September 30, 2009

PetScoop: Nutro Announces Recall of Puppy Food Sold at PetSmart and PETCO


We were speaking of puppy care yesterday, now there's news on the puppy food front. Nutro Pet Foods has announced a recall of three of its dry puppy foods, due to potential contamination with melted plastic. Oddly enough, there is no evident information about this at the Nutro website, only on a rep's Twitter feed, EdnaAtNutro:

  • Hi! Nutro voluntarily withdraw 3 SKUs as a precautionary measure in small # of retailers. Pls call 800-833.5330 for more info
  • Nutro determined highly unlikely that any pcs of plastic made it into finished product.
  • Hi! Limited # of potentially affected product was delivered to a small # of PS/PC
  • Consumers who have purchased pot. affected product should return it to their retailer or contact Nutro's Consumer Care @ 800- 833-5330

The foods involved apparently were only sold at PETCO.com and PetSmart:

  • Nutro Natural Choice Chicken, Rice & Oatmeal Puppy 5# bags sold at PetSmart and PETCO
  • Nutro Ultra Puppy 4.5# bag sold at PetSmart and PETCO
  • Nutro Ultra Puppy 30# bag sold at PETCO

[via Pet Products Examiner]

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September 30, 2009

Large Drawer Foraging Bird Toy Alleviates Boredom


As we all know, a lot of negative behavior stems from boredom, and our birds are no exception. Place this Large Drawer Foraging Toyicon inside your bird's cage to keep him/her entertained for hours.

Foraging--searching for and locating food--is an essential part of natural bird behavior. Stash your bird's favorite treats, foods, or toys in the durable polycarbonate drawers for your bird to discover and enjoy.

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September 29, 2009

Puppy Care Today Newsletter at Doctors Foster and Smith


Have a new puppy? Contemplating getting one? Even if you have had puppies before, it's easy to forget, especially if it's been awhile.

Doctors Foster and Smith have a useful new email series Puppy Care Today to help you get a smooth start and know what to expect as your puppy grows. You can sign up for customized emails based on your puppy's age with articles, tips and essentials you will need.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

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September 29, 2009

Super Cool Pet Costumes for Halloween

Time to start thinking about Halloween outfits for our pets. So cute! But as we all know, cute can be dangerous. Here are a few safety reminders to avoid injury and future Halloween phobia:

  • Try it on. Check your pet's comfort level in advance.
  • Loose parts. Eliminate anything in the costume that could trip your pet or get tangled up.
  • Proper ventilation. Costumes can be hot if you are already wearing a fur coat. Heavy panting can indicate overheating, thirst and anxiety.
  • Monitor your pet. Continually check to be sure your dog is happy and comfortable.

Not all pets and people are into pet costumes, but if you are, we found some adorable ones for Halloween:
Bee Pet Costume
Striped shirt, hood with antennas attached and glitter detailed wings.

piratepet.jpgPirate Pet Costume
Shirt, pants, hook and hat with parrot.

devilpet.jpgDevil Pet Costume
Includes cape with tall scalloped collar and headpiece with horns attached.

zeldapumpkin.jpgPumpkin Pet Costume
Shirt with pumpkin cutout designed back and hood with stem and leaf detailing.

zeldasailor.jpgSailor Pet Costume
Includes jumpsuit and hat.

Need some more ideas? Browse Halloween costumes for pets at:

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September 28, 2009

Buttkiss the Fish -- Swimming Around in Queens for 41 Years


Buttkiss, a black pacu fish, has swum around a tank in a Richmond Hill (Queens, NY) pet shop continuously since 1970. Pacus are members of the piranha family. Buttkis has reportedly eaten more than 175,000 fish during his residence there. "We feed him twenty-five goldfish every other day," says Steve Gruebel, owner of the Cameo Pet Shop.

Buttkiss is named after the well-known linebacker Dick Butkus and has been conditioned to come to Steve's hand for food. "You can see the marks on the top of his head. He'll bang on the top of the tank when he's hungry." Sounds like a true New Yorker.

