August 18, 2008

Pet Treats: Is your dog making you sick?

pigsear.jpgNext time you toss your dog what seems like a yummy snack - say, a nice, chewy Pig's Ear, you might be setting yourself up for some tummy upset.

From The You Docs: Is your dog making you sick?:

Pet treats made from animal products may contain salmonella bacteria, which won't bother your furry pal but can give you a fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea 12 to 72 hours after the bug gets in your system. So how does it get there? Probably in your kitchen. An investigation a couple of years ago of pet owners who suddenly came down with nausea and vomiting found that they had fed their animals a treat and then prepared food for themselves.

So how to prevent your spending three or four days in the bathroom (or, in severe cases, the hospital) without depriving your dog of treats? It's pretty simple: Just wash your hands thoroughly after touching the snacks.

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August 11, 2008

Pet Scoop -- Successful Pit Bull Commercial Cloning


One pit bull times 5 -- Woman paid $50,000 to Korean lab to turn skin cells from her pet pit bull into embryos carried by two surrogates. Read the (kinda wierd) story.

One question on many pet lover's minds: Will Cloned Dogs Have Identical Personalities? As the author says:

A clone is an organism that is genetically identical to another organism. Clones are very common.

If you have ever taken a cutting from a plant, placed it in water until roots sprouted, and then potted the newly independent vegetation, you have cloned a plant. If you have eaten a banana, you have consumed part of a cloned organism.

As well, identical twins are by definition clones of each other. This leads me to the answer to your question.

And there is always the local shelter.

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August 4, 2008

Manage Your Pet Care Online with mypetsoft.com


ORGIT Software Corporation has launched its brand new pet care software site, mypetsoft.com for users to consolidate, organize and manage all of their pets' important information online. Unlike a lot of contact management software, this site can be accessed from a browser, rather than your desktop, meaning it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Those familiar with the award-winning Petcare® Software CD version that was released to the market in early 2004 will find it very similar in look and functionality.

This site is user friendly for family or business use, with the capability of maintaining individual files for each animal. The software allows the site manager to grant access to other trusted parties. Perfect for use by veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, pet hotels, kennels, shelters. A pet owner can allow access to any of the prior mentioned pet businesses, as well as friends, family, and even grant them editing privileges. Information is easily exchanged and updated.

The mypetsoft.com software provides 11 categories which include pet health records, pet identity data, missing pet alerts, a pet contact manager and over fifty sub-categories. mypetsoft.com is secured by a password.


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July 30, 2008

Rachael Ray Nutrish: New Line of Super Cool Dog Food & Treats to Benefit Dogs in Need


Not only are dogs pack animals, we humans are as well. TV personalities are jumping on the pet food and products bandwagon this summer. Earlier this month we wrote about Cesar Millan's Dog Whispererâ„¢ new line of pet products (available at Amazon), and now Rachel Ray has joined the pack. Rachael's proceeds from the sales of Nutrish for Pets will go to organizations such as those listed on her Rachel's Rescue site @ http://www.rachaelsrescue.org

From Market Watch, Rachael Ray Launches Line of Super Premium Dog Food & Treats:

Rachael Ray Nutrish includes two varieties of all natural dog food featuring real meat as the first ingredient -- Real Chicken and Veggies and Real Beef and Brown Rice. There are no by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives; and each recipe contains:

-- Antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E and selenium to support a healthy
immune system
-- A healthy fiber blend including oatmeal for easy digestion
-- Omega Fatty Acids, with a dash of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to
support healthy skin and a shiny coat
-- High quality proteins to support healthy organs and lean muscle mass
-- Calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth

Where To Buy: Rachael Ray Nutrish is carried almost everywhere you shop for the rest of your family's meals. For more info, visit http://www.nutrishforpets.com

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July 29, 2008

Pets & Prescriptions--Online Pet Pharmacies Can Save You Money


Super Cool Pets has recently posted on the current buzz about the rising cost of vet care. How about reining in the rising cost of prescriptions?

Many pet lovers are starting to shop online for the convenience and to save money. From Wallet Pop Animals & Money: Online pet pharmacies cut into vet mark-up:

Right now you probably just get your pet's drugs from your vet. You may be surprised to see how they are marking up the drug prices and how much you can save by going to a legitimate online pet pharmacy.

I found this out when my vet said my dog Jolly needed an iron supplement he would order. I waited days for him to get the $40 bottle in. Then I found it online for $10, no prescription needed.

