July 10, 2008

Cat Odor Control -- Shaggy Cat Shampoo and Waterless Shampoos

Of course there is nothing you would rather do than wash your cat. It is best to start when they are little kittens, so that's their reality. If your cat will stand for a tub bath, here is Shaggy Cat Shampoo you both will love.


Shaggy Cat Shampoo is a natural, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that smoothes and detangles with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. Reduces shedding, dander and matting.

If your cat detests water baths or if you just want a quick, convenient way to clean your cat between regular baths, two things to try:



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July 7, 2008

Outdoor Portable, Collapsible Dog Bathtub -- Leave the Mess Outside


The Portable, Collapsible Dog Bathtub lets you clean up your dog anywhere, anytime.and leave the mess outside. This convenient outdoor dog bath tub opens up easily and collapses for storage. Tub drains quickly through a spigot. Rrinse off with a garden hose. In blue with carry handles.

Portable, Collapsible Dog Bath is new at Orvis.

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June 16, 2008

Throw Away the Shampoo and Wash Your Pet in a High-Tech Bubble Bath


Wouldn't it be great to throw away the pet shampoo and wash your pet with jets of water only? IDEC Corp will release a micro-bubble generator for a dog bath this Friday June 20. The system washes dogs with streams of bubble-filled water instead of shampoo. No more suds!

Called "Wan love yu" which means "Dogs love warm water", the jaccuzzi's tiny bubbles apparently can remove dirt from between the fur and on the skin. It works through a special shower head that discharges water containing approximately 600,000 tiny air bubbles per cubic centimeter.

Just pick one up for around $6,000 to $7,000 and use with your standard pet bath. Or wait for the price to drop!

via Crunch Gear

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June 11, 2008

Pet Bathing Kits -- Wet , Wash and Rinse Your Pet


Anything to make bath time easier! The Tropic Shower Warm Water Bathing Kit provides easy access to warm water for your pet's bath:

  • Works with your washing machine valves and garden hose
  • Permanently installs in three easy steps (washer will operate normally)
  • One time installation
  • One time temperature setting
  • Free fan nozzle included

We also like the RapidBath Bathing System.


The RapidBath Bathing System connects easily to any standard home shower or outdoor faucet. The system automatically draws and distributes shampoo concentrate from packets hidden in the handle and can be used with one hand.

  • Dog grooming sprayer with integrated shampoo cartridges
  • Includes 10-ft hose, diverter, and adaptor for indoor/outdoor use
  • Relaxes and massages as it wets, washes, and rinses

Additional Shampoo Cartridge 3-packs available.

You can pair these kits with the Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath and Ramp, a convenient containment system for pet wash time that reduces the time you spend bending over, thus sparing your back pain and strain.

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April 23, 2008

Furbuster DeShedding Tool Fights Hairballs


If you have grown tired of stepping in slimy furball piles on your floor, one vet is suggesting eliminating the hairball formula food and brushing the fur away with the FURminator which we have written about before. From Doolittler's, Hairballs from hell:

Solution: Daily Furminator "brushing" sessions at least five minutes long. Daily Laxatone (a petroleum-based hairball product) in place of hairball formula food. A higher quality diet measured down to the last kibble for a gradual loss of weight (no more than 1-2 pounds per month). No more kitty milk (his former fave).

Like many popular products, as demand has risen for the FURminator so has the price, especially in our local retail store. Here is another somewhat less expensive ergonomic de-shedding tool to consider:

And one for dogs: dogfurbuster.jpg

Available in different sizes.

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April 16, 2008

Gorgeous Dry Dog & Cat No-Rinse Pet Shampoo


Gorgeous Dry Dog & Cat cleans with no water at all. This is a spray-on/wipe-off no rinse shampoo for both dogs and cats. Contains conditioning and moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera gel, oat protein (a gentle form of oatmeal), chamomile, lavender and rosemary to enrich and enhance your dog or cat's skin and fur.

A yummy peachy scent leaves your dog or cat smelling gorgeous. Gorgeous Dry Dog & Cat

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April 14, 2008

Cotton Terry Dog Towel with 4 Corner Pockets for Easy Drying

After you have given your pet a bath, or just need to dry him/her off, this Cotton Terry Dog Towel will come in very handy. It has a pocket in each corner, so you can hold your pup with one hand and dry with the other. When that portion of the towel is saturated, just change corners for more drying space. Very efficient! Then hang to dry or toss in the machine. 100% terry in blue and green. Can be personalized.
In our house, we love drying time, since it is so much like being petted. Cotton Terry Dog Towel

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April 7, 2008

Buddy Wash Dog Washing Set for the Full Spa Treatment

Just get a new dog or puppy? Know someone who did? Bath time is a fact of life, and the new doggy will love the full spa treatment. This Buddy Wash Dog Washing Set will clean, moisturize, and rejuvenate your dog, leaving a light, refreshing lavender/mint scent. These grooming supplies are pH balanced, and are safe for use on puppies.

Buddy Wash Dog Washing Set

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March 28, 2008

Advanced Formula Itch Stop Shampoo and Creme Rinse


If your dog or cat is scratching a lot, he or she may have sensitive, irritated skin. This condition is becoming more and more common in pets and people these days. Veterianian-approved Advanced Formula Itch Stop Shampoo & Conditioner contains 0.5% hydrocortisone, lidocaine, and aloe to soothe inflammation and reduce the itching. Fragrance and color-free for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Advanced Formula Itch Stop Shampoo & Conditioner

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March 12, 2008

The Easy Way: Petzlife Oral Care Spray for Clean, Healthy Pet Teeth and Gums


If you've heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times, you are supposed to brush your pet's teeth. Why? Once plaque and tartar have accumulated on your pet's teeth, it is recommended to have their teeth professionally cleaned at the vet. A vet has to render your pet unconscious in order to clean his or her teeth--not cheap and not a procedure to be taken lightly. So it is a good idea to make dental care a routine part of your pet's health maintenance schedule.
However, not all pets are real keen on anyone putting a toothbrush in their mouth, although that is the best way to begin dental care with a puppy or kitten. Petzlife Oral Care Spray works without a toothbrush to remove plaque and tartar on dogs and cats. It also safely kills bacteria on contact, helping to eliminate doggy or kitty bad breath.

For best results, withhold food and water 30 minutes before and after applications of Petzlife Oral Care Spray. A good time would be to brush your pet's teeth before bed, like any member of the household. One bottle will last at least 3 months if used as directed (and 6 months if used for maintenance).

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