May 30, 2009

PetScoop -- Southwest Airlines to Allow Small Dogs and Cats in Cabin


Southwest Airlines wants to enhance your "Customer Experience" when flying on their airlines. Small cats and dogs are now permitted to fly with their owners in the cabin.

Southwest Airlines will only accept small cats and dogs in carriers that can be stowed under the customer's seat. Fare is $75 each way per pet carrier. Travel starts 6/17.

Southwest wants you to be advised "under no circumstances" will they accept pets in the cargo bin. Details at Southwest.

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May 29, 2009

Save 10% Off Pet Gear at FetchDog thru Monday 6/1/09


Save 10% off super cool pet gear at FetchDog this weekend. Use code FPS5346 at checkout. Offer expires Monday, June 1st at Midnight EST.

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May 29, 2009

Summer Collection of Pet Collars, Harnesses and Leashes at Swanky Pet


Check out the Swanky Pet Summer Collection of pet collars. July 4th will be here before you know it -- choose from different styles of Patriotic prints.

SwankyPet carries Seashell prints, Flip Flops, Picnic Ants, just to name a few.


So cute! All of their fabric styles are available for harnesses and leashes as well.

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May 29, 2009

Cozy Traveler Designer Pet Carrier


When you go biking, your dog can enjoy the handlebar-level view from the Cozy Traveler Pet Basket, a sharp-looking small pet carrier made of breathable rattan wicker with a removable sun shade. The lining is comfy Sherpa fleece with an adjustable, built-in safety leash. For pets up to 13 pounds.

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May 28, 2009

Go-Sling Fetch Ball Dog Toy by Active Paw


Have fun exercising your dog! We know walks can get a bit boring, so here's an activity to vary your routine a bit. Try playing fetch with the Go-Sling ball dog toy from Active Paw.

You can take it anywhere--hiking, camping, to the park, or the beach. Go-Sling rolls up into your backpack, pocket or pouch. Stash it in your glove box or dog-pack.

Go-Sling is made out of "high grade drool-resistant materials", so you can just rinse it off to clean. Handmade in the USA. Save $5.00 (26%) off sticker price.

For more information visit Active Paw.

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Pet Loo Indoor Yard -- Backyard in a Box


Want to eliminate those puddles and stains on your hardwood floors, tile and carpets? Say goodbye to those early morning or late night walks in the dark or frightful weather?

The Pet Loo Indoor Yard is a hygienic portable toilet for dogs and cats. Perfect for apartments, condos, balconies, patios, boats, RV's, trailers, the elderly, shut-ins, nursing homes, decks, motor homes, the office.

  • It fits anywhere accessible to your pets.
  • Takes the worry out of being late for walk-time.
  • Hygienic for you and your pet.
  • Easy to empty and clean.

Made of high-quality synthetic grass that attracts your pet. Comes in two sizes at Amazon, SmartHome and SkyMall.

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May 27, 2009

"Life's a Picnic" Pet Toys and Gear Just In at Muttropolis


Make you hungry? Great for our dogs with big appetites! These large vinyl squeaky Life's a Picnic Dog Toys at Muttropolis will give your pup never-ending fun at your picnics, trips to the beach or just backyard play this summer.


They can toss, squeeze and chew this Snack Food Dog Toy or this Chocolate Cherry Cake and many more adorable toys like them.


And for our kitty cats, the Organic Catnip Flower Toy will make your kitty crazy for spring!

Check out the fun collection of picnic toys, clothes and gear!

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PetScoop: Pet Airways Introductory $149 Fare Ends June 3, 2009


Pet Airways, as we have discussed before, is a new pet-only airline dedicated to pet-friendly travel. Pets fly in the main cabin, rather than the traditional cargo, cared for by their very own pet attendants.

As of June 3, 2009, the Pet Airways introductory offer of $149 each way will end. If there are no more "seats" available for the day you want your pet to fly, you can place your name on their waiting list and they will let you know if any spots become available.

Pet Airways

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Lawn Lounger Dog Bed


How about an affordable outdoor patio bed for your pet on these balmy summer days? This attractive Lawn Lounger Dog Bed has a durable, fade- and weather-resistant cover and high-loft cedar/poly fill. The liner and removable cover are both machine washable.

In Navy, Green or Red Stripe.

