November 19, 2007

Litter Locker Plus Disposal System


"One turn a day, keeps the odor away." A Diaper Champ for kitty litter. Litter Locker Plus gives pet owners an easy and more hygenic way to dispose of the that kitty waste. You basically scoop the offending particle out of the litter box, discard it in the Litter Locker container and turn the handle to seal it away. Empty within two weeks. A plastic film seals the litter odor away.


Amazon offers a great deal, order Litter Locker with a Litter Locker Plus Refill cartridge which should last about a month.

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Waterhog™ Doormats--Indoors and Out


We love these Waterhog Doormats. They are industrial strength for use indoors and out. If your pets (and or people) are constantly tracking in water, mud, ice, snow these mats are indispensible. They soak up moisture, are durable, and don't show dirt. They dry quickly, don't fade or rot. We just vacuum them to clean, or occasionally hose them down. Tri-Grip™ cleated rubber backing help keeps them in one spot, in front of the door.

Available in Navy, Tan, Charcoal and Evergreen.

Waterhog Doormats

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November 16, 2007

Dirt Devil® Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor

We were recently in a home for sale with pet-stained rugs. A pet odor was evident throughout the home. If you need to clean your home up for the holidays, or are considering putting it on the market Dirt Devil® Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor to the rescue! This Extractor will battle stains and odor from pet accidents anywhere in your home or car. Comes with a 3" static brush integrated with blacklight LEDs to ferret out all those hidden stains.

Includes a PetClean solution kit with 8 oz. Dirt Devil® Pet Stain and Odor Remover and 8 oz. Dirt Devil® Shampoo for Pet Stains and Odors. At Montgomery Ward. and Amazon.

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November 14, 2007

Side Table/Dog Alcove


Super Cool Pets loves this table that can double as a pet alcove. If your dog sleeps in your room at night--this would be great in the bedroom and functional in the family room as well. This Side Table/Dog Alcove has front panel doors that slide back into the sides of the table, leaving an open space for your dog's bed. Then close the doors for an attractive look when your dog leaves.


This table will accommodate up to a large, rectangular Orvis dog bed (not included). In cinnamon.

Caveat: This is NOT a dog crate since doors must remain open when the dog is sleeping.

Dimensions: 29"H x 43"W x 29"D

At Orvis.

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November 13, 2007

Waterproof Dog Boots

Don't you feel bad when you see clumps of ice in between the pads on your dog's paws? Paw Tectors Dog Paw Protection can protect your dog's sensitive paws from cold, heat and rough surfaces. You'll find them useful in every season.

At PETsMART. Great choice of Dog Boots at Amazon as well.

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November 10, 2007

Moving with Pets


Moving Day! Change is exciting, but also stressful for everyone. Don't forget how tough it can be on your pets. Once when we moved, our cat, Mr Frank, disappeared for 3 days. We thought Frank was history, but he came back. Be sure to ID your pet before the move! Here are a few suggestions: petFINDER™ Pet ID Tag, Kooga Pet Flash Drive, Dog e-Tag and the micro-chip.

Here's a funny and realistic SF Gate article with a few tips thrown in-- Moving? Congratulations. Moving with pets? Condolences ... a few tips to make it slightly less horrible, The writer recommends focusing on safety and stress relief:

Simply accept that once you move, your cats will not speak to you for at least a week, if not much longer. They will urinate on your underwear, scratch the new sofa, and if you let them out, not come back for several days. They will laugh at your agony with all their little kitty friends. They will decide not to eat the food they've been eating for years. They will forget they ever learned to use a litter box. In short, they'll make you wish you'd never been born, never met a cat, or simply stayed in the old house the way you were intended to by the cat gods.

Your dogs will speak to you, because they are, after all, dogs, and there's only so much they can bear to do that will hurt you. But they'll look at you with a reproachful gaze, and at last you'll fully understand where the phrase "puppy dog eyes" came from. They'll go on walks but will sadly inform you that they miss their old familiar smells, and worry that, without them to refresh the scent, the dogs in the old neighborhood will forget them....

....In the end, nothing will really make moving with pets a snap. It's stressful and, unless you're very careful, it can be dangerous. So do all these things I suggest. Put them in safe carriers, update their ID tags, microchip them and board them and break out the ambient music. Even if it doesn't fix it for them, you'll probably feel better.

Not long after you move, the dogs will relent and decide the new house and neighborhood aren't so bad. And one day, as you sit drinking coffee in your big new kitchen, your cat will plunk herself down on the paper you're trying to read.

And you'll know she finally forgave you, too.

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October 29, 2007

Doggie Soap-on-a-Rope for Skin Sensitivity

Like their owners, lots of dogs have allergies or sensitive skin. In fact, some pet owners drop a lot of cash to vets trying to combat this difficult health issue. Dogs with white or light colored coats and pink skin, with short coats or with skin diseases and infections can fall into this group.

If this sounds like your doggie, a good product for tub-time is an oatmeal soap such as Doggie Soap-on-a-Rope without harsh chemicals. To keep your hands free for pet control and scrubbing, just place the rope around your dog's neck.


* All natural human-grade ingredients
* Great for dogs with sensitive skin
* No harsh detergents
* No artificial colors or synthetic perfumes
* Contains Shea Butter, Aloe, and Vitamin E

WARNING: Not for use on cats.

At Amazon and SkyMall.

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October 25, 2007

Bird Condominums--Double and Triple Decker Cages


You know the story--can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. If you have birds (and/or are married) you know what we mean. Solution: a Bird Condominium. We have one cockatiel who is very grumpy, but if we separate the birds, the resulting cacophany is relentless. With this cage they can see each other without being able to peck at one another or crowd each other out. The Multi-Vista bird cage is easy to assemble and can used as one large "vertical" cage or divided horizontally to create two smaller cages. Cage is collapsible, no nuts and bolts.

Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 71"

At Amazon.

Avian Adventures Triple Vista Bird Cage (36

If you have many birds, and or breed them, this Stack and Lock Breeder Cage is suitable for small to medium birds.

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Wicker Litter Box Cover

Now that you have your Self-Cleaning Litter Box, you can hide it away from everyone but your kitty in this very attractive Wicker Litter Box Cover. The Litter Box Cover is designed to fit any litter pan up to 17 by 22 inches, so you can certainly use any litter box you already have.

* Decorative litter-pan cover made of rhino wicker
* Front panel hinges down; litter pan glides out on rails
* Interior catch tray minimizes scattered litter; non-slip feet
* Won't absorb fluids or odors
* Cleans up quickly with soap and water
* Designed to fit litter pans up to 17 by 22 inches


Large 16" x 20" x 19" -- Accommodates a 15" x 18" litter pan
Jumbo 18" x 23" x 20" -- Accommodates a 17" x 22" litter pan

Available in Natural and Dark Brown finishes at Amazon.

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October 24, 2007

Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station

One thing about Orvis Pet Products is that they are not only really functional, but really attractive too. According to them, "More than 40% of households with a dog also have at least one cat." And if your doggies are anything like ours, they will chomp down any available food around, including cat food and bird seed.


The Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station will keep the dogs out and give your cat a secure place to eat. And you won't have to feed your kitty on the kitchen counter! This solid pine feeding station has an enclosed food platform with a cat-size opening in the floor. The lid is hinged and can be propped open for pet owner access to the two bowls which are included in the purchase. Side slats provide visibility as well as ventilation. In cinnamon stain. Anti-tipping hardware is included.

Dimensions: 27"H x 18"W x 18"D.

At Orvis.

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