August 17, 2007

Easy Brush Chews Away Pet Plaque and Tartar

Easy Brush™ Dog Toothbrush LARGE

I don't know about you, but our dogs are not too keen on having their teeth brushed. If you did not brush your dogs teeth as a puppy, you may be in the same boat. Let them brush their own teeth with Easy Brush. Comes with toothpaste that you apply and then let them chew away plaque and tartar to their heart's content. Dishwasher safe. All chew toys should be given to pets under supervision.

Available in Small, Medium and Large at Amazon, Entirely Pets and Drs Foster and Smith. Click for summer special: Red Tag Summer Sale at Drs. Foster & Smith! Save up to 50% off! Sale valid through 9.4.07

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August 16, 2007

Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats

Angels Eyes FOR DOGS - 120 gm

If your cat or dog has tear stains, try sprinkling some Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats into their food.

Angels' Eyes is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to eliminate tearstains from the inside out. Angels' eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking. Angels' Eyes start working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet.

Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats

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August 14, 2007

Pampered Cat Spa


Today is "home alone" day. Pamper your kitties with their very own Hagen Living World Cat Spa and they won't even notice you are gone!


  • Accu-Pressure Pads: A unique sensory experience. Cats love to feel the pressure points beneath their paws and may actually sleep on them.
  • Body-Stroke Groomers: For self-grooming and massage. Stimulate face and back glands while providing an easy-access, intense massage.
  • Gum Stimulator: An irresistible challenge to cats--blocks access to catnip. Gnawing of the gum stimulator massages and cleans teeth and gums. Rubbing cheek and chin areas stimulates glands.
  • Ripple Massager: Solid sculpted ripples perform unlike any brush. Deep penetration of fur provides intense rubbing pleasure to head, neck, and face area.

At PETCO and Amazon.

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August 10, 2007

Gripsoft Pet Grooming Tools


Today is grooming day at Super Cool Pets, so we are inspired to find a set of good grooming tools. We like these affordable Gripsoft Grooming Tools which combine an ergonomic (designed for comfort) rubber grip with high quality brushes, combs, rakes, and clippers. About Gripsoft:

Gripsoft worked with groomers and designers to develop a completely new line of grooming tools. They studied the way groomers hold the tool, the movement of the hand and wrist, and the contour of the animal. The result is Gripsoft, for maximizing comfort, for ease of use in all those hard-to-get areas and for maximum durability.

Each Gripsoft grooming tool features finger fitting contours along the handle to increase your comfort control and a soft rubber sheathed handle to give you a non-slip comfortable grip.

Featured in this set are:

Flea Comb: For dogs with curly, flat, wiry, long, medium, and short coats. .

Cat Comb
: For use with medium and long haired cats for daily brushing to prevent matting and hairballs.

Shedding Comb: For dogs with curly, flat, long, or medium coats.

Pin Brush: For dogs with curly, flat, wiry, long, medium, and short coats. Use this brush for daily brushing of any but very short coated breeds.

Undercoat Rake: Designed for pets with long-haired coats, which can become matted and knotted.

Dematting Rake: Removes dead, shedding, matted or knotted hair from the innermost layer while leaving outercoat undisturbed.

Slicker Brush: For dogs with curly, flat, wiry, long, and medium coats. Use this brush to remove dead and shedding hair from your dog.
Nail Clipper:

Each tool is availble separately at Only Natural Pet Store, along with additional tool information, PetCareRx and Amazon. Via Ideal Bite.

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July 27, 2007

Protective Bodysuits for Dogs

When we walk our dogs in a park near us, they snuffle in the brush and come up with all kinds of stuff clinging to their coats. They love it, but it can be a grooming headache. Maybe we should slip on a K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit.


Sounds intriguing:
The K9 Top Coat Lycra Bodysuit is a one-of-a-kind lightweight, breathable full coverage suit. It is ideal for snow protection, controlling shedding, dander, dirt, stickers, coat damage, ticks and biting insects. This highly versatile suit also helps protect injuries, rashes, and surgical sites - as well as, provides outstanding relief for dogs suffering from skin related allergies and cancer. Its high quality 4-way stretch material moves with your dog and is easy to put on and take off. The unique design stays in place even on very active dogs.

