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May 13, 2016

Mambe Pet Blanket -- 100% Waterproof


Maybe your pet just came in from playing in the rain, mud or just had a swim and then jumps on the bed. This 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket helps protect your expensive furniture and save time laundering bedding.

This Pet Blanket is also a good pet bed cover and certainly perfect for incontinent dogs and cats, droolers, and lickers. Machine washable.

In various sizes and colors at 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket.

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July 13, 2015

Pet Dek Backseat Safety Dog Deck


For those of us who drive a sedan rather than a truck, van or SUV, the back seat is usually not particularly suited for carting around pets.

This convenient PetDek Backseat Safety Dog Deck converts the back seat into a practical carrying area. It installs easily and keeps your pet from falling into the footwell of your car's back seat.

Many other uses such as shopping bags, luggage, beach gear, picnic coolers, sports equipment and any other trunk overflow items at PetDek.

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May 7, 2014

Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs


Sometimes whether due to illness or age, our pets need a little help from their friends. These affordable Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs are an attractive way to help them reach their favorite places -- couches, beds or even into our vehicles. The modern styling of these stairs blends well in any d├ęcor.

These Pet Stairs are easily manageable for all weighing only 5 lbs., and they support over 120 lbs. Safety side rails are built into the design so your pet can climb up and down with confidence. There is no assembly required, and they fold down for easy storage.

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January 4, 2013

PetSafe Deluxe Pet Panel Panels for Sliding Glass Doors


Many of our homes and apartments open up to the back yard or deck through a sliding glass door. Give your pet easy access to the outside with these easy-to-install PetSafe Deluxe Pet Panel Panels for Sliding Glass Doors.

Once installed, the panel stays stationary when opening and closing the slider and can be used on either left- or right-opening doors. In different sizes for dog and cat households.

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July 21, 2011

Hip Assist Harness for Senior and Injured Dogs


None of us are getting any younger, including our best buddies. No matter how enthusiastic our doggies might be, hip dysplasia, surgery, and muscle pain can sometimes make the act of actually getting up a challenge for them.

Not to despair. You can easily help your dog up into a standing position, steady him/her on the stairs, or ease entry and exit from a vehicle. This easy-to-use Hip Assist Harness cradles your dog completely and comfortably by lifting from the chest, not the legs. A nice soothing muscle massage (and a few cookies) may help as well.

Hip Assist Harness at Orvis and Amazon

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March 24, 2009

PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp -- Lightweight for Indoors and Outdoors


Ramps can be crucial if we want to take our pets anywhere, especially with an older dog, one injured or unable to jump up or down. But ramps can be heavy for many of us to lift and store.

This lightweight, handy PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp can be used indoors for access to beds and couches, as well as outdoors for convenient vehicle access.


The PetSTEP Tote'N Store Folding Pet Ramp is easy to carry, weighing only 6 lbs. It opens in seconds with no hardware or setup required. Just fold it up and store almost anywhere. Holds up to 100 lbs and unfolds to 5 ft in length.

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January 14, 2009

Otto Step -- Portable Platform Pet Step for SUV's and Pick-Ups


As an alternative to a bulky, heavy pet ramp, consider the Otto Step. This is a portable platform step, designed to help your dog into your SUV or pickup.

The Otto Step helps prevent pet injuries by cutting the impact of the jump down from an SUV in half, thus less strain on elbows, knees and hips. Features:

* Holds 200 lbs
* Fits any 2 inch trailer hitch
* Weighs only 5.5 lbs
* Less strain on their hips and your back


Otto Step

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December 30, 2008

Pet Stair-Steps for Your Dogs and Cats


We happened across an interesting article recently at WSJ.com of all places, The Rise of Beds and Falls of Dogs:

Without fanfare or marketing, the bedding industry has been raising the altitude of its products, satisfying customer preferences for ever-thicker mattresses. Yet that preference is creating a hazard for a tall bed's shortest occupant: the dog.

Anecdotally, veterinarians across the country report among house dogs a rise in such disorders as elbow and shoulder arthritis, hip dysplasia and degenerative disk disease. As the lifespan of pets rises thanks to better food and medicine, the old dog that once leapt with abandon now hesitates on the edge of bed -- or jumps and hurts itself.

The peril is too new to have generated peer-reviewed veterinary research. But the problem is evident in the white-hot popularity of a relatively new product: pet stairs, specifically designed to lead Fido from bed to floor by land rather than air.

Pet stairs are one of the fastest-growing categories at national pet retailers such as Drs. Foster and Smith, which offers five models ranging from $40 to $170. Vermont-based Orvis, the upscale outdoors retailer, launched its first pet staircase four years ago and now carries four.

Dogs. Heavy Duty Carpeted Stair-Steps for Dogs are available in two and three-step versions, Merlot, Soft Sage and Oatmeal.


Cats. Steps are also for your kitty cats to help them up to a bed or sofa, or to see out the window. Stair-Steps for Cats are available in two and three step versions in Cocoa, Espresso, Forest Green, Merlot, Oatmeal, or Soft Sage.

