July 6, 2011

How to Choose Between Brand Name Pet Products and Generics -- Frontline Flea Treatment Court Battle

Frontline Plus for Dogs 6 Mths 45-88 Lbs.

Recently we saw a generic flea product at a department store that claimed to have the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE Plus. It is called PetArmor Plus and is only $28 for 3 months. Naturally first we wonder: Is it as effective? Then we think, Is the price difference worth testing a new, strange product on our best buddies?

Actually it's too late for now, since a U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia has ruled that sales of PetArmor Plus by Cipla Ltd. and Velcera Inc. infringes on Merial's patents covering its flea-and-tick product FRONTLINE Plus. The court barred the two companies from further sales of PetArmor Plus in the United States and ordered the seizure of existing inventory starting in the next 60 days.

In the meantime, we had found this answer online from veterinarian Dr Michael Watts in Star Exponent | How to choose between generic and a brand name product:

A: The short answer is I don't know. The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil. There are now generic pet parasite products with the same active ingredient. However, that does not mean it is will work as well or be as safe as Frontline. At this point, these products have not been out long enough for me to make a personal determination.

My general rule of thumb is to wait for a year after a new product has been released before I will make a recommendation for my clients. I want someone else's pets to be the guinea pigs. Several times in my career this cautionary approach has kept me from recommending something that was later pulled from the market for safety reasons. If these generics prove to be just as safe and effective as Frontline over a year or more, then I will feel more comfortable with them.

The active ingredient is only one factor in the effectiveness of a topical flea and tick preventive. There are ant and roach baits at your local hardware store that use fipronil as their active ingredients. I would never suggest it would be alright to cut one open and put it onto your dog.

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July 1, 2011

Super Cool Pets Monthly Round Up -- June 2011


We trust you are enjoying your summer. Here's a look back at the super cool gear we dug up this past June for our pets and the people they love. We are looking forward to more outdoors fun with our pets this coming July.

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Apparel for Pets





Books & Media

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June 30, 2011

Cat Power Tower Kitty Gym with Three Platforms and Scratching Post


This fabulous all-in-one Cat Power Tower will encourage your cats to scratch, hunt, jump, play, climb and lounge. It has an oversized scratching post and a two-sided scratching board, both covered with sisal carpet. The Tower includes 3 platforms:

Hunting Hole Platform. Fill this bottom platform with toy mice, scrunch balls and other kitty toys and watch your cat hunt them out.

Cat-Powered Play Platform. The middle platform is activated when your kitty jumps on it--the bird carousel will begin to spin. When your cat jumps off, the carousel stops. This platform can also be set to continuous spin or stop if you wish.

Lounging Platform.The top platform is designed for playing or relaxing. This platform also provides a perfect vantage point for cats to attack the bird carousel. It has a removable top which provides convenient storage for grooming tools, toys and treats.


The Cat Power Tower has sufficient lounging space for up to five adult cats. It offers multiple set up options -- any platform can be mounted to any of the pedestals so cat owners can customize their design. In Natural or Early American finish. Free shipping.

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June 27, 2011

Flying the Friendly Skies With Your Pets? Preparation is Key


Are you taking a vacation this summer with the family? All the members of the family? If so, you may be wondering about the dos and don'ts of flying with your pet--getting through security, taking your pet aboard in the cabin and more. It probably won't be the easiest trip of your life.

To ease your stress, the folks over at Mainstreet.com compiled 8 Tips for Flying With Pets for folks just like you. We only could find 7 and summed up, they are the following:

  1. Know the rules.
  2. Follow the rules, even on layovers.
  3. Plan every detail.
  4. Bring food and water, but don't feed pets as usual.
  5. Walk them before entering the terminal.
  6. Pass the security test.
  7. Be a good seatmate.


Airlines require that pets be in Airline Approved Pet Carriers that fit under the seat in front of you.

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June 22, 2011

Relax and Entertain Your Cat -- Grow Plants Your Kitty Will Love


Keep your kitty relaxed and entertained with his or her very own house plants. You can grow them yourself. Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Cat Care provides at-a-glance information on more than 40 versatile herbs that will help you keep your favorite feline healthy and happy. Here are a few to get you started:

catgrass.jpg Cat Grass -- Good for cat digestion.

lemongrass.jpgLemongrass -- Appealing smell.

catnip615.jpgCatnip -- Legendary, but does not affect approx 30% of cats, and generally the very young and old.

catmint.jpgCatmint -- Strong scent, much loved by cats.

peppermint.jpgPeppermint -- Similar effect as catnip, repels mice.

valerian.jpgValerian -- Similar to catnip

[via Re-Nest]

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June 17, 2011

Pain Management for Pets -- Tramodol for Dogs and Cats


Here at Super Cool Pets headquarters, one of the staff Golden Retrievers has been showing tell-tale signs of pain and suffering--not getting up off the floor to greet other staff members as they come through the door and walking slowly and stiffly. Not even bothering to charge out the back door upon notification of "squirrel" was the last straw.

