April 30, 2009

PetScoop -- South Koreans Clone Glowing Puppies

ruppy.jpg ultravioletclone.jpg

Now humanity is making our very own, glow-in-the-dark fluorescent dogs. South Koreans have cloned four beagles known as Ruppy (Ruby Puppy) containing a fluorescent protein that makes them glow red under ultraviolet light. Apparently they even have a reddish tinge in broad daylight. All in the name of medical research. Via MSN:

Scientists said the creation of the glowing pups shows it will be possible to implant genes related to human diseases into dogs for research purposes.

"They are the world's first transgenic dogs," Professor Lee Byeong-Chun who leads the Seoul National University (SNU) team told AFP.

"This means we'll be able to switch genes in dogs for genes related to human diseases such as Parkinson's Disease for research," he said, adding that dogs suffer from 224 illnesses that also afflict humans.

What do you think--do the ends justify the means? Is humanity a species run amok?


Image via The Inquisitr

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April 30, 2009

Hotel for Dogs Available on DVD


Fun for the kids! Hotel for Dogs is available on DVD.

The plot line is that a brother and sister, who live with foster parents, hide the dog they don't want their caretakers to know about. It runs away and holes up in an abandoned building which, it turns out, is home to a number of dogs.

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April 30, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts from the Pets -- A Dog's Tale Glasses and Cat Tao Glasses

Mother's Day is May 10th. Here are some unique gifts for Mom from the pets.

These glasses tell the story of a dog whose bark is worse than his bite with aggressive, daring, behavior. Through cute illustrations and "how to" labels, A Dog's Tale Glasses - Chapter 1 focus on four main themes: taking chances, being assertive, increasing confidence and challenging the status quo. And to see what happens next, check out A Dog's Tale Glasses - Chapter 2 where we see a glimpse of our doggy's "softer side".

Cat lovers will enjoy these Cat Tao Glasses featuring yin and yang images showing the two sides of your cat. Cat wisdom in English and Chinese floats above each image. The mantra The Tao of Cat is to do your thing and leave the kitty alone runs along the side of each glass in English and Chinese.

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April 29, 2009

Keep Your Inddor Birds Entertained -- Portable Pet Bird Playstand


This multi-level metal Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand should help alleviate your bird's boredom and consequent naughty behavior. Different ladders, perches, and toy/treat hooks will entertain your bird, with a variety of textures to explore as well.

Want to move the playpen from room to room? It's easy with the included casters. This portable playground also features a bottom shelf to store treats, toys, and other essentials. Easily wipes clean.

Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand is reduced $20!

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April 29, 2009

Free Bag of Dog Kibble -- Dogswell Bow-Wow Bailout

Thumbnail image for dogswell_five_l.jpg

Hey, never turn down anything that's free, right? Especially in this doggone economy!

Dogswell makes natural canned and dry pet food and pet treats with added nutrients and no corn, no wheat or no added hormones. They have a free give-away promotion going until May 15.

The first 10,000 eligible people to submit a completed Dogswell Bow-Wow Bailout redemption form will receive one free bag of Dogswell dry food for dogs. More information at Dogswell.

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April 28, 2009

New Products at Ruffwear for Pets on the Go -- Float Coat Pet Life Jackets


Ruff Wear makes innovative pet gear for dogs on the go. They have just released two new canine life jackets and a water-resistant dog bed -- the Big Eddy Float Coat, Portage Float Coat and Flophouse Foam Pad.


The Ruff Wear Float Coats contain strategically placed PVC-free buoyancy cells that support dogs in a natural horizontal swimming position, allowing them to go farther and longer with less fatigue.

ArrowContinue reading: "New Products at Ruffwear for Pets on the Go -- Float Coat Pet Life Jackets"

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Pet Stuff Steals & Deals -- 4/28


Visit Doctors Foster and Smith fully licensed online pet pharmacy. Get Free ground shipping on all prescription products and select monthly preventive flea and tick products!


Keep your pets safe from harmful fleas and ticks at PETCO.com with special online prices Fleas & Ticks...Gone With One Click! Low Prices and FREE Shipping Straight to Your Door!