Read more at Gothamist.

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Keep Tabs on Your Pets Home Alone -- Avaak Vue Personal Video Network


Pets home alone? Wondering what your pet sitter is up to? See your pets from anywhere with the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network.

Cameras. The Vue cameras are completely wire-free and install in minutes. Peel-and-stick magnetic mounts enable you to place your cameras anywhere. There is no software to load, so your Vue cameras are instantly available for online viewing. The Cameras can be remotely viewed from any browser or flash-enabled mobile device.

Online Account. Your personal, secure account at VueZone.com lets you watch, record and share video clips or photos with friends and family across the web and upload to Flickr and YouTube.


Remotely view your pets, your family, your home, your business. Fabulous holiday gift! Avaak Vue Personal Video Network.

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September 25, 2009

New Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul Dog and Cat Food Brand


You may have seen Jack Canfield's new Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat and Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog in our September Super Cool Pet Books Hot New Releases post this past weekend.

Now you can give your pet a wholesome meal or a special treat with Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul brand pet food. "Fresh, never frozen, hormone-free chicken" is the number one ingredient in all Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul brand dog and cat foods, along with wholesome veggies, fruit, herbs and multiple whole grains.

Available in 3 recipes for dogs: Puppy, Adult and Senior Dog and 4 recipes for cats: Kitten, Adult, Light and Hairball.

Ways to save:

[Hat tip Blisstree]

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Crystal Wine Paddling Dog Glasses, Dog Breed Decanter and Bottle Stoppers


These hand-decorated crystal wine Paddling Dog Glasses have an elegant design with a water dog paddling around the perimeter of the glass.


Pair with the Dog Breed Wine Decanter -- choose your favorite breed -- and this set of attractive double old-fashioned Swimming Dog Glasses we featured over the summer.


And top off your favorite bottle of wine or salad dressing with a hand-painted, resin Dog Breed Bottle Stopper or two of your favorite breed. Includes a keeper chain.

All great gift ideas for the dog lover!

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September 24, 2009

Pugnation: The Bark Is Back! by Petographer Jim Dratfield -- Free Giveaway


Here's one for your gift list! Celebrity pet photographer Jim Dratfield has a new book filled with over sixty adorable and quirky photographs of the pug. Pugnation: The Bark Is Back! is available for pre-order and will be released October 6.

You'll love these pug pics in black and white, sepia, and full color along with their witty titles and quotes. We have a copy of Pugnation for a Free Giveaway to a pug lover. If you would like it, please send an email to: news@supercoolpets.com [Update 9/28: Thank you for all the emails--our copy of Pugnation has found a home in Wisconsin! ]

Jim Dratfield is a famous "petographer" (petography.com) with many high-profile clients and and numerous pet photography books to his name, among them Pug Shots.

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Self-Warming Pet Bed and Crate Pad -- No Electricity, Cords or Batteries


As the weather grows cooler, keep your pets warm without spending on electricity. The Self-Warming Deluxe Bolster Bedicon and Self-Warming Crate Padicon use your pet's body heat to create a toasty spot to relax, free from cords or batteries. Soft fleece fabric is quilt-stitched to thermo-reflective material with a plush orthopedic foam pad to add support and cozy comfort.


Both bed and crate pad are available in Bailey's Paws print in Olive, Charcoal, Taupe. Crate Pad comes in 8 different sizes to fit various kennels. Bolster Bed in S, M, L.

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September 23, 2009

Plan Ahead -- Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket


Many of us panic in a crisis, and our pets are no exception. The ultimate outcome is determined by how people handle their fear. Preparation is key.

The new Pet Evacuation Jacket can help you keep your pet under control in the event of a flash flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or other emergencies.

The Jacket is made from the same flame-retardant material used by Japanese firefighters and protects your pet from the heat. Transport your pet with the carrying handle and use the pockets on the side of the jacket for any gadgets and supplies you and your pet will need.