Some old-fashioned vets don't have a huge mark-up on prescriptions or even prefer writing prescriptions to stocking medicines. But for many cash-strapped vets it's a big way to make money. That may seem like a conflict of interest -- and it's why people doctors can't sell prescriptions.

Just last month the vet business journal Veterinary Economics had a story "Six Tips to Rev Up Refills and Revenues." They've consistently advised vets to have a big markup on prescriptions and to charge a dispensing fee. They advise a minimum dispensing fee of about $20 and then at least doubling the actual cost of the drug. Vet consultants generally recommend that the rarer the drug, the bigger the markup.

According to Wallet Pop, the biggest online pharmacy player is 1800PetMeds, and their favorite (and hugely popular) is:

My favorite is the largest online pet catalog in the United States, Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Licensed Pharmacy. They're becoming a major player in online pet drugs. Two Wisconsin veterinarians, Dr. Rory Foster and Dr. Marty Smith, founded the company in 1983. I talked to them and they explained that a human pharmacist dispenses drugs and follows all the rules that human pharmacies do: he accepts calls or faxes from the vet or an original prescription, but no copies or faxes from the owner.

They also offer Prescription Compoundingicon and will work with you and your veterinarian to find the most effective formula for your pets needs and tastes.

Compounding can allow your veterinarian to:

* Create alternative dosage forms
* Change dosages & strengths
* Combine drugs or customize formulation
* Compound discontinued drugs
* Add species-specific flavors

Here is a short list of well-known sites for some super cool deals on pet meds online:

If you have any experiences to share or suggestions, please leave a comment or send an email to news@supercoolpets.com--Super Cool Pets does not endorse any particular online site.

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Pet Scoop -- How To Protect Your Pets from Thieves


Whether you view the animals you live with as pets, loved ones, children or pack leaders, this is a scary trend. MSNBC reports that "some dognappers are stealing pets for quick profit...It's not just dogs who are stolen, although they're the most common targets. Cats are at risk too." From the MSNBC.com, Pet thefts rise as economy hits dog-gone low, ways to protect against pet theft:

  • Don't leave your dog alone in your yard for long periods, especially if it's visible from the street.
  • If strangers approach you with admiring comments about your dog, don't share information about his cost or where you live.
  • Report a theft to police and animal control as soon as it happens.
  • Keep a current photo of your pet so you can make flyers or posters immediately and post the photo on Web sites.
  • If possible, hold back some kind of descriptive information about your pet so you can sort out crank calls from serious ones.
  • Microchip your dogs and cats, and keep microchip registration information up to date so shelters and veterinarians can contact you if your pet is found. A microchip also serves as proof that an animal belongs to you.
  • A tattoo on the inner thigh is a permanent way of identifying your dog if the tattoo is registered with a tracking organization such as National Dog Registry.
  • Consider GPS for your pet. New GPS collars allow owners to set up a safety zone. If the pet strays beyond it, an alert goes out e-mail and text message. The collars have potential for tracking missing dogs, but they're expensive at $129.99 and up, and they can be removed by someone who finds the dog and decides to keep it.

Not only has the economy hit a new "dog-gone low", Americans have too, if this is the way they deal.

If your pet ever does disappear, whether through theft or running away, missing-pet Web sites such as dogdetective.com and K9 Amber Alert may help.


Interested in GPS? For the entire system Garmin ASTRO BUNDLE DC 30 Collar Plus Astro 220. If you are upgrading your Astro 220 -- here is the link to the Garmin DC 30 Transmitter Collar.

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July 28, 2008

Pet Scoop -- Dogs of Summer 2008 Slideshow Album 3


Album 3 of Dogs of Summer 2008 is here courtesy Boston.com


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July 16, 2008

Pet Scoop -- via con Dios Rookie

Videos of this dog brought on laughter and tears, including, but not limited to, those of us who share our lives with Goldens. Rookie, the master of the "Canine Freestyle" left this world Monday, after an illness, at age 15.

This dog truly "exemplified the spirit of the human/canine bond."

via Pet Connection

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July 13, 2008

Pet Scoop -- Dogs Enjoying Summer Slideshow


Dog lovers, treat yourself to a fabulous slideshow at boston.com's Dogs of Summer 2008 part 2


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July 2, 2008

Pet Scoop -- 7/02/08

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 5735_smart_dog_delivering_a_newspaper_in_mouth.jpg

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Limited Pink Edition. -- It's pink! Automatic pet waterer filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water.

Protect your pets from Independence Day festivities -- Celebrating the Fourth of July is great fun, but for our pets it can be devastating, according to the Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control, which has several suggestions to keep companion animals safe and happy during this often loud holiday.

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