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May 26, 2009

Signs and Symptoms of Pet Allergies -- 7 Tips to Help You Care for Your Allergic Pet


Many of us associate spring and fall with allergy seasons, but actually your pets may experience allergies year round. Learn about pet allergies, how to spot the signs, and your treatment options.

Allergy Signs and Symptoms

7 Tips to Help You Care for Your Allergic Pet

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
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Remote-Controlled Manners Minder Will Reward Your Dog for Good Behavior


Wouldn't you love to get your dog to stop the begging, the barking, or jumping on your houseguests? Teach your pet to mind his/her manners. Dogs, like us, repeat behaviors that are rewarded. By targeting and rewarding the good behaviors you want, you can redirect your dog's focus from unwanted behaviors.

Manners Minder Remote Reward Behavior Training System for Canines has a remote controlled feeding tray that lets you reward your dog with a snack for good behavior without stopping what you are doing. It will supply dog treats in your absence.


A training DVD is included. Additional remotes are available for multiple rooms.

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May 25, 2009

NuHemp Fetch'erz Ballz Dog Treats -- Ancient Grains Supply Rich Protein Source


Around Super Cool Pets, we use treats to reinforce good doggy behavior, like greeting us whenever they see us or just being our best buds. Our dogs may not be really skinny, but they're sure appreciated.

Memorial Day is traditionally a day to enjoy cook-outs, and we don't want to leave out our pets. Healthy treats are always good. NuHemp Fetch'erz Ballz Dog Treats are formulated with hemp, flax and ancient grains for superior nutrition and digestibility. The ancient grains--spelt, millet and kamut--support improved digestion and provide a rich protein source to help our pets get the most out of life.

In Fish and Chips, Sweet Peanut Butter Crunch, Chicken Stew, Fruit and Veggie

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Sony DPF-V900 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame -- View and Share Your Pet Memories

Memorial Day is a day for looking back. Give your pet memories a permanent place in your home or office! This Sony DPF-V900 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame is the perfect way to view and share your memories in brilliant, high-contrast color on a 9-inch LCD screen.

ArrowContinue reading: "Sony DPF-V900 9-Inch Digital Photo Frame -- View and Share Your Pet Memories"

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May 24, 2009

PowerLoo Flushable Dog Toilet Connects to Your Home Sewer Line


Protect the environment from the possible contamination and disease spread by improper pet waste disposal. Now, as a true member of your family, your dog can have his/her very own flush toilet.

Powerloo is an outdoor, maintenance-free, flushable toilet for sanitary disposal of pet waste. This in-ground toilet installs easily in your yard, similar to the Doggie Dooley which composts the waste. Powerloo connects directly to your home sewer line with "state-of-the-art" engineering, mechanics and materials.

Available in six colors.

via DVICE / Treehugger

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May 23, 2009

PetScoop: Nutro Issues Voluntary Recall of Dry Cat Food

It goes on and on and on. Nutro Products announced a voluntary recall of cat food in the United States and ten additional countries. Dog food is not affected.

The brands affected are select varieties of Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Dry Cat Foods and Nutro Max Cat Dry Foods with "Best If Used By Dates" between May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010.


Nutro reports the recall is due to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium in the finished product, resulting from a production error by a US-based premix supplier.

Nutro recommends that consumers who have purchased dry cat food affected by this voluntary recall should return it to their retailer for a full refund or exchange for another Nutro dry cat food product.

For further information about the recall call 1-800-833-5330 between the hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST or click here.

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PETCO.com Memorial Day Weekend '09 Event


Memorial Day promotion at PETCO.com:

Promotion 1: Get 10% off your online supply purchase of $50 or more. (Restrictions apply.) Use code mayspecial.

Promotion 2
: Get Free Shipping on your online order of $50 or more! (Restrictions apply.) Use code may09.

Super cool deals at PETCO.com. Expires 5/26/2009 PDT.

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May 22, 2009

Shop FetchDog's Memorial Day Event May 22-25 -- Give Back to Our Veterans


Our veterans served us. Award-winning actress Glenn Close's fabulous new pet gear site FetchDog wants to return the favor.

With each item you purchase during their Memorial Day Event May 22-25, FetchDog will contribute $2 to the Puppies Behind Bars' DogTags program.

When Puppies Behind Bars was featured on "Oprah", Friday, May 15th, more than 1300 disabled veterans contacted Puppies Behind Bars to request service dogs. We're in a race to raise money - and meet their needs.

