November 27, 2007

Santa and Mrs. Claus Christmas Outfits

If your dog would like to dress up for the holidays, he will look fetching in this St. Nick Suit and Cap exclusive at the Paragon. Plush faux fur trim and mock belt. Polyester; machine wash.

Sizes: S (12"), M (12 1/2"), L (13"). Measure the length of your dog's back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.


Doesn't get much cuter than this! Your pooch will be adorable in this Mrs. Paws Christmas Dress. Comfy soft velvet with convenient velcro closures.

S: Measures 10.0in. down the back. Fits 8-12 lbs.
M: Measures 12.5in. down the back. Fits 13-18 lbs.
L: Measures 15.5in. down the back. Fits 19-28 lbs.
XL: Measures 17in. down the back. Fits 29-45 lbs.
XXL: Measures 19in. down the back. Fits 46-85 lbs.
XXXL: Measures 22.5in. down the back. Fits 85-130 lbs.

At Muttropolis.

If your doggie prefers to go hatless and maybe needs something cozier:

Mrs. Claus Sweater Dress

The Mrs. Claus Sweater Dress would be perfect for any occasion this holiday season. Knitted Cotton, Chenille Fur.

Size: XS, S, M

At Wrapables.

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November 26, 2007

Super Cool Pets Holiday Gift Guide Update-- 2007


The holiday season is upon us once more! Our pets are members of the family, and we want to include them on our gift list. Super Cool Pets has some ideas for our well-loved pets and pet-lovers. It's that time of year when we can splurge and indulge ourselves a little bit.

We have updated and added to this list as we sniff out fun products and deals. Check back often and have a fun holiday!

The Dolce Vita DuoTemp Pet Bed and the Fauna Sauna Pet Heater will provide a toasty place for your pet to sleep. Your cat can be entertained and cozy for hours on this Heated Kitty Window Sill. Choose your own style, shape, size and cover at the fabulous Orvis Dog Bed Selector. For your stylish kitty, the sleek and ecological Marmalade Pet Cheeky Chaise Cat Bed or Marmalade Pet Sweet Lounge Cat Bed.

For daytime privacy or nighttime quiet, a Cockatiel.jpgPersonalized Cage Cover. comes in handy. Your bird will love this cozy birds nest in a cage, a Snuggle Sack. Birds need drinking water during those cold winter days. Keep the ice away with this Tilt-to-Clean Heated Birdbath. A Birdbath Water Wiggler Agitator will aerate the water and help keep it from freezing. Have fun all year long birdwatching from the comfort of your own home with this In-House Panoramic Bird-Feeder.

Books and Media
Behavior: Cat Body, Cat Mind: Exploring Your Cat's Consciousness and Total Well-Being, The Cat Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions and The Dog Behavior Answer Book: Practical Insights & Proven Solutions for Your Canine Questions.
Coffee Table Books: Enjoy beautiful reproductions of cat painting and sculpture in The Cat in Art. For dog devotees: Dog Spelled Backwards: Soulful Writing by Literary Dog Lovers. And who doesn't love dogs and wine--Wine Dogs USA Edition features sensational photography of vineyards and their resident dogs.
CD's & DVD's: The Cat Sitter Fun Pack are DVD's that will help keep your kitty entertained, organic catnip is included. The ever-delightful Cesar Millan provides his time-worthy dog training techniques in People Training for Dogs: The Dog Whisperer, definitely worth viewing. And to perk up the spirits of your pooch this dreary winter (and your own!), listen to Songs to Make Dogs Happy.

Carriers, Crates & StepsChristmas%20Dog.jpg
This lifetime, ever-versatile Life Stages Folding Cage would be a good investment. For flexible use around the home and visiting, a Stowable Pet Gate. These Pet Steps with Brown Paws might come in handy too. Bring your pets along and hold them close in a Jeep Front Pack Carrier.

