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May 27, 2015

Berry Cute Flower PU Leather Dog Collar


Dress your best buddy up for summer. This darling Berry Cute Flower PU Leather Dog Collar will turn heads everywhere you go.

It's skin-friendly and comfy for your dog. In various colors and sizes at Berry Cute Flower PU Leather Dog Collar.

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April 3, 2015

Kong Tennis Pal for Indoor and Outdoor Play


It's spring and time for new toys! The Kong Tennis Pal is a fun puzzle toy that combines two of dogs' favorite things--the tennis ball and the squeaker toy.


The sturdy tennis ball, which doesn't squeak, is loaded into the body of the squeaker toy, creating a fun challenge for dogs to remove. The erratic bounce of the Tennis Pal can also be used for exciting games of fetch.

At Kong Tennis Pal

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April 1, 2015

The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups Dog and Cat Treats


Treat your cats and dogs to some Ice Pups, liquid or frozen grain-free dog and cat treats from The Honest Kitchen. Each Ice Pups canister contains a yummy mix that you combine with warm water for a homemade treat.

In summer, serve Ice Pups as a chilled refreshing beverage, or freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, pet-sorbet. During the winter months, offer as warm and nourishing broth.

Handy item to have in the house for sick pets who are refusing food and water. At The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups Dog and Cat Treats.

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March 11, 2015

Chuckit Flying Squirrel -- Spinning and Floating Dog Toy


When we hear the magic word "squirrel" here at Super Cool Pets HQ, we tear outside, no questions asked. And if there aren't any around, this Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is fun to play with too.

Just grab the Squirrel by the paw and throw like a flying disc. Its spinning feet are very exciting. The toy has raised sides for easy pickup, glow in the dark paws for evening play, and it floats.


In Small, Medium and Large at Chuckit! Flying Squirrel.

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March 5, 2015

Home Bazaar Butterfly Cottage Birdhouse


It's nesting time for many North American wild birds. Attract birds to your yard with this charming Cottage Birdhouse, equipped with a 1-1/4" opening designed to accommodate nesting birds such as wrens, finches, chickadees and nuthatches.

The Cottage Birdhouse features a hand painted floral design, front steps leading to a picket fenced front door detail. It includes a back wall clean-out, drainage, and ventilation.

This beautiful Cottage Birdhouse is fully functional and intended for outdoor use. It would also work well in the house as a decorative accessory.

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March 4, 2015

Jolly Egg for Pets--Keep Your Dog Entertained


Make sure your pet has a jolly good time! The Jolly Pets Egg Plastic Ball for Pets has an oval shape that dogs love to chase. It is durable and fun to play with.

Dogs can never quite get a grip on the Jolly Egg, but they love to try! Since the toy constantly escapes your dog, it gives your dog a safe, fun outlet for their prey instinct. Perfect for water fun, too!

In two sizes and different bright colors at Jolly Egg. Makes a great Easter present!

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February 27, 2015

Dog Kennel Deck Provides Comfortable Sanitary Surface


Provide a comfortable, sanitary surface for your dogs in their cages, runs, and doghouses. This Dog Kennel Deck keeps dogs elevated off damp or rough ground and away from moisture and bugs.

This durable Deck has good traction with an odor-repellent surface that resists mold, mildew and disease-carrying bacteria. It is easily cleaned by hosing. Help keep your dog cool and clean!

At Dog Kennel Deck

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February 25, 2015

Ruff Dawg Stick and Ruff Dawg Twig Dog Fetch and Tug Toys


Enjoy some fresh air outside with your dogs. This durable Ruff Dawg Stick Dog Toy is perfect for retrieving and tugging games with your best buddy.

The Stick works well for medium to large dogs. For smaller dogs, go with the Ruff Dawg Twig. This fetch toy is easy on the teeth and floats!

In assorted colors at Ruff Dawg Stick and Ruff Dawg Twig.

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August 22, 2014

Sports Nutrition and Hydration for Active Dogs


Many of us like to run and exercise with our dogs. And as our dogs become tired and hungry during their workout, we shore them up with made-for-human performance bars and Gatorade.

In Feeding Your Canine Athlete | NYTimes.com Gretchen Reynolds reports that "the latest science about performance nutrition for canines underscores that dogs are not people." Recommendation for hydrating exercising dogs is plenty of good old-fashioned, relatively cheap water:

Dogs don't sweat like we do. They pant to cool themselves. But they do lose fluids during activity. On the other hand, they are much better than most people at rehydrating. We did a study with search-and-rescue dogs working in 90-degree heat. They replaced their fluid losses almost drop for drop.

