October 20, 2007

Halloween Safety for Your Pet


We all want Halloween to be a safe time for our family. It is easy to forget about the pets, or assume they will be "all right". Here are two sources of tips to think about to prepare your pet for the busy and perhaps scary holiday.

From: Steve Dale's Pet World - Halloween and Pets: How to Be Safe

Dog trainer Peggy Moran of Lemont, IL says, “I realize that some dogs and cats are very social and enjoy people coming to the door. It’s a calculated risk, what if that kid in the Freddie Krueger mask sneezes, scares the dog and the dog lunges at the boy in the costume? Or if the cat bolts outside? Personally, I don’t like taking risks. You can minimize the risk by keeping your dog on a leash and the cat on a harness.”

Of course, you can further minimize any risk by keeping the pets off in another room all together. But don’t keep the dog in the yard on Halloween. It’s a no win situation. Moran says. “If the dog loves kids, the dog will bark and bark. If the dog is anxious because of the kids, the dog will bark and bark.”

Indoors/outdoor cats should absolutely never be allowed to roam outdoors in the days leading up to Halloween, or especially on the holiday itself. “It seems some cats are used for satanic purposes or just pranks,” says Kari Winters, an author and dog and cat rescuer from Los Angeles. Some shelters and humane societies don’t adopt black cats from mid-October through Halloween.

Veterinarians offer some more great tips here for Halloween safety. Things you may not have thought about. Don't let your pet be the victim of any Halloween pranks!

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October 18, 2007

Orvis Dog Bed Selector

There are so many dog beds out there, it is hard to decide what to pick. Not to worry, Super Cool Pets has found an answer!

Orivs has a fabulous collection of dog beds for any imaginable requirement/s. Your dog may be a "snuggler", a "curler", a "stretcher", or a "chewer". Your dog may be older and need a therapeutic bed. Its all there. Orvis offers beds in a multitude of colors, patterns and sizes as well as replacement fillers and covers.

Best of all--the site has an interactive feature, Dog Bed Selector. Here you can designate your particular specifications to find what beds are best for you and your pets. There are 4 categories with a drop down menu: Dog Size, Bed Shape, Filling and Cover Fabric. Choose from just one menu or any combination of all menus to be redirected to a page with a suitable collection of beds tailored to your needs.


For instance, our Golden Retriever, Jessie loves to sleep on her back up against the wall. One of these Bolster Beds would provide her with the comfort and security she needs. The particular bed pictured is offered in Orvis field tartan, Orvis classic tartan, forest green, herringbone, tattersall, and in three sizes for any size dog or combination of dogs.

You many want an Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for the older dog or perhaps need one with a Tough Chew Fabric for your puppy or avid chewer. (Jessie chewed up the zipper of the first bed we bought her!)

All beds are machine washable and 100% guaranteed. Personalization is available on most beds in up to 12 letters. Be sure to allow 2 extra days for delivery.

Super Cool Pets will be featuring more beds as the days get shorter and our thoughts turn to comfort and warmth. The Dog Bed Selector is a great place to get started!

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October 17, 2007



Often when we return home, our Golden Retriever Jessie is lying by the doorway to the garage, waiting for our return. Was she that lonely?

If we had a Chatterbowl, we might be less concerned. Good idea for pets left alone. Whenever the pet takes a drink from the Chatterbox, he or she can hear their owner's voice and feel comforted. Simply press record on the Chatterbowl Talkbox and speak for up to 10 seconds. Use as a water bowl or for free-feeding.

At Amazon.
[via Rare Bird Finds]

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October 16, 2007

Heating Element for Dog Beds

Super Cool Pets finds this intriguing. A Heating Element that can transform the pet bed you already have into a heated bed. It will maintain a constant, soothing heat for your dog over cold winter months and keep older pets cozy. It's an affordable option.

Available from Drs Foster & Smith in 2 sizes: 9" x 9" and 20" x 10".

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October 8, 2007

petFINDER™ Pet ID Tag -- Review


We are back visiting the rather stressful but important topic of recovering a lost pet. This post is relatively long, but someday the read may pay off for you. The importance of planning ahead to ID your pet cannot be stressed enough. If you have ever searched for a missing pet, you know what we mean. Our pup Jessie, frightened by an early morning hot air balloon visit overhead, broke through our electric fence and was missing all day. Having searched far and wide, a neighbor called late afternoon having found us through her embedded microchip.

In a previous post, Super Cool Pets covered the possible cancer connection with the micro-chip. We decided to leave the micro-chips embedded in our own Golden Retrievers' necks, weighing the misery of a lost pet against the relatively small cancer threat.

We have found a product that can be paired with the micro-chip, or simply used alone if you have not yet embedded your pet with a chip. Those engraved metal tag IDs available in your neighborhood pet mart have very limited space for all the necessary contact info. With petFINDER™ the pet owner calls a toll free-number and programs in pertinent pet information: pet's name, up to 3 phone numbers so owner will be reachable 24/7, and any vital concerns. Tag is secured to pet's collar. When the pet is found, the Good Samaritan simply pulls out their cell-phone and calls the toll-free number on the petFINDER™ tag, enters the ID on the tag, and voila--owners pick up on the first ring and pet returned home. No computer access is required. Of course, the collar must be secured, because lost collar = lost tag, a reason to strongly consider pairing the ID tag with the embedded micro-chip.

We tested this product ourselves at Super Cool Pets. Setting up was a breeze, very similar to programming your voice mail. After set-up, we played the role of pet-finder and called the number on the pet's tag. We listened to our message and discovered the service would automatically dial the owners' phone numbers, simply by pressing #1, #2 or #3. User-friendly.