Collars and Leashes
Deck out your cats and dogs for the holidays! Attractive and festive Holiday Collar Collection and Holiday Leash Collection for either Christmas or Hanukah. Or make your own with this adorable do-it-yourself Collar ID Pet Collar Collection. Fun indoor activity for the yourself and the kids! For those after-hours walks, stay safe with a Light-Up Pet Leash.

Dog Apparel
On those raw and chilly outdoor excursions, keep your pet cozy and in style with an On the Go Hoodie. Your pet may prefer a Sweatshirt for more rough and tumble wear. The handsome Fleece Dog Sweater is a great choice for those bone-chilling days or the older dog and can be personalized. Nothing could be cuter than these holiday outfits-for him:St. Nick Suit and Cap and for her: Mrs. Claus Sweater Dress.

Super Cool Pets loves this striking biOrb Aquarium that will embellish any decor. Available in fresh- or saltwater, the Eclipse System 12 Aquarium Kit is a small, easy-to-maintain aquarium perfect for your home, office, classroom.

Food and Feeders
The automatic feeder and waterer, Chatterbowl can play a recorded message to keep your pets company while you are gone. Place it on a Personalized Feeder Rug. For a handsome and modern look Contemporary Bent Wood Pet Feeder is for you. Drinkwell Pet Fountain Deluxe is a popular item that provides fresh drinking water for you pet.

Grooming, Litter and CleanupChristmas%20Kitty.jpg
Affordable and always necessary Gripsoft Grooming Tools, so our pets stay beautiful too. Invest in a Cat Genie-Self Washing, Self Flushing Cat Box to simplify your life and rid yourself of unpleasant litter box chores. Two attractive solutions to hide away the ugly litter box are the Wicker Litter Box Cover or the Kitty Washroom. Anyone who owns the iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vac raves about it. Great gift for yourself or a pet lover.

Pet Lovers
Deck out your tree with Dog and Cat Ornaments. Don't forget to stock up on your 2008 Pet Calendars: Bird 2008 Calendars, Cat 2008 Calendars and Dog 2008 Calendars. The Cat & Dog Chess Sets sound like fun for snowy days, or Dog-opoly and Cat-opoly. Wipe your feet your dog's and keep the holidays cheery with this Humorous Door Mat. Women love Laurel Burch Cat Handbags & Apparel. And for the guys a couple pairs of Dog Breed Pajama Pants.

Who doesn't love toys at Christmas? For your dog, a Huge Woolly "Bone" Dog Toy, a Buster Cube or two, and some Tough Chew Toys. Give your pooch a good workout and your arm a break with this HyperDog Tennis Ball Launcher. Your cat will love this Modular Cat Playground and the Star Chaser Lighted Cat Toy and Scratcher or a Holiday Boogie Mats loaded with catnip. Pamper him or her with a pleasing sensory experience from their very own Hagen Living World Cat Spa. And when day is done, pile up all those pet toys and hide them away in this attractive Wooden Toy Bin that will look great anywhere in your home.

Pet Stockings and Stuffers
Get a Personalized Dog Stocking or a Good Pet Stocking for your Dog and Cat. Don't forget the Stocking Hangers. Stuff them with Gourmet Dog Cookies in Peanut Butter, Cheese & Bacon Molasses, and Mint, Merrick Flossies Dog Treats (50 Count). or a pack of Cat Toys. For safety on outings after dark a Collar Blinkericon Then wash your pet up with this convenient Doggie Soap-on-a-Rope. Or just relax, curl up with a nice cup of warm herbal tea and go for some Amazon Gift Certificates and Pet Lover Gift Certificates at Chimpfeet.

On the road with your pet, keep them safely out of the front seat by using a convenient Portable Pet Barrier. Holiday traffic is stressful enough without your pet trying to take over the wheel! They can be snuggled comfortably in the back seat with a Furniture and Vehicle Throw. Bring their dinner and refreshments along with this insulated carry bag, storage and feeder all in one, the Store-N-Feed To Go travel cooler. And don't forget their own Fold Up Dog Bed so they feel at home away from home. Two new must-have items on the travel scene this season: Abogear Pet Digs a lightweight, portable crate for pets up to 100 lbs and the combo car seat and pet carrier in one, the Click N Go Car Seat Carrier.