Info. Pet stairs and steps put your pet's health and safety on the line--this is an area where quality is paramount. Soundly-constructed ramps and steps can be reliable workhorses for many years. Consider where the stairs will be used, how high it will need to reach, whether you want it to be portable, as well as the type of material used in its construction. Drs Foster and Smith Educational Staff provides a nifty Ramps & Steps Comparison Chart.icon

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September 18, 2008

20% off Select Pet Steps Through September at CatsPlay


Through September, CatsPlay.com Cat Furniture is offering a 20% savings on select models of pet steps, including single, 2, 3, 4 and 5 steps models that provide the assistance that some pets may need to reach higher areas. The 2 and 3 step models even offer an optional storage drawer, for convenient storage of toys or other pet belongings.

20% Sale

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July 9, 2008

Pet Water Safety -- Not Every Dog Can Dog-Paddle


Does your pet know how to swim? Of course, you might answer--all dogs know how to swim. Not so, says MSNBC, Of pooches and pools -- teaching your dog to swim:

Diamond confirmed that some dogs are born swimmers. It's a good bet if the dog's breed includes the word "water," as in Portuguese or English water spaniel, it takes to swimming like a nursery-schooler takes to finger-painting. For owners of those breeds, the problem isn't getting the dog into the water, but keeping it on dry land. But other breeds aren't as water-friendly. Some dogs have to be taught to swim, Diamond said, and others, like bulldogs, take to the water like submarines take to the Cross Bronx Expressway. For the former, there is hope. For the latter, there are those bright orange canine flotation devices.

Among the dogs that swim naturally and gladly, she said, are water spaniels, setters, retrievers, Barbets, akitas, Kerry blue terriers, poodles and Hungarian pulis.

Among those that can't swim at all or swim only with great difficulty are basset hounds, bulldogs, dachshunds, pugs, corgis, Scottish and Boston terriers and greyhounds.

To be on the safe side, fit your pet with a Life Jacket (Amazon has a supply), especially out in the open water. If your dog swims in a pool or off the boat, a Skamper Ramp is a great help to get him/her out of the pool. Also worth strong consideration is a Pool Safety Alarm.

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June 18, 2008

Eucalyptus Solid Wood Pet Ramp -- Makes Getting Up or Down Easy


This lightweight, manageable Wooden Ramp makes getting up or down easy for cats and dogs. The ramp enables your pet to enter and exit vehicles or climb stairways as high as three steps.

  • Constructed of solid eucalyptus wood
  • Covers a 60" span
  • Folds in half to form two 30" sections
  • Weighs just 12 lbs making it easy to transport
  • 80 lb. capacity

The Wooden Ramp is an attractive, lightweight ramp not suitable for heavy, larger dogs above 80 lbs. Eucalyptus wood rivals teak in terms of durability and will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

For heavier dogs -- Telescoping Pet Ramp.

If you need a pool ramp, very affordable Skamper Ramp.

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May 22, 2008

Get Your Pet in Shape on a Pet Treadmill

One good way to exercise your pet is to place him/her on a treadmill.


Aquacise for petss! The Ferno Aqua Paws Underwater Treadmill System creates a low-impact underwater treadmill workout that helps your pets to increase muscle strength and endurance. The warm water assists in pain reduction, and it is a gentle way for older or arthritic dogs to exercise. The water height is regulated to accommodate different sized animals.

Interested in a traditional treadmill for your pet? Try:

[via Born Rich]

And for a laugh, check out this clip of cats on a treadmill [Hat Tip motostudios]

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December 14, 2007

Booster Pet Bath & Ramp

The Booster Bath enables you to wash your dog at a convenient height to save your knees and back. It is an indoor/outdoor system which elevates your dog, contains him/her and provides water drainage. Legs nest inside tub for handy compact storage or travel.


  • Easy access open entry on one end.
  • Sturdy stand with rubber floor grips. Separates from tub for storage.
  • 3 Adjustable restraints.
  • Caddy on one side for supplies.
  • Rubberized bath mat.
  • Drain with 5' exit line.
  • Shower nozzle, with on/off and volume control, snaps on rim.
Dimensions: 51" x 24", 33" high, 23 lbs. Booster Bath

Okay, next step. How to get your dog into the Booster Bath? Pair it with a 14" rubberized Booster Bath Pet Ramp. This portable ramp will have a myriad of uses around the house getting your pup into vehicles, grooming table, wherever you need.

At Booster Bath Pet Ramp.

Hat tip Super Cool Baby

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November 6, 2007

Lab Step Stool


Attractive Lab Step Stool will help your pet climb up on the bed or furniture. Made of solid pine with carved sitting Labs as the side rails. Nonskid strips on feet for traction. Keep in the kitchen to reach those high shelves.

In Black Ash or Cinnamon finish. Measures 20"H x 18"L x 21"W.

At Orvis.

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