February 1, 2009

High Voltage Pet Brush -- Removes "Living Things" from Your Pet


More bizarre stuff out of China. From the Ninghai Hengchuang Molding Factory in Zhejiang -- the creepy-sounding High Voltage Pet Brush. Product features from the site:

  1. remove the shedding hair from the pet;
  2. high voltage supplied by low voltage can kill the flea and other living things attached to the pet
  3. suitable for cats&dogs and other long hair pets;
  4. operated by 2*AAA baterries;

Think we will stick with our 20th century Flea Comb.

Alibaba via DVICE and Gizmodo.

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January 23, 2009

The Brush Buddy -- Grooms and Massages Your Dirty Wet Dog


Slip the The Brush Buddy™ over your hands to clean and groom your pet. Your dog will think he/she is getting a massage and will love it!


The The Brush Buddy™ is a brush and towel combination that uses soft, flexible rubber bristles on one side to gently remove the dirt, loose hair, and sand from your dog's coat without the painful pulling dogs dread. On the flip side is a plush terry cloth towel for drying off. You keep your hands clean and your dog gets hugs!


The Brush Buddy™

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October 15, 2008

PediPaws Nail Trimmer -- Is It Revolutionary?


You probably have received many emails from Pedi Paws or seen it advertised on TV as "revolutionary".

Pedi Paws is a pet nail trimmer, similar to the Dremel featured here last July. It "gently and painlessly files your pet's nails to leave them trim, rounded and smooth."

It is touted as "revolutionary", but is it any different or even superior to the popular and widely available Dremel? Let's ask a professional.

Miami vet and pet care blogger Doolitter recently provided her take on the PediPaws. She answers her customers' questions about the PediPaws and compares it to the Dremel.

Overall, the tool seems superfluous to me. After all, the Dremel's already out there and it's a great product. Furthermore, the PediPaws feels a little chintzy in terms of quality and durability when you compare it to the Dremel. The Dremel just seems like a more solid, well-built tool (I've had mine for almost ten years). And its makers aren't slamming my email inbox with spam--another big plus.

Guess it's just a matter of opinion like everything else.

Pedi Paws and Dremel

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October 13, 2008

Vibrating Pet Massage Glove Soothes Away the Stress


Did your dog or cat have a tough day? Are they feeling a little uptight? Help them unwind with the gentle, vibrating motion of this Pet Massage Glove.


This is a soft fleece battery-operated glove--easy, portable and safe to use on dogs or cats. Has on/off button and adjustable wrist strap.

Via Book of Joe and Gizmodo

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October 7, 2008

Make Your Pet Look and Smell Beautiful with Pet Head Grooming Products


Whether your pup needs a quickie bath or a de-tangling session, Pet Head™ has a line of shampoos, crème rinses and sprays made with ingredients specially formulated to pamper your pet! The product line includes:

* Life's An Itch - skin soothing shampoo
* Dirty Talk - deodorizing shampoo
* Fears for Tears - tearless shampoo
* Quickie - quick rinsing shampoo
* Feeling Flaky - dry & sensitive skin shampoo
* Dry Clean - waterless spray shampoo
* Furtastic - crème rinse for curly and long coats
* So Spoiled - conditioning crème rinse
* Furball - detangling spray
* Poof! - magical deodorizing spray

All Pet Head™ formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA.

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September 11, 2008

Petosan Silentpower Toothbrush for Pets


Professionals now recommend pet owners brush their pets' teeth to avoid dental problems. One you might want to try is Petosan Silentpower Toothbrush for Pets, a battery-powered double-headed sonic toothbrush designed for optimal grip. It is gentle and quiet to use, usually well-accepted by dogs. The brush cleans the inside and outside surfaces of the teeth at the same time.

It is recommended you use a specially formulated pet toothpaste such as Petosan (yummy--poultry flavored!). Human toothpaste is verboten since it can be harmful if swallowed. A few drops of cod liver oil in your pet's food every day will help reduce any gum inflammation.

