August 16, 2007

Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats

Angels Eyes FOR DOGS - 120 gm

If your cat or dog has tear stains, try sprinkling some Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats into their food.

Angels' Eyes is the first product specifically developed for both dogs and cats to eliminate tearstains from the inside out. Angels' eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking. Angels' Eyes start working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet.

Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs and Cats

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August 11, 2007

Role-Playing: When Your Child Wants a Pet


When your child begs for a dog or cat and promises to take care of it, Baby Toolkit has a great suggestion:

If your child wants a dog, BEGS for a dog, and you don't want to shoulder the entire responsibility for a pet, test the child's promises to "take care of the dog." Make an agreement. If your child will wake at a specified earlier time and then "walk" the imaginary dog (10 to 20 minutes) every day for 21 days that you will then begin seriously considering getting a pet. I'd make it a month of walking because that's how long it takes to establish a habit.

The same role-playing can go for feeding the pet, changing the litterbox or bird cage liner, freshening their water--any responsibilities you want your child to assume.

Via Baby Toolkit.

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August 6, 2007

Bach Rescue Remedy Relieves Pet Stress

Our sweet Golden Retriever Molly is phobic about thunderstorms. Now even rain can send her hiding in the closet or under our feet at the computer. She trembles, pants heavily and looks around wildly. Just the words for thunder and rain will send her slinking away. (We spell a lot around here.)

We are reluctant to drug our dogs, since they cannot give us verbal feedback on how they feel, and by the time it takes effect the storm is passed. But since we have moved out of the drought here in Florida, we cannot have her feeling this way on a daily basis.

Bach Rescue Remedy - Natural Stress Reliever (10 mL)

Yesterday, we tried Rescue Remedy, a homeopathic treatment which you probably have heard of. Well, it worked. It first seemed to be wishful thinking, but it was true. She stayed out on the sofa in the TV room with us, still drooling some and not a happy camper, but not relatively calm. We gave her 2 doses, about a 1/2 hour apart, of 4 drops each. She weighs about 90 lbs.

Rescue Remedy is absorbed by mucuous membranes, so it doesn't even need to be swallowed and is best administered between the gum and lining of the jaw. Since it contains a combination of five flower essences including impatiens, star of Bethlehem, cherry plum, rock rose, and clematis, overdosing is not a major concern, but prudence is recommended. If you know how this works, or would like to write about your own thunderstorm remedy, please leave a comment.

Other thunderstorm and stress remedies featured on Super Cool Pets are Stress Relieving Diffusers, Pet Stress Patch and Anxiety Wraps.

Best deal on Rescue Remedy is at Amazon, where the price is almost half of local retail. Also available at Entirely Pets as well as many retail stores.

UPDATE: Two days after this was originally written, Molly is sleeping at my feet snoring through a thunderstorm. She was given only one dose of the drops.

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August 1, 2007

Stress Relieving Diffusers for Pets


If your kitty cat is a nervous type or has recently undergone a traumatic change such as moving, visit to the vet, new pet in the house, here's something to try to settle things down. The Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-In Electric Diffuser helps to soothe and calm your cat. The DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric Diffuser is also available to calm dogs who are stressed during thunderstorms, fireworks, visits by strangers, or from a change such as moving to a new home.

Features for Cats :

* Prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't
* Duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands
* Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed
* Lasts approximately four weeks
* Helps to restore a feeling of calm in the cat

Features for Dogs:

* Reduces or prevents stress related behavior
* Calms dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, visits by strangers, or moving to a new home
* Helps puppies adapt to new environments
* One diffuser vial lasts up to 4 weeks

For cats and dogs at Amazon. For cats and dogs at PETCO.


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July 31, 2007

Ear Relief Wash Swabs

Our long-eared Retrievers have a chronic problem with itchy, mucky inflamed ears. It seems to get a little worse when they spend a lot of time in the pool or the ocean. Our vet diagnosed their problem years ago and has prescribed Animax Ointment, which treats the condition in cats as well.

Animax Ointment

But we need something to clean out their ears before we apply the ointment. Here's what we have been looking for--Ear Relief Wash Swabs to relieve itching and odor in the ears of our pets. Each package contains 24 liquid-filled 1.5 oz swabs.

Pet Swabs - Ear Relief Wash Swabs

Ear Relief Wash Swabs at Amazon and EntirelyPets.