Puppies Behind Bars (PBB) trains prison inmates to raise service dogs - and to learn the joy of selflessly helping others. PBB established the DogTags program in 2006 to provide service dogs to physically and emotionally traumatized Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

FetchDog's Memorial Day Event runs from May 22, 2009, 9:00 a.m. EDT through May 25, 2009, 11:59 p.m. EDT.

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Discover the Difference -- UltraSmart In-Ground Fence System for Your Dog


Discover the ease and convenience of keeping your dog safe in your yard without the structure and expense of traditional fencing.

The UltraSmart In-ground Fence Systemicon uses ReadyTest™ technology, so you'll always know your dog's collar is ready and working.

This sleek, waterproof, collar has a contoured, comfortable fit and has 3 correction levels, a warning tone, and a low battery back-up monitor.

The system can be expanded up to 25 acres with purchase of additional boundary wire and can be used with second dog with purchase of an additional collar.

pawzaway.jpg innoindoors.jpg

This rechargeable collar can also be used on Pawz Away Outdoor Barrier icon and the Innotek Zones Indoors Pet Barriericon systems. No more changing collars to transition from indoor use to outdoor use.

If you have never used an electric fence before, it's important to remember that while the fences do a great job of keeping your pets in, they don't keep other animals (and humans) out. We leave our precious dogs in a traditional backyard enclosure when we are out for short periods and the weather is good.

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Help Protect Pets from the Dangers of Hot Cars -- MyDogIsCool.com

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, summer officially kicks off. Pet lovers will be out and about, often with their pets aboard. Sadly, sometimes people don't realize how quickly a car can heat up and just leave their pets in the car while they shop or grab a bite to eat.


Even on relatively cool summer days in the low 70's, a car's internal temperature can rise to a scorching 116 degrees in just an hour. And keeping the windows open a crack barely makes a difference.

A new web site from United Animal Nations, MyDogIsCool.com explains how you can help to protect dogs from the dangers of hot cars--how quickly cars heat up in warm weather, whether it's too hot to take your dog along today, and ways to educate our fellow pet owners about the hazards of leaving a pet in a hot car, even for a little while.

If you see a parked car with animals inside, you can have some "Don't Leave Me in Here -- It's Hot!" fliers at the ready and place the flier under the windshield wiper. If an animal seems to be in imminent danger or a child is left unattended inside a car, call 911 for assistance.

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May 21, 2009

Ruff Wear Knot-a-Just Dog Collar for the On-the-Go Pet

The Ruff Wear Knot-a-Just Collar is a comfortable, durable collar for the dog who loves the outdoors. It's made of soft durable 10 mm climbing rope with a contoured Weinerlock™ buckle and stainless O-ring.

This dependable collar has reflective trim for low light safety, is adjustable, and well-suited to dogs with thick, bushy fur. Looks great with a matching Ruff Wear Knot-a-Leash.

At Amazon and FetchDog, the fun new pet gear site of award-winning actress Glenn Close. Also found over at Chimpfeet Gifts for Pets and the People They Love where Ruff Wear is the featured brand this week.

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Weiner Dog Ear Buds at Patina Store


If you love all things Dachshund, or just like stuff that's fun, these definitely different ear buds look like a black Wiener Dog.

Weiner Dog Ear Buds are compatible to most MP3 players, portable gaming systems and laptops.

via Nerd Approved

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May 20, 2009

New Accessories Available for the Eco-Friendly Litter-Robot LR2 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


As introduced in February at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando FL, the new accessories for the popular Litter Robot LR2 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box are now available for pet owners to further custom the Litter-Robot to their cat's specific needs.

The Bubble Globe -- A skylight-type window mounted to the back of the globe provides natural lighting to the litter chamber and the extra depth helps to accommodate larger cats.

Lip Extender-- Designed for cats that have not mastered turning around in the Globe and 'miss their target.' It protrudes out of the entry hole of the Globe to catch and redirect errant fluid back into the litter. Self-cleans by feeding tracked litter back into the Globe during the cleaning cycle. Included with the purchase of any Bubble Unit Litter Robot or Bubble Globe.

Ramp -- Access to Litter Robot for elderly or small cats. Can catch tracked litter to keep the litter area neat and tidy and doubles as a scratch-pad. Non-skid rubber feet. Easily removed.


