Ace and John returned to Kenya to see Christian a year later, they received a loving welcome from their lion, who was by then fully integrated into Africa and a life with other lions.

A Lion Called Christian: The True Story of the Remarkable Bond between Two Friends and a Lion is available in Kindle edition. Download in less than a minute.

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March 20, 2009

PETMD Lists the World's 10 Smartest Dog Breeds


PetMD is a free online resource for pet health and wellness management. Find their list of The World's Ten Smartest Dogs with photos and breed info on the site Divine Caroline. Our girls came in at #4 and we're not surprised.

  1. Border Collie
  2. Poodle
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Doberman Pinscher
  6. Shetland Sheepdog
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Papillon
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Australian Cattle Dog
Do you agree?

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Pickup Truck Dog Tether and Harness

Now that the weather is warming up, it's fun to let your dog ride in the back of your truck. But transporting your dog untethered in the bed of a pickup can be risky business in this era of heavy traffic.

The Kurgo K9 Truck Tether secures your dog directly behind the truck cab. The nylon wander leash and cross tether limits your dog's range of motion, with a solid steel swivel buckle to eliminate dog entanglement. Fits all pickup trucks.

Special Promotion: Buy a pet product shipped and sold by Amazon in March and get a popular pets magazine 30% off. Pick from bestsellers like "Dog Fancy", "Cat Fancy", "Bird Talk" and more.

An upgraded version of the Pickup Truck Tether with a Harness is available at Orvis. The harness is constructed from high-quality automotive seatbelt webbing and features a broad, padded chest plate for added protection and comfort. This setup can be fitted to your vehicle's seats to enable your dog to ride inside the cab during bad weather.

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March 19, 2009

Cat Tail USB 2GB Memory Drive


2GB cat tail USB memory drive. Fake, they say! Available at Geek Stuff 4 U.

via Popgadget, BoingBoing

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Friend in the Shadows Pet Gear Tote, T-Shirt, and Hoodie


Need a new tote for your pet gear? Love this cute A Friend In The Shadows 100% cotton tote with screen print.

shadowstee.gif shadowshoodie.gif

Hoodie and tee to match!


via the fabulous Shirt Snob where you'll find fun and unique tees. And check out Blogpire's newly launched dress blog It's The Dress!

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March 18, 2009

Doog Walkie Belt


You can be hands-free and stylish when taking your dog for a walk. The Doog Walkie Belt holds all your gear in one handy, lightweight belt.

No more bulky pockets or fanny pack--a plastic bag, keys, money in one hand and the dog leash in the other. Includes:

  • 2 pockets for holding keys, money and dog treats

  • Cell phone or iPod clip

  • Carabiner (hook with spring) for attaching a leash, keys or water bottle

  • 20 antibacterial, scented hand wipes with moisturiser

  • 30 scented and biodegradable tidy bags

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Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes -- Promote Healing and Cleanliness

Lavender oil has a lovely scent, is naturally antibacterial and is known to be a calming agent. Gently smooth one of these Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes over your pet's skin irritations and in their ears to promote healing and cleanliness. Place one in his/her bedding and crate to calm them on a stressful trip to the vet or during a scary storm. Use them to clean your hands and kill germs after handling your pet or any time you need to feel fresh.

Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes via Barkability

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PetScoop: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Launches Pets Website


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. has announced the launch of Martha Stewart's new pet care website Martha's Pets, promoting the joys of animal companionship.

In addition to The Daily Wag, a blog written from the perspective of her French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, the site will feature hundreds of videos and articles, as well as photo galleries, quizzes, and more. The website will also provide advice about pets from experts, nutritionists and veterinarians.

Martha Stewart is known to be an animal lover who is devoted to her pets, According to MRI, the Martha Stewart audience includes 9.7 million dog and cat owners who share their home with a collective 21.7 million dogs and cats.

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March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day 17% Off Sale at PETCO.com -- Ends Midnight 3/17/09


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Make it your lucky day! Save 17% off sitewide PETCO.com.

Find thousands of items on sale plus get FREE Shipping on orders of $50 or more. (Sale prices have already been applied.) Enter promotion code lucky at checkout. Ends midnight tonight.

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Happy St Patrick's Day 2009


A day for the Irish and all those who wish they were. Happy St Patrick's Day!

Photo: Festive Setter, Steve Voght Flickr Photostream

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SnoozePal™ Hammock-in-a-Box for Your Cat


Does your kitty cat love to play in cardboard boxes? The new SnoozePal™ Hammock-in-a-Box provides a sheltered hiding place enclosing a comfy hammock to curl up in. Your cat will have an elevated spot off the ground with porthole windows to keep watch on the surroundings.

The removable hammock is washable and supports up to 20 lbs. The recyclable box is made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and strong enough to allow more than one cat to sit on top

via Modern Cat

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March 16, 2009

'Marley and Me' DVD -- Release Date March 31, 2009


Good doggy! Soon you can follow the escapades of Marley in DVD. Marley And Me, the popular movie adaptation of Josh Grogan's New York Times best-selling book Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, will be released in DVD this March 31.