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Guyot Designs Squishy Pet Bowl


These handy Guyot Designs Squishy Pet Bowls are collapsible, yet retain their original shape for feeding and watering on the go. Pack away in purse or pocket and pop out when ready to use.

These flexible bowls are made of food-grade silicone and are temperature resistant to 400 degrees F. Easy clean up, too--they dry in seconds.

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September 22, 2009

PetScoop: The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Mind at Time.com


This past weekend we featured some new Super Cool Pet Books for fall, among them Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz [New York Times review here].

Ms. Horowitz's work with dogs is cited in Time.com's fascinating The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Mind. Did you know that out of all animals on earth, only humans and canines understand the meaning of a pointed finger? Or that the sloppy kiss your dog plants on your lips may not be an expression of affection as much as a quest for food?

Researchers are opening up centers to study dog behavior here in the US and abroad in Europe, such as the Duke Canine Cognition Center whose assistant professor of evolutionary anthropology, Brian Hare, is profiled in the article and Harvard's Canine Cognition Lab.

Not only will these studies benefit dog owners who continually strive to interpret their dogs' signs and signals more accurately, they should improve and enhance training methods for service animals such as guide dogs and bomb-sniffers.

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Nooby's Disposable Booties -- Keep Your Floors and Pet Paws Clean


No more dirty towels and messy floors, at least from dirty paws. These Noobys Disposable Dog Booties protect your pet's paws during wet weather, on the snow and ice, vet visits, playing at the dog park and so on.

Put them on before letting your dog outside. When your pet comes back indoors, remove them and toss. These boots have elasticized tops to help hold them on and nonskid bottoms for sure footing in slippery, wet conditions.

They keep your pet and your floor clean, not only at home, but also on-the-go for show dogs, groomers, pet walkers etc. In Small, Medium and Large at Amazon and Drs. Foster & Smith

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September 21, 2009

Sleepypod Introduces 2 New Pet Products -- Crater Dot and Sleepypod Air

Sleepypod, makers of the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and other accessories will introduce two new pet products at the H.H. Backer 43rd Annual Pet Industry Christmas Trade Show in Chicago this October 2-4, 2009


Crater Dot. The contoured Crater Dot is a comfortable lounge for your pet recommended for use on any flat surface. The polyester plush dot center provides an easy to clean and comfy spot to relax with a foam lounge base. This portable pet bed is designed to be the pet equivalent of our sofa or recliner.


For chilly weather, the Sleepypod Warmer Kit can be inserted in the pocket in the base. Crater Dot comes in three "fashionista-friendly" colors--Mossy Green, Lunar Gray and Blossom Pink and will retail at $73.99.


Sleepypod Air. Concerned about your pet carrier fitting under the seat on the plane? The Sleepypod Air (pictured above) solves this worry--the carrier adapts to the various under-seat storage requirements set by different airlines while providing max comfort for your traveling pet. It compresses in length from 22" to 16". Both top and ends open for easy access with large zipper pockets on both sides.

How about car trips to and from the airport, plus out-and-about town? Straps on both sides allow you to secure the Sleepypod Air in your car. Explanatory diagram below.

ArrowContinue reading: "Sleepypod Introduces 2 New Pet Products -- Crater Dot and Sleepypod Air"

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Anti-Ant No-Tip Dog and Cat Dish

ants.jpgIf you feed your pet outdoors, which a lot of us do, no doubt you have found it full of ants and other critters when you go out to retrieve it. Ants will take over the world if we let them.

antfreebowl.jpgThe unique design of this Small Anti-Ant No Tip Dog/Cat Dish prevents ants and other crawlies from invading your pet's food bowl. The ant-free bowl has a sparkling rust-proof finish and is bacteria- and odor-resistant. In Small for Cats/Dogs, Medium and Large.

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September 19, 2009

Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon.com Hot New Releases 9/19/09

More and more books every day are available in Kindle edition. To never again be caught without something good to read -- priceless!