The Litter-Robot is the only self-cleaning litter box made in the United States. To get the scoop, read our Litter Robot post and Litter Robot Eco post or visit their site.

At Litter-Robot

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Sleepypod Award-winning Mobile Pet Bed Design Updated with Enhanced Safety Features


Sleepypod has updated its award-winning Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with enhanced safety features to make it even more secure in an automobile. Sleepypod enables pets to travel safely in the pampered comfort of their own luxurious ultra-plush bed.

The new safety features are (1) a side strap that captures the vehicle seat belt, and (2) a redesigned top handle that folds over through a rectangular ring.


Bark Buckle Up has given the Sleepypod folks their Pet Safety Award. For our past posts on Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed click here; for Sleepypod Accessories and Sleepypod Mini click here.

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WhiskerStudio's Tall Egg Cat Paradise Climber Tower Condo


WhiskerStudio's Tall Egg Cat Paradise Climber Tower Condo is a handsome furniture piece designed to conserve floor space in your home while enhancing your decor and the climbing area for your cats.

The Tall Egg is constructed of stained solid birch plywood with 100% natural woven sisal carpets. It has two vertical scratchers above the first and second platforms.

via ModernCat

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May 19, 2009

Dog-o-Matic Automatic Dog-Washing Vending Machine


A French entrepreneur Romain Jarry has invented the Dog-o-Matic, a dog washing machine that can make your pet physically presentable, and mentally insane, in about a half hour. By "pet", we mean "dog"--don't think you are even getting a cat in there.

M. Jarry plans to introduce the machine to the UK next year. In case you are wondering, he insists it is not cruelty to animals and only takes a few minutes to do the job. That will be $47, please.


Dog-o-Matic, the automatic dog-washing vending machine

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ARM & HAMMER Deodorized Disposable Waste Bags and Dispenser for Pet Cleanup


Want an easy, convenient way to pick up after your dog and cat -- anytime, anywhere? ARM & HAMMER Disposable Waste Bags & Dispenser are a fresh new way to clean up after your pets. They are perfect for "at home" or "on the road" and are great for kitty litter pick-ups too.


The dispenser attaches easily to a leash, bag or belt loop. The reinforced bags are extra large, easy to tie, and infused with baking soda and lavender to naturally eliminate odors.


In pink, blue and green.

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Prevent Dog Collar Injuries -- Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness with a Front Clip

Miami animal doctor Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, and writer of the popular vet blog Dolittler, recently offered insight into pet collar safety:

Chronic pulling is not only stressful for the neck (and all its attachments) in the long run, it offers the potential for the acute, jerk-and-snap kind of injury that can lead to a lifetime of painful disc disease or on-and-off neck and shoulder ailments.

Her take? Body harnesses are the safest for your pet, her favorite being the front clip harness.


The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness is a front clip harness designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling while walking on a leash without causing coughing, gagging, or choking.


In all sizes at Premier Easy Walk Harness

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May 18, 2009

Talk to Me Treat Ball for Cats and Dogs


Our pets love being talked to, right? Or maybe they just associate talking with food and fun. Talk to Me Treat Ball for Dogsicon and Talk to Me Treat Ball for Catsicon are interactive ball toys that play back your pre-recorded message and dispense little treats. They're fun for pet playtime and good tools for pet separation anxiety (theirs and yours).


The "talking" is motion-activated, so every time your pet nudges the ball, it plays back your message and dispenses treats. The sound of your voice, and the yummy treat, can comfort your pet when left alone.

For dogs, Talk to Me Dog Treatsicon are the perfect size for these balls. For cats, fill with Catnip Pelletsicon and Katcheezeicon.

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ModKat Litter Box for Your Contemporary Cat


Who says litter boxes have to be ugly? The new ModKat Litter Boxicon has a modern design that will look sharp in any room. Its enclosed base has non-skid feet and "rooftop access" to provide privacy for your kitty.


The rooftop has a perforated, non-skid surface which contains the litter, eliminating the necessity for a catch-all mat underneath. It locks to keep out children and other pets.


The washable, reusable litter liner is made of durable, rip-resistant tarp and has incorporated handles to easily lift in and out. Eco-friendly--no more disposable plastic liners.


An ergonomic scoop with an incorporated brush stores conveniently on the side.

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May 17, 2009

Cats in Sinks at PeoplePets.com


Check out these smart cats keeping super cool in bathroom sinks. Slideshow at PeoplePets.