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April 27, 2009

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters Preparedness Guide For Pet Owners


Each year, two to three million of us suffer as the result of disasters, and as was painfully apparent during Katrina, our pets do too. After a natural disaster everyone is pretty much on their own, at least for the first few days, as we have discussed in a prior disaster preparation post.

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) has created NAPPS Disaster Preparedness Guide For Pet Owners to read and download, so animal owners can be prepared for man-made or natural catastrophes.

The operative word here is prepared. Preparation is key to surviving a disaster, as well as succeeding in any endeavor, as Amanda Ripley so aptly explains in her must-read guide The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why.


Pet Photo: USA Today

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Retractable 360 Degree Cable Tie Out Gives Your Dog Room to Roam


If you have to tie out your dog in the yard occasionally, this tie out is the way to go. Even the most die-hard tangler can stay tangle-free with this Retractable Cable Tie Out. Its coated-steel cable moves all around with your dog, due to its 360° rotating steel spool.

It has 20 feet of cable, which gives your dog up to 1,256 sq ft of safe roaming area, and is wrapped with reflective strip for low-light visibility. No more tripping over the cable or getting it caught in the lawn mower.

For best results position the tie out in an area that is relatively flat and free of obstacles. Don't forget to supervise your dog when on a backyard cable.

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April 24, 2009

D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser and Spray


The Super Cool Pets staff has received samples of the D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser and D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray for review.


D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone reduces or even prevents stress-related behavior, say during thunderstorms, fireworks, visits to the vet, puppy anxiety or moving to a new home.

Female dogs secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their nursing puppies. These "appeasement" pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. D.A.P. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminate stress in dogs of all ages.

We personally have a storm-phobic Golden Retriever who lives in the lightning capital of the world, Florida, so we will try the diffuser and spray out on her as soon as the rainy season begins. She is not too comfortable with grooming either, so we shall have plenty of opportunity. D.A.P apparently takes a few weeks to be effective, so we hope to provide a report in May.

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PetEgo Pet Rolling Pack, Backpack and Car Carrier


The Petego Pet Rolling Pack is a versatile pet carrier, serving as backpack or as a rolling suitcase. You can anchor it with your seat belt and use it as a car carrier. Or pack it up with your own personal possessions when you are on the go without your pet.


This pet trolley bag has large side windows and a mesh sunroof for ventilation and visibility with an inner leash for added pet security. Storage cover Included. Great for shopping trips, vet visits, hiking adventures and a travel bed.

At Amazon and CatsPlay

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April 23, 2009

Picasso Pet DIY Bed


Express your inner artist with this Picasso Pet DIY Bed. Use the fabric markers in the bundle to create your own design on this bed.

The fun of decorating your pet's bed adds to the enjoyment of being pet owners and enhances human-pet bonding. Fun project with the children!


The Emanuele Bianchi Design line of beds is made of ripstop check oxford fabric. The zippered pillow cover is easily removed for washing. Novel gift idea!

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iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot -- $50 Discount Mother's Day Special


Mother's Day is not far away. Here's an idea for a gift she'll love.

Pet paws track in overwhelming amounts of dirt and mud, especially in the spring, soiling your floor almost the moment you have cleaned up. Save the mother (and everyone else) in your pet household a lot of work plus take $50 off the fabulously convenient iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot -- and get a FREE bottle of Clorox® Scooba® Cleaning Solution. Offer expires at midnight (ET) on May 10, 2009.

via Robot Snob

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April 22, 2009

Visit the Only Natural Pet Store on Earth Day -- Holistic, Natural Pet Supplies for Dogs and Cats

Celebrate Earth Day and treat yourself to a visit to the Only Natural Pet Store, a treasure chest of natural healthy supplies for dogs and cats.

All of their pet products are chosen for their holistic approach to pet health - natural dog food and cat food, treats, vitamins, flea control, supplements, medicine, herbal remedy treatments, shampoo, raw and organic food, and more.