Early fall reading for both cat and dog lovers. Browse some of the Amazon Hot New Pet Book Releases in our ongoing monthly series.

insideofdog.jpgInside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz
A cognitive scientist, explains how dogs perceive their daily worlds, each other, and that other quirky animal, the human. A fresh look at the world of dogs -- from the dog's point of view. Good New York Times review.

glamourpuss.jpgGlamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs by Julie Jackson
Author is the creator of Kitty Wigs and its companion web site (kittywigs.com), where she sells upscale hairpieces for cats .Here 60 high-fashion portraits showcase cats posing in the wigs.

wolfinparlor.jpgThe Wolf in the Parlor: The Eternal Connection between Humans and Dogs by Jon Franklin
Based on evolutionary science, archaeology, behavioral science, and the firsthand experience of watching his own dog evolve from puppy to family member, this Pulitzer Prize winner, science writer, professor and author postulates that humans and dogs are more than just inseparable but part and parcel of the same creature.

ArrowContinue reading: "Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon.com Hot New Releases 9/19/09"

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September 18, 2009

PetScoop: Cat Person or Dog Person? "Meet the Breeds" October 17-18, 2009


Are you a Dog or Cat Person? Vote Now @ www.meetthebreeds.com! The American Kennel Club and the Cat Fanciers' Association are presenting Meet the Breeds on October 17-18, 2009, at the Javits Center in New York City.

Pet lovers can meet as many as 160 dog breeds and 41 cat breeds, plus enjoy demonstrations, shopping and children's activities. Each breed will be presented in its own designated space, decorated to reflect its heritage, characteristics and unique attributes as a pet. Attendees can pet the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and learn about them directly from the experts.

Mark your calendar--tickets are available for purchase now!

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Are Your Pet Products Toxic to Your Pet? Find Out at HealthyStuff.org


Here at Super Cool Pets our goal is to feature products and news that will enhance and improve the lives of the animals who live with us. The sad, bad news is that there are products sold out there that may easily be toxic to our pets and ourselves, unbeknownst to any of us.

The good folks over at HealthyStuff.org tested over 400 pet products, including beds, chew toys, stuffed toys, collars, leashes, and tennis balls. They are finding elevated levels of lead, mercury, arsenic and other chemicals that can be hazardous to human health, especially for pets and children.

The HealthyStuff.org site has an interactive database listing the products by brand, type, or level of concern with a product search as well. You can request new products to be tested. Their product database can also be accessed using the Flash Widget, SMS Texting, and a mobile application.

The site is not just about pet products. You can review 15,000 test results on over 5,000 other common items including children's products, cars, apparel and accessories, back-to-school products and more.

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September 17, 2009

Save $30 on Top-Selling Bowsers Dog Beds at Muttropolis.com


Save $30 on select styles of the top selling Bowsers Dog Beds at Muttropolis.com. Choose from your favorite select Dutchie patterns including Ritz, Symphony, Milano, St. Tropez, Chocolate Bones, Duke, Vanilla Treats and Pecan Filigree.

Sale ends September 30th. Enter code BOWSERSDIG at checkout. Free Shipping on all orders over $99!

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Handmade Copper Pet Photo Albums by Cam Wilson in San Francisco


Preserve photos of your pets and other loved ones in these handsome Handmade Copper Pet Photo Albumsicon. The front of the rich copper cover is decorated with a a dog bone or a cat and moon.

The albums have 24 spaces for 4" x 6" photos inside, set on black acid-free paper in twelve acetate sleeves. They are handmade by artisan Cam Wilson in San Francisco and make a great gift for yourself or a pet lover.

Ways to save:

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September 16, 2009

PetScoop: Neater Feeder for Dogs and Cats Wins Pet Product News 2009 Editors Choice Award


In early summer we posted on the new Neater Pet Feeder for dogs and cats. The Neater Feeder has been a smash hit and wins the 2009 Editors Choice Award from Pet Product News at this month`s Super Zoo 2009 National Show for Pet Retailers.


The Neater Pet Feeder contains the spilling, splashing, and slobbering involved in feeding your pet. It will reduce the mess and actual damage to your floors and wall surfaces in the immediate vicinity as well, cutting back on slippery floors and stains.