Photo: Jennifer Compton

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May 16, 2009

Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 5/16/09

More and more books every day are available in Kindle edition. We love our Kindle 2 and consider it more than worth the investment. To never be without a book to read again--priceless!

Extensive and varied selection of Amazon Hot New Pet Book Releases in our ongoing monthly series.

Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius by Dennis Fried
Genevieve, a brilliant seven-pound papillon who dares to break the canine code of silence, invites you into the inner sanctum of dogdom in this hilarious exposé about what dogs really think of their people. In her bitingly funny memoir, Genevieve reveals canine secrets never before shared with humans while also passing on her devious tricks-of-the-trade to her legions of furry pupils.

The Cat's Pajamas: 101 of the World's Cutest Cats by Rachael Hale
Rachael Hale, an internationally acclaimed photographer and cat devotee, is adept at capturing the unique charm of every cat she photographs. Along with her gorgeous portraits, the book provides information on each breed, details of temperament, color, and history, as well as fascinating anecdotes.

ArrowContinue reading: "Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 5/16/09"

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May 15, 2009

DogTags Chewy Shoe -- FetchDog.com's Glenn Close on Oprah 5/15/09


Award-winning actress Glenn Close, who recently launched the fabulous FetchDog pet gear site will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show today.

During her appearance, Ms. Close will share with viewers the efforts of the organization called Puppies Behind Bars and its program, Dog Tags: Service Dogs for Those Who've Served Us. Under this program, prison inmates are trained to raise puppies to become service dogs for wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


Ms. Close will also present Oprah with FetchDog's special edition Chewy Shoe dog toy. For every toy sold, FetchDog and Chewy Shoe's manufacturer, Vibram Pet Products, will both donate $1 to support DogTags.

At Chewy Shoe DogToy

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Swoop Pooper Scooper -- Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Disposal


The Swoop Mini Pooper Scooper for Small Dogs will keep your hands clean and make dog poop disappear in one fell swoop. It uses a "claw" to grab and bag the dog mess, then conceals it discreetly within the Scooper's bag.

You can use regular grocery bags or pick up a package of 50 biodegradable replacement bags (sold separately) for environmentally-friendly waste disposal. No more dirtied hands or embarrassing poopie bags!

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My Doggie Ring-Ring Cell Phone and Dog Rest from KDDI


Telecommunications group KDDI has teamed up with artist Yayoi Kusama to bring you the cute My Doggie Ring-Ring pink-and-white polka-dot cell phone with matching dog-shaped holder. That'll be $10,000 please.


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May 14, 2009

Pup-Zymes Odor & Stain Eliminator


Want a natural, non-toxic formula that removes stains and odors from fabrics and hard surfaces caused by dog urine, cat urine, and skunks?

Pup-Zymes from PupGear is a commercial-strength formula to be used in varying concentrations based on your need. Safe for people, pets and plants.

Don't know where to clean because you are having trouble locating the source of the urine smell? Pick up an inexpensive Urine Off UV Urine Finder Black Light to find those old dried-up spots and stains.

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USB Puppy "Wonderful" Speakers


Japan Trust Technology brings us a pair of cute puppy USB speakers called the "Wonderful Speakers". As you can see, the speakers are not a matched pair--the left is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and the right one is a Dalmatian puppy.

The speaker is located on the pup's belly. Also included, but not shown, is a "guitar-shaped" (bone?) controller for the volume

via Foolish Gadgets / Craziest Gadgets

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May 13, 2009

Nuhemp Botanicals Omega Zapp Dog Odor Eliminating Shampoo -- No More Skunk Smell


Spring is the time of year skunks start to stir. If your curious pooch tangles up with a skunk, you will need a quick remedy. Or maybe your dog just likes to roll in things and then thinks s/he smells wonderful.

A single bath with NuHemp Omega Zapp Strong Odor Eliminating Shampoo will neutralize odor and leave your dog's coat clean. 100% natural and biodegradable.

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Vurv Design and Gregory Kenny Introduce the Nest and Pod Cat Beds

Vurv Design and Gregory Kenny of Kilowatt have collaborated to offer two cat beds, the Nest and the Pod, at their online store.


The Nest is inspired by the intertwining branches of a bird's nest. Built for cats and your little dog too!


The asymmetric Pod is individually hand crafted in Canada from wool, bamboo and organic cotton.

