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June 13, 2009

PetScoop: Soft-Hearted Pillow -- An Alternative to the Pet Cremation Urn


This is a pet product you are either going to love or, well...not so much.

The traditional method of preserving cremated pet remains has been the urn gathering dust on a shelf. Now, you may be comforted to know that you can keep what remains of your pet close to you, as they always were in life.

Your pet can be memorialized in a Soft-Hearted Pillow -- "a supple, huggable pillow that captures the love and tenderness that pet owners feel for their pets in a secure yet soft, embraceable, warm alternative."

The pillow is the brain-child of one Pati Moore, who operates (where else?) on the western coast of Florida in Naples.

The 14 inch square Soft-Hearted Pillow can accommodate any type of pet--dogs, cats , birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, pet rats. It comes in a choice of three micro-fleece fabrics in neutral colors with matching braided trim and can be personalized.


Sofa pillows will never be the same again. Soft-Hearted Pillows

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Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 6/13/09

More and more books every day are available in Kindle edition. We love our Kindle 2 and consider it more than worth the investment. To never be without a book to read again--priceless!

Browse the Amazon Hot New Pet Book Releases in our ongoing monthly series.

Traveling with Your Pet, 11th Edition: The AAA Petbook
A comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for AAA-rated lodgings that welcome pets. Arranged alphabetically by state, you'll find hotels in both small towns and major cities, with a list of icons showing what amenities you can expect with a sentence or two outlining pet policies.

The Complete Single's Guide to Being a Dog Owner
by Betsy Rosenfeld
From what to do when your puppy poops in your shoes to how to train your dog to play nice with your new date, this guide answers all the questions singles should ask before and after bringing home your new furry companions.

Please Don't Feed the Daisy: Living, Loving, and Losing Weight with the World's Hungriest Dog
by Beverly West and Jason Bergund
Heartwarming and healthy tale for dog- and food- lovers everywhere of the author's journey with their pets toward becoming a fit family.

Herbs for Pets: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet's Life
by Greg L. Tilford (Author), Mary L. Wulff
Hundreds of plant medicines that can be used in the daily care of animals with a wealth of information to select, prepare, and apply natural remedies, some of which may be growing in our own backyards.

Paws & Effect: The Healing Power of Dogs
by Sharon Sakson
A journalist, television producer, dog breeder and American Kennel Club dog-show judge, the author chronicles the numerous ways dogs contribute to our health.

ArrowContinue reading: "Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 6/13/09"

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June 12, 2009

WETNoz Urban Pet Bowl for Cats and Dogs


Inspired by the success of their pill-shaped Zen Ceramic Pet Bowls, the Wetnoz Design Lab has created another innovative pet feeding dish, the WETNoz Urban Pet Bowl. Rather than the Zen ceramic, the Urban has a two-piece construction of a non-skid plastic outer shell, with a removable stainless liner for easy cleaning.

Like the Zen, the pill-shaped Urban placed inline with a dog`s body conforms ergonomically to his/her the mouth and allows the ears to fall outside of the bowl. The dish placed perpendicular to a cat`s body reduces sensitive whisker contact.


In Snow or Bark, 1-Cup or 3-Cup sizes.

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June 11, 2009

Organic Zero Odor Eliminates Pet Odors Permanently


Here's a way to remove those old pet odor problems that you've never been able to get rid of before, even cat urine. Zero Odor eliminates pet odors forever by bonding with the odor-causing molecules--it doesn't just cover them up with another scent.

Zero Odor was specifically formulated to be sprayed on cat litter. Use it in your home and your cars for pet accidents, on your pet bedding, on pet-soiled and urine-contaminated carpet, and anywhere your pet might leave odor.

It's also effective on diaper pails, garbage cans, dirty sneakers, basements, drapes, cigarette smells--anywhere you want to permanently eliminate odor.

Non-toxic and biodegradable, chemically organic Zero Odor is safe for people, pets and the environment.

