March 18, 2008

11 Month-old Dachshund Paralyzed by a Coral Snake

No, Florida is not all fun and sun.
If your pet is vomiting and becoming disoriented, don't wait--call the vet. That's what this couple did in Delray Beach FL and good thing they did. Their 11-month old dachshund pup was going downhill fast and they didn't know what was wrong...until they saw the coral snake* in their living room. Happy news, it looks like the anti-venom is working and the dog will survive.

Read story.

*Coral snakes are not uncommon in suburban Florida. We have encountered them in wooded areas on our property, on the street and on our porch. We live within city limits in a heavily populated area.

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March 14, 2008

Pet Scoop on Pet Insurance Policies--To Insure or Not to Insure?

To insure or not to insure? This can easily be a $1,000 question.

On a recent Saturday evening, our Golden Retriever Jesse bounded out of the back of our SUV onto the ramp before it was secured to the bumper. Both she and the ramp fell to the ground, with our Jess nursing an injured paw. Not only were we momentarily chagrined about her sprain and possible break, we were envisioning the cavernous hole a trip to the Vet Emergency Clinic on a weekend night would make in our bank account.

Since our pets are cherished members of our families, we want to provide them with the best medical care we can afford and keep them healthy for as long as we possibly can. As a result, our veterinary care is growing more expensive. Miami-Dade vet blogger Doolittler has started a series of timely articles Doolitter's vetcentric take on pet insurance, which may help you make up your mind whether to purchase a Pet Insurance Policy.

When the care vets can provide begins to outstrip your ability to pay for it, something's gotta give. In this case it's the insurance companies...giving you the ability to pay for care you might never have considered twenty years ago--for a fee.

The purpose of insurance in this setting is to help you pay for the growing expense involved in pet illness and injury. If your pet lives a healthy life, the monthly premiums you pay for pet insurance is overkill--you'll lose money in the long run. When she surprises you with a midnight snack of antifreeze, however, pet insurance might just make the difference between high-tech treatment and instant euthanasia.

Peace of mind and tragedy aversion is the name of the game when it comes to pet health insurance. Those of us with substantial expendable savings? Statistically, we're better off without it. After all, the insurance companies are in the biz to make a profit. But how many of us can boast a lotto-size stash under the mattress?

If you would like to research pet insurance policies, try PETCO Insure your Pets Today and QuickCare Pet Insurance.

Read entire Doolitter's article Part 1.

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March 13, 2008

Pet Anxiety Remedies--Melatonin, Music & Rescue Remedy

Your dog is shaking, panting and pacing frenetically around the house. Maybe cowering in the closet or hiding under the bed. Some dogs even scratch and destroy their surroundings.The problem--anxiety, whether to noise, thunder, strangers, in-breeding or the boogeyman. What to do, to make your pet, and yourself, feel better.

Two intriguing new releases this March 8, a book with two sample CD tracks, Through a Dog's Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health & Behavior of Your Canine Companion
and a companion music CD Through a Dog's Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Volume 1, music designed to calm animals and humans.
The book applies the latest science on how dogs hear and react to sound. It includes research information, stories, and a two-track sample CD--one to calm your dog and one for general enjoyment entitled "Music for the canine household".

The CD carries 9 full tracks of solo piano music. The individual pieces have been selected and/or rearranged (lowering tempo and pitch, for example) to gradually reduce the heart rate and respiratory rate.This music has been clinically researched, studying its effect on dogs of different temperaments and in various anxiety-producing situations. The studies show that this "psycho-acoustically designed" music reduced anxiety at twice the rate of traditional classical music.

[via Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, Veterinary Medicine]

In our own household, one of our Golden Retrievers is now not only terrified of thunder, but even upset by a rain shower, obviously due to association. This suffering cannot go on, not to mention, rainy nights=sleepless nights. Music therapy is fine for the day, but at night we prefer quiet.
We have been using Rescue Remedy, but our dog's anxiety level has heightened so it really has not been as effective recently. On the recommendation of our vet, we wrapped a Melatonin 3 Mg pill up in a slice of deli ham and fed it to our dog. This has calmed her down and she lay quietly in the closet during the last storm, not panting. The anxiety is still present, but seems to be reduced. Check with your vet as to dosage, especially if you have a smaller dog.

If you have read this far, you too must be interested in the subject of pet anxiety. If you have any remedies of your own, please leave a comment or email them to news@supercoolpets.com

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Herbal Collar For Cats


Everyone is going "green" these days, including our pets.

If you are concerned that your cats could be inhaling toxic fumes or become severely irritated by the toxic chemicals in most flea collars, PetGuard has created an Herbal Collar For Cats that they call a scent collar.

This herbal collar is safe and it will keep your pet smelling fresh. The herbal oils are impregnated directly into the collar. Every collar is a natural blend of aromatic herbs, with a fresh minty fragrance and absolutely no harmful chemicals.

Herbal Collar for Dogs is also available.

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March 7, 2008

Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier for Smokers and Pet Lovers


What to do if you love your pets, but your allergies kick up when you are around them? Wouldn't you love to find a way to reduce incidences of asthma, allergic reactions, runny noses, watery eyes, headaches and even snoring, without those meds that make you sleepy? You can.