At Vurv Design

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May 12, 2009

Presidential Dog Beds and Dog Bowls at FirstDogBowl.com


In April, while in Prague, President and Mrs Obama received gifts of luxury dog bowls and a dog bed for their puppy Bo.


Do you want your dog to use the same luxury accessories as the first American dog Bo does?


If so, you can obtain limited editions of America's First Dog bowls, sofas and beds. Only 999 of these limited edition pet items have been produced.

via Pampered Puppy

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PetScoop: Find the New LIne of Animal Planet Pet Products at PetSmart


Animal Planet is now marketing a pet product line including toys, apparel, accessories and bedding for dogs and cats, among them the adorable Jellyfish Dangler cat toy above.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Animal Planet's non-profit campaign, R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond), which is described as "a voice for animals."


You can find Animal Planet pet toys at PetSmart where you receive FREE SHIPPING on orders of $60 or more.

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May 11, 2009

Celebrate the Outdoors with Your Pet -- Get 10% Off Your Online Orders at PETCO.com


To celebrate warm spring weather, PETCO.com is having a 'Salute to the Outdoors' sale. Get 10% off your $50 order.

Enter code mayspecial in the promotion code box at checkout. Offer expires 5/29/09.

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Control Your Dog with the "Dog Whistler" iPhone and iPod Popular Free App


Dog out of control? Want to try some new tricks and training?

With the free iPhone or iPod touch app Dog Whistler from Mobeezio, you always have a whistle at your fingertips. This app ranks among the top 10 of their free apps.

At iPhone Applications

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WETNoz Zen Collection Food and Water Bowls -- Ergonomically Shaped for Cats and Dogs


The WETNoz Zen Ceramic Pet Bowls are pill-shaped two-tone food and water bowls for both cats or dogs. These bowls are made from a blend of fine bone china and porcelain to lend a contemporary accent to your home.

Bone china and porcelain have long been considered `perfect` materials for dinnerware--versatile, durable and hygenic feeding surfaces.

How to use:

  • For Dogs: Place the dish inline with the dog's body. The dish conforms to their mouth and allows ears to fall outside of the bowl.
  • For Cats: Place the dish perpendicular to the cat's body and it will reduce the whisker contact.

Note the handy thumb hole for easy gripping, which you can also fill with an extra treat for "dessert". Available in Rose and Sand.

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May 8, 2009

Eco-Friendly Samu Dog Robot Recycles Dog Waste into Compost


The perennial question--what to do with dog waste once you clean it up? Throw it in the woods? In the garbage? Go green and turn your pet poo and food leftovers into compost with Samu, currently sold by Japan-based Tohoku Kankyo.

Samu is a robotic recycling trash can, sort of shaped like a dog. Clean up your dog's poo, put it into Samu the robot, close the lid, push a button and voila...compost!


Samu can recycle 600 to 1,000g of garbage into odor-free compost each day and goes for several months before requiring a refill of the composting elixir. All that for $900! Available in 4 colors.

via HomeTone / CrunchGear

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Crayon Dog Sculpture by Herb Williams


Ever since reading the book Old Yeller, we have loved yellow dogs. If you do too, and have $18,000 lying around with nothing to do, you can get your very own yellow dog that doesn't bark or shed.

Herb Williams is a sculptor who skillfully uses crayons as his medium. His Crayon Dog Sculpture is made of cut yellow and blue crayons, wood and two-part epoxy resin. And that Crayola smell will take you right back to your kindergarten days.

via Nerd Approved

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May 7, 2009

FURminator Tub Nub Brush -- Doggy Bath-Time Massage


Is your pet feeling a little tense? Stressed out? Put your massage skills to work and turn your dog's bath time into a relaxing experience. This FURminator Tub Nub dog brush has rubber nubs that massage your dog's skin and gently work the shampoo into your dog's coat. That should improve the appearance and health of your dog's coat, too!

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Chewy Vuitton Pet Bed


The Chewy Vuitton Pet Bed is a parody of the infamous Louis Vuitton rainbow monogram purse. This luxurious purse-shaped pet bed, which is ultra-soft, is perfect for smaller pets, measuring 24"x24".


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May 6, 2009

Lighted Guillotine Dog Nail Clipper


Does clipping your pet's nails make you nervous? If you cut too short, you'll hurt your pet and cause bleeding.

