July 13, 2008

Pet Scoop -- Dogs Enjoying Summer Slideshow


Dog lovers, treat yourself to a fabulous slideshow at boston.com's Dogs of Summer 2008 part 2


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July 11, 2008

MistyMate Outdoor Water Misting Hose System -- Keep Your Pets Super Cool!


Help keep your pets super cool! MistyMate Outdoor Patio Mist Cooling System hooks up to your hose or spigot and provides a refreshing mist for your pets. Great for dog houses, pet runs, horse stables, reptile enclosures, rabbit pens, bird cages or any play area for your pet.


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July 9, 2008

Pet Water Safety -- Not Every Dog Can Dog-Paddle


Does your pet know how to swim? Of course, you might answer--all dogs know how to swim. Not so, says MSNBC, Of pooches and pools -- teaching your dog to swim:

Diamond confirmed that some dogs are born swimmers. It's a good bet if the dog's breed includes the word "water," as in Portuguese or English water spaniel, it takes to swimming like a nursery-schooler takes to finger-painting. For owners of those breeds, the problem isn't getting the dog into the water, but keeping it on dry land. But other breeds aren't as water-friendly. Some dogs have to be taught to swim, Diamond said, and others, like bulldogs, take to the water like submarines take to the Cross Bronx Expressway. For the former, there is hope. For the latter, there are those bright orange canine flotation devices.

Among the dogs that swim naturally and gladly, she said, are water spaniels, setters, retrievers, Barbets, akitas, Kerry blue terriers, poodles and Hungarian pulis.

Among those that can't swim at all or swim only with great difficulty are basset hounds, bulldogs, dachshunds, pugs, corgis, Scottish and Boston terriers and greyhounds.

To be on the safe side, fit your pet with a Life Jacket (Amazon has a supply), especially out in the open water. If your dog swims in a pool or off the boat, a Skamper Ramp is a great help to get him/her out of the pool. Also worth strong consideration is a Pool Safety Alarm.

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July 8, 2008

Frosty Paws -- Doggy Ice Cream


Everyone loves ice cream, even our pets. Maybe human ice cream is a little rich for them, so here is a doggy version. Next time we indulge in ice cream, we will treat our dogs to Frosty Paws® Frozen Treats for Dogs.

Convenient for everyone--they are available in many supermarkets, so it's easy to keep a supply in your freezer. And relatively healthy--fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals that dogs need and no added sugar, artificial flavors or colors.


Great for doggy birthdays or any time you are celebrating!

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Coolaroo Pet Bed Showing Signs of Wear? Get A Replacement Cover


If your Coolaroo Dog Bed is starting to show signs of wear, don't despair. Affordable Coolaroo Replacement Covers are readily available.

Replacement covers are available in Medium and Large. Don't have a Coolaroo? Get the details: Coolaroo Dog Bed.

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July 7, 2008

Cool Bed III - Large Cooling, Cushioning Waterbed for your Dog


Attractive super Cool Bed III to provide your pet with a comfy, dry, and cool place to relax. Requires no electricity, just add water. For indoor and outdoor use. Cool Bed Fitted and Bolster sheets sold separately.

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Outdoor Portable, Collapsible Dog Bathtub -- Leave the Mess Outside


The Portable, Collapsible Dog Bathtub lets you clean up your dog anywhere, anytime.and leave the mess outside. This convenient outdoor dog bath tub opens up easily and collapses for storage. Tub drains quickly through a spigot. Rrinse off with a garden hose. In blue with carry handles.

Portable, Collapsible Dog Bath is new at Orvis.

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July 1, 2008

Eucalyptus Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate -- Let Your Dog Enjoy the Fresh Air


Eucalyptus Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate can house your pet on the deck, porch or patio to let them enjoy the fresh air.

It is built from solid eucalyptus, a wood that rivals teak in terms of durability. All four sides and the door are slatted.Theslatted floor allows for quick water drainage. in stained, white, green. For dogs 30 to 50 lbs.

Eucalyptus Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate in stained, white, green.

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Pooch Tie-Out Post and Cable -- Swivel Post


Heavy-duty Hyper Dog Pooch Post will stay put even with the largest dogs. We are all familiar with dogs wrapping themselves around stakes and not being able to move.

If and when it becomes necessary to tie up your dog outside, the heavy duty Hyper Dog Pooch Post 360-degree swivel head allows your dog to move freely without getting all tangled up. You can set it up and leave it--when it's time to mow the grass just remove the swivel head.

Don't forget to be sure your dog has plenty of shade and cool water as the sun moves! Hyper Dog Pooch Post for dogs up 150 lbs.

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June 19, 2008

3 Ways to Protect Your Super Cool Pets from the Hot Sun


Why protect your pets from the sun? Reasons:

  • To prevent sunburn and the associated pain
  • Protect against the development of malignant skin tumors
  • Prevent skin inflammation that can lead to dermatitis and aggravate pre-existing skin disease

Sun protection is recommended for the following pets:

  • Short and thin haired pets
  • White and light haired pets
  • White and pink skinned pets
  • Hairless dog breeds
  • Breeds predisposed to skin tumors (i.e. boxers, dobermans, bull dogs, pit bull terriers, bull terriers, bichons, poodles, schnauzers and others)
  • Outside living pets
  • Shaved down pets
  • Pets with allergic and inflamed skin
  • Working dogs
  • All pets subjected to excessive sun exposure as during activities such as boating, hiking, visits to the dog park, walking and visits to the beach.

For the outdoor pet, 3 ways to protect:

1- Shade and Cool Water

Available all day long. Seems obvious, but must be said.

2- Sunscreen

Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen Spray for Pets is the only pet sunscreen that meets the FDA guidelines for ingredient stability. Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Quick Dry Formulation
  • Non-Greasy, it doesn't leave an oily film like human sunscreens
  • Includes sunscreen ingredients that rate equivalent to 30-40 SPF in human sunscreens
  • Effective in blocking both UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Spray can is environmentally friendly and it provides a constant spray from all angles
  • Contains vitamin E and other ingredients that act as antioxidants and enrich skin
  • Leaves a pleasant vanilla fragrance

Thumbnail image for Sunscreen.jpg

At Super Cool Pets we also like Doggles Sunscreen, available at Amazon along with Uvet Sunscreen Spray


Another method of pet sun protection is the UV Protective Rashguard for Dogs. Features:

  • UPF 50+ Rated/UV protective shirt
  • High Quality UV protective fabric and construction
  • Fast drying and keeps the coat nice and clean


UV Protective Rashguard for Dogs is available in sizes Small to XX Large at Muttropolis -- $5 flat rate shipping for a limited time!

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