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Go Green and Save Green on Earth Day -- New Dog and Cat Collars Just in Time for Spring

Happy Earth Day--go green and save some green! Save 15% on eco-friendly products at Muttropolis for one week only. Use code PAWPRINT. Sale ends April 30.

You'll love these fun new pet Dog and Cat collars for spring, such as the Elephant Walk Dog Collar:
and this Mouse Cat Collar:
Check out the Fresh Spring Styles at Muttropolis.com + Free Shipping over $75.

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Sillypulls Eco-friendly Dog Chew Toy


Doggles eco-friendly Sillypulls is made with recycled water bottles and fabrics. You can throw it, and your dog can squeak it, shake it or tug it. It has a flat embroidered silly face and is soft on your pet's mouth.

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April 21, 2009

Flea and Tick Pet Products -- U.S. and Canada Keeping an Eye on Pet Reactions

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

Fleas and ticks can transmit disease, and many pet households would not be without an arsenal of flea and tick products to combat these nasty varmits.

It is generally agreed by experts these products can be appropriate treatments for protecting your pets and your family's health. Pet owners should carefully follow label directions and monitor their pets for any signs of an adverse reaction after every application.

Adverse reactions to flea and tick pet products range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is intensifying its evaluation of spot-on pesticide products for flea and tick control for pets due to recent increases in the number of reported incidents.

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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Baseball


Baseball means summer. Made of the award-winning Orbee-Tuff compound, this recyclable, non-toxic Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Baseball is durable, bouncy, buoyant and minty. Made in the U.S.A.

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April 20, 2009

A Look Back in Time at Presidential Pets


Interested in Presidential pets? Here's a slideshow present and past.


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PetEgo Marsupack Small Pet Carrier


Keep your tiny pets secure and close with this stylish carrier. The Marsupack Small Pet Carrier is perfect for your teacup dogs, and other tiny pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, iguanas, etc. It is large enough for your small pet to move around in. Use it as a front-facing pack or as a backpack. If you need to hop in the car, you can strap the Marsupak Carrier to any car seat.


The Marsupack Small Pet Carrier features claw-proof front and side windows, a safety leash, plus a reversible winter/summer comfort mat.You will love its versatile zipper system which allows you to customize three different bag configurations according to your particular preference.


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April 18, 2009

Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 4/18/09

We've dug up some new super cool pet books recently released:

Traveling with Your Pet, 11th Edition: The AAA Petbook
by AAA Publishing
Updated annually, this handy reference features more than 13,000 hotels and campgrounds in the USA and Canada that accept pets. Get the scoop on pet-friendly hotels and attractions, border crossing procedures, animal clinics, and packing tips.

Tales from a Dog Catcher
by Lisa Duffy-Korpics
Set in a small, Hudson River town north of New York City, the author recalls her experiences in twenty-two real-life stories about the everyday people and animals she encounters as an animal control officer. "A humorous and heartwarming collection about love, laughter, loss, acceptance, and fate, in the world of an animal control officer."

Puppy Love
by Liz Palika and Sheri Wachtstetter
Combining informative text with beautiful full-color photographs, this book covers everything you need to know about caring for puppies from birth to age six months. Fun gift!

The Cats' House
by Robert Walker
Bob Walker and his wife, Frances Mooney turned their California home into a feline fantasyland. The author shows us his 9 cats' living space--140 feet of brightly colored aerial walkways, spiral staircases, giant scratching posts, and playful peepholes. Take the tour!

The Joy of Cats
by Celia Haddon
For cat devotees, this popular book attempts to answer why we love our cats so much. In this beautiful anthology, the author shares the writings of cat lovers throughout history, from Herodotus, Darwin and Twain to T.S. Eliot and Edward Lear.

In the Womb: Animals
by Michael Sims
Highlights the path of development and emphasizes the differences--and similarities-- of the bottlenose dolphin, Asian elephant, and golden retriever. First chronicled for the National Geographic Channel special of the same name, where 3-D and 4-D ultrasound was used on animals for the first time on TV.

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April 17, 2009

Keep Your Pet Out of the Trash -- Simplehuman Mini Round Step Can


Many of us live with pets who like to snuffle around in the trash. Our girls were strangely entertained by eating paper in their early years, so we found this trash can to be an attractive workable solution. It's not a new product by any means, but is a problem-solver worth mentioning.