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June 10, 2009

Neater Feeder -- Dog and Cat Pet Feeder Contains Spills


Take the mess out of pet meal times. The new Neater Pet Feeder contains the spilling, splashing, and slobbering involved in feeding your pet. It will reduce the mess and actual damage to your floors and wall surfaces in the immediate vicinity as well, cutting back on slippery floors and stains.


How does it work? The spilled water is channeled down a sloped surface and through a filter into a lower reservoir where it is stored safely off the floor. The filer holds spilled food in an upper reservoir keeping it cleaner and easier to discard.

The Neater Pet Feeder and Leg Extensions comes in two sizes in Bronze and Red.

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June 9, 2009

Clarus Pet Organiser Software from KennettNet


If you are like many of us pet owners, your pet's medical and insurance records, copies of vet bills and other important paperwork are stashed in folders full of documents. And sometimes it's hard to keep organized, remembering when to give your pet meds, flea treatment, and keep that appointment with the groomer or vet.

Clarus is a Mac OS X Leopard application designed to manage your pet's life and paperwork. All of your pet's records are right there in your computer, easily accessible when they're needed.


Missing pet? Print a bold missing poster that includes your pet's photo and basic details along with contact information and any extra information, such as a reward, the name your pet answers to, etc.

All this, for just under $25 USD. 10% of the cost of your Clarus license will be donated to the Border Collie Trust GB, a registered charity in the UK that rescues and rehomes border collies in need.

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Remote Pet Feeding and Home Viewing Kit from Ergo Pet Feeders, Panasonic and INSTEON

When you leave your pets behind, do you wonder if they are okay? Getting enough to eat? Take the worry out of being away from home with this Remote Pet Feeding & Viewing Camera Kit. This set-up enables you to both feed your pets and check up on them from a computer anywhere in the world.

The kits come with everything you need, so set up is a breeze. The Panasonic Network Camera provides high-quality color video that can be viewed from any Internet-connected PC in the world. The system will also automatically schedule and email photos of your pets at feeding time.

The Ergo Pet Feeder is designed for either cats or dogs and can be programmed to dispense food up to eight times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Food is delivered to the bowl over several minutes. The automatic feeders are available in small and large sizes with a dishwasher safe bowl, a 24-hour programmable INSTEON timer and a non-chewable cord.

via Gizmodiva

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June 8, 2009

Summertime Vacation and Staycation Pet Supplies at PETCO.com with Free Shipping


Time to gear up for summer! Whether you plan a vacation or staycation this year with your pets, save 20% at PETCO.com on pet essentials, as well as outdoor and travel supplies.

Don't you love the simplicity of shopping for your sweet pet online? A great way to save $$ is on shipping costs. So, for the next few weeks, get FREE Shipping on $49 at PETCO.com Use Promotion Code: june49. Expires 6/26/2009.

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Fatboy Doggielounge and Catbag Indoor/Outdoor Pet Beds

The Fatboy lounge bags are fun, playful and functional pet beds. They look super cool anywhere you put them--indoors in the living room, bedroom, family room, loft and outdoor on the patio or deck--with the cute bone or fish logo on the side.

These pet lounges are made of comfortable water- and stain-resistant nylon filled with virgin polystyrene beads. Just use warm water and soap to wipe clean, or toss into your washing machine.

Small and Large in multiple colors: Amazon: Fatboy Doggielounge / Fatboy Catbag and Muttropolis: Fatboy Doggielounge / Fatboy Catbag

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June 5, 2009

Seagrass Stone Raised Cat Face Feeder from Stoney Creek


This polished granite Seagrass Stone Raised Cat Face Feeder is shaped like a cat's head with stainless steel bowls as the cat's eyes. The feeder is supported on two solid legs of the same Seagrass stone. Seagrass granite is tan with green flecks.

Thumbnail image for sandstonedogfeeder.jpgFrom Stoney Creek, who also make the Raised Granite Dog Feeder we posted on last spring and currently available in Sandstone.

HT Modern Cat

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