To recover from a workout, the article recommends protein-rich dog food to build and maintain muscle plus a small increase in their fat intake. At Food for the Active Dog.

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August 11, 2014

Jokko Tennis Ball Cover Dog Toy


Our dogs love their tennis balls, whether rolling them down the stairs indoors or playing fetch outside. But some of us are not so crazy about the slobber that ends up all over the ball when we pick it up.

For the squeamish amongst us, this Jokko Tennis Ball Cover transforms the classic, lightweight tennis ball into a cleaner, slobber-resistant ball that will far outlast your every day tennis ball or its counterpart, the heavy and too bouncy rubber ball.

The brightly-colored Jokko Tennis Ball Covers are easier to see and are easy to wipe off. In Green, Orange and Purple.

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July 7, 2014

Get Super Cool in a Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool


It's the dog days of summer here at Super Cool Pets HQ, and we are digging our pool to get all super cooled off. It is so fun to get all sopping wet and then go lie in the dirt. Seventh heaven.

This Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool is available in 3 sizes to fit all types of dogs. It's portable, easy to fill and to empty. It folds down completely, making it a snap to pack for summer vacations. Easy to store during the off-season.

More at Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool.

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July 3, 2014

Melatonin for Dog Anxiety Caused by Fireworks, Thunder


Fireworks are part of the July 4th celebration, and neighborhoods across the US are booming well into the night(s). As fun as this can be for people, the unexpected and erratic loud noises can terrify our pets.

Some "experts" discourage loving care and attention, suggesting the pet owner somehow reinforces this "behavior". Fear is an emotion, not a behavior, and your pets need your support during this difficult time just as a fellow human would.

If your pet is terrified, like ours are here at Supercool Pets HQ, dole out the hugs and try Melatonin available as an over-the-counter product.

According to Melatonin Supplements for Dogs are a safe and drug-free supplement for pets to relieve anxiety from loud noises such as fireworks and thunder:

Effectiveness of Melatonin for Dogs:

  • Melatonin helps regulate the sleeping pattern (circadian rhythm) of dogs. However it doesn't induce drowsiness.

  • It's used medically for the re-growth of hair in dogs with pattern baldness.

  • It acts as a sedative and calms your pet, and is used to treat stress issues such as accident trauma and anxiety.

  • It's also used to alleviate the fear of loud booming noises such as thunder or fireworks and in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy. In the case of epileptic dogs, melatonin should be administered at night as it effectively reduces the risk of epileptic seizures at night.

  • Puppies have very sharp hearing and generally panic when they hear loud sounds. They tremble and hide under chairs or beds. It's advisable to use melatonin rather than tranquillizers or sedatives to combat this condition.

  • It has been known to help dogs overcome their fear of loud noises permanently.

  • Some dogs suffer from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction which is very similar to Alzheimer's disease in humans. Administration of melatonin helps them sleep better and become less restless

General Dosage Guidelines:

  • 1 mg for dogs weighing less than 10 lbs

  • 1.5 mg for dogs weighing between 10 to 25 lbs

  • 3 mg for dogs weighing between 26 to 100 lbs

  • 3 to 6 mg for dogs weighing over 100 lbs

As with all medications, please check with your vet before staring any treatment as your pet may have a pre-existing condition. At Melatonin.

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June 28, 2014

Red Mason Jar Glass Hummingbird Feeder


Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, so fans of these lovely birds often fill their yards with red flowering shrubs. The bright red color of this great looking Red Mason Jar Glass Hummingbird Feeder will eliminate the need to artificially color the nectar inside.

The large 32 oz. capacity glass bottle resembles vintage canning jars used in the 1800's. It will provide plenty of nectar for your hummers with 5 flower feeding ports, a base and a perch for the birds. The wide mouth makes for easy filling and cleaning.

At Amazon and Plow & Hearthicon

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June 27, 2014

"The Woofer" Wireless Outdoor Speaker


Enjoy effortless stereo streaming outdoors this summer without wires. This "The Woofer" Wireless Outdoor Speakericon is a unique dog statue with a high-quality stereo speaker inside that wirelessly connects to your mobile device. It doubles as a planter for a striking lawn accent.

At "The Woofer" Wireless Outdoor Speakericon

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