October 9, 2007

FURminator de-Shedding Grooming Tool

The FURrminator de-shedding tool is a best-seller among pet products. Without cutting the pet's fur, it helps remove all that loose, dead undercoat hair that is the underlying source of shedding without damaging your pet's topcoat. Allergies, dermatitis and cleanliness problems, as well as hairballs, are associated with excess undercoat fur, as discussed in this popular vet blog, Doolittler. FURminator has an ergonomic grip handle and a stainless steel edge. FURminator is available for Small, Medium, and Large dogs, and for cats, see image below.

At Amazon, PETCO Dogs and PETCO Cats, Entirely Pets and PETsMART Cats and PETsMART Dogs.

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September 21, 2007

Pet Allergies--Consumer Reports Recommends Vacuums

According to a recent People's Pharmacy column responding to a cat owner with an allergic sister, pet allergies may be aggravated by vacuuming:

This sounds counterintuitive, but vacuuming during your sister’s visit might actually make her symptoms worse. Some vacuum cleaners actually spew small particles into the air and make the environment more allergenic.

As cited in the column, the October 2007 Consumer Reports has recommended the following vacuums for ridding your home of tiny alergy-causing particles



Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum features a 15-inch cleaning path for super fast vacuuming for all of us who would really rather be doing something else.

Product Features:

* Headlight illuminates cleaning path
* Powerful 12-amp motor; 15-inch cleaning width
* Allergen filtration system captures dust mites, ragweed, common pollens
* Check-bag indicator, easy-open bag door
* Onboard dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, 2 extension wands; 1-year warranty


Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum is "equipped with a unique, sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria."



Twilight Kenmore Canister Vacuum Model: 27514

Product Features

* Pet Powermate motorized attachment is ideal for cleaning pet hair from furniture
*Upper and Lower Quick Releases for convenient attachment of onboard tools
* Exclusive Stair Grip enables vacuum to rest on staircase for easy stair cleaning
* Electronic Performance Indicator tells when bag is full or to check for clogs
* Cleaning tools store on board for convenient above floor cleaning
* HEPA filtration for cleaner exhaust air

Consumer Report 10/07
provides commentary on popular models and tips on how to choose a vacuum.

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September 3, 2007

Pet Stuff Steals and Deals – Labor Day 07

Dyson is offering a dream deal this week at Target! Free $100 e-GiftCard with online purchase of select Dyson vacuums. Dyson offers powerful uprights for homes shared with pets.

This offer is good for the Dyson Absolute DC17 Animal Vacuum, at $549 along with free shipping.


  • Absolutely perfect for pet-inhabited homes, this powerful bagless upright doesn’t clog or lose suction; titanium gray with purple accents
  • Best pick up across all floor types; hygienic and quick to empty; air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe; approved for allergy suffers by the British Allergy Foundation
  • Level 3 root cyclone; quick-draw telescope reach; 5-yr. warranty; no extra costs; carpet care kit keeps new carpet looking new; low reach floor tool for easier cleaning under low furniture
  • Lifetime HEPA filtration for cleaner expelled air; fingertip brush control; mini turbine head cleans pet hair from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car
  • 43.5Hx16.7Wx13.2D"

Free $100 e-GiftCard with online purchase for the slightly less expensive Dyson DC07 Animal Vacuum at $499, shipping free as well.


  • First vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction; most powerful upright for pet hair
  • Lifetime HEPA filter provides highest levels of filtration for cleaner expelled air
  • Includes mini turbine head, low reach floor tool and a carpet care kit
  • Quick draw hose stretches to 17ft

Extensive information at product website.

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July 25, 2007

Beam Central Vacuum--Review

At Super Cool Pets we love our central vacuum. It is lightweight, a breeze to use and keeps a house clean which would otherwise be filled with pet hair, dirt, grass, crumbs, dander, feathers, dust, and numerous crawly things. A central vac system consists of:
  • a canister located in central area of the structure (garage)
  • wall outlets strategically placed in building (we have 2 on far ends of house)
  • tubing running from outlets to central canister (up walls into attic and down)
  • 25 ft hose (with attachments) that plugs into wall outlets

A central vac has 1 or 2 motors, depending, which provide stronger suction than uprights, since they would be too heavy to cart around. Also unlike other systems, there is no dirt being recirculated throughout the room since it is all going into the canister. It is often quieter since the motors and fan are not running inside the house.

Speaking of central vac motors, ours just went kaput. Burning smell in garage. We had a 2-year warranty on the system which is 3 1/2 years old. Well-known brand-name company which Super Cool Pets won't name (don't want to deprive anyone of the ability to make a living), but we will recommend highly the Beam 3500 sq ft system we bought online at Mid America Vacuum Centers.


  • Fabulous customer service. The system we ordered was back-ordered (what else is new). Instead of making us wait, they sent us the next model up--an $80 upgrade--for the same price. Plus they honored a promotional coupon for $50. That may not sound so fantastic, but we couldn't read the online coupon code, had to call and the CSR honored it verbally. So we received a $536.95 central vac system for a $402.95 on our credit card. Plus, a ten- year warranty--did I mention the first system only had a 2-year warranty?
  • Fabulous performance. We can't stand too close to the hose, or we may find ourselves outside in the canister. And quiet.

At Mid America Vacuum Centers. If you are handy, this system is easy to install yourself. Otherwise factor in an installation charge. Central vacuum is well worth it.

