January 12, 2012

Better Than Tomato Juice Skunk Rinse Recipe


A few years ago, our sweet Golden returned from a romp in the yard reeking of skunk spray. Stressful enough, but we also had family visiting with little children. We deployed the traditional treatment of tomato juice, but Dr. Karen Becker claims it isn't nearly as effective as this easy recipe.

If skunks are hibernating where you are, you have plenty of time to stock up on the ingredients. Bookmark this post for quick access when it warms up in the spring, and they are out poking around for beetles.

Skunk Rinse Recipe


• 1 quart hydrogen peroxide -- 3% first aid antiseptic solution

• ¼ cup baking soda

• 2 teaspoons Dawn dishwashing liquid

If you have a larger breed dog like we do, you may need to double, triple or even quadruple the mixture depending on how much territory you need to cover.


Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleaching agent, so wear old work clothes. You may also want to wear rubber gloves.

Mix up in a bucket and apply the solution to your pet's dry coat. Start from the collar and move back toward the tail. Keep it away from your pet's eyes because the hydrogen peroxide solution can burn them. After the dog has been bathed in this solution rinse him/her down with the hose.

Source: Better Than Tomato Juice as a Skunk | Huffington Post

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December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree Pet Boundary


Having a problem with your pets playing with ornaments on your Christmas tree? One year we strung popcorn and our dog pulled down the tree to get at the strands. Gently teach your pets to stay away from the tree with this Christmas Tree Pet Boundary, a low-profile mat. Unlike bulky pet barriers, this pet boundary is only 1/2" high and 12" deep, so you can step over it easily to access the tree.

This crescent-shaped mat sets up in front of your tree and produces a harmless electric pulse when the pet steps on it, teaching dogs or cats to stay away. The mat has three adjustable power settings for small, medium, or large pets. It also has integrated LEDs that display how many times the pet has stepped on the surface.

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December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Pick -- Scratch-N-TV Cat Scratcher Hideout


Current research indicates that our cats scratch surfaces not only to sharpen their claws but to communicate. For whatever reason, indoor cat scratching on walls, furniture or carpeted areas can cause a fair amount of damage and expense.

Frustrated owners look for an economical way to redirect the cat scratching and save their home. The design of this cute Scratch-N-TV is sure to be a hit with box-loving cats. It has a corrugated texture and a feather toy "antenna" for prey-like batting and swatting.

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October 28, 2011

Tiered Wood Cat Feeding Station Shelters the Cat Food from the Dog


If you share quarters with both a cat and a dog, you know they like to eat each other's food. The difference is that many cats like to "graze" while most dogs scarf theirs down. So next thing you know the dog is inhaling the cat's dinner.

This attractive Tiered Wood Cat Feeding Stationicon keeps the dog out of the cat's food. The feeding chamber is constructed for easy climbing and has slatted sides for ventilation. A hinged safety opening allows for easy access and cleaning. It will work with any decor and comes with two stainless bowls.

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October 18, 2011

Tapestry Draftstopper In Kitten Or Puppy Design


Keep your home toasty using these Tapestry Draftstoppersicon. They block window and door drafts, making your home more comfortable and more energy efficient as well. Made of tapestry fabric in kitten or puppy design with polyester filling.


Use code LNK499PH at checkout to receive $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders.

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September 2, 2011

Grip-Tight Furniture Protector Pet Blanket


Keep your furniture looking great while protecting your investment. This Grip-Tight Furniture Protector Pet Blanket will stay in place and remain comfortable for you and your pet. The underside of the Protector features an improved grip material to prevent sliding, and weights have been incorporated into the arm and back flaps to secure them in place.


An 8" front flap protects that vulnerable area that tends to soil easily at the front of your furniture. A second flap runs along the back of the Protector and tucks under the cushions to prevent shifting. This washable furniture blanket is available in Brown Tweed, Beige, Hunter Green, Sage, Light Brown in sizes Chair, Loveseat, Sofa and Large Sofa.


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August 23, 2011

Eliminate Household Pet Odors with Vanilla Extract


As the days grow shorter, they grow colder. We will be shutting our windows, closing our doors and turning up the thermostat. Without the fresh air wafting through our home, the pungent smell of dirty paws and coats, kitty litter, shedded fur, and pet accidents will likely reassert itself.


A little vanilla extract will easily and quickly eliminate pet odors permeating your house. Lifehacker | Eric Shawn has a handy tip for houses that have started smelling a little funky:

Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven.

They say this is a Realtor trick, but no sane Realtor would incur the liability of turning on a homeowner's oven. If you are not a fan of vanilla scent, any fruit or flora extract that you like will do.

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August 18, 2011

Cable Weave MudGuard Waterhog Doormat -- Scraper and Mat Keeps Pet Dirt at the Door


Pets and people track dirt and mud into the house. Keep it at the door with this handsome Cable Weave MudGuard Waterhog Doormaticon, a scraper and mat combo.

The built-in scraper gets deep into your shoe and boot treads to scrape out the toughest dirt, and the fibers absorb water, mud and snow to keep your floors clean and dry. The mat dries quickly, won't fade or rot and vacuums or hoses clean. It is anchored with a cleated rubber backing. Perfect for pet households!

Available in Dark Brown, Medium, Brown, Chestnut, Dark Gray, Medium Gray, Green, and Red. To receive 20% discount on your order of $49 or more, enter PHAR2 in the Promotion Code box at checkout.

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August 11, 2011

Organic Diatomaceous Earth -- Natural Topical Pest Control Powder for Pets


Diatomaceous earth is formed from soft, siliceous sedimentary rock crushed into a fine light-colored powder. It is derived from freshwater sources and does not pose a significant health risk to pets or humans. Due to its absorbency, it is used as a primary ingredient in a type of cat litter.

Because food-grade diatomaceous earth is harmless to all animals, fish, and birds, it makes an excellent natural insecticide. Use it as a topical dusting powder for your pets with fleas, ticks, lice and other external pests. The D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) scratches the insect's waxy outer shell causing death by dehydration.

This is a refreshing change from toxic pesticides. Get your own Diatomaceous Earth.

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July 21, 2011

Hip Assist Harness for Senior and Injured Dogs


None of us are getting any younger, including our best buddies. No matter how enthusiastic our doggies might be, hip dysplasia, surgery, and muscle pain can sometimes make the act of actually getting up a challenge for them.

Not to despair. You can easily help your dog up into a standing position, steady him/her on the stairs, or ease entry and exit from a vehicle. This easy-to-use Hip Assist Harness cradles your dog completely and comfortably by lifting from the chest, not the legs. A nice soothing muscle massage (and a few cookies) may help as well.

Hip Assist Harness at Orvis and Amazon

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