Read article.

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Double-Duty Bed N Bungalow Cat Bed


This Bed N Bungalowicon cat bed gives your kitty two ways to sleep. Put the "roof" up for privacy, or push down into the bottom section to make a comfy, nest-style bed.

Use it as a windowsill hideaway or in his/her favorite napping spot. Made of super-soft plush and microsuede. Machine washable.

Save on essentials to keep your cat comfortable at the Cat Comfort Sale at Drs. Foster and Smith.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
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September 15, 2009

Ruminations on Being a Cat by Flautist at bookofjoe


Who hasn't wondered at some point what life is like for our pets--how do they really view the world? The 'world's most popular blogging anesthesiologist' posted the other day over at bookofjoe:

One project of mine over the past few months has been trying (without success, methinks) to become Gray Cat, see the world as she does and experience things from her point of view.

I sometimes lie down right next to her and look at what she's looking at and try to do a mind-meld with her cat brain but so far nada.

If only I had fur and whiskers to make the incoming more realistic....

And received the following insights from Flautist:

Regarding your project to experience and see things as Gray Cat [above and below] does, I can save you some time and effort. I've already done it with my felines and here's my report: They spend their time dividing everything up into Feels Good or Doesn't Feel Good, and Exciting or Not Exciting. There is broad agreement amongst felines and plenty of individual quirks. Feels Good examples -- chin scratch, sunny spot, chow; Doesn't -- bath, medicine applications, toenail clipping. Exciting -- squirrel chase, bird stalk, cockroach hunt; Not -- waiting for playtime, waiting for rodents to show up, etc. They can occasionally feel deeply conflicted; when I pick up Laurence (cat) I like to hold him upside down like a baby, which he hates, and he plants back feet under my chin in readiness to kick forcefully for release, but he seldom uses that move because he knows he will get back of head scratch which he loves more than anything on earth. Anyway, all that is to say, this is pretty much what you need to know about Gray Cat's (literal) experience of life.

Readers, what do you think?

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Deco Breeze Decorative Dog or Cat Figurine Fan


Keep cool or warm air circulating in the room with this Deco Breeze Decorative Figurine Fan in the shape of a dog or cat. Place it on a desk at work or on an end table in the living room for a charming addition to any home or office.


The cat has curly whiskers, a button nose, pointed ears, gently curving tail and tiny toes; the dog has a long smooth snout, collar, and little front feet. Made of high-quality cast metal with a beautiful finish.

Also available in Owl, Rooster, Turtle, Snail, Frog, and Flower. Great gift idea.

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September 14, 2009

Dog Ate My Homework Cache


Turn everyone's favorite unfinished homework excuse into a way to keep yourself and your children organized. Stash bills, newsletters, flyers, school papers and other paperwork in this sturdy, laminated-cardboard Dog Ate My Homework box. It has a flip-top opening with a magnetic close.

[via Nerd Approved]

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Floor-to-Ceiling Sisal Cat Tower

This fabulous Sisal Cat Tower anchors securely between your floor and ceiling to provide a stable climbing, scratching and lounging tower for the cat household.

The tower exterior is covered by a high quality sisal carpet, with a traditional non-looped carpet on the interior. The inside bottom two lounge shelves are solid, and the top two lounge shelves are half-shelves.

The Sisal Cat Tower is hand-made in the USA and custom sizes are available at your request. Good times for your cats!

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September 11, 2009

Officially Licensed NFL Jerseys For Your Dog -- All 32 Teams Available


It's kickoff time for the NFL football season. Don't let your pup go without! Officially licensed NFL jerseys for your dog are available at Oh My Dog Supplies. Choose from all 32 teams in 4 sizes.

Ways to save:

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Cabana Stripe Pet Crate Cover

Is your pet crate perfectly functional, but kind of ordinary? Turn this:
into this:
cabana 1.jpg

The Cabana Stripe Crate Cover has two contrasting panels which can be rolled open for easy access and secured with Velcro loops, then rolled down for nap time. The cover comes with canvas pouch for storage. A matching Cabana Stripe Pillow Dog Bed is available separately.