The Simplehuman Mini Round Step Can has a lid that opens by simply stepping on the foot pedal. It keeps your trash hidden and contains any enticing odors. It's hands-free and small enough to fit in tight spaces like under a desk or in a bathroom. In Brushed Stainless and White.

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What Your Pets Really Think About You

Isn't it true?


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April 16, 2009

Thousands of Products Ship Free at PetSmart.com


Thousands of PetSmart.com products ship free. Look for "This product qualifies for free shipping" on the product page. Shop online and save.

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Say Goodbye to Flimsy Cat Towers -- Double Cat Perch with Sisal Scratching Panel

Frustrated with flimsy cat towers? Here's a cat perch that will look great in your home no matter what your decor. It has a wide base for extra stability and padded feet to protect hardwood and tile floors.

The Double Cat Perch with Scratching Panel has two large seating areas for your cats. They will love the plush cushioning upholstered in soft, durable microfiber suede with raised edges, plus a sisal scratching panel.

In Chestnut and Ebony


Only have one cat? It's also available as a Single Cat Perch in both Chestnut and Ebony.

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April 15, 2009

Pet Travel Pack -- Make Traveling with Your Pet a Breeze


Make traveling with your pet a breeze. This rugged Pet Travel Pack has everything you need for a day trip or an overnight stay with your dog. On the inside:

  • 3-liter collapsible water bowl
  • 3-liter collapsible food bowl with cinch cord
  • Removable 6-liter food container
  • Soft-sided disc flyer.

On the outside:
  • Drop-down food tray
  • Top pocket for plastic waste bags
  • Back panel pocket
  • Two side mesh pockets for tennis balls and toys

All the food and water containers are lined with PEVA, a waterproof, non-chlorinated vinyl. Just pack and go!

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Bird Sound Alarm Clock


This spring, you probably have enough of the real thing outside to do the trick, but if not...this Bird Sound Alarm Clock wakes you up year-round with a bird singing sound. And it doesn't fly south for the winter. 9 min snooze. AC-powered with battery back-up.

Or, get a cockatiel!

via FoolishGadgets

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April 14, 2009

Understand Yourself by Understanding Your Pet


If you love dogs, you have undoubtedly wondered if they think about anything other than food. Our nation's finest minds over at Harvard University have made it their business to find out. They claim that understanding dogs will help us to understand ourselves better.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Boston area, home to our parent Blogpire Productions, those Harvard researchers want to study your dog:

ArrowContinue reading: "Understand Yourself by Understanding Your Pet"

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Kittywalk Teepee Outdoor Cat Enclosure


Time to give your kitty some fresh air and sunshine! The Kittywalk Teepee Outdoor Cat Enclosure is a six feet tall playpen with a mesh cover. In addition to the ground level, the Teepee has 3 levels that allow multiple cats to play, enjoy a nap or just hang out in the sunshine.


In secure areas, the Teepee can be used without the mesh.


The Kittywalk Teepee Outdoor Cat Enclosure fits most small balconies and can be erected on any hard surface. It's easy to assemble and comes with its own travel bag for easy transport.

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April 13, 2009

Meet Bo Obama -- the Newest Member of the White House Family


After months of anticipation, we are introduced to Bo, the six-month old male Portuguese Water Dog who will become part of the Obama household. Bo is a gift from Senator and Mrs. Kennedy to Sasha and Malia.

AKC provides more information on the Portuguese Water Dog on their site.

An athletic, active breed, the Portuguese Water Dog requires daily vigorous exercise. He is very intelligent and responds well to obedience training. His profuse coat is hypoallergenic, but requires regular maintenance. It may be kept in the lion clip (the coat on the hindquarters and muzzle are clipped to the skin) or the retriever clip (the entire coat is clipped to one inch in length and follows the outline of the dog).

Bo has not yet moved into the White House.

Photo by Pete Souza

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PetScoop -- Dogtoys.com Launches American-Made Products Section

If you prefer to buy American-made products, DogToys.com has launched a "Made in the USA" section on its site.