Popular Holiday Shopping Sites for Your Pet:
For more ideas, try browsing some of these sites:

Looking for more amazing gift ideas? Check out our extensive set of holiday
shopping guides
on electronics, fashion, cooking, and more.

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Holiday Book Gift Guide


At Super Cool Pets we love books and we know many of you do too. Books are a great gift to give at the holidays--easy to order and ship online and always appreciated. There are many heart-warming and informative books about our pets. Super Cool Pets has been looking at new releases. Here is a sampling:

All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat (And Then Some): Double-Platinum Collector's Edition
by Suzy Becker
These illustrated teachings of one very wise cat were embraced by millions when first published. Now Binky is back, adding 45 new life lessons.

Be the Pack Leader: Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog . . . and Your Life
by Cesar Millan
Bestselling author Cesar Millan takes his principles of dog psychology a step further, showing you how to develop the calm-assertive energy of a successful pack leader and use it to improve your dog’s life–and your own.

101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers
by Joseph Nigro, Nicholas Nigro
101 Best Businesses for Pet Lovers furnishes readers with a comprehensive roster of the finest and most unusual entrepreneurial, career, and moneymaking opportunities in today's colorful pet care trade.

The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know
by Tracie Hotchner
The Cat Bible explains the mysteries of feline behavior to owners who are devoted to their cats without being able to fully understand them. It offers straightforward solutions to the problems that cause people to give up their cats, many of which are preventable, including litter box avoidance, furniture scratching.

Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by Debra M. Eldredge, Delbert G. Carlson, Liisa D. Carlson, James M. Giffin
Fully revised and expanded, the Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook is the most essential book any cat owner can have. Clearly written, step-by-step directions give you vital information at your fingertips: when you can treat your cat yourself and how to communicate signs and symptoms so that your veterinarian can give your pet the best care possible.

The Dangerous Book for Dogs: A Parody by Rex and Sparky
by Joe Garden, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki, Scott Sherman
This gentle parody of the bestselling Dangerous Book for Boys-identical in look and tone to its source material-offers an often funny, surprisingly insightful take on dog behavior that's sure to resonate with the Spot set.

Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm
by Jon Katz
Latest collection of stories from upstate New York's Bedlam Farm, the saga of which began with A Dog Year (2002). Bedlam Farm, a cross between a working and a hobby farm, is the home of the animals that are his inspiration.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by Debra M. Eldredge, Liisa D. Carlson, Delbert G. Carlson, and James M. Giffin
The guide dog lovers have relied on for more than twenty-seven years, this handbook has been extensively revised to include the latest information on everything from canine healthcare to nutrition to holistic treatments. Puts vital information at your fingertips.

Good Dog. Stay
by Anna Quindlen
Heartening and bittersweet, Good Dog. Stay. honors the life of a cherished and loyal friend and offers us a valuable lesson on our four-legged family members: Sometimes an old dog can teach us new tricks.

kittenwar: may the cutest kitten win!
by Fraser Lewry, Tom Ryan
Kittenwar.com, the massively popular Web site that pits two photographs of adorable kittens side by side and asks the viewer to vote for a winner, has entered a new battlefield: the book.

meowWOW!: Curiously Compelling Facts, True Tales, and Trivia Even Your Cat Won't Know
by Marty Becker D.V.M., Gina Spadafori
Whether you're a cat lover, a trivia buff, or searching for information before you adopt your first kitten or adult cat, everything you always wanted to know (and everything you didn't think of asking) is revealed!

Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog
by Ted Kerasote
A Labrador mix, Merle first appeared while the author was on a camping trip. The author, an award-winning nature writer, decided to take his canine friend home to rural Wyoming. This chronicle of their 13 years together is interspersed with studies by animal behaviorists that strengthened Kerasote's desire to see Merle as a responsible individual rather than a submissive pet.

The Natural Pet Food Cookbook: Healthful Recipes for Dogs and Cats
by Wendy Nan Rees
The unprecedented pet food recall that began in March 2007 has pet owners very concerned. Many have become mistrustful of commercial food manufacturers and instead are turning to home-cooked meals as a way to ensure that their pets remain safe.

Planet Cat: A CAT-alog
by Sandra Choron, Harry Choron, Arden Moore
A lively, entertaining, one-of-a-kind assemblage of more than 400 lists on all things cat. Its all here, from the origins of the species to care and training to breeds and behavior to famous cats in history, art, and literature. The book even includes a list of celebrity cat people. Illustrated with more than 150 photographs and line drawings.

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish
by Mark R. Levin
Rescuing Sprite is a stunningly intimate look at the love between a family and a dog, one that movingly shows, in Mark Levin's words, that "in the end, we humans are the lucky ones."

Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love
by Rachael Hale
Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love features sixty original and captivating images of puppies by the world's most popular animal photographer. Hale uses her lens, her love of dogs, and a great deal of patience to create an enchanting perspective on how puppies see the world.

50 Games to Play With Your Cat
by Jackie Strachan (Author)
Discover a complete compendium of games appropriate for cats of all ages and activity levels. The simple instructions make each game easy to set up and play in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The book features activities that challenge your cat both mentally and physically, helping to satisfy her instinctive hunting skills while keeping her fit and happy.

To browse more pet books, visit:

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November 25, 2007

Pet Christmas Stockings and Stuffers

When you hang your stockings this year, don't forget to fill one with lots of yummy treats and fun toys for your pet.

These wool stockings are 17" long and backed in velvet. They come in seven needlepoint designs: Pug, Black Lab, Bichon Frise, Golden Retriever,Yellow Lab, Dog Bones and Paw Prints. Can be personalized up to eight characters and spaces.

49084_hanger.jpg cookies.jpg

Don't forget the Stocking Hangers and Gourmet Dog Cookies stocking stuffers in Peanut Butter, Cheese & Bacon Molasses, and Mint. Made with human-grade, USA-produced ingredients. Yum!

At Plow and Hearth.

Or fill these Good Pet Stockings for your Dog and Cat. (above) Stockings are embroidered with paw prints, real bells, "Good Dog" or "Nice Kitty" stitching, and resin bone or fish "treats" hanging from the jester cuff. Made of cotton.

Pet's name to 12 letters. Personalization is free and can add up to three additional days for order delivery.

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 19"H. At Lillian Vernon.

More Stockings and Stocking Stuffers

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Hanukkah Gift Baskets for Pets and Pet Lovers


Warm up that special pet and pet lover! Hanukkah Gift Baskets for Cats and their Owners and Hanukkah Gift Baskets for Dogs and their Owners will make thoughtful gifts.

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November 24, 2007

Dog-Proof Bedding

More than half of all US dog owners allow their pup to sleep on their beds or couches. If you are in that group, and Super Cool Pets pleads guilty, you know that the resulting dirt, shedded fur, moisture, odors, fabric rips and snags can make you regret this decision every now and then.


The waterproof Three Dog Night™ Dog-Proof Comforter will protect you and your bed linens from doggy hazards. The comforter is made of pure cotton backed with cotton/poly blend. Dry clean. Available in blue, green, chocolate, claret, honey, and paisley.

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King & Pillow Sham

Interesting tidbit:

The term "three dog night" originates with the Inuit tribes of Alaska, who measured nocturnal temperatures based on how many of their sled dogs they needed to bring indoors to serve as bed warmers.

In the market for a new dog bed? Find the perfect nest for your dog!

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Handcrafted Glass Ornaments for Pet Lovers

Beautiful glass ornaments for the holiday season at Plow & Hearth!


