February 19, 2008

Taking a Trip? Here's How to Plan Your Pet Care in Advance


Travel time! How do you care for your pets when you need to leave home? Do you hire a pet sitter to stay in the house, have your friends look in on your pets or take your pets to a kennel?

CNN has guidelines for each of these scenarios in Make sure your pet enjoys your vacation with three main suggestions:

  • Look for professional pet sitters that are bonded and insured
  • Invite the sitter to your home for an interview before your trip
  • Familiarize the sitter with your home and the special needs of your pet

You can locate a pet sitter at Pet Sitters International or National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. These sites have useful tips and information as well.

This article and these sites will help you find pet sitting that will be most appropriate for your particular pet. You can reduce the stress you feel leaving them behind, knowing they are being well cared for. Enjoy your trip!

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February 18, 2008

Relax Your Dogs with Doggone Songs - Travel Tunes CD

Doggone Songs.jpg

On the road again...and with your pooch in tow. If your dog gets a little jumpy in the car, Doggone Songs Travel Tunes CD will chill you both out. Play it during thunderstorms, fireworks, parties, training sessions--anytime your dog gets a little hyper and nervous.

The secret is in the Schoenberger effect, a musical methodology shown to relax animals. Dog enrichment and therapy with Doggone Songs Travel Tunes CD.

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January 17, 2008

Worldwide Travel Guide for Pet Owners--Bring Your Pet Along


Super Cool Pets has found a world-wide travel guide for pet owners. PetTravel.com has a wealth of information for traveling with your pet anywhere in the world by car, train or air--whether about passports, immigration, countries, international pet certificates, accommodations, travel tips, shipping, currency converter, language translator and more. For pet owners who want to take their pets with them! Check it out.

via Nature in Us

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January 16, 2008

8 Day Auto Pet Feeder--Time the Delivery of Food & Pet Medication


Ergo's 8 Day Auto Pet Feeder is a pet bowl divided into 8 compartments, run on a digital timer with a voice recording. The timer can be programmed for the exact feed time.

This feeder has versatile uses. Maybe you need to go away for a few days and leave food for your cat. It is actually recommended for small dogs and cats that have to be fed small quantities of dry/wet canned food alone or mixed with medication. It is convenient whether you have to be away from home for whatever reason or can administer the food and/or meds yourself.

The timer allows the pet owner to feed their pet at intervals and to deliver pet meds at an exact time. For example, you could feed your pet (or provide meds) 8 times per day for 1 day, 3 times a day for 2.5 days, or 2 times for 4 days or 1 time a day for 8 days etc.

The pet owner can record their voice and the machine will play it back at every meal time, so you can "call" your pet to come get their food. The 8 Day Auto Pet Feeder operates off AA batteries. It holds over 96 ozs of food - 12 ozs of canned food or dry food per compartment. It comes with a removable bowl for easy cleaning and ice packs to keep food fresh for up to 12 hours.

Hat Tip Productdose.

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January 15, 2008

Argo Petascope Airline Approved Small Pet Carrier


This sharp looking Argo Petascope Carrier is designed for small pets and meets airline pet carrier regulations. Heavy-duty, yet ultra-lightweight, with padded handles. Made of water-resistant nylon and easy to clean.

Your pet will enjoy a cozy, fleece-lined padded interior, while dual layered mesh on all sides provide ventilation. The Petascope can be slung over your shoulder and will slide comfortably under the airline seat in front of you. Equipped with a front zipper opening for quick access to your pet.

Most economical choice is Black. Also available for a few dollars more in fun colors Tango Orange, Berry Blue, Petal Pink and Kiwi Green.

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January 7, 2008

Heated SUV Cargo Pad Takes the Chill Out of Car Trips


You will love this Heated SUV Cargo Pad for 4 reasons:

  • Made of high-quality foam to soothe stiff, achy joints and muscles
  • Has a safe, built-in heat source to improve circulation
  • Comforts cold or wet dogs
  • Reduces pet travel anxiety

Helpful for the senior dog or one of so many these days suffering from shoulder or hip dysplasia. After being out in raw weather, this pad will quickly warm up your dog.

Waterproof and scratch-resistant. Cover is washable.

35" W x 30" L x 7" H
Extends to 48" W x 36" L x 3" H

Heated SUV Cargo Pad reduced at Orvis Pets.

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December 26, 2007

AKC Travel Meals

American Kennel Club™ Natural Pet Super Premium Kibble Dog Meals with Chicken (3.5 lbs.; Nugget; Chicken)

AKC® Natural Pet™ Travel Convenience Meals are for pet owners who may live in small places and who take their dogs with them--on vacation, to doggie daycare centers, kennels and even to work. These meals include 7 daily servings of flavorful kibble with chicken, fish or beef bits in freshly sealed pouches, 100% complete and balanced nutrition packaged complete with a ready to use serving bowl. Easy to carry and store in separate stackable packs. If you live a busy on-the-go lifestyle and consider your pet a member of your family, not to be left home alone, these are for you!

AKC® Natural Pet™ Travel Convenience Meals available at Amazon. Ships from and sold by PETCO.

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December 11, 2007



This is a really good idea, especially if you are going to be on the road for any sustained period of time. The Extend-A-Seat gives your doggie a flat, cushioned platform to lay on, as opposed to stepping into the drop between the front and back seat. It attaches to the rear bench seat of most automobiles and blocks the space between the seats. Frees up that much more room, too. Folds flat for compact storage.

Dimensions: 51” wide and 15” deep. Designed for dogs over 30 lbs.

At Amazon. Hat tip Super Cool Baby.

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November 30, 2007

Click & Go Car Seat and Travel Carrier


When you are on the road, make life easy on yourself and your pet with this pet car seat and carrier in one. Clicks into place in a seatbelt-secured base, similar to a child's car seat. Click N Go Car Seat Carrier is safe auto travel for pets up to 15 lbs.


At Drs Foster & Smith.

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November 21, 2007

Poquito Avian Hotel Cage


Finally, bird owners can take their birds for long weekends, on vacations, or to the bird-sitter and still keep their bird in the style and comfort to which they have become accustomed. And if you have birds, you know what we mean. They are spooked by change. Hey--aren't we all? Super Cool Pets has found the Poquito Avian Hotel Cage, ideal for:

  • short-term travel (not recommended for more than one week)
  • emergency evacuations
  • short-term outdoor use for healthy sunlight exposure
  • boarding
  • road trips
  • use as a sleep cage

Inside: 18" x 14-1/4" x 15-1/4" high;
Outside: 19-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 22-3/4" high.

In Platinum or Ruby at Drs Foster & Smith.

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