August 11, 2008

Wetnoz Pet Bowls -- Scoop and Serve

Scoop and serve Wetnoz pet bowl collections with integrated handles.

Wetnoz Ultra Collection Pet Bowls are made from highly polished surgical grade stainless steel with non-skid rubber feet and handles.

Wetnoz Metro Collection Pet Bowls
are stainless steel feeders with bright colored acrylic exteriors.


Wetnoz Studio Collection Pet Bowls made from durable plastic with rubber feet.


Wetnoz Pet Bowls

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August 7, 2008

Automatic Cat Faucet for Cats Who Love to Drink from the Tap


Do your cats hover in the tub or sink to drink from the faucet? The clever folks over at Sixerdoodle have developed a sensor-equipped Automatic Cat Faucet, similar to the faucets that automatically go on when you pass your hands under them.

Somehow our cats learned to drink from the faucet. We'd turn the water on for them, but they never turn it off when they were done! I'm sure there are other cat owners out there with a similar problem. So, I built the Cat Faucet so the cats could turn the water on and off for themselves. As a kit, I would rate this medium complexity. The electronics are simple and straight-forward but you also need to do some mechanical work and some plumbing to complete the project, which raises the complexity.

Automatic Cat Faucet via Book of Joe

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August 6, 2008

Combine Cats and Celts -- Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers will add some humor to your life. Everyone's favorite Irish Drinking Songs are rewritten with lyrics about cats. Track Listings:

1. Wild Kitty (parody Wild Rover)
2. A Cat Named Rover (parody Gypsy Rover)
3. The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf (parody Bonnie Ship the Diamond)
4. When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling (parody When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
5. Lord of the Pounce (parody Lord of the Dance)
6. I'll Tell My Cat (parody I'll Tell My Ma)
7. The Cat Came Back... The Cat's Perspective
8. Black Is the Color (of My Cat's Fur)
9. Cats Chasing Butterflies
10. The Demented Cat Game (parody Patriot Game)
11. Black Kitty Paw (parody Black Velvet Band)
12. Catnipping Green (parody Fiddler's Green)
13. The Old Grey Cat
14. Furagone's Wake (parody Finnegan's Wake)
15. Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y (parody The Barnyards of Delgaty)

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. Also available as an MP3 Download.

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August 5, 2008

Should You Entrust Your Pet to Professional Groomers? DIY Dog and Cat Grooming

The title of a recent Today show spot , says it all: Dog's death is a warning about groomers, expert says: Tragic story of a pet left in a drying device shows that owners must be wary. How often are we trusting our vulnerable children and pets to a low standard of care at paid facilities? From the write-up, which is a must read for anyone who sends their pet to a professional groomer, or any servicing industry:

The horrifying story of a dog that died after being left in a kennel drying machine is a tragic warning about an unregulated industry, an expert said Friday -- and a wake-up call to pet owners who need to do their homework about the facilities they trust with their beloved animals.

If this story leaves you a bit queasy, why not groom your pet yourself? It isn't difficult and can increase interaction time with your dog or cat. Plus you can save $$$.


Dogs Dog Grooming Brushesicon keep your pet healthy, beautiful and help prevent uncomfortable pet hair mats. Pets with short or medium haircoats or long, unmatted coats will all benefit from the added attention.

There are a variety of brushes suitable for every pet haircoat style. Here is a link to Grooming Tools Comparison Charticon and a Dog Brush Selection Guideicon.


Cats Your cat grooms and massages herself anytime she wants with this Arch Groomer Deluxeicon The Arch's brush-like sides catch hair and dander and a catnip-treated carpeted base lets cats scratch to their heart's delight.

If you live with a kitty cat, you may wonder When to Groom Your Caticon.

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Cat Hole Pet Door -- Allows Your Cat Access Through a Closed Door


Need to allow your cat or small dog access through a closed door in your home? Perhaps to a litter box kept in a closet or your laundry room without leaving the door open all the time?

Here is a clever solution --the customizable Cat Hole Pet Door. The door ships with two unfinished wooden frames so you can either stain or paint to match your door.


Cat Hole Pet Door includes a brush to install between the two frames which will 'groom' your kitty as s/he passes through. For indoor use. Cute!

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August 4, 2008

Manage Your Pet Care Online with mypetsoft.com


ORGIT Software Corporation has launched its brand new pet care software site, mypetsoft.com for users to consolidate, organize and manage all of their pets' important information online. Unlike a lot of contact management software, this site can be accessed from a browser, rather than your desktop, meaning it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Those familiar with the award-winning Petcare® Software CD version that was released to the market in early 2004 will find it very similar in look and functionality.