For detailed instructions on how to brush your pet's teeth -- Petosan Silentpower Toothbrush for Pets.

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August 5, 2008

Should You Entrust Your Pet to Professional Groomers? DIY Dog and Cat Grooming

The title of a recent Today show spot , says it all: Dog's death is a warning about groomers, expert says: Tragic story of a pet left in a drying device shows that owners must be wary. How often are we trusting our vulnerable children and pets to a low standard of care at paid facilities? From the write-up, which is a must read for anyone who sends their pet to a professional groomer, or any servicing industry:

The horrifying story of a dog that died after being left in a kennel drying machine is a tragic warning about an unregulated industry, an expert said Friday -- and a wake-up call to pet owners who need to do their homework about the facilities they trust with their beloved animals.

If this story leaves you a bit queasy, why not groom your pet yourself? It isn't difficult and can increase interaction time with your dog or cat. Plus you can save $$$.


Dogs Dog Grooming Brushesicon keep your pet healthy, beautiful and help prevent uncomfortable pet hair mats. Pets with short or medium haircoats or long, unmatted coats will all benefit from the added attention.

There are a variety of brushes suitable for every pet haircoat style. Here is a link to Grooming Tools Comparison Charticon and a Dog Brush Selection Guideicon.


Cats Your cat grooms and massages herself anytime she wants with this Arch Groomer Deluxeicon The Arch's brush-like sides catch hair and dander and a catnip-treated carpeted base lets cats scratch to their heart's delight.

If you live with a kitty cat, you may wonder When to Groom Your Caticon.

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Cat Hole Pet Door -- Allows Your Cat Access Through a Closed Door


Need to allow your cat or small dog access through a closed door in your home? Perhaps to a litter box kept in a closet or your laundry room without leaving the door open all the time?

Here is a clever solution --the customizable Cat Hole Pet Door. The door ships with two unfinished wooden frames so you can either stain or paint to match your door.


Cat Hole Pet Door includes a brush to install between the two frames which will 'groom' your kitty as s/he passes through. For indoor use. Cute!

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July 16, 2008

Dental Care for Pets -- Prevent Disease

From the Pets Need Dental Care, Too web site:"Without proper dental care, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age three." It is best to start dental care when your pets are kittens and puppies. Here are some products that can keep your pets' teeth and gum healthy:

Thumbnail image for wysong.jpgWysong's Denta-Treat is a cheese-flavored tooth powder that you can sprinkle on the pet's food.

Thumbnail image for triplepet708.jpgTriple Pet Dental Kit -- Specially-designed pet toothbrush and all-natural toothpaste.

proden.jpgProDen PlaqueOff -- Natural food additive to promotes dental health.

dentalwipes.jpg8-in-1 D.D.S. Dental Wipes 90Ct -- Simply wipe your pet's teeth clean.

toothgloves.jpgPetrodex Finger Toothbrush Gloves -- Disposable finger toothbrush gloves make it easy to provide your dog or cat with good dental care.

greenies.jpgFeline Greenies -- Independent studies confirm Feline Greenies reduces tartar by 24 percent. Many Greenies varieties available.

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July 15, 2008

Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool


If you shrink from the task of clipping your pets claws, you are not alone. Pets are wary, and it is way too easy to inflict pain and injury. The Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool provides a fast, easy and safe way to trim your pet's nails through the rotary action of the tool. Features:

  • Cordless pet nail grooming kit
  • Two speeds 7,000 and 14,000 rpm to match the proper speed required
  • Runs on AA alkaline batteries -- eliminates the battery charger
  • Includes 5 grinding drums, wrench for changing
  • Compact and lightweight for easy handling
  • Two year warranty


At Super Cool Pets, we have lots of treats handy when we groom our pets. It provides a distraction, as well as a reward for their cooperation. Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool

HT Tool Snob

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