This Lighted Guillotine Dog Nail Clipper eliminates a major deterrent to trimming your dog's nails properly--visibility. The flexible light mounted on this clipper allows you to shine through more than 80% of each nail, so you can see what you are doing and do it right.

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HydroGlass by HydroCo -- Shower with the Fish


Do you love massage and spa treatments? If you want to add variety to your routine with showers, hydrotherapy, and body treatments like mud or seaweed, why not enjoy the therapeutic effects of an aquarium during your sessions?

HydroGlass by HydroCo offers an innovative showering system "to engage the senses" during wet room treatments. The glass tank beneath can be used as an aquarium, or a variety of other soothing environments such as a desert, a deep ocean, or a green tropical rainforest.

via DVICE via Born Rich

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May 5, 2009

"As Seen on TV" Pet Products at PetSmart.com


Do you find those TV ads for pet products intriguing, where you see great stuff such as the Urine Gone! Stain & Odor Remover - As Seen on TV above. For those who don't want to order from the TV, now there is an easier way.

Those "as seen on TV" pet products are available at PetSmart.com, both online and in-store.

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May 4, 2009

Seiko Singing Dog Alarm Clock


Need a wake-up call? How about one that barks? If you don't have the real thing, or yours sleeps in, Seiko's retro-style Singing Dog Alarm Clock should do the trick.

It is designed in classic Beagle colors with puppy graphics at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions. This cute clock has a paw-shaped snooze button in soft silicone plastic suggestive of a puppy's soft, warm foot pad.

seikonumbers.jpg seikopaw.jpg

Think a dog barking along with Glenn Miller's "Little Brown Jug" would wake you? Listen to it here (scroll down to the bottom).

via Book of Joe via Inventorspot

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Maow Delux -- Cat Wall Feeder


Vurv Design will soon be marketing the Maow Delux, a wall mounted feeder with three bowls. It features a large one quart bowl for water flanked by two shallow feeding saucers on each side.

It makes a handy feeding station for two kitties with fresh water and the option of offering two types of food at a time. Available in the near future--stay tuned!


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May 3, 2009

The Return of the Box Cat Video

Maru, the cat obsessed with boxes, has a new video, The Return of the Box Cat:

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May 2, 2009

Chimpfeet Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Free Shipping over $50

Mother's Day is May 10. Stumped for a fun Mother's Day gift? Chimpfeet Gifts for Pets and the People They Love has a huge assortment of cute pet lover gifts. Check out their Mother's Day gift guide!

Golden Retriever Mouse Pad Tiffany Cats Oval Suncatcher
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Save $11 on Flea and Tick at Drs Foster & Smith -- Plus Free Shipping


Save on Flea & Tick Products at Drs. Foster & Smith. $11 off their already low prices plus free shipping! Sale ends May 14, 2009.

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May 1, 2009

Aquawall Wandaquarium -- Stunning Self-Cleaning Wall Aquarium


We love wall-mounted aquariums, such as the Aquavista--they are fascinating to watch and add ambiance to any room.

The Wandaquarium by Aquawall hangs on the wall like a painting, particularly nice when floor space is at a premium. At around 6 inches in depth, the gorgeous Wandaquarium wall aquarium will fit almost anywhere.


The Wandaquarium has a large LCD display showing the water and room temperature, date, time, oxygen content and status of the pump and lighting. Like your TV, you can control its functions with a remote, as well as on the control panel. And the best part, cleaning of the aquarium is done automatically! Available in two models, the Comfort and the Elegance

via DVICE via Born Rich

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PetScoop: Dancing Cockatoo Video

Are humans the only species who dance? Curious researchers analyzed thousands of videos to reach the conclusion that, yes, 14 species of parrots dance to the beat of the same drummer as we do. From Birds boogie at boston.com:

Schachner's and the other scientists' work has a serious side: By studying other animals, they hope to gain insight into the evolution of an ability that is a cornerstone of human behavior and culture.

The finding that parrots can dance to an external beat supports an emerging theory on the origins of dance - that it might be a byproduct of another skill parrots share with humans, the capacity to mimic sounds.


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NapaStyle Wine Barrel Dog Bed


Here's a novel pet bed for you wine aficionados out there. This NapaStyle Wine Barrel Dog Bed is made from an actual retired white oak wine barrel.

It is cut, smoothed and finished to match the original patina. For dogs up to 25 lbs.

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