Hundreds of the USA-made products range from: Apparel, Ball Toys, Beds, Collars and Leashes, Dental Toys, Feeders & Bowls, Grooming Items, Plush Toys, Rubber Toys, Supplements, & Treats.

Note: Not every product on the website is American made, only those located in the "Made in the USA" sections.

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Zip-n-go Multi-Purpose Outdoor Pet Blanket and Tote


Here's a handy blanket to pack for outings with your pets and family. The Zip-n-go Outdoor Blanket-Tote is a water-resistant blanket that also serves as its own tote bag. Without a separate carrying case or strap with this super convenient Zip-n-go Outdoor Blanket, you just fold, zip and go!

It has a large outside pocket and inside security zip pocket for your keys, bottles, leash, toys, wipes and other accessories. Perfect for picnics, stadiums, sports events, beach, the park with your pet and babies too!

Zip-n-go Outdoor Blanket-Tote in 12 colors and styles.

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April 11, 2009

Dog Ecards and Cat Ecards at Sloppy Kiss Cards


Need to remember someone on Easter? To send a quick ecard for a holiday or special occasion, Sloppy Kiss Cards is an animated ecard greeting service for dog and cat lovers. Each ecard tells a little story. You can choose and name the dog or cat that stars in your ecard.

Sign-up in minutes and start sending ecards immediately. As a member of Sloppy Kiss Cards you can send an unlimited number of dog ecards and cat ecards for just $9.95 per year. Not sure? Try a 30-day free trial.

via Woof Report

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April 10, 2009

Picture Show -- Easter Bunny Look-Alikes

Happy Easter to all our Super Cool Pets readers! Everyone wants to be the Easter Bunny:



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Drool Over This -- New 2009 Honda Dog-Friendly Element Unleashed


Dog lovers will find themselves drooling along with their pets over this new vehicle from Honda. The 2009 Dog-Friendly Honda Element was unleashed at the 2009 New York Auto Show, showing off the dealer-installed option package:

  • Pet restraint systems
  • Cushioned pet bed
  • Load-in ramp
  • Dog-pattern second-row seat covers
  • All-season "dog-bone" rubber floor mats
  • Spill-resistant water bowl
  • Electrical fan
  • Tote bag
  • Dog Friendly™ exterior emblems
  • A leash, collar and dog tag ready for custom engraving


The Dog Friendly™ Element will be available for order this coming fall.

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Drs. Foster & Smith Senior Pet Care Sale -- Save Up to 20%


We may be pinching pennies on ourselves these days, but we sure won't allow our senior pets to suffer. Save 10% on Cosequin and get your cat or dog running around the house again!

Cosequin is a reliable dog or cat product formulated for healthy joint support. It contains a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which are found in healthy cartilage. Regular and double-strength formulas can be used long term. Stock up!

Save up to 20% at Drs. Foster & Smith Senior Dog Care Sale. Shop for senior dog care supplies: hip and joint supplements, pet ramps, heated beds, senior dog food formulas, senior dog vitamins and minerals, and more.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
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April 9, 2009

Kosher Pet Food for Passover and Year-Round


How do the laws of kosher apply to the pets in a Jewish household? The New York Times addresses the issue in Seder Fare for Pets Who Keep Kosher:

It might sound odd, but for Jews who consider Rex to be part of the family, Passover presents a quandary. Even though rabbis do not advise restricting dogs to a kosher diet, the Torah is clear about ridding homes of grains, not just avoiding consuming them, during Passover week, and pet food often contains rice, barley and other grains.

Those who keep kosher year round, meanwhile, believe that combining dairy and meat for any reason, even to feed to a pet, violates Jewish law.

If you are interesting in stocking kosher pet food, the article cites Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company as a source, with scores of outlets nationwide.

Read Seder Fare for Pets Who Keep Kosher

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Dog Mud Magnet Cleaning Glove for All Size Paws


When your dogs come indoors, they bring water, dirt and grime with them. Clean their paws BEFORE your home or car can become dirty.This Dog Mud Magnet Cleaning Glove is made of super absorbent microfiber material that holds up to 6 times its weight in dirt and water.

