August 25, 2014

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Feeder -- 2 Bowl Pet Feeder with Ice Pack


With schools and colleges starting up these days, no one may be around to feed the cats on time. Whether you are working late or away for the weekend, this 2 Bowl Automatic Feeder with Ice Packautomatically provides fresh meals to your pets reliably served at the correct time.

Two easy compartments with close fitting lids and a built-in ice pack can feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs. Set the timer on each lid to open up at a required time, up to 48 hours later. It features two large food bowls that hold 450grams of wet food each. Easy to use and clean at 2-Bowl Automatic Feeder with Ice Pack.

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March 10, 2014

WonderBowl Pet Feeder Station -- Bowl Opens Only For Pet Wearing Tag


Our pets love to eat. And for those households with more than one pet, keeping dogs out of cats' food, and vice-versa, is a necessity. That goes double if a pet is on a special diet, as you really want to be sure they are eating the (usually expensive) food they need and that their housemate is not gobbling it up.


This ingenious WonderBowl opens only for the pet wearing the unique water-resistant tag (included), which attaches to your pet's collar. Along with preventing children and other pets from eating from the food bowl, its sturdy design prevents slipping and sliding on floors.

At WonderBowl.

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December 3, 2013

Cute Doggie Earphone Winder / Cord Manager / Cable Winder


End the fussing with too much cable hanging between your music player and your earphones!This Cute Doggie Earphone Winder/Cord Manager/Cable Winder secures your headphone cables from snagging and catching on objects, or tangling up in your pocket or bag.


Just wind up the slack and lock it in. The Cute Doggie Earphone Winder/Cord Manager/Cable Winder is very easy to use. Perfect for all Apple iPhones/iPods, MP3 players, Sony Walkmans and anything else that uses earbuds or headphones. Stocking stuffer!

Need gift ideas? Browse at Gifts Ideas for Pets.

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September 27, 2013

Family and Cat Play -- Sphero Robotic Ball Gaming Device


This is a fun gaming toy for everyone, including our cats. The Sphero Robotic Ball Gaming Device is controlled with a tilt, touch, or swing by iOS and Android apps on your smartphone or tablet.


About the size of a baseball, you can weave it in and around obstacles or feet, or just try to outpace your cat. You can video your cat chasing Sphero with the built-in camera.


With its customizable colored LEDs, you can change the ball's color to suit your mood or play in the dark. Sphero has a durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate shell allowing for lasting gameplay and is compact enough to slip into a bag or jacket pocket.

via All Pet News

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September 10, 2013

QR Code ID Pet Collar


If you are unlucky enough to discover your pet is missing, odds are in your favor he or she will be found by a kind and caring person. This affordable QR Code Pet Id Collar is a "smart" dog collar that contains everything anyone needs to know to care for and safely return your pet to you.

This collar has a QR (quick response) bar code that connects the user to your pet's personal, up-to-date web site. To access the site, the QR code can be scanned or photographed and texted. If the user doesn't have a smartphone, they can simply enter in the URL on the collar.

Your pet's site can contain your contact info, pet's medical info, vet info, pet insurance, any reward, photographs and special instructions. The QR Code ID Pet Collar is available in assorted colors at Amazon and Orvisicon.

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August 27, 2013

Ikea Dog Tail Hooks in Assorted Colors


Ever wonder where you stashed the dog leash? Or maybe your keys? Use these Ikea Dog Tail Hooks to hang your pet leash, keys, hat, coat, bag.


These cute wall organizers are made from soft rubber with no sharp edges to bump against. Available in a set of six or individually in assorted colors.

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August 5, 2013

PetSafe Bark and Activity Counter for Pets


Do you know whether your pet barks while you are away? Learn how to distinguish between separation anxiety and general owner-absent barking. The Bark and Activity Counter for Pets helps determine trigger points for a dog's barking and activity while home alone.


The Bark and Activity Counter for Pets is a useful problem-solving tool for dog owners, veterinarians and trainers. It is worn on the dog's collar and records the frequency and duration of barking and movement, and then downloads data in basic charts for easy analysis and tracking.

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August 3, 2013

Wingscapes Auto Bird Feeder


Make feeding your back yard birds easier than ever. Just program this Wingscapes Auto Bird Feeder to control when and how much seed is dispensed. Saves on time and money.

It's perfect for when you're on vacation or other situations where frequent refilling is difficult. The Feeder stays filled longer and birds stay fed over a period of time, learning to visit when you are there to watch them.

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June 17, 2013

Let Your Pets Let Themselves Outside -- Get 15% Off Select PetSafe Pet Doors


Never fails--the moment you sit down your dog needs to go out. Must go out. Let your pets control their own schedule this summer!

Get 15% Off the PetSafe Smartdoor, Smartkey, and 3 sizes of the Telescoping Aluminum Pet Door to provide your pet access to the outdoors without you.

A pet door can also be used between rooms, say to give your pet entry to the bedroom from the hallway when your door is closed.

At 15% Off Select PetSafe Pet Doors

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June 7, 2013

Whistle Dog Collar Monitor -- Measures and Reports Pet Activity


Is your dog your best friend? Now you can be closer than ever. You soon can keep tabs onjust about everything going on with your pet, except possibly what he/she thinks about invasion of privacy.

An intriguing startup, Whistle, has created a Whistle Activity Monitor, a waterproof on-collar device that records and measures your dog's activities while tracking changes in behavior and trends over time.


You will know if, when and how long your dog walks, plays, naps, swims, chases squirrels and gets hugs from the neighbor. You can check-in from your phone, share memorable moments with family and friends, and send detailed reports to your veterinarian. Just a matter of time before one is developed for cats. And before someone slaps one on you.

At the gorgeous website Whistle.

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