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July 21, 2007

Home Marketing for Pet Owners

Little Pink House of Cats

As much as we all love our pets, we know they take a toll on the condition of our home. Their presence unfortunately can actually lower the sales price or even quash a deal. When your home is for sale on the market, you want to set the stage to create buyer interest within a reasonable time period and generate a good offer. How our pets affect the showings is a factor that must be taken into account. Here a some possible issues to confront ahead of time:

Allergies--A home rife with animal hair and dander can spell misery for an allergic buyer or their real estate agent. An affected person will have no choice but to turn on their heel and leave. Don't expect an offer.

Odors and Stains--Pet urine, especially cat, and stains on walls, carpeting, furniture, under floorboards can put off a potential buyer. There are numerous products to deal with these smells and stains. Even if you aren't selling your home now, best to deal immediately with any accidents. In the event of an offer, which could easily be lowball, it most likely will be a seller expense to remedy the pet odor problem prior to closing.

We have featured some helpful products in prior posts (here and here). A tool such as the Spot Spotter Ultraviolet Urine Detector by Simple Solution will help you to detect the source of pet odors.



* Battery-operated urine detector helps identify the source of pet odors
* Works on carpeting, wood flooring, concrete, tile, upholstery, and other surfaces
* Black light bulb lasts up to 5,000 hours on average
* Runs on 8 AA batteries or a 12v DC adapter (not included)
* Measures approximately 3 by 1 by 12 inches

Showings--If at all possible, be prepeared to leave the home with your pet during all showings. If you cannot remove the pet, try to constrain them in the cage or perhaps in an enclosed area such as a screened porch. Some people shut their pet in a bedroom or study during a showing, but then of course the buyer is prevented from seeing part of the home and may wonder what's up. Chance of offer reduced.

"The way you live in your home, and the way you market and sell your house are two different things." For more information, visit Home Stagers.

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July 19, 2007

Lentek Pet Chime Portable Wireless Pet Doorbell

Here is a wireless doorbell for your dog to summon you when it's time to go out and chase squirrels. And when it's time to come in. The paw either chimes or barks. The Portable Wireless Electronic Pet Doorbell consists of a transmitter shaped like a paw and a receiver that is wall-mountable or perches tabletop. No more yelping, howling, door scatching or whining. Easy directions included to train your pet. Works up to 100 ft. Transmitter (Paw) operates on one 9-Volt battery (not included). Receiver (Chime) operates on 3 AA batteries (not included). At Amazon and SmartHome.
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July 12, 2007

Dog e-Tag


Good way to communicate necessary information if your pet gets waylaid--Dog e-Tag, a digital dog tag. With so much more space for information than the metal tags, it can hold all your phone numbers, email addresses, vet info, medical info, neighborhood contacts, the works.


* It is 1 3/8 inches (36mm) around and weighs 3/4 ounce (21g)
* Five world languages
* Low battery indicator
* Water resistant to 165 feet / 50 meters
* 40 lines of information / 400 characters

Dog e-Tag ships from and sold by EntirelyPets. Also available in a rainbow of colors at Dog-e-Tag.

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July 9, 2007



If your cat turns into a tiger when you need to provide cat care--meds, nail clips or even the dreaded bath--just whip out The CAT SACK™!

Zippers galore allow access to the required areas while hopefully sparing its loving owners bites and scratches.


a quick-close collar, two-way main zipper for front or rear access, an additional underside zipper for easier rear leg access, and zippered front paw openings. Also featuring a quick close zipper flap and pull-tab provide for quick, fur-free application

The CAT SACK™ is available in two sizes; Medium is for 5-10 lbs. and Large is for 10-15 lbs. Ships from and sold by KV Vet Supply.

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July 5, 2007

OdoBan Pet Bitter Barrier, No Chew Spray


If you have a new puppy or even an older one with chewing issues, OdoBan Pet Bitter Barrier, No Chew Spray may save the day. It creates a bitter-tasting invisible barrier to discourage chewing and gnawing. Use it to keep pups away from your stuff and also to keep them from fur biting and hotspots. Product contains tea tree oil to sooth skin.


Our dogs have outgrown their chewing (finally!) by age 4, but they still carry around our socks and play with toys. When applied to these items, our Goldens did find this product distasteful and repellant.

At $4.97 for a 24-oz spray bottle, it is definitely worth a try. Certainly cheaper than buying new sneakers or a new coffee table. According to Odoban, the No-Chew-Spray is safe for pets and children. Available at Wal*mart.

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