Ways to save:

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September 10, 2009

Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Comfort Sale -- Ends 9/21/09

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

There is a pet Comfort Sale going on at Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Supplies. Save up to $100 on select items. Sale ends September 21, 2009.

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WETNoz The Mat -- Non-Skid Pet Bowl Mat


Do your dogs chase their food bowls all around the room? Do they slobber food and water outside their dish? Place this WETNoz The Mat under any dog bowl to keep it from slipping and sliding. It has a non-skid rubber layer with raised edges to contain spills.

wetnozbigpoochbowl.jpgwetnozbooster.jpgThumbnail image for wetnozcat.jpg

The Mat fits perfectly under the WETNoz Big Pooch Bowl, the WETNoz Big Pooch Booster Stand, and the WETNoz Fat Cat Ultra Stainless Steel Cat Dish (pictured above), although it should work with any bowl. In Moss or Coal.

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September 9, 2009

September Savings at Only Natural Pet Store - Everything Natural for Dogs & Cats

This September you'll find great sales at Only Natural Pet Store - Everything Natural for Dogs & Cats. Check out what's for sale this month.

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Rustic Dog Toy Bucket


Dog toys everywhere? This dark mahogany Rustic Dog Toy Bucket is crafted of solid pine slats, bound by two iron bands, and topped off with a wrought iron handle.

Perfect for cat toy storage too, or magazines, newspapers, hats and mittens, you name it. Great gift idea.

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September 8, 2009

PetScoop: Urlesque.com Announces Internet Ban on Cats -- September 9, 2009


Funny, cute, amazing cat videos and photos abound on the internet--websites, social networking sites as well as the ubiquitous emails.

The fun folks at Urlesque.com are finally putting their feet down and are organizing a "web-wide ban on cat-related coverage" tomorrow Wednesday September 9th--A Day Without Cats on the Internet.

Why only one day? That's probably how long anyone can abstain. Watch the announcement:

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Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Hand Vacuum


Do you struggle with pet hair and allergies in your home? Messy kitty litter, bird seed and pet food spills?

The Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful motorized brush to lift clingy pet hair off of your carpet, furniture, upholstery, and stairs. The HEPA filtration traps the common allergens in your home, including pet dander, to give you and your family allergy relief.

Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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September 7, 2009

Birds on the Wires Music by Jarbas Agnelli

Treat yourself to this beautiful song composed by Jarbas Agnelli, using the exact location of the birds on the wires as notes.

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Pet First Aid iPhones App


Be prepared 24/7 for a medical emergency--especially on weekends and holidays like today when animal doctors are generally off duty.

The Pet First Aid iPhone app from Jive Media is just a few taps away with detailed articles, video, and illustrations to help you care for your pet. Plus you can record your pet's vital medical information.

Available on iTunes.com

Apple iTunes
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Labor Day 2009 -- Honor the Working Dog


Most US dogs live out their lives as pets, largely providing comfort and companionship 24/7 to the humans with whom they share their world. Definitely hard work.

Many dogs also formally serve us--searching, rescuing, herding, assisting the disabled, the police, the military. They provide therapy to the elderly and incapacitated, hunt, guard, track, and detect.

Today, Labor Day, we take off our hats to the extra special working dog. What would life be without them?

Want to learn more? Check out Working Group (Dogs) and enjoy a good read, Working Dogs: True Stories of Dogs and Their Handlers.

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September 6, 2009

Mint Robot 2 Pet Care Robot


Pet home all alone? You can monitor your pet's activities remotely with a Mint Robot 2 Pet Care Robot, assuming you have an internet connection.

Mint Robot will follow your pet around the house, and you can watch your pet through the web cams in its "eyes. Through its embedded microphone you can talk to your pet and even issue commands.