The 2-in-1 Dog Mud Magnet Cleaning Glove coverts from a glove to a mitt. Use the glove for deep cleaning between toes and the mitt for cleaning large surfaces. It's quick drying, machine washable and convenient for use on all size dogs and paws. Keep one in the house and one in the car.

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Fun Pet Toys for Spring -- Squeaky Carrots Plush Dog Toy and CatZip

Fun Easter and spring toys for your pets!


Your dogs will enjoy romping this spring with these silly Mr. Carrot Plush Dog Toys. They have a squeaker inside for added fun. In Small and Large. Plus, get Free Shipping on All Orders over $75.


Your kitty cat will love the CatZip -- a chase toy, a quality fleece toy, and a catnip toy. Pull back, release and watch it go zipping across the floor. Glows in the dark for cats that love to hunt at night!

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April 8, 2009

Bissell ShedAway Handheld Pet-Grooming Vacuum Attachment


Make grooming your pet thorough and effortless! This Bissell 98Q1A ShedAway Handheld Pet-Grooming Vacuum-Cleaner Attachment connects to virtually any standard vacuum cleaner using the included universal adapter. It removes shedding hair before it has a chance to settle on your upholstery, carpeting, and rugs.

The tool has a flexible swivel hose to work around your pet's legs and undercoat. The shedding comb attracts and removes loose hairs, and suctions them away from your pet's coat. The ShedAway Handheld Pet-Grooming Vacuum-Cleaner Attachment is effective even on thick-coated dogs such as Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds and stores easily between uses.

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Drs. Foster and Smith's Blow-out Flea & Tick Preventives Sale -- Ends April 14

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

Stock up for the season! Just one week left in Drs. Foster and Smith's blow-out Flea & Tick Preventives sale.

Save up to $11 on their already low prices, plus enjoy FREE shipping. Sale ends April 14 at midnight.

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April 7, 2009

Bugband Deet-Free Insect Repellent Wristband for Dog Walks


If you like to walk your pet, but are driven crazy by the mosquitoes and no-see-ums, here is an alternative to the deet sprays that some fear are toxic.

This Bugband Original Green Insect Repellent Wristband is made with all natural ingredients, deet-free and water-resistant.

It is formulated to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas. Features:

  • Geraniol tested to be more effective that Citronella
  • Effective for up to 120 hours when kept in resalable container
  • Breakaway feature for added safety
  • For all outdoor activities including swimming

Give the Bugband a try, especially if you dislike the sprays. Put one on while you sleep if bugs bother you at night.

via Foolish Gadgets

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Apple Bird Feeder


Feed the birds, but skip the seeds with this minimalist bamboo Apple Bird Feedericon. It has three perches, a loop for hanging and a skewer to secure an apple.

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April 6, 2009

GlowCap SOLO™ Reminds You to Give Your Pet Medications and Vitamins


This is a nifty little gadget for the pet owner who has to give their pet scheduled meds, especially those of us who have brains like a sieve. The GlowCap SOLO™ reminds you when to give your pet that medication or vitamin.

It glows orange when it is time to administer the pills, then plays a melody to get your attention if you have not done so within an hour.

Insert the batteries into the GlowCap SOLO™ at the time of the dose. Your GlowCap SOLO™ will start flashing at that time every day to remind you it's time for your pet's (or your) medication.


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Solid Wood Zig Zag Pet Gate with Individual Problem-Solving Gate Panels


Need to keep your pet in or out of certain areas of your home? Customize your pet floor plan with these attractive, solid pine Zig Zag Pet Gates.

These freestanding wooden gates require no wall attachment and work well even in modern, open-floor-plan homes. You can customize your gate by adding as many additional two-panel sections as you need. Each two-panel section covers a 3' span


Three new Individual Problem-Solving Gate Panels are now available that you can add to the versatile Zig Zag Gates. Design a gate that meets your needs exactly:

  1. Cat-Access panel features a 7"H x 6½"W opening for cats
  2. Door Panel provides you with easy access to the gated-in area
  3. Regular Single Panel allows you to increase the coverage of the gate

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April 3, 2009

Wash Your Pet Gear in Nature's Miracle Laundry Detergent and Hang with Bird Clothespins


Here's something a bit stronger to neutralize pet allergens and dust mites, plus remove those deep-set smells and stains from pet beds, toys, blankets, towels, clothes.