But how would the dog react? According to K9 Top Coat "99.9% tolerate the garment wonderfully", but if not, they have a 100% refund policy, minus shipping & handling.

Choose from Royal Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Turquoise, Silver. The K9 Top Coat can even silkscreen names and logos on the suit. Group rates available.

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July 9, 2007



If your cat turns into a tiger when you need to provide cat care--meds, nail clips or even the dreaded bath--just whip out The CAT SACK™!

Zippers galore allow access to the required areas while hopefully sparing its loving owners bites and scratches.


a quick-close collar, two-way main zipper for front or rear access, an additional underside zipper for easier rear leg access, and zippered front paw openings. Also featuring a quick close zipper flap and pull-tab provide for quick, fur-free application

The CAT SACK™ is available in two sizes; Medium is for 5-10 lbs. and Large is for 10-15 lbs. Ships from and sold by KV Vet Supply.

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July 3, 2007

Collapsible Outdoor Pet Bath


We have a miniature version of this, a collapsible pet drinking bowl. What a great warm weather idea, a Collapsible Outdoor Pet Bath. Portable, storable--this durable nylon pet tub keeps the dirt and splashing outside, while your pooch stays put (theoretically)!


* Measures about 31" diameter and stands about 14" tall
* Holds 14-16 gallons of water
* Easy to set up in just minutes; collapses for easy storage
* Watertight and puncture proof with a strong spring steel frame and a drainage nozzle
* Also features carrying handles, side pocket to store shampoo, and a hook to clip a leash to
* Towel included

At The Vermont Country Store.

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June 20, 2007

Flea Zapper Electronic Comb


In many locations fleas flourish year round. There are many topical solutions available to combat them, which are very effective but not particularly cheap. If you prefer not to go that route, or have a particularly stubborn case, you may want to add a Flea Zapper Electronic Comb to your arsenal.

This comb is appropriate for use on cats, kittens, short-haired dogs and puppies. It emits a low electronic charge that is harmless to your pet, but lethal to fleas. Includes a brush to easily remove fleas from comb.

From Homevisions.

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June 18, 2007

Pet Jet Washer

Nifty idea here. Dog bath time, can be crazy. You hold them with one hand and somehow open a shampoo bottle with the other (of course you forgot to open it first) without dropping or spilling the bottle. Then all the shampoo goes on one spot and you try to spread it out before your doggie decides to shake. Unless your dog is the type who likes to stand still, it's all downhill from here!

The Pet Jet Washer may make bath time a little bit easier since it has a reservoir that holds 6 oz of shampoo. The Washer has three nozzle settings--rinse, wash, or jet spray--to control the water pressure. For instance use “rinse spray” for wetting and rinsing, “wash spray” to apply shampoo and “jet spray” for power washes.

To shampoo, all you do is press the button for soap, then squeeze the grip for water. It has a lock button for a constant water stream. The reservoir holds 6 oz of shampoo. The Washer has an 8 ft hose and connectors for indoor or outdoor baths. The indoor adaptor attaches to bathroom or kitchen faucets. The outdoor adaptor lets you to wash your pet at the garden hose. Sounds like a plan!

At SmartHome and Amazon.

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May 29, 2007

Pamper Your Pet--Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist


Make your dog sparkle! Our pets deserve to be pampered at the parlor or spa in order to look their best, just like we do. Shimmering Mist contains mica chips to add glitter to your pet's coat, combined with natural silk proteins to moisturize and condition the fur, leaving it silky smooth. Easy to apply-- just mist your dog, being careful to avoid the eyes, of course. Not suitable for young puppies and you may not survive a session with your cat. The mist purportedly prolongs the effect for days by repelling dust and dirt.


The mist can be used after a bath with Sparkle & Shine Shampoo which also contains brighteners to add luster to your pet's coat, plus yogurt and honey conditioners to soothe your pooch's sensitive skin. To make rinse time easier, this gentle shampoo does not lather up heavily. Your dog will look beautiful and smell wonderful!

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