July 30, 2012

Thundershirt For Cats


Thunder is booming outside of Super Cool Pets headquarters. Most of us are familiar with the Thundershirt for Dogs, but did you know there is a Thundershirt for Cats? If you can get it on your kitty (!), it is easy to create the snug, comfortable fit essential to treat anxiety.

Not sure they are as sensitive to thunder as some of our dogs, but this Thundershirt is effective for calming them during vet visits, groomers, when traveling, or with general anxiety problems. Made of a durable fabric that resists collecting fur.

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July 11, 2012

Drown Out Scary Thunder Sounds for Your Pet with a iPhone/iPod Speaker System


Our Golden Retrievers live in the lightning capital of the world. Where there is lightning, there is thunder--scary thunder. One of them is panting nervously now by our side even as we post.

There are numerous theories as to why pets are so frightened of thunder. Every being responds individually to their environment and in this dog's case, we suspect thunder sounds a lot like the roar of an unknown and very huge terrifying beast coming to get her.

So since we love our doggie, we drown the beast out. Experts recommend calming music, which seems to help. We pull up Pandora on our iPhone, select the Calm Meditations station, and plug the iPhone into our portable Altec Lansing IMT320 inMotion Compact iPod Speaker System. We rev up the music, place it on the counter by the dark closet/cave she hides in, and off she drifts, generally.


This light-weight speaker system folds as slim as a book, so you can easily take it with you and enjoy good-quality music on your iPhone or iPod wherever you go. The inMotion Compact has an attached wrap-around cover which protects the speakers and doubles as a stand.

Push-button volume controls are integrated directly into the top of the speaker. The iMT320's universal dock recharges your iPod or iPhone while you're listening to music, and it can be powered by either an AC adapter or four AA batteries (not included) when an outlet is not available.

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June 28, 2012

Greenies Pill Pockets Successfully Disguise Bad-Tasting Pet Medication


We like DIY here at Super Cool Pets, but there are times we just have to wave the white flag. Our Golden has a jumbo pill organizer with her name on it, and recently she has been refusing her pills with a large shake and shudder no matter how cleverly they are disguised -- beef chunks, peanut butter, ham rolls, hot dog bites, banana, gravy.

When it got to the point that the *hidden* pills were even turning her off to her meals, we turned in desperation to Greenies Pill Pockets. These little gems contain a built-in pocket, perfect for hiding a pill or supplement, which are chewy and workable, so can be sealed shut. And she eats them!


These Greenies Pill Pockets treats are tailored to match your pill size--large fits most capsules and small fits most tablets. They come in different flavors. Well worth every penny to keep our pup healthy while keeping meal time fun.

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June 23, 2012

Bird Arm Perch


Many of our live-in birds thrive on human companionship. One way to increase bonding opportunities is to carry your bird around with you more often. The issue there is that birds have sharp claws and beaks, and we have vulnerable skin.

This Bird Arm Perch makes it less likely your bird will grip you tightly with the claws or nip your arm with his or her beak. The sleeve fits over the forearm and secures with elastic laces. The easy-grip surface helps birds feel secure--thus less likely to tense up, nip and claw.

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June 19, 2012

Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap -- Fights Flea Infestations


Fleas are a year-round problem in many areas, but can run amuck when it's warm. If you are unlucky enough to be afflicted with a flea infestation, no need to spray your house or pet with harmful chemicals. One weapon in your arsenal against them is this Ultimate Flea Trap.


The Ultimate Flea Trap uses color, heat, light, and a sweet odor to attract fleas from up to 30 feet away in every direction. Then the varmits are trapped on the sticky glue disc. Ultimate Flea Trap Refills are also available so you can reuse the trap if necessary.

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June 5, 2012

Consumer Reports -- GPS Pet Tracking Devices


Missing pet--the worst. We know. Most lost pets don't wander too far, and you can go the neighborhood flyers route. But there is also technology available to help you keep track of your pets.

Consumer Reports recently tested three devices for keeping track of pets. Each has a GPS unit that stays on the pet and communicates with the owner -- the RoamEO Pet Monitor System ($200), the Garmin GTU 10 ($200), and the Tagg Pet Tracker ($100).

See Consumer Reports for the breakdown.

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June 2, 2012

Squirrel Spinner Feeder -- Keep Squirrels Away from Your Bird Feeders


Much to our surprise, recently here at Super Cool Pets headquarters a bold and brassy squirrel chewed through the screen on our porch and invaded our roomy cockatiel bird cage hanging out there. Luckily, it was a hot day and our birds were chilling indoors.

Needless to say, a boundary has been crossed. No, he/she was not desperate for food as there is plenty of bird seed out in the yard, and it is summer after all. We would rather the squirrels left the bird cages and feeders alone.

This Squirrel Spinner Feeder is one way to keep the squirrels away from your bird feeders. Attach two ears of corn and mount it on any tree, fence, or post using the attached screw-mount. The squirrel's weight causes the 9" arms to spin for hours of entertainment.

At Amazon and Plow and Hearth where you can use code: LNKPH199 to pay only $1.99 standard shipping on orders $75 or more.

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May 24, 2012

Ant Proof Pet Food Tray


Eating their meals outside in balmy weather is fun for people and for our pets. Some of us keep our dogs out much of the day. Trouble is--the food bowls attract insects, especially ants. This Ant Proof Pet Food Tray has a hidden water moat that insects can't cross.

The raised edge keeps the food bowls from sliding off. The tray can be used indoors or outdoors and will also protect any other food items from insects. Low maintenance and dishwasher safe.

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April 27, 2012

Black Cat Personal Protection Keychain


Give yourself some peace of mind when out and about on your own. Use this Cat Self Defense Keychain to create an excellent means of surprise-defense against an attacker.

The eyes of the cat are the finger holes and the ears become spikes when clutched in your hand. The finished stainless aluminum charm includes a stainless ring and clasp for attaching keys. This keychain looks non-threatening and is easy to carry.

via Book of Joe

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April 19, 2012

Soft Claws Nail Caps Protect Homes from Pet Claw Scratches


Animal paws, especially cat and dog, have to be among the cutest things the universe has devised. Unfortunately, they have claws at the end. Thus, many of our floors, walls and furniture have scratches due to dog and cat nails. Soft Claws Nail Caps are an easy, comfortable way to protect homes from claw scratch marks and damage. Adorable!


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