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July 27, 2009

Tommy Pet Bed by Tommy Williams


The Tommy Pet Bed was designed by Tommy Williams to remove the allergens where your cat or dog sleeps. The premise is that keeping the air pure and allergy-free at the "source of the problem" will improve the air quality throughout your home. It's a start anyway.

via Hometone

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How to Cover Expensive Veterinary Bills -- Trupanion Pet Insurance


Veterinary technology is advancing and becoming more expensive to the point where the cost of quality veterinary care often exceeds a pet owner's budget. Many pet owners are forced to choose between burdensome debt or medically neglecting their pet.

According to the American Pet Products Association, only 2% of all United States pet owners currently carry pet insurance and up to 6% of pet owners will by 2010. Pet insurance tends to cost between $2,000 and $6,000 over the lifespan of the average pet.

Christine Merle, an Indianapolis-based veterinary consultant quoted in this Chicago Tribune article on pet insurance, suggests pet insurance policies be thought of, in a financial sense only,

as more akin to car insurance than human health insurance. You're hedging your bets against paying out of pocket should catastrophe strike.

"It's like indemnity insurance," Merle said. "For individuals looking at how to reduce the cost of vet care, especially the accident and illness side, and who don't want to have to make a financial decision, it can be useful. Is it for everyone? No."

One affordable and practical type of coverage we have found is a high-deductible plan, such as the Trupanion Veterinarian-Approved Pet Insurance, recommended by PETCO.

This American Animal Hospital Association guide will help you to prepare yourself for potentially expensive urgent pet care.

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July 22, 2009

Assessing Pet Supplements -- How Vets Tell if They are Effective and Safe


A recent ConsumerLab.com study raises questions about the effectiveness of, or even necessity for, pet supplements.

Miami, FL small animal veterinarian Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA writes the popular blog Dolittler. Explaining a professional method to evaluate pet supplements, she cites Dr. Nancy Kay, a veterinary specialist who practices in Northern California and is the author of the popular book Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life:

"We veterinarians are taught to use the ACCLAIM system (described below) to assess nutritional supplements. You too can use this system to make educated choices about these products for yourself and your four-legged loved ones.

A = A name you recognize. Choose an established company that provides educational materials for veterinarians and other consumers. Is it a company that is well established?

C = Clinical experience. Companies that support clinical research and have their products used in clinical trials that are published in peer-reviewed journals to which veterinarians have access are more likely to have a quality product.

C = Contents. All ingredients should be clearly indicated on the product label.

L = Label claims. Label claims that sound too good to be true likely are. Choose products with realistic label claims.

A = Administration recommendations. Dosing instructions should be accurate and easy to follow. It should be easy to calculate the amount of active ingredient administered per dose per day.

I = Identification of lot. A lot identification number indicates that a surveillance system exists to ensure product quality.

M = Manufacturer information. Basic company information should be clearly stated on the label including a website (that is up and running) or some other means of contacting customer support."

Still have questions? Read Supplementing Your Pet's Dieticon by Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff.

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July 20, 2009

Pet Toy Safety -- Would You Buy that Toy for Your Child?

PETCO Tennis Felt Loofa Dog Toy (2

The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association has begun checking toys for safety. As we have learned in recent years, we cannot rely upon corporate America or watchdog agencies to keep our pets safe, but our own best judgment when purchasing pet toys. A few tips via The Examiner:

  • Avoid toys with painted decals: the item may not have been tested properly, and we know that paint can contain lead.
  • Toys that are inexpensive may be poorly constructed and disintegrate in a pet's mouth, leading to choking.
  • Exercise the same caution as you would when shopping for a young child's toy. If you wouldn't allow it in your playroom, it shouldn't be in your pet's toy box, either.

One solution is to make your own toys, as suggested in Make Your Own Cat Toys: Saving The Planet One Cat Toy At A Time.

