April 24, 2007

Pet Food Recall Keeps Stretching


We just received a letter from BJ's informing us that the Berkeley & Jensen Pigs Ears we buy have been recalled due to a threat of salmonella. March 9 and we received the letter 4/23!

Here is an updated list in pdf from the Pet Food Tracker via Pet Connection.

I have read that FDA is "slow" (are we surprised?), but the best defense in this shameful situation is to check them all. How sad this is!

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April 21, 2007

Pet Food Recall Expands to Third Company

Royal Canin USA--their take on "Knowledge and Respect". How ironic:

Welcome to Royal Canin pet foods The ethos of the Royal Canin brand is based on its unique vision of the dog and the cat :the conviction that dogs and cats are not human beings but animals and as a result, true respect obliges us to treat them as such.

True respect implies certain obligations, of which one is Knowledge : to truly know the animal and understand its specific physiological and nutritional requirements, and, in consequence, guarantee it a "tailor made" food in line with its real nutritional needs.

The current culprit provides a list of their hazardous foods here: Royal Canin USA. Their statement:

Pet owners should immediately stop feeding their pets the Royal Canin USA dry pet food products listed above. Pet owners should consult with a veterinarian if they are concerned about the health of their pet. No other Royal Canin diets are affected by this recall and CONTINUE TO BE safe for pets to eat.

Update on 4/20 from the Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — A third company on Friday recalled pet foods made with an imported Chinese ingredient only recently found to have been contaminated by an industrial chemical.

The pet food ingredient, rice protein concentrate, is the second found in the U.S. to be contaminated by melamine. Previously, testing revealed that wheat gluten also had been contaminated.

Royal Canin USA said it was recalling some of its dry dog and cat foods made with tainted rice protein concentrate.

Also this week, the French company's South African unit recalled a range of dog and cat dry pet foods after they were found to contain a third ingredient, corn gluten, also contaminated with melamine. Those products were sold in South Africa and Namibia.

U.S. customers with questions about Royal Canin's recall can call the company at 800-592-6687 or visit its Web site: http://www.royalcanin.us .

Wilbur-Ellis Co., a U.S. importer of the tainted rice protein, has recalled all the ingredient it had distributed to five U.S. pet food manufacturers. The San Francisco company in turn urged its customers to recall any products that may be on store shelves.

Earlier this week, pet food companies Natural Balance, of Pacoima, Calif., and Wilton, Conn.-based Blue Buffalo recalled cat and dog foods made with the contaminated rice protein concentrate.


On the Net:

Food and Drug Administration pet food recall info:

http://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/hottopics/petfoo d.html

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April 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall Widens


The news of the most recent pet food recall has been a bit eclipsed by the media coverage of the tragedy at Virginia Tech. The recall now includes Natural Life. For complete (we hope) information visit the FDA website.

Here's the current list (as of 4/17/07) of recalled pet foods: cats and dogs.

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April 18, 2007

Precise Portion Control Pet Feeder

An answer for those days we cannot always be home when it is feeding time! A feeder that can be programmed to automatically dispense the correct amount of food. The jar holds five pounds of dry food, possibly enough for several days, depending on the size (and appetite) of your pet. The food is served one to three times a day in 1/4-cup increments up to a total of two cups.

So this Programmable Feeder is best for cats and smaller to medium sized dogs (our Goldens eat more than 2 cups per day). But it can provide peace of mind if you need to leave your cats for several days, have an erratic schedule, get caught in traffic or anything else that may crop up.

Requires three D batteries. Dimensions:15" H x 9" W x 14 1/2" L.

Programmable Feeder

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April 12, 2007

Canine Confections Gourmet Dog Treats

Update: This item is no longer available. Shop Pet Treats.

Here is a great gift for a "special occasion"--Gourmet Dog Treats. For an important time in your dog's life--birthday, graduation from dog obedience school or just learning a new skill. When you bring a house gift to your host/hostess, get on their good side (not to mention their puppy's) and bring these confections along.

These treats are handcrafted in small batches. Each individual treat contains the finest organic ingredients:

Love, organic rye flour, organic barly flour, carob, unsulphured molasses, organic sesame seeds, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic egg glaze.
15 treats per box handcut in a "delightful" shape. Don't they look yummy?

Available from Puplife.

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April 10, 2007

Houndstooth Treat Jar & Food Bowl

What could be more appropriate than to keep your pet's cookies and biscuits in a Houndstooth Treat Jar. This unique, attractive treat jar keeps cookies and biscuits fresh while looking nice on your counter or shelf. It is decorated in a Houndstooth pattern and made of porcelain with platinum accents. The top has a rubber gasket to keep treats fresh and maybe even cut down on the smell, so your dogs won't know it's there!

Pair with a matching Houndstooth Bowl for food or water. In large and small.

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April 9, 2007

You Bake 'Em, Dog Biscuits


When we adopted our Golden Retrievers, we received You Bake 'Em, Dog Biscuits, a 48-page book of recipes, as a gift from the ever-generous editors of Super Cool Baby and Shirt Snob. Today April 9 is their precious son's first birthday--Happy Birthday Andy!

As posted before, this is a good time to be preparing your pet's food, due to the scary and extremely unnecessary pet food recall. I highly recommend You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits by Janine Adams. It is packed with recipes and is essentially a kit that includes five cookie cutters for shaping the biscuits, doggie bags and labels for giving the biscuits as gifts. You control the ingredients, which most likely will not include poison. Included in the smorgasbord are recipes for low-fat treats, food sensitivities (big one for Goldens), high fiber, low protein--whatever your pet needs.

Sample homemade treats include:

*Steak and Potato Biscuits
*Peanut Butter Cookies
*Low- Fat Herbalicious Biscuits
*Grain-Free Liver Crunchies
*Fishy Training Treats (our favorites, dubbed "Tuna Tasties" or their variant "Chicken Chewies", since tuna has high mercury levels)

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April 7, 2007

Pet Food Recipes


With the pet food recall and overall uncertainty about which products will be listed next, now may be a good time for home-made food. For those who enjoy cooking, and even those who don't, preparing your pet's meals for awhile can provide a sense of security that at least you know what is in the food.

There is a link posted for many good recipes on our fellow Blogpire site, The Cooking News. Check it out!

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April 6, 2007

Pet Food Recall Extends to Biscuits

Update on pet food recall. Word is that biscuits sold at Wal-Mart are involved. ABC News has a current recall list. Outrageous does not describe it. Listening to a news report today on MSNBC tv, rumor has it that melamine artificially ups the protein content in pet food, which would allow for a price increase.

Greed. Not worth my pets' health. Stay tuned, and watch your pets closely for vomiting (of course our huntress Molly decided to go that route, but probably gecko ingestion) and lethargy.

Click for FDA complete pet food recall information.

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April 1, 2007

Pet Food Recall Update

The tainted pet food nightmare continues as recall is expanded.


Our vet recommends we feed our dogs no more than 4 cups of food a day. Our girls have perfected the art of looking adorable, so admittedly they rake in a few cookies and snacks as well. We feed a mixture of canned and dry food twice daily.

So far, to our knowledge, we have fed our dogs 12 cans each of tainted Nutro Natural Choice Chicken Gravy. We switched to Science Diet which was rock hard in the can. Now the Alpo cans we bought this week are on the recall list! The unopened case has already been returned.

We are going off the cans completely and have scheduled blood tests for our dogs next week to rule out any kidney damage. Our vet is charging $40 per blood test and waiving office fees. Peace of mind--priceless!

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