The go-to med for pain relief for dogs is generally Rimadyl which many pet owners are familiar with. Trouble is, Rimadyl is not compatible with prednisone therapy, which this particular Golden Retriever is already on for treatment of masticatory muscle myositis (MMM), an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication. What to do?

Pets on prednisone therapy who also need pain relief--post-surgery or for chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer or hip dysplasia--can take Tramadol, available through prescription from a vet, who can sell the pills or write a script to order through a reputable online site. Tramadol is most commonly used in dogs for moderate to moderately severe pain, and may be used in cats.

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Petstages Cat Snuggle Scratch and Rest


Cat lovers know that scratching helps keep kitty claws stay strong and healthy. This Snuggle Scratch and Rest from Petstages is a corrugated "bowl" with a sturdy, supportive frame. It creates a terrific space for resting or scratching. Includes catnip for added fun!

Super cool find via Modern Cat

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June 16, 2011

Fourth of July Patriotic Cats


Wearing their stars and stripes, these cute Patriotic Cats will decorate your home or office desk on patriotic holidays or any day you want to display your love for your country. Each is detailed all around in polyresin with the look of carved wood.

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June 13, 2011

Tips for Moving or Traveling with Your Pet


Many of us will be on the go with our pets now that summer is here--taking vacations and trips out of town. Families like move house this time of year since their children are out of school. Cesar Millan, known as The Dog Whisper, recommends the following tips when moving or traveling with your pet. Cesar of course is all about dogs, but many of these suggestions apply to cats and birds as well.

1.) Prepare. Don't make it a last minute "pack-and-let's-go." Your dog will sense your anxiety and tension. Be ready days in advance, so that your dog has a normal experience before he has to get in the car or on the plane.

2.) Don't feed your dog for at least 6 hours before plane travel. Some people recommend 8 or even a full 24 hours. However, make sure your dog has access to water - enough to keep hydrated but not full.

3.) Bring your dog's blankie. Or his favorite stuffed animal, toy, bone--any item which is familiar to your dog and will comfort and relax him.

4.) Use a soothing scent. Instead of using drugs, try reaching your dog through his nose! Lavender is a great scent that can relax the brain. Drugs can make a dog drowsy and may leave him feeling disoriented and uncertain how to establish himself in a new environment.

5.) Go on a long walk. A recently exercised dog will be in a more relaxed state during any long trip.

6.) Take a break. On a long car ride, stop every four hours during the day for your dogs to relieve themselves, move their organs, and learn that they're going to another environment. It is important for a dog to experience the different temperatures, smells, and feelings that come with a new environment. This will help make them feel that they are part of the process of moving to a new area. Once the sun goes down, you can go eight hours non-stop.

7.) Don't leave your dog in the car. Summer temperatures can make a car heat up fast. Add an over-excited dog, and dehydration could be the result.

8.) Go on another walk. Once you arrive at the hotel, ask the staff where there is a nice, safe place to walk around. Then take your dog there for a walk to relax him.

9.) Claim your new space. Now you are ready to go to your hotel room. Enter first. Get the dog to stay where he is. Don't let him wander around or he'll assume control of the situation. While you are unpacking, showering, or making phone calls, he is waiting. The only one who should move in the environment is you--until you are ready, then you initiate activity. It's important that your scent is everywhere before the dog settles in.

10.) Balanced dogs make better travel companions. There is no specific breed or size of dog that naturally travels better than another, but an unstable dog will not make a good travel companion. Always nurture a balanced state of mind in your dog, and you will create a more pleasant traveling experience for both of you!

Our pets thrive on routine. It's not easy when traveling or after a move, but at minimum pets are happiest (and a happy pet means a happy owner!) when we can maintain regular feeding times and walking schedules.

[via Cesar Millan]

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June 9, 2011

Streamlined Cat Allergy Vaccine on the Horizon -- Short and Sweet


It's not news that many cat lovers are allergic to the object of their affection and are also allergic to pollen and dust. LA Times explains why:

Most people who sneeze around cats are allergic to one particular protein, Fel d 1. Ragweed pollen also has one main allergy-causing protein, called Amb a 1, which breaks down sugars. Dust mites, by contrast, have a dozen or more proteins that can cause trouble.

Scientists think cats might use Fel d 1 as a pheromone to attract mates. It's sticky stuff that attaches to the cat's dander, which then floats in the air and gets, well, everywhere.

The problem doesn't affect just those who live with a feline. People who regularly visit other people's homes, such as police officers, can't avoid it. The dander sticks to cat owners and infiltrates offices and other public places.

In addition, cat allergy seems to be a sort of "gateway" allergy. Kids bothered by cats often go on to develop asthma or even more allergies.

Current allergy therapy requires injections as frequently as three times a week for up to seven months, with continued monthly shots for five years or more. These allergy shots are expensive, not always safe and tediously slow.

Mark Larché, an immunologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, is developing a vaccine to target cat allergy, which afflicts around 10% of the U.S. population and one for ragweed as well. Instead of months and years of regular shots, he plans a four-month schedule of one shot a month with a booster perhaps if needed. In the meantime, allergy medicine will have to suffice.

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