September 16, 2008

Anti-Tail-Wagging Furniture Prevents Spills


Your dog mingles happily with the family or company having drinks together and suddenly the wagging tail sends a glass smashing to the ground, soaking rugs, furniture and clothes. Anti-Tail-Wagging Furniture is a clever solution to stem the chaos when we don't want to isolate our friendly doggies from the fun.

This solid pine furniture has recessed areas where glasses, food, and anything breakable can be stashed safely out of range of your dog's exuberantly wagging tail. The coffee table has two drawers and a sliding tray. The end table has one storage drawer. In mahogany.


Anti-Tail-Wagging Furniture

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September 12, 2008

Storm Defender Cape -- Does It Relieve Pets' Thunderstorm Phobia?


If you have a thunderstorm-phobic pet, you probably are desperate to find a way to ease your pet's terror. MSNBC examines the Storm Defender Cape in Does It Work?:

What the experts say: "It does work sometimes; it does not work all the time," explained Bonnie Beaver, executive director of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

Whether the Storm Defender succeeds seems to depend on the level of static electricity that builds up in the coats of some medium- and long-haired dogs before and during a storm.

"The static electricity starts to tingle and they begin to dread that feeling when a storm is coming," she said. "It's a learned behavior."

The cape cuts the static, Beaver explained. It may also simulate the comfort of a hug, she said.


Storm Defender Cape

Not the solution for you? Try other Pet Anxiety Remedies

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September 2, 2008

How to Choose Cat Toys - Enrich the Life of Your Indoor Cat

All animals are individuals with their own personalities and preferences. One way to choose toys your cat will enjoy is to identify their prey preference. In the wild, cats hunt, stalk and pounce on insects, birds, mice and other small animals to survive. It follows that they will enjoy toys they can hunt, stalk and pounce as though they were prey.

So, to find toys you cat will love, you must think like the cat you love.

If your cat seems to enjoy feathers and/or objects in the air, choose toys resembling birds. If your cat prefers furry toys and/or toys moving on the ground, choose objects resembling mice. If your cat likes tiny objects with lots of movement, choose toys resembling bugs.

Some toys to try:

Toys that squeak, chirp, jitter, swing or vibrate such as Breakaway Toys Catnip-Treated Mice

For the cat who chases insects, try the Da Bird Insect Wand Cat Toy

Balls encourage cats to "chase and capture": Rattle Rollers Bat 'n Bobble Toy

Items around the house that will be fun for your kitty are crumpled up paper balls, the plastic rings off of milk jugs, the center rolls from toilet paper, cotton-tipped swabs, paper towels. Just stay away from things your cat will choke on. You can even stuff old cotton socks with cotton balls and a little catnip, then tie a knot in the end.

via Indoor Cat Initiative

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August 5, 2008

Cat Hole Pet Door -- Allows Your Cat Access Through a Closed Door


Need to allow your cat or small dog access through a closed door in your home? Perhaps to a litter box kept in a closet or your laundry room without leaving the door open all the time?

Here is a clever solution --the customizable Cat Hole Pet Door. The door ships with two unfinished wooden frames so you can either stain or paint to match your door.


Cat Hole Pet Door includes a brush to install between the two frames which will 'groom' your kitty as s/he passes through. For indoor use. Cute!

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July 30, 2008

Dog Poo Bags for Cosmopolitan Dog Lovers


Here's an innovative way to make one job more tolerable for all you dog lovers out there. No more carrying around messy plastic bags through an entire dog walk. Nothing worse than running into someone you know, stopping to talk with a gross poop bag on your arm.

Dog Poo Bags are much more hygienic and more fun, since they come in 8 different colorful design styles with humorous sayings. Each Poo Bag has its own scoop--once it is used just plop the mess and scoop in the bag, seal it up and dispose. Need it again on the walk? The one-size-fits-all Dog Poo Bags come in packs of 16, so bring a few along. Poo happens, so be prepared!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for poobags2.jpg


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July 13, 2008

Have Fleas? Rid Your Home Overnight with New Technology: Orville Pet High-Tech Flea Trap


If you have a persistent flea control problem in your home, on July 19, 2008 a new product will be available for distribution nation wide. The Orville Pet High-Tech Flea Trap is a safe, light, cordless device designed to get rid of the fleas in your home overnight. The High-Tech Flea Trap uses no chemicals to harm our increasingly fragile environment.

The High-Tech Flea Trap shines a light which attracts the fleas who are then caught by the sticky pad in the trap. To use, unfold the High-Tech Flea Trap, turn the trap on, and leave it in a room overnight to clear it of fleas.

Read for more information.

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July 9, 2008

Sir Aqua -- Provides Consistent Fresh Water for Your Outdoor Pet

Here is yet another super cool automatic waterer for your pet. Sir Aqua is a self-watering 1.8 gallon stainless steel water dish which attaches to any garden hose. Ideal for your cat, dog, sheep, goat or other animal. Provides consistent water for your pet and will not overflow.

No need to worry if your pets have enough water out there! Sir Aqua

For frozen outdoor refreshment, try the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker -- get details.

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July 2, 2008

WizDog Indoor Dog Potty -- No More Accidents in Your Home

Thumbnail image for indoorpotty.jpg

No more indoor accidents with WizDog Indoor Dog Potty! If you are housebreaking, have an older, incontinent dog or just one who won't go out in the rain or snow, this is for you.

WizDog Indoor Dog Potty consists of a durable plastic pan and a fitted grate. When you pet does his/her business, the liquid waste dispenses through the grate onto newspaper or a pee pad, which is separated from your dog's paws. Solid waste stays on top of the grate, so you never have to touch it. Just flip the grate, and it's gone.

No more wet paw tracks throughout your house, ripped newspapers or refills. No worries if you are caught in traffic or sleep late.

WizDog Double for dogs over 40 lbs.

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July 1, 2008

Pooch Tie-Out Post and Cable -- Swivel Post


Heavy-duty Hyper Dog Pooch Post will stay put even with the largest dogs. We are all familiar with dogs wrapping themselves around stakes and not being able to move.

If and when it becomes necessary to tie up your dog outside, the heavy duty Hyper Dog Pooch Post 360-degree swivel head allows your dog to move freely without getting all tangled up. You can set it up and leave it--when it's time to mow the grass just remove the swivel head.

Don't forget to be sure your dog has plenty of shade and cool water as the sun moves! Hyper Dog Pooch Post for dogs up 150 lbs.

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June 25, 2008

Comfy Cone - Let Your Pet Heal in Comfort

Let your pet heal in comfort with Comfy Cone. After surgery, so many vets send their patients home with the uncomfortable and unwieldy plastic white cone around their head, making the pet feel even more miserable and strange. The cone blocks out peripheral vision, so the pet bumps into walls and furniture, knocking things over.

Comfy Cone is made of nylon laminated onto ½ inch foam, so the Cone is soft and yielding while still being sturdy and protective. The many positive features include:

  • Has elastic loops to thread the pets own collar through to keep the Comfy Collar secure in place and keeping it from being pulled off or from falling off
  • Allows your pet to eat and drink in comfort
  • Collar can be folded back when eating and drinking or when checking wounds and irritations.
  • Velcro closures and tabs which adjust to many sizes and opens so you do not have to put pet's head thru Comfy Collar
  • Unique reflective binding to help protect you and your pet while going outside at night for walks and bathroom breaks
  • Water resistant and repellent
  • Easy to wipe clean and dry.
  • Fold flat for easy storage.
  • More eco-friendly than the plastic e-collar

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large

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