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July 13, 2007

Pet Allergy Control with Sebo Canister Vacuums


If you love pets, but have allergies,one way to keep cat allergy under control is to vacuum carpets, drapes and furniture regularly (constantly?). The Sebo Canister Vacuums - airbelt C2.1 have anti-allergy and hospital grade S-class filtration.

The SEBO S-Class Filtration System guarantees that dirt is picked up and filtered through a 3-layer filter bag, electrostatic microfilter, and exhaust filter inside the vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum cleaners meeting the S-Class standards are equivalent to meeting HEPA requirements to filter out 99.97% of pollens, household dust, dust mites and other allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers in size. For particles 1 micrometer and larger, the filtration rate is 100%. The C2.1 is a mid-size plus vacuum a air-driven turbo head that copes well with a variety of thin to medium pile carpets, and the bare floor brush softly and effectively cleans even the most highly polished hardwood floors or tiling. Fat, pliant bumpers for dragging around corners protect your paintwork.

Further information on the 3-step filtraton system and attachments at Sebo.

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May 25, 2007

Pet Hair Vac


In today's hi-tech world, appliances have become so "smart" they even talk to us. That is great, but sometimes, truthfully, all we really want out of our gadgets is that they have an on-off switch and do the job they are supposed to do. Simplicity.

This Pet Hair Vac may fill the bill. It is a bag-free vacuum with a 7 amp motor and an easy-to-empty bin. Includes a 6-piece tool set and a 16 foot self-winding cord. Good choice for a second vac, summer home, or apartment.

Available at (appropriately) WhateverWorks.

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May 9, 2007

Sticky Sheets for Pet Hair Removal


Our floors need to be vacuumed constantly. Shedded fur is usually floating around, plus the birds spray seed everywhere (nature's way of seeding the ceramic tile). These StickySheets Pet Hair Removal Aid are a great addition to your pet hair removal routine, since the vac doesn't work so well on furniture, car seats, dashboard etc. Think a huge piece of scotch tape 2 ft X 3 ft.

About StickySheets Pet Hair Removal Aid:

StickySheets are specially formulated to pull apart easily if they should stick to themselves.

StickySheets have an easy to use backing which takes the hassle out of cleaning pet hair and lint off of upholstry.

Simply peel off the top strip, stick the sheet to the item you wish to clean, and then pull the rest of the backing off.

A StickySheet can be used on an average of 2-3 surfaces before discarding (up to 10 surfaces in some situations). This number may increase or decrease depending on the amount of hair or lint on the surface you wish to clean. Remember: firm, even pressure increases the adhesive bond to the hair (you can even sit on it!).

StickySheets are a versatile product with many uses. Check out our Many Uses page to see just how many have been discovered so far.

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April 2, 2007

Pet Hair Magnet

Pet hair is a nuisance. It appears everywhere and sticks to everything! Here is a great little tool from Sky Mall --a Pet Hair Magnet. Pull the rubber blade along to catch and pick up dog and cat hair from your carpets, furniture, blankets, clothes and car seats. Just rinse and re-use. It has a plastic handle and 7" wide blade.

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March 14, 2007

iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vac


Feeling a bit overwhelmed by pet shedding? If you feel like I do sometimes (didn't I just vacuum?) the iRobot Roomba Pet Hair Vac is made for you! I say, "Delegate!" Let this specially designed Robot loose to clean up the hair, fur, litter all over your home. iRobot comes with a self-charging Home Base, so it will always be charged and ready to clean.

Features and Accessories include:

Self-Charging Home Base
Returns to its base and recharges itself when the battery runs low or when it is finished cleaning-leaving you one less thing to remember.

Triple cleaning mode
Features three powerful cleaning modes: Clean, Spot and Max. Use Max Mode to clean multiple rooms in a single cleaning cycle-or for heavy duty cleaning after the kids birthday party.

Advance Power Supply (APS) Battery
Roomba has a powerful battery and charging system that allows the robot to clean effectively 2-3 rooms per charge.

APS Fast Charger

Fully charges Roomba in less than 3 hours.

2 Virtual Wall Units

Uses an infrared beam to create a barrier so Roomba cleans where you want it to.

Easy Clean Brush
Specifically designed to pick up pet hair, fur, litter and dirt. Rapid cleaning with the Easy Clean brush tool.

Easy Clean Brush Tool
Specifically designed to remove pet hair, fur, litter and dirt from the Easy Clean Brush.

Standard Remote Control

Lets you control standard Roomba functions from across the room.

At iRobot.com and Amazon.

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February 6, 2007

Make Pet Hair Disappear with the Dyson DC 14 All Floors Upright Bagless Vacuum

We personally own this Dyson DC 14 All Floors Upright and find it to be perfect for getting that nasty pet hair off of the rug along with the pet hair off the furniture. Named for its power and uncompromising approach to pet hair, the remanufactured Dyson DC14 upright vacuum cleaner was skillfully engineered by James Dyson, inventor of the world's first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner.

Unlike bagged or bagless systems that often lose suction power from dust clogging the bag or filter, nothing obstructs the airflow of this unit. Its Root8Cyclone technology features conical chambers that generate 150,000 g's of centrifugal force, pushing dust and dirt out of the airflow into the vacuum's 0.71-gallon collection cup. With no bag to clog, the vacuum's 250 air watts of suction power remain steady no matter how much pet hair you have to clean.

At Dyson DC 14 All Floors Upright

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