June 10, 2008

ABO Gear Dog Tucker Traveler Bag and Bowls -- Keep Your Pets Well Fed & Watered


Here is a convenient and functional feeding and watering set for day trips and travel with your pet. ABO Gear Dog Tucker Traveler Bag and Bowls will keep your pet fed and watered. The set includes:

  • Nylon canvas pet food bag with convenient pour flap at bag bottom
  • Two collapsible bowls for food or water
  • Transport, store, and dispense up to 15 lbs of dry food
  • Bowls have easy wipe-clean lining
  • Eliminates waste and mess.

Other food travel sets we love at Super Cool Pets include:

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June 6, 2008

Train Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post with Pavlov's Cat Interactive Treat-and-Food Dispenser


The apty named Pavlov's Cat Interactive Treat-and-Food Dispenser trains your cat to use the scratching post by rewarding him/her with food. Features:

  • Scratching post doubles as treat-and-food dispenser for cats
  • Rewards scratching by releasing treats or dry food; 4-1/2-cup capacity
  • Heavy plastic construction ensures durability; carpeted scratching surface
  • Paw-shaped base can be filled with sand or litter for added stability
  • Measures 13 by 13-1/2 by 20 inches


Pavlov's Cat Interactive Treat-and-Food Dispenser

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May 31, 2008

Judge Grants Initial Approval to Pet Food Settlement


On Friday May 30 a judge gave initial approval to the pet food settlement:

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) -- A judge granted initial approval Friday to a settlement in which companies that manufactured or sold contaminated pet food would compensate pet owners for all costs related to the death or illness of their dogs and cats.

Under the deal, granted initial approval by U.S. District Judge Noel Hillman, pet owners in the United States and Canada would be notified of the settlement by June 16 and would have until early December to submit claims. A final hearing on the $24 million settlement is scheduled for Oct. 14.

The settlement doesn't pay pet owners for pain and suffering from injuries to their pets.

And why aren't pain and suffering factors? Because--even though we may consider our pets to be members of our family, pets are only property in the eyes of the law.

Read article.

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May 30, 2008

Weather-Resistant Eucalyptus Outdoor Raised Dog Feeder


Did you know elevated dog feeders promote ergonomic eating? We will be featuring more of them here at Super Cool Pets.

We have always fed our pets outdoors when weather allows. The
Eucalyptus Outdoor Dog Feeder would look well on your porch, patio, or even in the kitchen or mud room, if you prefer.

Eucalyptus Outdoor Dog Feeder is constructed of solid eucalyptus wood with a tough weather-resistant polyurethane enamel finish, so it's easy to clean--just hose it off. 3-qt. bowls.

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May 26, 2008

Contaminated Pet Food Settlement


A settlement has been reached in the dispute over contaminated pet food. This settlement between pet owners and Diamond Pet Foods has not been approved by a judge and will be heard May 30. We will keep you posted.

Companies that were sued over contaminated pet food linked to the deaths of perhaps thousands of dogs and cats have agreed to pay $24 million to pet owners in the United States and Canada.

The settlement is detailed in papers filed late Thursday in U.S. District Court in Camden. It still needs a judge's approval.

"The settlement attempts to reimburse pet owners for all of their economic damages," said Russell Paul, a lawyer for plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The deal would affect people who incurred expenses directly related to the illness or death of a pet linked to the food, which was at the center of the biggest-ever U.S. pet food recall in 2007.

Under the terms of the deal announced Thursday, pet owners could be reimbursed for all reasonable expenditures, including veterinarian bills and burial or cremation costs.

Pet owners could also ask for the fair market value of their deceased pets, if that is higher than the costs incurred. Owners who do not have documentation of their expenses can get up to $900 each. All claims are subject to a review.

The settlement addresses economic issues, but to many of us, pets are more than property. What about pain and suffering?

Read entire article here.

