February 27, 2009

Pet Emergency Pocket Guide


If something happens that you are not prepared for, this Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is a handy quick reference for pet owners.

This compact 3x5-inch guide delivers step-by-step guidelines on daily care, first aid, traveling with pets, emergency planning, and how to prepare and respond to a pet injury, illness or emergency.The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is small enough to keep close at hand at home and when traveling.

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February 20, 2009

Halo Dream Coat for Dogs and Cats


Watching the glorious show dogs in the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show reminded us of our veterinarian's recommendation to supplement our dogs' diets with oils for healthy skin and shiny coats.

You can get the full spectrum of essential fatty acids often missing from commercial, cooked or processed pet foods supplementing with Halo Dream Coat. It contains six natural, cold-pressed oils to help quickly achieve a glowing new coat and healthier skin. Garlic and Evening Primrose Oil will help boost their immune system.

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January 14, 2009

Dog in Boots! Keep Your Pet's Paws Protected


We have been looking at ways to keep our pets paws protected as deep winter descends. Dog Boots provide cozy comfort and protection to keep paws healthy and warm.

Dog Boots protect against shards of ice, toxic ice melting solutions, salt and gravel, as well as hot asphalt in the summer.

Don't forget, for the month of January, Save up to 40% on coats, warming beds, and more at Amazon.

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January 12, 2009

Oral Hygiene for Pets -- Healthymouth Anti-Placque Dental Water and Busy Buddy Bristle Bone


Sometimes brushing our pets' teeth is a challenge -- what to do if your pet resists? What if you didn't start your pup or kitten off brushing when they were little?

SFGate.com's Tales of the City reports that Dr. Milinda Lommer, a board certified veterinary dentist with Pets Unlimited, recommends Healthymouth anti-plaque water additive for pet dental care. Made from all-natural ingredients including yucca, pomegranate, clove, cinammon, chlorophyll and zinc, and contains no xylitol or other potentially harmful chemicals, it's been shown to reduce plaque by nearly 80 percent and has earned the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Seal of Approval.
Or you could treat them to the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone, a dental chew toy for dogs. The toy's nylon bristles and rubber nubs clean dogs' teeth as they chew on the irresistible Gnawhide® treat rings, also sold separately.

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January 9, 2009

HduO™ Pet and Family Water Dispensing System -- Clean Water for People and Their Pets


The Aninx Corp ANX101 HduO™ Pet and Family Water Dispensing System is a water dispensing system that provides fresh, clean water for both people and their pets.

Pets. HduO™ electronically dispenses fresh, cool water to an integrated pet bowl. The unit automatically fills the pet bowl with the same cool, clean water that we drink. Pets love HduO™ since animals are attracted to running water.

Pet Owners. People love the convenience and peace of mind, knowing that they and their pets always have fresh, clean water. The HduO™ has a convenient temperature gauge to provide instant hot, cold, and room temperature water, with a child resistant hot water latch for added safety.

HduO™ Pet and Family Water Dispensing System is the first water dispensing system designed to meet the needs of the whole family.

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Puppy Bumpers - Keep Your Small Dogs from Escaping or Falling


Don't let your toy-sized dogs slip through the cracks, literally. An accidental fall through a rail from a balcony or an escape under a fence can have painful consequences.

Stay worry free. Place a Puppy Bumpers pillow collar on your little ones and keep them safe.

via Pet Connection

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January 6, 2009

2 De-icers for Pet Households -- Bare Ground PawPro Protective Spray and Safe Paw Ice Melter


Here is an all-natural "de-icer" for dogs to keep their pads and fur comfortable in freezing conditions. Spray Bare Ground PawPro Protective Spray for Pets on paws, legs and underbelly before going outside to prevent water from freezing between pads and snow from clumping on fur.

This non-toxic Bare Ground PawPro Protective Spray for Pets repels water, ice, and snow and protects against salt burns. Safe even if licked!

At Amazon and Drs Foster & Smith.


We have featured Safe Paw Ice Melter before, looking at it again this winter just a reminder to our long-term readers, as it is such a super cool product. For those who are newcomers to Super Cool Pets, Safe Paw Ice Melter will keep your outdoor walkways safe for both you, your children and your pets.

Safe Paw Ice Melter is non-toxic, safe for concrete, lawns, shrubs, floor and carpets. Regular ice melt contains harsh chemicals that can cause burns on the pads of your dog's feet and can be toxic to your dogs.

Safe Paw Ice Melter leaves an invisible protective shield that prevents ice from sticking to the surface for up to three days to make shoveling easier. There is a handy, built in spout on the jug to make spreading easy. Effective to two degrees below zero.

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January 5, 2009

The Canine Treadmill -- Exercise Your Dog in All Types of Weather


Has your pooch has gotten a little rounder after indulging in holiday treats? And now just not getting enough exercise due to the frightful weather outside?

The Canine Treadmill may be just the ticket. Your pet can workout daily. Available in three sizes to suit your dog -- Small, Medium and Large.

via Born Rich

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December 11, 2008

2 Sports Drinks for Dogs -- Rehydrate Electrolyte Sports Drink and Dog-Wa


If you want to keep your high-performing dog healthy and energized, you may have considered giving him/her a sports drink for humans, such as Gatorade. That is not recommended for dogs, but Rehydrate Electrolyte Sports Drink for Dogs serves a similar nutritional function.

Rehydrate Electrolyte Sports Drink for Dogs is a more effective hydration supplement than drinking plain water and is designed to replenish lost electrolytes and spent energy during and after workouts, hard play, or vigorous activity. Also included are vitamin C and other antioxidant minerals geared to promote your pet's general good health and vitality. Plus they are yummy-flavored and we like that.


We all have seen our dogs eat grass. Dog-Wa Digestion Supplement is a liquid concentrate for dogs that provides the all the nutritional benefits from fresh leafy greens. Just dilute your pet's water or mix the concentrate into your pet's food every day. Dog-Wa has the herbal taste of its ingredients: Vitamins A and C, fresh herbs, parsley and peppermint to aid digestion, soothe the stomach, freshen your dog's breath, and discourage gas.

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December 2, 2008

PetzMD.com -- New Online Pet Health Care Site


PetzMD.com, a user-friendly online pet health care website, was launched yesterday by Austin pet owners Tina Cannon and Christi Scovel. PetzMD.com features an A to Z reference library for illnesses, ailments and diseases. A special feature for Super Cool Pets is their Z Symptom Checker™, a database where pet owners can research their pets illnesses themselves.


You will find numerous helpful pet care articles, a "find a vet" feature, headlines, forums, message boards, so something there for every pet lover. Create a profile, upload photos, create a blog or a meds calendar, and more at PetzMD.com

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