April 1, 2008

Dog and Cat Alarm Clocks

Have to get up bright and early to keep your wits about you on April Fool's Day! Wake up to the sound of a bark or meow (as if you don't already!) Cute themed alarm clocks for pet lovers of all ages.

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February 28, 2008

Pet-Pro 3800 5-Stage Pet Air Purifier Eliminates Pet Odors


Living with pets can mean tolerating pet odors in your home. Keep this state-of-the-art Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier next to your pet bed or kitty litter to clean and clear the air. This unit has a washable prefilter to remove large airborne particles, an activated carbon filter to eliminate fumes and a high-performance HEPA filter to capture small airborne particles.

Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier is also effective against hard-to-eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and paint fumes. Good way to keep your home in showing condition if you are trying to sell in this challenging market. See Home Marketing for Pet Owners for more tips.

Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier

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February 27, 2008

Auto Open Pet Bowl for Cats & Dogs by Ergo Systems


Great way to keep your pet's food and water bowls fresh. This Auto Open Pet Bowl for Cats & Dogs is an electronic bowl that keeps your pet's food or water clean until your pet is ready to eat.

The bowl cover has a sensor that detects the presence of the pet. The bowl then opens the cover, your pet gobbles the food down and then leaves. The bowl cover then closes automatically.

Great way to keep dirt, ants, flies, leaves, and other assorted junk from getting to your pet's food and water. Has a removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel inner bowl for easy cleaning. Battery operated. Auto Open Pet Bowl for Cats & Dogs

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February 20, 2008

iRobot® Scooba® Floor Washing Robots

Everyone we know with an iRobot® Roomba® Vacuum Cleaning Robot loves it. Not only is pet hair a perennial problem when living aside cats and dogs, but dirty floors are too.


iRobot® Scooba® 350 Floor Washing Robot is the intermediate floor washing model:

* Covers 500 sq. feet (1-3 average size rooms) per battery charge
* Includes 1 Virtual Wall
* Preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum floors
* Knows where to clean and avoids rugs, carpets and cliffs
* Cleans beneath cabinet edges, tables, chairs and other hard-to-reach places

iRobot has a special going on now:

Buy a Scooba® 350 Floor Washing Robot, get a Roomba® Red Vacuum Cleaning Robot for only $100 -- PLUS FREE Shipping! Or check out their iRobot® Web Specials

Also at Amazon.

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February 19, 2008

Dog Dazer II -- Handheld Ultrasonic Aid to Dog Deterrence

Thumbnail image for dog dazer.jpg

If you want to avoid contact with most aggressive dogs, and even cats, carry the Dazer II. This is a compact, battery operated, handheld unit that comes with a steel clip to fit onto a belt or other clothing for easy access. If you feel seriously threatened by an oncoming animal, simply point it at the dog and press the built-in button for 2 or 3 seconds. A burst of ultrasonic sound is emitted at a high frequency when the button is pressed. The closer the animal gets the more intense the sound becomes. The unit is functioning correctly when a red LED light flashes after you press the button.

The Dazer II is recommended for postal workers, meter readers, service workers, sales and delivery people, walkers, joggers, cyclists, the elderly, vets, animal control workers...anyone who comes into contact with animals. It is not guaranteed to be effective against every animal, including docile, deaf, infirm and highly trained dogs. .

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February 6, 2008

Cat Genie Sani-Solution Smart Cartridge and Washable Granules

Recently we featured some CatGenie Automated Litter Box Upgrades which make the automated, self-cleaning, self-flushing CatGenie even more convenient than ever. Two more items we want to cover:


CatGenie Washable Granules don't need to be replaced, but replenished when the level of the granules fall below the line on the bowl. Provides a 4-6 month supply of washable granules to be used with the CatGenie.


CatGenie LitterBox owners should replace its Sani-Solution Smart Cartridge after about 60 washings. This cartridge dispenses the exact amount of sanitizing solution needed to decontaminate CatGenie Washable Granules and CatGenie Bowl. The granules are made with the same ingredients used by veterinarians to sterilize their exam and operating areas.The Sani-Soultion Smart Cartidge is recommended for maximum effectiveness and will alert you when the solution runs low.

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January 28, 2008

Stop Nuisance Barking with Tone Correction


If your dog barks inside and is driving you and your neighbors nuts, a PetSafe Bark Control System strategically placed on the table in the same room may solve the problem.

When your dog barks, this ultrasound unit hears it through an internal microphone and will emit an automatic (can be manualy operated) 2-second tone that only the dog can hear. The dog will be "startled by the irritation" and will, as Pavlov showed us, learn to negatively associate this high-pitched sound with barking.

This form of nuisance bark correction is suitable for the pet owner who prefers a gentle method of nuisance bark correction. PetSafe Bark Control System operates on a 9-volt battery (not included). Measures 5" x 3-1/2" x 2".

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January 25, 2008

Versatile 2-in-1 EZ Mist Bird Mister and Cage Cleaner


If you own a parakeet, cockatiel, parrot or any other bird, you know they love a refreshing misty "rain" to bathe and cool off in. The EZ Mist Bird Mister has two nozzles, one for the ultra-fine mist your birds love. Harness some fresh water to mimic tropical rain and give your bird a bath!

The second nozzle adjusts between a fine mist and a concentrated spray that can clean bird droppings from the cage. The bird mister has a handy on/off switch, is made of durable brass and is portable and lightweight. EZ Mist Bird Mister holds 20 oz and comes with a 30" mist hose.

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January 23, 2008

Deluxe Fresh Flow Automatic Pet Fountain--Constant Water Supply for Your Pet


Don't you feel guilty when you pass by your pet's water bowl and see it almost empty...or ever wonder if you filled their bowl before you left the house? With the Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain you can provide a constant supply of fresh and filtered water for your cat or dog.


This sharp-looking automatic pet water fountain will fit anywhere in your home. It features three-layer charcoal filtration, an adjustable flow pump, and stainless steel accents. The water flow ramp will reduce splashing. You will never have to worry about clean, fresh water for your pet again. Holds 50 ounces.

Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain for cats and dogs.

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January 22, 2008

Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box Upgrades

Super Cool Pets has some upgrades to the popular automated, hands-off Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box. These additions snap onto the Cat Genie Base match the base color.

While the self-cleaning, self-flushing Cat Genie has certainly freed the pet owner from the chores and cost of cleaning, changing and buying litter, there still might be the issue of cleaning up scattered litter from the cat's scratching and kicking. This Cat Genie Dome Top should solve that problem. Also a purrrfect solution if your kitty is one of those cats who will only use a covered litter box--the Cat Genie Dome Top provides needed privacy for the finicky or shy cat.

The Cat Genie Dome includes Cat Genie Side Walls. The Side Walls can also be used alone and purchased separately at a relatively nominal cost for the cats who refuse to use a covered box. For those cats, the Side Walls will allow some privacy and address the litter scatter problem.

Cat Genie Dome with Sidewalls at Amazon and SkyMall. Genie Sidewalls can be purchased separately at Amazon and SkyMall.

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