The movie features Oscar®-nominee Owen Wilson and Emmy® winner Jennifer Aniston. The DVD is available for pre-order with a price guarantee. And, believe it or not, author Josh Grogan has his very own Amazon store to browse.

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Fish Shape USB Hub


Here's a fun slim and lightweight Fish Shape 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub. Its two fish eyes are LED indicators. In purple.

via Engadget

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March 14, 2009

The Big Picture at Boston.com -- Dog Sledding Photos

Thumbnail image for sleddogs.jpg

Boston.com's The Big Picture treats dog and photography lovers to a fabulous collection of photos from recent sled dog races and training sessions around the Northern Hemisphere.

Photo: Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

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March 13, 2009

Ticked Off Tick Remover for Super Cool Cats and Dogs


Even using flea and tick protection, your pet and even your children will most likely become host to a few of those varmits this season.

Remove attached ticks in one scoop without having to touch them with The Original TICKED OFF tool. Add this item to your cart for for next to nothing and protect yourself against these disease-borne pests.

Give your pets everyday protection from ticks and fleas at discount prices this month.

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Retro Chic Bird House


Add a charming touch to your backyard garden, porch, or deck. This Retro Chic Bird House has a pagoda style galvanized steel roof to keep birds warm in winter and cool in the summer.

A removable hole-reducer enables you to control the size of bird that can use the house. In Floral or Musical style.

Save up to 25% on Bird Supplies during the Drs.' Choice Sale at Drs. Foster and Smith. Sale ends 3.20.09

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March 12, 2009

PetzOFF™Furniture Throw -- Protect Your Furniture Without Harming Your Pets


Many pet owners use aluminum foil to deter their pets from climbing on the furniture. PetzOFF™' is a decorator quality throw designed to protect your furniture from your pets in a harmless way.

PetzOFF™ has a fabric finish on one side and a heavy-duty reflective material, similar to aluminum foil, on the other. It effectively deters pets from getting on furniture. And when you aren't using it to protect against your pets, the fabric side can be draped attractively over the back of the sofa.


Five PetzOFF™' throws are available:

* Boutique Earth Tone
* Boutique Embossed Suede Camel
* Basic Blue
* Basic Brown
* Basic Khaki

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User-Friendly Guide for Pet Health-Care Decision Making -- Speaking for Spot


Most pet owners are motivated advocates for their pets. But how to know for sure if you are making good medical decisions for them? Do you sometimes feel alone and unprepared?

Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life by Dr. Nancy Kay provides a user-friendly guide for health-care decision-making. Seemingly directed towards dogs, this book provides indispensable, practical information for all pet owners.

ArrowContinue reading: "User-Friendly Guide for Pet Health-Care Decision Making -- Speaking for Spot "

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March 11, 2009

Cat Clouds Cat Shelf


Free up floor space and give your cats a place to climb and perch. These Cat Clouds Cat Shelves are strong metal platforms with soft comfortable pads covered in faux sheepskin fabric.

Supports up to 70 lbs. In White, Off White, Titanium.

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Studio OOOMS Solar Birdhouse


Go green with a hi-tech solar birdhouse. Sunlight feeds a solar panel on the birdhouse roof, charging a small battery inside. At twilight the transparent stick will light up and cast a tiny light on your garden to attract insects for your backyard birds.

Solar Birdhouse at Studio OOOMS via DVICE

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March 10, 2009

Quick Bath Wipes for Cats


Wouldn't it be great to have a clean, fresh-smelling kitty cat? Sometimes a a full bath isn't an option when days are busy, between trips to the groomer, during cold weather or when you are traveling.

Quick Bath Wipes for Cats contain cleansers and moisturizing conditioners, including aloe vera and vitamins A and E to promote healthy skin and coat.

Wipe your cat from head to tail and on legs and paws to remove dirt, dander, loose hair and bacteria to help eliminate odors. Easy way to spruce your cat up before company arrives or a trip to the vet.

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Squirt Ball -- Refreshing Fun for Your Dog


Here's a refreshing fetch toy for your dogs. You fill the Squirt Ball with water. When your dogs fetch the ball and bite down, they get a refreshing burst of water in their mouth. Great fun for those hot summer days.

via Barkability

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March 9, 2009

Safety Car Window Shade -- Keep the Sun Off Your Pets


Keep your pets cool and comfy while traveling. This innovative Safety Car Window Shade indicates when your car's interior temperature has exceeded safe limits by displaying the word "HOT" on the shade handle. Attaches to window with suction cups.

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March 7, 2009

Spring Forward Sale at PETCO.com -- 3 Days Only 3/7/09 - 3/9/09


To mark the start of daylight savings time, PETCO.com is running a Spring Forward sale for 3 days only, Saturday 3/7/09 through Monday 3/9/09. Get 10% Off and FREE Shipping on orders of $50 or more at PETCO.com. Add code daylight at checkout.

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Pet Stuff Steals & Deals -- Amazon Pet Supplies Promotions March 2009


Amazon Pet Gear Special Promotions thrrough March 31:

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March 6, 2009

Download Super Cool Pet Books on Amazon's Wireless Reader Kindle 2


Amazon's new wireless reader the Kindle 2 recently entered our lives. Never again to worry about being caught without a book! If you love to read, this is a must-have. The Kindle 2 is user-friendly and about the size of a paperback, thinner than most magazines. For a review, Engadget and DVICE say it well.