Natures Miracle Laundry Detergent with Allergen Removers is specially formulated with powerful stain & odor fighting enzymes that penetrate, loosen and eliminate pet oils and the toughest pet stains & odors. Bio-degradable, safe and non-toxic with a pet safe environmental fragrance.


To get that fresh-air smell we all love, hang your pet laundry out to dry in the spring sun with these Bird Clothes Pins. Eight swallows in eight colors to spruce up your clothesline.

via Book of Joe

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Magic Rabbits in a Hat Puzzle Toy


One of our Golden Retrievers dashes to the edge of the pen on a mission. Following quickly behind we glimpse a gray/brown mass in her mouth. Our girls are skilled huntresses, but they are also, thankfully, retrievers to the bone. At our stern command, genetics kicks in and our dog dutifully drops the bunny who scurries away. Whew!

Yes, they can have a bunny for Easter, but we like this Magic Hat with Rabbits Puzzle Plush Interactive Dog Toy better. Doggies can interact with these bunnies all they want. Stuff the rabbits in the hat and let your dog get them out.

This durable toy will keep your dog occupied and is available at Amazon and Muttropolis -- Utopia for Pets and their Parents.

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April 2, 2009

Put Your Dog in the Doghouse -- Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House


If you like to keep your dog outside, s/he needs shelter from the weather, even in the summer with its torrential rains and relentless sun. This Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin is a handsome addition to any back yard.

It has naturally weather-resistant solid fir wood construction with cedar-colored stain. The weatherproof asphalt shingle roof, waterproof leg protectors, raised floor and slant-roof design all resist moisture and provide cooling shade. Available at Amazon.

Doghouses.com - The doghouse experts.
Or save up to 30% on this bestselling Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House or another doghouse at DogHouses.com. You can find 100's of other doghouses, crates, beds, carriers at DogHouses.com where you can shop tax-free. Free shipping over $50--use code OX-5682 at checkout.

If you enjoy home improvement projects, building a doghouse may be the way to go. With these Building a Doghouse instructions from Lowes, a beginner level DIYer should be able to complete this project in a weekend, using common household tools. Tip: Use scraps of siding to match your house.

Browse free plans for building a doghouse at All About Dog Houses.

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Dog Thoughts iPhone App


Dog lovers--you now have a fun app for your iPhone. Dog Thoughts, developed by Smooth Edge Design, allows you take a photo of your dog and then "see" their thoughts by shaking the phone.

You can pinch and zoom with just your fingers to crop your dog's picture. Don't like what you pooch is thinking? Customize your dog's thought to something that works for you. Don't you love these gadgets--you'll never be bored again!

iPhone Applications available on iTunes.com

via Swanky Pup

Update: Interested in iPhone apps? Read about some other pet-related ones over at Doolittler: Killer iPhone apps for pet health...and just for fun

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April 1, 2009

Gaia & Gino Twins Food/Water Dog Bowl


Our dinnerware is beautiful, so why not our pet's as well? Treat your dogs and yourself to an Easter present!

Gaia & Gino's twins food/water dog bowl by richie tanaka will add a modern touch to your household. Functional as well with a convenient built- in handle for scooping.

Use the twin blowls together or separately. Made of glossy pure melamine and available in 7 colors.

via Pet Sugar

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Mocat Scratcher and Lounger


Wouldn't this look sharp in your home! The Mocat is a beautiful cat scratcher and lounging spot with a contemporary look. This should keep your cat comfortable and happy.

via Modern Cat

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Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- March 2009


Here's a roundup of the ground we covered here at Super Cool Pets this past March:

Accessories and Supplies

Apparel for Pet Lovers

Apparel for Pets


ArrowContinue reading: "Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- March 2009"

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