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May 19, 2008

Kitchen Scraps for Your Pet -- What's Good & What's Not


When we are in the kitchen whomping up some vittles, it is so hard to resist those cute faces. No one ever feeds them and all they want is a little tidbit! But are you sure those scraps you throw to them won't be harmful?

Check out this MSNBC article, 'People foods that can kill your pet' where you can find a list of bad and good foods for your pet.

If you do make a mistake, or your pet does, here's what to do in case of emergency. Save or bookmark this info:

Despite all the precautions you take to keep your pet pals safe, accidents do happen. That's why the ASPCA, Humane Society and animal advocates advise pet owners to keep the telephone numbers of their local veterinarian and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center -- (888) 426-4435 -- in a prominent location.

Common signs of poisoning include muscle tremors or seizures; vomiting and diarrhea; drooling; redness of skin, ears and eyes; and swelling and bleeding.

If you suspect your pet has consumed, inhaled or come in contact with a toxic substance, stay calm and call for help immediately. If you see your pet consuming anything you think might be toxic, seek emergency help immediately even if she or he is not exhibiting any symptoms.

And while we are on the subject, here are two articles that may help someday:

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May 12, 2008

Stylish Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer Keeps Your Pet Refreshed

Ever wonder if you remembered to fill the dog's water dish?

No matter how toasty it gets, the Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer will see to it that your pet doesn't get thirsty. Features:

  • Attractive 2 quart waterer is just the right size for any home and goes well with any decor.
  • Connects to any garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your pet while you are home or away.
  • This reliable waterer is made of durable polypropylene. It cleans quickly and is sun resistant.
  • Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes as well as nearly any other pet's hydration needs. Will not over flow and no training required.

Aqua Buddy Automatic Waterer

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May 9, 2008

StoneyCreek Raised Granite Dog Feeder for the Pampered Pooch

Pamper your pooch with a StoneyCreek Raised Dog Feeder made from a bone-shaped slab of granite called "Black Galaxy". We actually have this granite in our kitchen and it is beautiful---jet black with a high sheen, interspersed with golden flecks. Very durable as well.

The feeder is raised on purple yew wood legs. Enhance your home's decor! Includes two human food grade quality stainless steel bowls.

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April 25, 2008

To Go Bowl -- Pet Bowl Fits into Car Cup Holder


Super Cool Pets loves this To Go Bowl for worry-free car trips with your pet. It fits conveniently into your car cup holder alongside your coffee cup, so you know you always have a ready-made bowl receptacle along for water and food. Dishwasher safe. Features:

* Splash Guard--effective up to 16 ounces of liquid.
* Unit can hold up to 32 ounces if used as a regular bowl on the floor.
* Base detaches for separate use as a food/treat container with lid.
* Adjustable ring for secure fit in cup holder.

A must for every pet-lover's vehicle. To Go Bowl.


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March 18, 2008

Political Pets -- Is Your Pet a Republican or a Democrat?


Most of us know which party we support, but how about your pets? You may be surprised. Take this quiz at Petlane to find out how your pet might vote:

Republican Pets:
1. They bark at passing neighbors and traffic; home security is very important to them.
2. Their ears perk up when Fox News comes on.
3. They are a big spender at the local pet store.
4. Strongly believe pet matrimony should only occur between two cats or two dogs.
5. Believe in the 2nd amendment right to bear teeth and claws.
6. Are for electric border fences for the yard.
7. Want national ID tags for all pets.
8. They advocate for the pet tracking chip - you can never have too much security!

Democratic Pets:
1. They want universal veterinary care for all!
2. They want their treats for free.
3. They socialize with all breeds at the dog park.
4. They prefer their owner uses biodegradable poop bags.
5. Are very concerned with the rising rate of pet food.
6. Have the young puppy and kitten vote locked.
7. Want an end to the war of dogs vs. cats once and for all.
8. Think of Ralph Nadar as the dog catcher.

[Via Slashfood]

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