One of the first books we downloaded here at Super Cool Pets is Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson. The authors focus on the emotional systems that human and animals share. This fascinating book "challenges assumptions about what makes animals happy".

For those who haven't paid much attention to the Kindle 2, download in less than 60 seconds from a library of over 240,000 books, subscribe to newspapers, blogs, magazines and listen to music. Read your Kindle anywhere for days without charging -- outdoors in the park or on the beach, on the train, plane, in the car or lounge at home.


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Ultra-Calm Dog Treats -- Relax Your Pet in Stressful Situations


With spring storms approaching we have renewed our quest to find a benign remedy for dog thunderstorm phobia. Ultra-Calm is a potent blend of natural herbs formulated to help relax your nervous dog.

Let your dog munch on some before any strange situation -- traveling, trips to the veterinarian, dog shows, or at the first hint of a thunderstorm. Yummy beef liver flavor for dogs only.

Compare pet stress relievers -- Anxious Pup Calming Aidsicon

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March 5, 2009

Dublin Dog Collars and Leashes -- Lots o' Luck Collection

St Patrick's Day will be here before you know it, so it's time to think about how our super cool pets will be celebrating!
Dublin Dog Collars are designed to be odor-free with a special blend of polymers that won't absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria.
These collars feel like soft rubber. You just rinse under warm water to clean.
The "You Should Be So Lucky" Leash is made of high quality nylon with rubber accents for easy grip.

Get Free Shipping over $75.

Check out the lucky four-leaf clover collars at Dublin Dog's Lots o' Luck Collection.


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Giving Animals A Voice Through Music: The Best Friends 25th Anniversary Collection Two-CD Release March 11


There's news that the double-CD Giving Animals A Voice Through Music: The Best Friends 25th Anniversary Collection to benefit the work of the Best Friends Animal Society will be released March 11. The collection features contributions from 24 influential artists in the music world who support animal welfare, including Cyndi Lauper, John Oates, Neko Case and Emmylou Harris.

Best Friends Animal Society, who will receive 50 percent of the album's proceeds, operate the nation's largest companion animal sanctuary in southwestern Utah. They are best-known for having rescued approximately 6,000 dogs and cats in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and are the home 20 of the dogs rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting case. Best Friends Animal Society is the subject of a national television series "DogTown," which airs on the National Geographic Channel.

Giving Animals A Voice Through Music is available for pre-order and will be shipped March 11.

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March 4, 2009

ToughChew Furniture Leg Wraps -- Dog Furniture Protection

If you have a destructive chewer in your household, your pup and your nice furnture can co-exist. These ToughChew Furniture Leg Wraps provide protection for your furniture and are cheaper than replacement cost!

Simply place one of these furniture protection sleeves around each leg of a table or chair to free yourself of worry. Made from all-natural rubber in orange, brown, cream.

Have a new puppy? Sign up for Drs. Foster and Smith's new email series: Puppy Care Today. Everything you need to know about a new puppy through each stage. Good way to teach your children the basics.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
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March 3, 2009

Cat and Dog Flea and Tick Sale at PetSmart.com -- Save 15% thru 4/6/09


Make those fleas flee. Tick and flea season is almost upon us. Stock up now! Save 15% on select flea and tick products for your dog and cat at PetSmart.com through April 6, 2009. You'll be glad you did!

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LED Lighted Dog Walking Hat


We like eccentric, especially if it's practical--a hat and a flashlight in one. This LED Lighted Hat is perfect for evening and early morning walks. You can see hands-free when you clean up after your dog. Features:

* LED lights have 2 settings for optimal vision
* 100% cotton with adjustable velcro strap
* Fashionable Khaki color. One size fits all


Useful accessory for fishing, camping, and chores in basements, attic, garage. At Amazon and Muttropolis--Utopia for Pets.

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March 2, 2009

Aquarium Temperature Monitoring -- Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert


Fish, both in the wild and in aquariums, are very sensitive to changes in temperature. A sudden shift can throw their immune systems out of whack, so aquarium temperature monitoring is a must.

Big Digital Temp Alert is a large face, digital thermometer which displays both the aquarium water temperature and room temperature in Fahrenheit. The thermometer has four alert features to trigger an alarm and LCD flashes.

Read How Temperature Change Affects Your Fish.icon

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Cloudburst -- New Stylish Eco Rain Jacket for Dogs


Just in time for the spring rains, West Paw Design intoduces the eco-friendly Cloudburst™ rain jacket for dogs, made with 100% recycled polyester fabric. This new rain jacket does more than just keep dogs warm and dry -- this dog jacket can be recycled again and again, indefinitely!
Cloudburst has reflective flares on the back of the jacket to provide additional safety with adjustable straps. Available in two color combinations and 6 sizes to fit all types of dogs.

Get 10% off! Use code happyspring through March 12.

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March 1, 2009

Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- February 2009


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Here is a list by category for the super cool pet stuff we dug up this past February.

Accessories and Supplies

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