January 7, 2009

Six-Sided Honeycomb Hive Cat Bed


Sneek peek of a super cool new product for the New Year! Modern Cat is having a January giveaway of Hepper Home's six-sided honeycomb shaped Hive cat bed, so new it is not even on Hepper's site yet.

The Hive has a removable, washable cover with poly fill. In four styles: Earth and Sky, Herringbone, Racetrack Graphite, and Spring Bud Green.

Super Cool Pets will keep an eye out for it and update you on availability.

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January 6, 2009

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Weekend Benefit for Non-Profit Organization -- Seattle Dog WinterFest


At Super Cool Pets, we are avid fans of the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan who has these words of frigid weather doggy wisdom :

Let your dog check the weather. Dogs don't have the Weather Channel, so they don't know why they are being denied a long walk for the day. Allow your dog to step outside and feel for itself that it is too cold or too stormy to go on a long walk. Instinctually, the dog will understand why it is coming back inside where it's safe. But be careful not to allow them to do this too often. They can learn to use this open door to manipulate and control you. Also, some dogs, if out in the cold for too long, will develop thicker fur and maintain their fat as a natural protection, so they may not feel the cold as intensely as we humans do. This can be an advantage if you want to continue to take your dog for walks in cold weather. However, please keep in mind that many short-haired breeds do not have this natural resistance to cold weather.

If you want to meet Cesar, and even join him for dinner, check out the Seattle Dog Winterfest. Enter the doggy talent contest, watch the Fido fashion show, and hang out with Cesar!

Saturday, Jan. 10 from 10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday, Jan. 11 from 10 AM to 5 PM

Dine with the Dog Whisperer

Saturday, Jan. 10 at 7:30 PM

Grand Ballroom, The Westin Seattle

$300 per person - Cesar's Table: $1000

A portion of the proceeds from this exciting event will benefit the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation.

To get more information or buy tickets, visit SeattleDogWinterFest.com.

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January 1, 2009

Cloned Pets -- Where Does Nature End and Nurturing Begin?


Mira and MissyToo, cloned from the DNA of a deceased dog belonging to Lou Hawthorne's mother, featured in Living Together: Beloved Pets Everlasting over at NYTImes.

The most difficult thing about the cloned puppies is not telling them apart, but explaining why they don't look exactly alike. This was the problem Lou Hawthorne faced on a recent afternoon hike with Mira and MissyToo, two dogs whose embryos were created from the preserved, recycled and repurposed nuclear DNA of the original Missy, a border collie-husky mix who died in 2002.

To be sure, they have a very strong resemblance to each other and to Missy. It's just that sometimes, as soon as people hear that the dogs are clones, the questions start coming...

Perhaps there is more to our pets than just their DNA. Read article.

Photo: Heidi Schumann for The New York Times

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December 9, 2008

PetScoop -- Dogs Have A Sense of Fairness


When you are distributing presents to your pets Christmas morning, keep in mind that dogs have a sense of fairness. According to a recent study:

The dogs sat side-by-side with an experimenter in front of them. In front of the experimenter was a divided food bowl with pieces of sausage on one side and brown bread on the other.

The dogs were asked to shake hands and each could see what reward the other received.

When one dog got a reward and the other didn't, the unrewarded animal stopped playing.

When both got a reward all was well.

News, but not really news. We have kind of noticed this already. Read article.

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December 4, 2008

Canine Heritage Breed Tests Now Available in All PETCO Stores


Mixed-Pedigree Canine DNA Testing

At Super Cool Pets we prefer to do our pet gear shopping online. We save gas and can find what we want without wandering the aisles forever. We don't wait in line at the checkout either. That said, we are also committed to keeping our loyal readers in the know for those times they find themselves in their local pet store.

If your dog's breed has got you puzzled, the cutting-edge DNA testing for mixed-pedigree pups is now readily available to pet parents in all of PETCO's nearly 950 stores across the nation.

The Canine Heritage Standard Breed Test, which use DNA technology to genetically identify the make-up of mixed-breed dogs, has been available online since July 15, 2008. Features:

* Satisfies curiosity about your dog's breed composition
* Is safe and painless for your dog
* Requires only a cheek swab to collect DNA
* Does not require a veterinarian
* Results on a frame quality "Certificate of DNA Analysis"
* View Current Validated Breeds

The in-demand Canine Heritage Standard Breed Test is currently on sale online at PETCO.com. Sale ends 12/20/08, but you need to order by Monday December 8 for delivery by December 24.

Canine Heritage Standard Breed Test ()
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December 2, 2008

PetzMD.com -- New Online Pet Health Care Site


PetzMD.com, a user-friendly online pet health care website, was launched yesterday by Austin pet owners Tina Cannon and Christi Scovel. PetzMD.com features an A to Z reference library for illnesses, ailments and diseases. A special feature for Super Cool Pets is their Z Symptom Checkerâ„¢, a database where pet owners can research their pets illnesses themselves.


You will find numerous helpful pet care articles, a "find a vet" feature, headlines, forums, message boards, so something there for every pet lover. Create a profile, upload photos, create a blog or a meds calendar, and more at PetzMD.com

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November 21, 2008

PetScoop: Home Test for Melamine Pet Food Contamination in the Works


Christie Keith at Pet Connection reports that a home testing kit has been developed for the pet food contaminate melamine:

If the FDA won't test food imports for melamine contamination, should we start doing it ourselves?

Joy Drawdy, owner of Gainesville's Earth Pets Natural Pet Market, thinks so, and so she developed a home melamine test kit:

"Pet owners should have a way to test their food at home. People coming into Earth Pets kept saying something like this was needed. I started trying to find one, but none existed," Drawdy said. "In the past year, using my knowledge of pet food manufacturing and contaminant testing, I developed one. I have it patented and it's done. I just need to get it marketed."

Projected availability for this test is late spring 2009.

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November 13, 2008

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam -- Live Puppies on the Internet


Need a new web fix? Feast your eyes on this super cute litter of puppies, now performing live on the web via theShiba Inu Puppy Cam. The six Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) turned 5 weeks old on November 11th. This is the first litter from their mom, Kika.

From the site:

- Autumn (Purple collar) - 3 lbs 5.8 oz (as of Nov 11th)
- Ayumi (Yellow collar) - 3 lbs 3.4 oz (as of Nov 11th)
- Amaya (Red collar) - 3 lbs 6.6 oz (as of Nov 11th)

- Aki (Green collar) - 4 lbs 0.4 oz (as of Nov 11th)
- Akoni (Black collar) - 3 lbs 12.6 oz (as of Nov 11th)
- Ando (Blue collar) - 3 lbs 1.2 oz (as of Nov 11th)


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November 8, 2008

PetScoop -- Goldendoodle New First Dog?


There is speculation that the new "first dog" in President-elect Barack Obama's White House will be a Goldendoodle, a cute, fluffy crossbreed between Super Cool Pets' fave the Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Not officially recognized as a breed, they are certainly adorable and make great family pets.

[Photo via Doodlebug @ Flickr]

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October 21, 2008

PetScoop -- CFA/IAMS Cat Championship Winners


Congratulations to CFA-Iams Cat Championship Winners! Eighteen-month-old Grand Champion Platina Luna Blade Runner, a Russian Blue cat from Greensboro, North Carolina, was named Best-in-Show at the CFA-Iams Cat Championship held at Madison Square Garden on October 18-19.

First runner-up was Deydream High Hopes, a 3 ½-year-old Manx Grand Premier from Easthampton, New Jersey and second runner-up Tigerboy Keymaster of Wishes, a 6-month-old Exotic kitten from Hong Kong.

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