According to FINDER™ Products president Barry Steifel, the collar tag is made from a high tensile strength material called Teslin, a higher density version of the same material as used in credit cards. They are fade-resistant so that the info remains readable at all times, waterproof/weatherproof and light-weight. The company is also about to launch a metal tag program in the next couple of months.

The very affordable Teslin tags sell for between $10 to $15. The metal tag package will retail for around $19.99 and includes one designer tag, a set of 4 metallic covered system label tags in 4 different colors. Tag $20, returned pet priceless.

Good customer service can be hard to come by these days, as we all know only too well. In this department FINDER™ Products excelled. In researching the petFINDER™ tags, Mr Steifel was unfailingly courteous, professional and informative. We received rapid response to our emails which reflects very positively on the company.

Features and benefits from petFINDER™:

Why It's a Better Solution
Built-in flexibility to meet the owners' needs
Unlike traditional pet tags, petFINDER™ allows an owner to make unlimited changes to their numbers and message at no additional charge.

• Moving or Change In Numbers: When phone numbers change there is no need to buy a new tag; just dial into the system and enter the new numbers.

• Traveling: When traveling with a pet the owner can simply reprogram the numbers where they are staying (relative, friend or hotel) and change back the numbers when they return.

• Pet Sitters: When leaving the pet with a sitter it's easy to enter the sitter's number, and then change back the number when the owner returns.

• Emergencies: petFINDER™ is an "everyday" ID tag that is indispensable when owner and pet are separated during emergencies because the owner can make instant changes to update contact information from anywhere.

* No Call Centers
No operators acting as a go-between between the owner and pet's finder. The caller is connected directly to the pet’s owner.

* Secure
No personal information is given to callers. No addresses or personal phone numbers are ever given out without the owners' permission.

Pet Finder is unlike any other solution – Other toll-free tag "systems" lack petFINDER™'s built-in simplicity and security.

* Privacy
petFINDER™ automatically connects the caller directly to the preprogrammed numbers without revealing the owners’ personal contact numbers to the caller (and vice versa).

petFINDER™ is the only tag approved and endorsed by The American Humane Association.

petFINDER™ is currently available throughout the US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, British Islands, Central and South America. The system is now operational in Europe--starting in January 08, versions for each country are scheduled to be gradually rolled out.

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October 1, 2007

LED Armband


Now that the nights are getting longer here in the norther hemisphere, we are more likely to find ourselves outside in the dark with our pets. This convenient LED-Lit Armband can be seen over a mile away, so it could be another way to make yourself visible to passing vehicles, while walking, jogging or playing with your pets after 4 or 5 pm. The LED lights flash or glow red at the push of the power switch.

LED lights have a life of about 100,000 hours. Includes 150-hour replaceable batteries. Elastic strap adjusts from 11-18". Quick-release buckle. Could even be used as a dog collar or clipped to a belt or backpack.

At Amazon. [via Book of Joe]

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September 26, 2007

Dog Breed Heritage Test


If you have a mixed-breed dog, have you ever wondered what breeds exactly? Was our Gordon Setter mix part Border Collie? Take away the mystery with this DNA test, MetaMorphix Canine Heritage(TM) Breed Test This test can identify up to 38 breeds.

  • Advanced SNP-based DNA Technology Process
  • Identify Up to 38 Breeds
  • Safe, Non-Invasive, Sampling Method
  • No Veterinarian Needed
  • Test at Any Age
  • Quick Turn-Around Time
  • Certificate of Canine Breed Analysis


  • Identify and Record the Breed Composition of Your Pet
  • Learn More About Your Pet’s Heritage
  • Infer Potential Health Risks Associated with Breeds
  • Better Health and Wellness Management Through Breed Knowledge
  • Understand Behavior and Personality.

Product website for more detailed information.

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September 1, 2007

Household Hints for Super Cool Pet Owners


Heloise-type hints for pet owners from Denise Flaime in her Newsday (August 6th) article Animal House . Carrots, listerine, zippered bags, vinegar, canned pumpkin and more. Food for thought.

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August 30, 2007

Pet Umbrella


Even if the weather outside is frightful, our dogs still want to go for their walk. Until the door opens, that is. Our Golden Retrievers love getting wet, so that is no deterrent for them. But many breeds don't like it. The Pet Umbrella will keep them dry. Made of blue plaid waterproof fabric, with a clear PVC window center on the pet umbrella. For leash-trained dogs.

* Umbrella leash attaches easily and quickly to pet's collar
* Flexible, ergonomic angled handle with padded comfort grip
* Clear umbrella body gives you full view of your pet
* Easy slide open and close


At Amazon. Via PetGadgets.

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August 24, 2007

Cubicaller--The Cubicle Doorbell


This isn't strictly a pet gadget, or perhaps not even remotely. It is an office gadget that makes pet sounds. Instead of having a co-worker clear their throat, cough, knock, sneeze and so on to get your attention at work, just install this fun Cubicle Doorbell, the Cubicaller. You choose your bell from 12 different sounds (listen to them here), among them "cat meowing", chirping birds", or even "quack-quack". Or, if you prefer, more conservative: "doorbell", "knocking", "chimes" or more eccentric: "fog horn", "big band", "fading laser".

The Cubicaller would also be effective in the home office. Instead of spouses and children barging in, or banging on the door, require them to press the Cubicaller. Great for your marriage too--if you want to talk to your sweetie while they are otherwise absorbed, well, just press the Cubicaller--no more annoying interruptions! Children's doors--uses are virtually endless.

The Cubicaller has 3 settings for volume control. Attaches via double-sided self-adhesive velcro. At quitting time, simply detach from your cubicle entrance and hide it!

Dimensions: 2.75" x 2.75" x 0.75" (fits in your hand).


Very affordable at Cubicaller. Via Coolest Gadgets.

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