Do yourself and other allergy-prone family members a favor and equip your home with an Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier with a HEPA Air Filter, designed specifically for pet owners. This Air Purifier meets HEPA standards, trapping 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns. It removes pet allergens such as dander and dust, as well as thousands of other micro-organisms. Reduces odors caused by pets and other chemicals, gases and odors.

If anyone smokes in your household, keeping the air clean should be healthy for your pets as well. According to this recent article in NaturalNews, Secondhand Smoke Poses Health Hazard to Pets, smoking is not just potentially hazardous to people but our pets too.

Living with a smoker places companion animals of many species at increase risk for a variety of cancers and other health problems, many of which are fatal, according to a press release issued by Oklahoma State University.

"There have been a number of scientific papers recently that have reported the significant health threat secondhand smoke poses to pets," said Dr. Carolynn MacAllister, a cooperative extension service veterinarian at Oklahoma State University. The press release cited a 1998 Colorado State University study, which demonstrated that a dog exposed to secondhand smoke at home is 1.6 times more likely to acquire lung cancer than a dog living in a smoke-free environment. Short-nosed dogs are particularly susceptible.

Austin Air Pet Machine Air Purifier - HEPA Air Filter has a baked-on sandstone powder coat finish. It is also available in White, Black or Silver.

Designed for rooms up to 1500 square feet, the Austin Air Cleaner will purify your space up to twice an hour. The Austin Junior Air Cleaner can clean a 700 square foot room up to twice an hour.

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March 5, 2008

Halo 3280 UVX Ultraviolet Upright Vacuum Cleaner Kills Germs & Allergens Without Chemicals


Go Green with this state-of-the-art Halo 3280 UVX Ultraviolet Upright Vacuum Cleaner. You can safely reduce and eliminate the allergens and nasty germs that thrive in our homes, especially those shared with pets. Instantly kill micro-organisms such as fleas, dust mites, lice, mold, bacteria and viruses via the vacuum's germicidal ultraviolet light, or UV-C light, without the use of harmful chemicals.


Use as a normal vacuum and activate the UV-C bulb at will. The Halo 3280 UVX Ultraviolet Upright Vacuum Cleaner also provides HEPA filtration, which removes 99.97 percent of harmful particles from the air, plus an odor-reducing carbon filter to keep the air fresh. You can adjust the machine to five different height levels for various types of floors--from carpet and rugs to tile and wood. Watch a Video of how it operates.

Pair with Halo 5000 Replacement Dust Filter Bags for the UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum Cleaner, 5 Pack

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February 28, 2008

Pet-Pro 3800 5-Stage Pet Air Purifier Eliminates Pet Odors


Living with pets can mean tolerating pet odors in your home. Keep this state-of-the-art Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier next to your pet bed or kitty litter to clean and clear the air. This unit has a washable prefilter to remove large airborne particles, an activated carbon filter to eliminate fumes and a high-performance HEPA filter to capture small airborne particles.

Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier is also effective against hard-to-eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and paint fumes. Good way to keep your home in showing condition if you are trying to sell in this challenging market. See Home Marketing for Pet Owners for more tips.

Pet-Pro Pet Air Purifier

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February 25, 2008

Help Your Dog Lose Weight with SLENTROL


In the US, it is estimated that about 17 million dogs are overweight or obese. Veterinarians say that almost half of the dogs they treat are too heavy. The 2 main causes of obesity are too much food and too little exercise. Obese dogs don't feel as well as slimmer ones, and their mobility is often limited. As we all are learning, there are increased health risks associated with obesity.

SLENTROL (20ml) is the first prescription canine weight-loss product in the US. It does its work in the small intestine, keeping some of the fat from being absorbed into your dog's body, so the dog senses that it's full and eats less at each meal. Check with your vet to see if this product is right for your dog.

SLENTROL (20ml) is administered orally and is not for use in cats or humans.

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February 24, 2008

Sick Pet? Some home remedies and when to call the vet

Thumbnail image for sick_dog.jpg

Your pet seems "off" or is acting sick. Wondering whether to make a visit to the vet, or maybe you could save some money using a home remedy. Popular Miami-Dade veterinarian blogger Doolittler has some home remedy suggestions: Borax, Epsom Salts, Hydrogen Peroxide, FURminator de-Shedding Grooming Tool, Oatmeal Cereal and more. Read her post to get some good ideas.

For those times you aren't sure whether your pet is really sick, Should I Call the Vet? has useful information.

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February 22, 2008

Pamper Your Pooch by Sarah Whitehead--Nothing But the Best!


If you want to do more than just provide the basics for your favorite doggy, here is a manual for you. Pamper Your Pooch by Sarah-Whitehead examines breed-specific ways to give your pet the best life you can.

You'll learn how to create a comfortable environment for your pooch, easy recipes for yummy meals, and grooming techniques to keep your pet looking great. And you can't forgo those exercise routines and relaxation techniques! You will pick up loads of general health tips. Since the Pampered Pooch must have the right accessories--the author provides style tips on how to pick collars, leashes and clothes for the most fashionable look.


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