June 27, 2008

Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug -- It's Time to Play!


Is your pup looking around for something to do? Feel guilty because your dog wants to play and you can't drop everything right now?

Busy BuddyTug-A-Jug is a fun interactive doggy toy that will stimulate all your pet's 5 senses.

  • The plastic bottle is made of non-toxic bullet proof material--virtually indestructible.
  • Bottom can be unscrewed for easily loading treats or kibbles.
  • Bottle is translucent so your dog can see the treats through the bottle
  • Scent holes allow your dog to smell the treats.
  • When the Tug-A-Jug rolls, the treats rattle inside.
  • Spiked rubber wrap and tight knotted rope serve as chew toys.

Two sizes: Busy BuddyTug-A-Jug for small dogs and Busy BuddyTug-A-Jug for medium and large.

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June 26, 2008

Find Your "Dream" Cat Furniture -- Use the CatsPlay.com Search Engine

Sometimes you know what you want in a product, but finding it online can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. CatsPlay.com Cat Furniture has one of the web's largest collection of cat furniture offering hundreds of models, styles and features.

Use the Cat Furniture Super Search to do a custom search for your 'dream' cat furniture. You just select your preferences in various categories: color, style, price, specialty options and then browse the cat furniture that match your criteria.

Cat Furniture Super Search

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June 18, 2008

Marmalade Wall Flower Cat Scratcher -- Go Green!


Who doesn't love functional art for their home? This eco-friendly Marmalade Wall Flower Cat Scratcher fits the bill for your cat:

  • Sleek functional cardboard cat scratcher
  • Made with ecologically friendly materials
  • Unique contours appropriate for cats
  • Extra durable cardboard provides an extra long use period
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle
  • Can be used as a stand-alone scratcher on the floor
  • Firm balance, will not tilt in use by a cat
  • Scratching surface measures 3 feet long and is reversible

Thumbnail image for wallflowerclips.jpg

Wall Flower Wall Clips are sold separately for the vertical installation of Marmalade Wall Flower CatScratcher.

Go green -- available in Lime at Amazon and Lime, Sky and Rust at Only Natural Pet Store.

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June 17, 2008

Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse Cat Toy-- Plus 6 Tips for Choosing Your Cat's Toys

Not sure what to buy your cat? Below is a toy that appeals to your cat's hunting instincts.


Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse
is so lifelike it convinces your cat there's a live mouse in the house. The stealthy movements of the mouse will stimulate your cat's hunter/predator instinct to secure the catch and provide hours of fun.


The toy moves silently--randomly speeding up, then slowing down, reversing direction under a durable nylon cover. The kit Includes:

  • One Undercover Mouse electronic cat toy
  • One ripstop nylon skirt
  • One mouse wand

Why is the Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse such a popular cat toy? Here are some tips for choosing cat toys:

  • Appeal to the hunting instinct "Cats like to track things, so they love any toy that brings out their hunting instinct," says Michele Levan, creator of the award-winning Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Cat Toyicon toy.
  • Hold your cat's interest "It's good for indoor cats especially to have something besides food to interest them," says Tina Cheng, DVM, of the Animal Clinic of Encino in Encino, Calif. "Cats are attracted to motion -- they will always love anything that bounces around and simulates the movement of a live insect or mouse," she says.
  • Safety first "A toy shouldn't have any little eyes or a nose that a cat could pull off and choke on," says Maria Sabatine, owner of Pets Naturally, a pet store in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
  • Don't make it too frustrating
  • Intrigue fat and lazy cats " A toy that intrigues a cat enough to stalk it, pounce on it or toss it in the air is a worthwhile investment, especially if your kitty is overweight. Cat Dancer Cat Toy, described as a "cat action toy," features a small piece of cardboard the size of a large insect. It dangles from a wire and so fascinates cats that they'll stand on their hind feet to swipe at it.
  • Make it fun for people A cat toy should give you hours of fun watching your cat play with it.