The Robot will also play with your pet. Its front side has a scented toy ball ("pet ball") that detaches, rolls and moves automatically or by remote-control. You can view your pet playing and exercising with the ball on your mint pad (photo below).


[via Hometone]

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September 5, 2009

Remembering Alex the Parrot

Alex the Parrot died unexpectedly overnight two years ago on September 6th 2007. Alex is the African gray parrot whose ability to master a vocabulary of more than 100 words and answer questions about the color, shape and number of objects brought him widespread acclaim during his life.

He was the subject of a thirty-year (1977-2007) research project by animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg, who judged that Alex had the intelligence of a five-year-old human and the emotional level of a human two-year-old at the time of his death (see article). Pepperberg's moving tribute to her parrot Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Uncovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence--and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process is a must-read.

Watch this amazing video clip where Alex answers questions he hasn't been trained to answer:

Video via HuffPost Green

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September 4, 2009

FetchDog.com Labor Day 2009 Sale


FetchDog.com is having a Labor Day Sale. Get up to 50% off your favorite products. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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Acacia Wood Dog Feeder and Water Bowl

Thumbnail image for acaciawoodfeeder.jpg

No two Acacia Wood Dog Feeders are exactly alike--they are hand-carved from solid, renewable acacia wood. These unique food and water containers have an anti-tip design with a removable, washable stainless-steel bowl.

In Medium and Large at Orvis and Small, Medium and Large at Muttropolis.

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September 3, 2009

Wine Box Bird Nesting House by Designer Igor Solovyov


What a charming recycling idea from designer Igor Solovyov. This Bird Nesting House is made from an attractive wood wine box.

via Curbly

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Two Pet Vehicle Harnesses to Keep Your Pet Safe

Over at Pet Connection, Phyllis DeGioia recently posted Restrained dog survives fatal car crash. Phyllis is editor of Veterinary Partner, the client education web site of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN).


Any pet restraint is better than none. Two harnesses Phyllis recommends are the Solvit Pet Vehicle Safety Harness (photo above) and the Kurgo Auto Safety Harness we featured in an earlier post.

Her counsel:

The trick is find a harness that your dog doesn't mind going off and on, and one that fits appropriately. Some folks use anchored crates. What you never want to do is tether to a dog's collar because it could injure the neck and in a collision the neck could easily be broken.

As for your cat--confine them in a cat carrier or small crate.

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September 2, 2009

PetSmart.com Favorite Things Sale


PetSmart.com is having a Favorite Things Sale. Save up to 20% on over 1000 items. Ends October 26, 2009.

And while you are there, get Free Shipping on over 100 non-prescription health care products.

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Reflective Dog Collars and Leashes -- Olly Dog Nightlife, Red Dingo and Reflectabones

Going walkies in the dark? Make your pet and yourself visible to passing vehicles. Reflective collars and leashes are attractive for daytime and safe at nighttime.
The Olly Dog Nightlife Reflective Dog Collars (pictured above) have durable nylon webbing with vibrant reflective tape. In 3 color combinations.

The super cute Red Dingo Reflective Dog Collar and matching Reflective Leash have a reflective pattern of repeating bones. In all sizes and colors at Amazon.

This cute style is also available in Medium size only under ReflectaBones Dog Collar and Leash at FetchDog where you can save $10 off orders over $50. Use coupon code CPA1008.

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September 1, 2009

Crew Cut Dog Sweater


You can't get much cuter than this classic striped 100% acrylic Crew Cut Dog Sweater for fall wear as the weather cools down.

This sweater has a pull-on style with a turtleneck collar for easy dressing and max comfort. The thick cuffs on the sleeves and a ribbed rear opening will keep your dog toasty warm.

Crew Cut Dog Sweater in Charcoal/Black, Cream/Black, or Red/Navy.

charcoalblack.jpg creamblack.jpg rednavy-70727-dog.jpg
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Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- August 2009

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As we say goodbye to summer and move into fall, here's a look back at the super cool pet stuff we dug up in August:

Accessories and Supplies

Apparel for Pets




Books & Media

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