This site is user friendly for family or business use, with the capability of maintaining individual files for each animal. The software allows the site manager to grant access to other trusted parties. Perfect for use by veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, pet hotels, kennels, shelters. A pet owner can allow access to any of the prior mentioned pet businesses, as well as friends, family, and even grant them editing privileges. Information is easily exchanged and updated.

The mypetsoft.com software provides 11 categories which include pet health records, pet identity data, missing pet alerts, a pet contact manager and over fifty sub-categories. mypetsoft.com is secured by a password.


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July 31, 2008

Christian the Lion the Full Story -- True Friendships Last a Lifetime

Want to make sure all our Super Cool Pets readers have seen this video which has had more than 7 million views on You Tube and was featured on the Today Show as well as its NBC affiliates.

Lest you think your pets don't notice:

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July 30, 2008

Modern Design Pet Bowls

Super Cool Pets recently stumbled over these sharp-looking raised feeders and waterers for cats and dogs. Raised feeders are more comfortable for most pets, so why not max out the enjoyment? Features:

  • Stainless bowls are removable for easy cleaning
  • Rubber feet on the underside to prevent slippage
  • Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

smoke grey.jpg



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July 27, 2008

Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 7/27/08

New book releases at Amazon in the past few weeks. Mainly dogs at this time, though new cat books are in the pipeline to be released soon.

Thumbnail image for welladjusted.jpgThe Well-Adjusted Dog: Dr. Dodman's Seven Steps to Lifelong Health and Happiness for Your Best Friend
by Nicholas H. Dodman
Publication Date: July 9, 2008
From a world-renowned animal behaviorist and leading authority in the veterinary field comes this comprehensive, holistic seven-step approach to caring for your adult dog, including health, behavior, and environment. In this essential new book, Dodman draws on some twenty-five years of clinical experience to bring together the art--and science--of dog ownership.

puppysfirststeps.jpgPuppy's First Steps: A Proven Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, Well-Behaved Companion by Faculty of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
Publication Date: July 24, 2008
This book offers crucial advice for the puppy's first year--the most essential twelve months of a dog's development--and throughout the dog's life, ensuring a strong, happy bond between owners and their best friends.

foodpetsdiefor.jpgFood Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food
by Ann N. Martin
Publication Date: July 23, 2008
The commercial pet food industry has a secret to hide -- and Ann Martin wants to make sure you know it. Her research reveals some startling facts: that the pet food industry conducts animal testing in order to improve their product, and includes euthanized cats and dogs in the mix to heighten protein content. In this revised and updated edition, Martin continues to explore the shocking processes by which commercial pet foods are produced. She offers alternative recipes for feeding pets, nutritional advice, and an exploration of "Pet Peeves," in which she explores several scams aimed at pet owners.

playwithyourdog.jpgPlay With Your Dog (Dogwise Training Manual)
by Pat Miller (Author)
Publication Date: July 2008
In her newest book, Pat Miller explores the role and benefits of play between you and your dog - and between dogs. Play behaviors have important learning and health benefits that help dogs become well-adjusted members of both their canine and human families. Pat includes dozens of game ideas collected from trainers all over the country you can try out with your dog(s).

dogwelcome.jpgA Dog Who's Always Welcome: Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How to Socialize and Train Your Companion Dog
by Lorie Long
Publication Date: July 21, 2008
If you're like most dog owners, you want a trustworthy companion you can take on family vacations, to ball games, on hikes, and to cafes and festivals. You want your dog to behave when you have guests, stay peacefully at hotels, ride calmly in elevators, and maintain proper doggie decorum in all kinds of situations.Chances are, you've watched and admired assistance and therapy dogs who are attentive to their owners' needs no matter what. This book taps into the secrets of assistance and therapy dog trainers and shows you how to use focused foundation socialization training to make sure your dog is well behaved--even in unfamiliar environments loaded with distractions and temptations.

kindle.jpg Some of these books are available in Kindle Edition--download in less than a minute to your wireless reader.

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July 25, 2008

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box -- No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess


Since a litter box is a necessity, it may as well be easy on the eyes, easy on your cat, easy on the environment and easy to use.

This sharp-looking Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box is both economically and environmentally friendly. Features:

  • Self-cleaning litter box for cats up to 12 pounds
  • Continuously cleans without disturbing cat
  • Reduces odor and odor causing bacteria
  • Unit moves at one rotation per hour; quiet operation- no initiation or running sound
  • Economical and environmentally safe; uses recycled plastic shopping bags
  • No tools required for assembly
  • No moving parts for optimal safety


With these features, your can keep the Petsafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box in places where you wouldn't have put a litter box before.

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