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June 16, 2008

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm System - Alerts You If Your Pet Falls in the Water


This Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Alarm alerts you if your pet falls in the water, say into the pool or off the boat. Your dog or cat may be able to swim, but can drown in no time if not trained to how get out of the pool or floundering in the pond or ocean. The Safety Turtle can be used in all fresh water as well as salt. The Safety Turtle Alarm system consists of:


The Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Base Station is placed inside the house, boat or anywhere within 100 feet of the pool or body of water. The Safety Turtle Wireless Pet Adaptor is attached to your pet's collar or Life Vest.

If your pet enters into the water, a loud alarm will sound at the Base Station (when the Turtle is immersed in water). The alarm continues to sound until it is reset. Rain, light spray or ground moisture won't trigger the alarm. The Turtle is small and light enough to be worn by the tiniest dog or cat.

Also available are Turtle Wristbands sold separately for children. Any number of Turtle Wristbands of the same color can be used with one Base Station.

As an extra precaution, Safety Turtle Wireless Gate Alarm can be installed on any wood or metal gate. It never needs to be disabled--it has an adult bypass feature, so pets and children will set the alarm off while adults will not. The Safety Turtle Gate Alarm is sold separately and must be used in conjunction with the Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Base Station.

Visit the website for detailed information.

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June 13, 2008

Personalized Pet Crock - Stash Your Pet's Gear


Stash your pet's toys and stuff in this handsome Personalized Pet Crock.iconThis is a quality stoneware crock, hand-formed, glazed inside and out, and high-fired for durability. Personalized with weatherproof paint up to 12 characters and spaces. Thoughtful gift!

Personalized Pet Crock

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June 12, 2008

One Dog One Bone -- Sturdy Backyard Dog Pool

Our dogs love their backyard pool--but are you tired of replacing yours? Or cleaning out the algae?


Super Cool Pets has found a more sturdy version made with heavy duty HMWPE, the material that makes up truck bed liners. One Dog One Bone is a doggy pool that can withstand the toughest and biggest dogs out there. The material is chew-resistant as well as UV-resistant. The pools are equipped with a convenient brass garden hose thread drain, so they can be easily emptied and cleaned.


The pools come in a bright white so they will absorb less light from the sun. According to the site, the white keeps them 10 degrees cooler than a darker tub.


One Dog One Bone for all size dogs.


For more fun photos, click.

[via Paws Here]

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Pet Toy Bin -- A Fold-Up Storage Solution


Our pets have so many toys, we need a place to put them! How about these convenient collapsible Toy Storage Bins, perfect for organizing pet toys.

To store the bins, just unzip the bottom and fold them flat. These attractive fold-up bins come in two completely different looks--in stripe and barn board. Made from a durable, water-resistant material. In Small or Large. Pick up a few for kids' toys, magazines, newspapers, laundry, towels.


Toy Storage Bins

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June 4, 2008

Catain -- Curtains for Your Cat and Art for Your Home


At Super Cool Pets we love functional art. Here is some entertainment for your cat and art for you -- Catain, a curtain for cats:

  • Modular curtain made from square panels that attach with Velcro
  • Assemble the squares to your taste
  • Use Catain as a curtain or room divider
  • Panel designs for napping, hiding, scratching, rubbing, catnip and playing


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June 3, 2008

Tennis Racquet Dog Fetch Toy -- Launch the Ball Further and Keep Your Hands Clean


It's always fun to find new ways to exercise with your dog, since everyone gets bored with the same old thing. Try out this affordable Tennis Ball Racquet Thrower for interactive play.

  • Launch tennis balls faster and farther than ever before
  • Place a tennis ball in the elasticized mesh, pull back it back like a slingshot and release
  • Hands-free design lets you scoop it up and shoot it off again
  • Rubberized handle provides a firm grip
  • One tennis ball included


Looks like a pet fetch toy the children would enjoy with their dogs too!

If you live near tennis courts, stop by from time to time. There are always balls lying around.

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