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New 2009 Collection -- Laurel Burch Latte Mugs


The new 2009 collection of beautiful bright Laurel Burch Latte Mugs features 12 of her signature whimsical cat designs. These hand-finished ceramic mugs hold a generous 16 oz and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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July 17, 2009

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo for Cats and Dogs


We wash off and hose down our pets a lot, but sometimes they just need a good scrub to soothe the various conditions that crop up, especially in the summer, such as itch relief, skin sensitivity, combating pests, odor relief, and coat conditioning.

Earthbath All Natural Shampoos effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize pet dry skin. These shampoos are soap-free and pH-balanced for pets' sensitive skin--also non-toxic, 100% natural, entirely bio-degradable, phosphate and paraben-free, enzyme-free, and animal cruelty-free.

For dogs, a variety of Earthbath Shampoos are available--Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo, Clear Advantages Shampoo, Orange Peel Oil Shampoo, and Eucalyptus & Peppermint Shampoo.


For cats, Earthbath All Natural Cat Shampoo and Conditioner has gentle cleansers and conditioners with wild cherry essence to detangle and make your favorite feline's fur shine.

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July 15, 2009

Survey Says: Risk Prevents Shoppers from Buying to Store Brand Pet Products

10% OFF Natural Cat Litter

Do you buy store brand products or choose a national brand when you shop for your pet?

A new study has found that for some products, shoppers just won't risk buying the store brand.

Shoppers will choose the store brands for food and household goods, but prefer name brands when it comes to their children and pets.

ICOM surveyed the shopping habits of 1,530 Americans over a six-month period. The study found that just 23 percent chose the store brand over national brands for pet care products.

What about you?

via Brandweek

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July 13, 2009

Sizzlin' Summer Sale at Drs Foster and Smith

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.Popular online pet retailer Drs Foster and Smith is announcing a Sizzlin' Summer Sale!

Save on hundreds of quality items through 9/08/09. Hot!

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July 11, 2009

Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 7/11/09

More and more books every day are available in Kindle edition. We love our Kindle 2 and consider it more than worth the investment. To never be without a book to read again--priceless!

Lots of summer reading! Browse some of the Amazon Hot New Pet Book Releases in our ongoing monthly series.

Don't Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions to Your Worst Dog Behavior Problems by Randy Grim with Melinda Roth
Outrageous stories and simple solutions to your worst dog behavior problems. Takes the format of a doggie "Dear Abby".

First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Best Friends by Roy Rowan and Brooke Janis
Presidential pooches have faithfully stood by their masters through good times and bad, successfully endearing themselves to millions of people. An entertaining look at presidential history from a dog's point of view.

Spott's Canine Miscellany by Mike Darton
Perfect kennel-top or coffee-table book.The obsessive dog owner's answer to the publishing phenomenon Schott's Original Miscellany. A potpourri of canine facts, embracing the essential, the trivial, the intriguing, and the extraordinary.

Soul of a Dog: Reflections on the Spirits of the Animals of Bedlam Farm by John Katz
Will resonate with anyone who loves dogs, cats, or other animals and who wonders about the spirits that animate them and the deepening hold they have on our emotional lives.

ArrowContinue reading: "Super Cool Pet Books -- Amazon Hot New Releases 7/11/09"

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July 10, 2009

PetScoop: New Greener, More Economical CatGenie120 Launches 8/1/09


If you love cats, but would just as soon never touch, smell, or buy cat litter ever again, a good fit for you would be the CatGenie, "the only automatic cat box that flushes waste away and, like a cat, washes itself clean."

A new CatGenie 120 will be available on August 1. It has the same exterior, but is greener and more economical. Here are some of the 120 benefits and features:

• Greener, more economical cartridges
• Economical, eco-friendly cat activation
• SaniSolution level indicator
• Brand-new, smarter, software
• Save the washable granules
• Easier maintenance

As of August 1st, current CatGenie Owners can upgrade on the CatGenie website. As a current owner, you would purchase the CatGenie 120 Upgrade Package at the website price, then receive a $100 rebate when you return your old processing unit to be recycled.

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