Handcrafted Glass Ornaments for Pet Lovers are available in various breeds of dogs and cats. Dogs: Basset Hound, Beagle, Black Lab, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Pug Westie and Yellow Lab. Cats: Brown Stripe, Black, Gray Stripe and White.

Sizes: 3" to 3-1/2"H


From Old World Christmas, this lovely Old World Glass Cardinal Ornament, Super Cool Pets's favorite bird. These ornaments were so popular in mid-20th century. Handblown glass, clip on, comes gift boxed. Measures 4.5 by 1.5 by 3 inches high

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November 23, 2007

NFL Dog Gear


As of this writing, NE Patriots squeaked by the Colts to maintain their undefeated status this season. Many of us are promoting the undefeated Patriots...


...and so can our pets with an officially licensed NE Patriots Football Jersey.

Super Cool Pets knows that there are football fans in this country who definitively do not support New England. Chimpfeet has a choice of 14 teams.


Small - Length 10"-14"/ Girth 12"-16"/ Neck 6"-10"

Medium - Length 16"-20"/ Girth 16"-19"/ Neck 10"-14"

Large - Length 20"-26"/ Girth 19"-26"/ Neck 14"-18"

XLarge - Length 26"-30"/ Girth 26"-32"/ Neck 18"-20"

Also you may be interested in the NFL Collar & Leash Sets.

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Weekend Cyber Steals and Deals


Here at Super Cool Pets we really prefer cyber-shopping.


Why are these people smiling? Can you imagine how long it took them to find a parking space?

We like to avoid the pushing and shoving, big crowds, and especially waiting in long lines. Hmmm.

We say--stay in your pj's, brew some cocoa and "shop online". Below are some Black Friday Steals & Deals. Or just browse our categories for some great ideas!

Black Friday Steals & Deals -- Thanksgiving through Monday 11/26
Sales and Online Deals -- Enter "Pet Supplies" in Search Box

Black Friday Steals & Deals Click on "Home & Garden", then scroll down to "Pet Supplies"

Dog Toys

DogToys.com 20% off* all items starting Wednesday Nov. 21 thru Midnight Monday Nov. 26th. Use coupon code: THANKS during checkout

20% off everything Enter promo code thankyou at checkout to redeem this offer. Offer expires on Monday, November 26th at the stroke of midnight CT.

Oh My Dog Supplies
Black Friday Special Offer – At OhMyDogSupplies.com you can receive Free Shipping on all Dog feeders though November 28th with coupon code BLACKFR03
Friday Special Offer; Receive an additional $10 off the already discounted price on the Portola Dog Carrier only at OhMyDogSupplies.com. Offer expires November 28th use coupon code BLACKFR02
Black Friday Special Offer – Only at OhMyDogSupplies.com get $30 off the Humpback Dog Couch. Offer expires November 28th use coupon code BLACKFR01


Shop PETCO.com and Save 20%--Enter Promotion Code thanksgiving at Checkout. Offer expires 11/23 at Noon EST

20% off--Click on Pet Lovers Enter MSN07 at checkout. Valid Friday 11/23.

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November 22, 2007

Black Friday Steals and Deals


Black Friday Steals & Deals -- Wed 11/21, Thanksgiving, Fri 11/23
Sales -- Enter "Pet Supplies" in Search Box
Online Deals Wed 11/21 through Mon 11/26

Black Friday Steals & Deals Click on "Home & Garden", then scroll down to "Pet Supplies"

Dog Toys
DogToys.com 20% off all items starting Wednesday Nov. 21 thru Midnight Monday Nov. 26th. Use coupon code: THANKS during checkout

20% off everything Enter promo code thankyou at checkout to redeem this offer. Offer expires on Monday, November 26th at the stroke of midnight CT.

Shop PETCO.com and Save 20%--Enter Promotion Code thanksgiving at Checkout. Offer expires 11/23 at Noon EST

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